Is Osaka Better Than Tokyo? JAPAN

Is Osaka Better Than Tokyo?  JAPAN

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[Music] good morning everyone here from the city  of Osaka in Japan we arrived here a few days ago   this is one of the major cities here in Japan  really been looking forward to visiting this   place the area that we stay in in is called nishar  looks kind of old we've even seen some abandoned   buildings around here and right now we're making  our way to the famous Osaka Castle I think it's   pretty close on the on the Underground on  the Metro and now the cherry blossom season   is in full bloom so in this video we should be  seeing like the cherry blossoms at their best   can actually already see one right now behind that  gate the fence so we'll be seeing a lot more of [Music] that dutu and my station so  we're just getting the tickets 240   person I still have some credit  on my swiet card 245 so I'll use [Applause] [Music] that wow so even besides the cherry blossoms  got other really beautiful plants and flowers   super pink this one this isn't the cherry  blossom though is it no but it's beautiful   beautiful as well yeah we're also lucky that  the skies are so clear so it's going to look   really nice today so when we were in Tokyo we  visited the Edo Castle another famous castle   there wasn't actually much to see inside of  that one so we'll see if this Castle is a bit   more impressive I think that one the majority  of it was just d ride wasn't it yeah and also   we couldn't go inside because the royal family  still live there yeah still live there so but   I think this one we are going inside cuz I  already bought the tickets online to skip   the line yeah you said it was 600 per person yes  yeah we read that if you don't get the tickets   online you'll have to queue up and some people  said it took over an hour to queue there is a   lot of people here and here we go the the  Cherry botom straight away at the entrance beautiful yeah so in Tokyo we had a few attempts  but the trees were always dead it's been a lot   colder this year so it's coming like 2 3 weeks  late compared to normal that's the real deal   isn't it Mom fantastic isn't it that's what  I was expecting all the time finally it's a   tunnel yeah yeah it is a tunnel and the row  of cherry blossoms are right next to the moat   like we saw in Edo Castle yeah it does look bigger  this one even the the walls around the m [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]   more wedding photos yeah beautiful is yeah  those are going to be some real nice wedding   photos amazing ones to remember the architecture  style seems to be the same as Edo Castle the the   tow is there on the walls yeah so is looking very  similar yeah basically everywhere you look around   there's wedding photos going on there's another  one over there another couple it's too beautiful   this part looks even better like a really enclosed  tunnel so I think in Japanese they call Cherry   Blossom Sakura wow this one looks really pink  some of them look white other ones look pink [Music]   yeah we were planning on just going straight  into the Castle Park a big distraction we didn't   know there would actually be this many here  at this park going around the castle really   is just non-stop all the way around so one nice  thing about Osaka is it's way less crowded than   Tokyo we actually met a few people that they said  they preferred Osaka over Tokyo so we'll see what   we think like a place like this in Tokyo would  just be an insane amount of people yeah yeah   cuz I think this is the most uh touristic or busy  place in Osaka and it's not that bad really so it   came up these steps and we have an amazing  Viewpoint we're still not in the paid part   that we paid for that must be over there but  you can see like the main tower I don't know   if that's a palace can see people all the way  at the top so we'll be going there and I think   that's the same building we saw in the Shogun  Series yeah we're finally watching the series   and it's a really good series and I think  the the main place is oaka and I think it's   inside the this area or the castle I don't know  some of the the moments in this series [Music]   so we're going to head inside now even this part  here isn't the paid part so I think you're only   really paying just to go in that building super  beautiful building though there's a more modern   one here some sort of Cafe and Restaurant so  construction of this Castle began in 1583 on   under the rule of toyotomi hosi who was a Samurai  and Lord at the time that ruled a lot of the land   of Japan and then after he passed away his  son took over and then the famous too gawa   defeated his son and he ended up unifying Japan  as we mentioned in many previous videos so this   is why we bought the ticket online absolutely  massive cube out there but we just go straight in [Music]   so we're at the top now the eighth floor a lot  of the floors you weren't allowed to film but   it was like a museum I think two of the floors  we could film I got some footage it was just   explaining the wars that I mentioned when too gawa  defeated the previous ruler yeah coming up here   really gives you an idea of how big the castle  is though the castle grounds I think that's the   outer Moe isn't it don't know actually yeah it is  here's the inner one that's the out to one [Music] [Music] I'm locally from Osaka I'm very glad  to come my hometown thank you so much today [Music]   yeah so it's 100% worth visiting that place  a lot better than the Edo Castle just a lot   more going on a lot more to see inside and  it's been extra special because I've always   wanted to see the cherry blossom season  and like the park like this it was pretty   much how I imagined really and yeah just a  very nice experience a dream come true yeah [Music] so we're at Namba station now it's  actually night time this is reminding a bit   of Shinjuku station yeah it's very busy not as  busy as Shinjuku but very busy for what we've   seen in Osaka and there's also a mall inside of  the like Station train station yeah so the part   that we're in right now looks like a shopping  mall we're just trying to find the exit we're   also lost in here just like in Shinjuku so  theh District that we're in is called do B   so this is supposed to be like the popular  nlife District of Osaka the famous one and   I think we're just following this crowd cuz it  said for us to go right here all right now it's   looking more like Tokyo with these crowds you  told me that you read that this place is never   empty yeah on the reviews people were saying that  only like 11 a.m. it's kind of kind of less busy   but I think there's still people so it's never  never empty got the mega Asahi advertisement   billboard Mania so it's actually hard to film  here people dodging but this is the part that I   wanted to see I can do a boat tour that's cool so  I think this is the do borei canal and that's the   famous advertisement that you always see in the  pictures glyco apparently it's been there since   like the 1930s ended up being like an icon of  Osaka yeah so it's cool cuz obviously in Tokyo   we had the places with the lights at night but I  don't remember being at one where you had like a   little Canal going through where you can do a boat  tour look at all the screens there yeah Netflix Netflix promotions are definitely in your face K [Music] bear I wonder where the boat goes  yeah I don't know if it's like   just a quick tour or if it goes somewhere [Music] else so we're going to go on a stroll along  the canal since it's pretty relaxed compared   to the other parts yeah what an awesome  place to walk around you already know if   you've been watching our videos that I like  the the night strolls in Japan once again   loads of cool bars too yeah you could get  like a drink here with the iconic view yeah   I'm not sure if there's a place that I like  more than this in Osaka yeah I mean it's not   a relaxed place but it's really cool check  the Master Chef up there gigantic it's also   some kind of like roller coaster right thing  here wo I didn't know that was here [Music] [Music] [Music]   so you crossed over you can get a better view  of that ride now how big it is and just below   that ride is where you can get on one of the  boats I think there's a few different companies   though Carol you found a a Ramen Place For Us  yeah I think so and uh apparently they have   vegetarian options hereo and nonvegetarian so  I think it will be good for everybody sometimes   it's hard to find food for me here yeah cuz a  lot of them only have meat right not veggie and   sometimes they don't have fish or just like  fried food but I think this one will be good [Music]   yeah so the area overall isn't actually that busy  it's just that everyone's just in the same places   like we're right next to where that big sign  was and the bridge and here's pretty chill easy   to walk around more laidback so the place that  Carol was planning to go to had a massive queue   in front of it so we're going to plan B we were  really hungry and it didn't look like the queue   was going anywhere no it was like the biggest  queue I I saw in like for a restaurant today I   don't know why and it was only foreigners maybe  it's a famous place that's why you found it yeah   really another queue oh God yeah it seems like  everybody wants Ramen all right we'll continue   on so we ended up giving up on the ramen cuz  the reviews that we saw of the other places were   only meat so we came to an Indian and Nepali place  already got a shish kebab that right and a samosa   vegetable s here good yeah it smells delicious  and this time we're drinking a Kine beer never had   that before it's actually really nice maybe I like  it more than saporo and U Asahi I think that's 500   you got the mangol lassi right mangol lassi and a  Japanese drink I I think it's shoe High Sho High   something like that so I went for the chicken Tika  the Brit's favorite that's 850 and then the namb   bread was 350 and Carol got like a veggie set meal  yeah uh I think alata set meal with the vegetables   like salad and vegetable curry papadon I think  a none with a potato inside yeah so that was a   350 did that include this yeah okay all  of it yeah mine's pretty spicy I asked   for mild um I've noticed that here when  we've asked for mild it's actually very spicyy thank you thank you very much you  have another beer please I have another   one too yeah I think we've had about  eight Indians in Japan so far we've   ordered a lot of takeaways fantastic  quality yeah yeah they're really good   and everywhere we go there's full of Indian  restaurants yeah well Indians our favorite food   number one for us are you guys Indians number  one I know he maybe Italian and Indian second   Indian second for sure so we're heading back  down another street now look at all the wacky   like things sculptures that are coming out of the  building got an octopus don't know what that is   trying to take a picture yeah what is it like a  baby yeah a baby and some fried food some skewers [Music]   so we're in our neighborhood once again  we're heading to a park that's supposed   to be popular called teni Park it's a bit cloudy  and cold now not so Sunny so we haven't walked   around this part before some pretty Mega  buildings that one's absolutely massive   so we thought we were in like a pretty random  neighborhood but we do have this park nearby and   there's also like a popular shopping street that  we'll check out so yeah there are some things to   do around here so I think we just have to go up  here cuz we got to cross over some tracks that   are over here railway tracks and I'm guessing  that you can go over this way it's like the   one in Bangkok oh yeah uh the mod area of B just  like this like a circular overpass identical 10   Sheba so the part that we're trying to get to is  called tenji I don't know if ten shra is just this   shopping part here I guess so so some people have  mentioned in the videos about the mask wearing in   Japan and yeah you can see loads of people  still wear masks but I think apparently even   before Co people would wear masks a lot anyway  so it's just part of their culture got more of   the cherry blossoms I think in a few days it'll be  the end of the season right yeah from what it says online definitely glad we were  here for it though [Music] wow so beautiful yeah it doesn't get old  it's just really amazing yeah I definitely   love to come to Japan in Autumn you always  see those amazing pictures of like the Reds   and oranges too be beautiful also carry  lost some overload yeah so as you can   see the this is a good part to come to if  you're in Japan since there's so many and   over there you got a tower I think it's  another tower that you can go up I know   at night it's liftting up we might be  able to see that at night at some point [Music] so it seems like there was a battle here  Battle of tanoi May 7th 1615 the last   part of the summer war in Osaka and it was the  legendary Toko go wow he had 155,000 people and   toyot Tomi only had 55,000 so that  must have been like a a serious War   then with that amount of people an  important one got the flowers on the ground so many of you have asked what language  my mom keeps speaking in the videos obviously   she's speaking English too but every now and  again she'll speak another language so that   is Portuguese cuz I am half Brazilian a lot of  you think that I'm fully English and Carol is   fully Brazilian and Carol is fully Brazilian  but I'm also half Brazilian I just grew up in   England that's all that's mainly the reason that  I moved to Brazil when I was 19 lived there for 6   years and met my wife Carol yeah so we end up like  mixing our languages and the conversations without   even thinking so even I'll switch to Portuguese a  lot of the time yeah cuz when we are filming with   like it's not planned so we're just going  and talking so that's why sometimes uh we   mix especially when we are with them yeah  obviously we just speak English cuz we know   that in filming sometimes they don't realize that  in filming as well cuz I'm just holding the the   GoPro so that's why it's constantly switching  and as usual there is always a temple nearby   everywhere you go in Japan I think this one is  called ishi a Buddhist one this one is kind of   different to the others that we've been in  cuz it's like a graveyard at this part at   the main entrance really cool graves don't think  I've seen gravestones like that before [Music] [Music] [Music] so I also read that this Temple is pretty old  it's from the 12th century a lot older than a   lot of the temples that we've been visiting  in Japan so far kind nice even in the temple   grounds got the cherry blossoms yeah this one  is a bit different yeah the flowers are really   big beautiful aren they this a double one this is  probably one of the best temples that we've been   to so far in Japan and we didn't even know that it  was there we just saw that it was next to the park   right now some more really nice buildings I guess  this is the gravestone of someone important the   grave of Lord Honda Isom Monami T Tomo he was a  warrior Samurai and a follower of the famous show   TOA leas died in 1615 in the Battle of Osaka [Music] [Music] [Music] so this was the shopping Street we were looking  for shinai yeah it's this one so I think this is   the most popular one in our neighborhood oh wow  look at the tower there right next to the the   tower now Sor Tokyo on we went up the Tokyo Tower  to one of the floors not all the way to the top   cuz you need to buy tickets in advance probably  go there too but I don't think we're going to   bother so I think this is another one of those  places this is where it's more lively at night and   things will be litting up I saw a picture of it it  looked amazing probably come back here at night to   check it out we are going to grab a bite to eat  around here though I think another cool little Shrine with the mini Tory Gates the red ones we're also eating a r time 3:00 p.m. so  I think some places close and then reopen at   night we had that problem in Tokyo when we'd eat  at weird times yeah and also in other places like   KATU and NIU yeah you need to eat lunch I think  around like 12: 1:00 more normal time that's funny   a a pringle store I don't think I've ever seen  a store completely dedicated to Pringles before   we check the menu out at this place looks like a  local kind of place all in their language isn't it   yeah Google Translate to the rescue yeah so we  decided to go for that one pretty quiet inside   right now one thing I didn't mention is pretty  much every restaurant we go to they always have   like these baskets where you can put your coats  and bags so at this place it's nice and easy cuz   you can just order on this site here like just  like a food app and they have this thing called   Kushi katsu or kiag which is kind of like food on  a skewer can be vegetables meat so I might go for   a beef tongue 286 never had beef tongue before  so I went for a medium dra beer not sure what   kind of a beer it is maybe it's a sahi I think  that was around 600 dad got a small one what's   this uh orange juice orange juice and a little  wine and they also brought this um I don't know   what's up like that but a little bit of we didn't  order it though a bit know yeah I'm not sure what   this is is it poor po yeah yeah someone to try  that what is that maybe a potato looks like a vegetable it's like a little jelly thing yeah I don't know what it is but it's  really nice is yeah did you it though yeah   I really like it so this is everything that  we ordered we didn't realize that they were   going to put it all together though so there's  stuff there that shellfish that me and Carol not   able to eat so this is the chicken gizzard  I've had this before in Japan on this trip   it's really nice nice and crispy that the  mozzarella s yeah really good what's that   one I S but I don't think it's is this some  vegetable swe potato what is this thing no   idea the fish is good too I also got this too  the kagi chicken that I really like also very   crispy it's a bre cheese bre cheese [Music]  nice veggie yeah even the vegetable ones just   look the same as the meat ones that's L  flour lots of flour interesting [Music]   so that ended up being $70 we ordered two more  beers as well so pretty good price that's for   Everyone by the way and now we're just walking  down some more of the streets I thought it was   just one main street but there's this one too  but yeah we definitely got to come here at night   some other nice views of the tower  some old lady just started talking   to me in Japanese I didn't understand  what she was saying but she she didn't   stop wonder what she was saying  got some of the little toy stores here arcades too everywhere why Y A Street  Fighter I used to always play that did you play Street Fighter no  no what did you play um Sonic Sonic   the Hedgehog yeah I had a mega mega drve  yeah Sega yeah so I don't remember but   I used to play a few games yeah that's  Street Fighter too lots of Sega things   out run I think I've played that one before  not in that kind of machine though so there's   even what seems to be a arm wrestling  machine easy Carol one I never seen that before ginai Market New World Market going to  buy this one yeah I'm interesting clothes seems   to be all like animal based right Dad's  getting that that is pretty funky looking [Music] here we got the classic japanese doggo I forgot  what race it is super cute you see them everywhere   got his light nice Little Neck scar some pretty  wacky buildings on this street another one of   those doggles I think it's the same one with the  green scarf yeah look at this building here whole   things colored I think it's sushi by the looks of  it and this one has a boat coming out of it inside   too oh there's a boat inside yeah there really  is like a fulls size boat inside yeah so even   right now it's already pretty Lively and it's  not even dark yet I thought it'd only get like   this at night oh yeah more man look at the weird  things you can eat here on this skewer lizard   B are what is that too Sparrow Cricket coconut   worm scorion yeah the street is a bit  like a theme park got people shooting games looks a bit like a theme  pack doesn't it yeah crazy [Music] so we're back at the house that we were staying  in this is just $82 a night which is pretty   good and that's for four people two bedrooms so  this is ours it's like two big queen siiz beds   we only just found this out after that we  actually have a balcony too and a washing   machine didn't even know that this was here  some of the other houses around here and then   my parents stayed in in this bedroom so  it's two floors and then downstairs the   kitchen and the living room is all together  and this one's really cool cuz they have a   projector instead of the TV like a cinema  so yeah every night we've been able to   Shogun on there it's been been really cool and  overall I can definitely see why some people would   prefer Osaka over Tokyo it's just less busy like  Tokyo was kind of chaotic in a lot of places just   the amount of people here things seem to be just  like a slower Pace uh a bit more relaxed so yeah   I think we probably prefer here overall too but  they're both amazing either way and in the next   video we're going to be heading to Nara on a day  trip which is another popular place to visit but   we're still going to be staying here in Osaka it's  not that far I think it's like 40 minutes away   so that's what will'll be coming up if you like  this video just drop a like as usual to support   us subscribe to see more videos like this follow  us on Instagram and we'll see you in the next one [Music] let [Music]

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