Inside the Rome Colosseum || Complete Guided Tour | Italy | Europe vlog 2 | Travelling Mantra #2023

Inside the Rome Colosseum || Complete Guided Tour | Italy | Europe vlog 2 | Travelling Mantra #2023

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Please don't slander any Indians. Especially our country India and Indians. I am not going to delete a video. I am making my video.

He was talking about these holes. These are not damaged by gunshots. If you want take a guide from here...

You will need to wait for more than a month. Photos have been put up. To depict a scenario which was done here.

The arena is beautifully visible from here. There is no need to take an Arena ticket. If you love history, food or art, This is the city which you definitely have to visit.

Hello, greetings. I am Manoj Malhotra. Currently, I am in the capital city of Italy which is Rome.

Also known as Eternal city. I am with my lovely family. My son Yash. She is madam. [Different name for wife] This is my younger son. Now he is shy.

After sometime, he will not keep quiet. Please greet everyone. -Hello. Today we are going to visit 2,500 Year old City. Let's start. We think every foreign country is neat and clean.

It is not as clean as you think. Kids were sitting this morning and they were smoking. I think they smoke weed. Must visit places in Italy are Colosseum, Trevi fountain.

Vatican City. Many tourists go to these places. First, we are going to Gurudwara Sahab to take blessings. After that, we will start our journey. We are going to Gurudwara Sahib by metro.

I made a detailed video yesterday on how to travel and how to buy tickets at Metro. You can watch my previous video. He has all our belongings. We have taken a pass for 72 hours. I have mentioned the prices and procedure to buy the ticket in my previous video. You can watch my previous video for that.

The metros are very deeply situated. We have to go to another level after passing this. I will tell you again. These are the prices for tickets. For 24-48-72 hours. This is a single ticket.

This is a 7-day pass. Nothing to do. You can select by pressing the button.

You have to insert your card. You can press this button to increase the number of tickets. You have to put your currency notes here. You have to put your card here. You have to touch the top and insert your pin. You will receive the tickets here.

It is very easy here. There is no need to panic, you can buy tickets on your own without asking for help. We had come here yesterday evening. My son was playing for a long time. There is a separate playground for dogs.

There are rules for dogs and this is the dog playground. Come here, my dear. Come here, my dear.

How are you? Are you alright? There are these types of fountains in Italy and it is the drinkable water. If you are not carrying a bottle, you have to put your hand here the water will come and you can drink. The name of the metro station was ‘Re the Roma’ Gurdwara Sahib is just 400 metres from here. The name of the place is Matham.

Google is showing us to go on this road. People don't stop the car, you have to run fast. You have to be very careful while crossing the road. Crossing the road is very difficult here. Drivers don't tend to stop the vehicle.

We did our breakfast in our room because we had brought many items from the market. We thought of having lunch outside. These products are kept for sale and you can buy them. Cherry is very expensive in India. It is almost 4.5$

It is almost 4.5 $ per kilo. This is another fruit. Apple is 2$ per kg. The price of the fruits is very similar to Indian prices.

We had come here to visit Gurudwara Sahib. This was the address shown in the Google map for Gurudwara. There is no Gurudwara. No signs are put here. I thought that I might find signboards.

Gurdwara Sahib is not here and I also ask to some shopkeepers. Shopkeepers told that there is no Temple here. There is no temple in this street. If you search on Google, it will show you this place. There is no Gurudwara Sahib and I don't know whether it existed here or not.

I request the devotees who run the Gurudwara Sahib, to update the correct location on Google so that it will be easy for devotees. We could not go to Gurudwara Sahib. We are in Rome and going to visit the Colosseum.

We have come to Rome Colosseum. We came here by local bus. It's the month of May. May, June, July and August are the peak season here in Italy.

The place is very crowded. The best way is to book a ticket is online and it will be easy for you. I searched on Google but tickets were over. We are standing in a line here. It is not right to leave this place and go. My son is standing in the line.

This is the line and the security guard was telling me that, ‘It will take more than 2 hours to purchase the ticket’ I don't think it will take 2 hours. We are standing in line for more than 25 minutes. Many tour guides are available here.

There are some Indians, I met some Punjabi people. There are some Italian and local people as well. Everyone tell that we get scammed here. There is nothing like that, they are doing their work.

Italians the Indians are coming near you just to ask. They are not snatching or telling you anything. They are charging 53$ per person. With a Guide and we can enter all three places. If we buy the tickets, the price will be 20$.

Colosseum, Roman forum and Palestine Hills. I'm not sure about the pronunciation. I am not in Italian. There is no such thing as called scam. Even the Italians are charging 53$ per person with Guide.

Even the Indians are asking for 53$. Please don't slander any Indians. Especially our country India and Indians.

Nothing is wrong when you see a person talking in Hindi. Please don't do anything like that. Nobody is stealing anything from you.

Italian and Indians are doing the same thing. -Water water... Hello. -Delete it Why should I delete it? He is telling me to delete the video. I am not going to delete the video. I am making my video and why is he worried? I am not going to get scared because I have so much love from many people.

Why should I simply delete it? He is from Punjab India. I met him at first. I told him everything at first. All the people living here...

-It's better to go in the line. He gave me advice not to take any tours. He told me to get on the line. ‘You will wait for half an hour but you will save a lot of money’ Thank you so much. -Welcome. Nobody is scamming us here.

Both the Indians and Italians are doing the same work. Indians come to us thinking that we are from India and we think that they are trying to scam us. Nothing like that. People had so much confusion. The holes which you can see here.

Many YouTubers have mentioned that this has happened like this is due to the war and the bullet fired. It is nothing like that. Why are these holes here? -No war has happened here, this was a stadium. -Death fighting was conducted here. -They used to conduct a fight between lions and elephants and many other animals.

-Rods were installed to strengthen the building. -After removing the rod, it has been like this. -There will be repairing the small things because this is the main income for the country. -There is nothing called war and firing here. For people who don't know about this.

War or gunshots have not damaged the property. Rods were installed here. After removing the rodes, there are some marks. His name is Jasveer Singh. He will help you a lot if you come to Colosseum. He gave me the right decision and to insisted me not buying tour guides and told me to go in line.

Please help all the Indians who come here. -We all are from the same country, I will definitely help them. Thank you so much. I will go and stand in line because my son is standing from a very long time. If you don't want to stand in the line, It's better to book tickets online.

I did not book online because I came on the 22nd and today is the 23rd. I was not sure whether I will come to Colosseum on the 22nd or 23rd. That is why I couldn't buy online tickets. The tour starts here from 53$. 53$ for adults and 22$ for kids. It is free for kids below 6 years.

Kids below 18 years of age is free but you have to have ID proof for that. If you are coming in the summer you need to carry an umbrella. It will protect you from sunlight if you are standing in a line. We have come through the line and these are the prices for the tickets. The normal price is 20. And it is valid till 28 hours And full experience is valid till 48 hours That is for 25$.

You can visit all the places in that. Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, archaeological area and Temporary museum. You can go to all the places mentioned in the bord. I think you can book tickets with this QR code. Opening hours are not written, but I will ask and tell you. These are the things which you should not do inside.

Only debit card or credit card payment is allowed. Let's check whether they accept cash or not. We have come to the ticket counter after 1 hour. Colosseum and Arch of Constantine. 4 ticket counters have been made.

We can to the ticket counter after an hour. Cash is not allowed. This is the ticket.

Let's go and explore this monument. This is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Also one in seven wonders of the world.

There's always an icon in Rome and Italy and millions of tourists come to visit this every year. They have provided this sticker to enter the arena. If you take a 18$ ticket, you cannot enter into the arena.

-There are two cameras. -He is holding one and you are holding one. We had come here yesterday night also. This place is very near to my apartment.

My apartment is 800 metres from here. When you look at the colosseum for the first time, You feel amazed! This was constructed 2000 years ago. It was constructed 2000 years ago and is still alive. I was talking about these holes. These things are not damaged due to the bullets.

This has been done due to the rods. These are not the marks of civil war or World war. If you want to take a guided tour you can come and take it here. I asked them for a physical guide. We can get the physical guide next month. The booking is very huge and if you want a guide, you will get a guide after a month.

You can take an audio guide but I don't think it is really useful. The audio guide starts speaking when you go to a certain place. Let's go on our own and explore the place. This is the entry only for the full-experience ticket holder. You cannot go underground. We have to book a ticket on online if you want to go underground.

There is an entry from here. People are going up. If you have an Arena ticket, you have to go from here. Our ticket is valid for 48 hours. We have already entered and this ticket is valid for another 48 hours.

He is the tour guide. Everybody after tourists. It is good to book a tour if you are visiting alone. You can also take a tour guide with your family. I had to come inside this monument otherwise, I would have regretted it.

I am not doing this for money. If we are not able to get the ticket, we will regret this after going back to our hometown. We feel bad if we are not visiting the famous monument even after coming to the city.

We have a lot of time here. Rome Colosseum. It is older than 2000 years. It was used as a stadium in the Roman period. Fight between the Gladiators. Fight between the animals.

Sometimes fight between the Gladiator and wild animals. Many more fights used to happen here. Gladiators were the ones who were experts in sword fighting.

Gladiators used to learn to fight to free themselves from slavery. And then step onto the stadium to fight against for their leader. Colosseum was a big structure in the ancient time. More than 50,000 people were able to sit inside.

The stadium was destroyed from time to time due to the weathering. But still, stand strong. It is there as it was before. This depicts the Roman tradition. The place where we are standing is known as Arena.

And down you can see the underground experience. Gladiators and animals used to be kept in here. The room, kitchen and many other things have been constructed below. Everything is ruined now. This is a very massive structure.

Just imagine the sounds which were seen back then. This place was filled with 50,000 people. Many rooms have been constructed. This is very good and worth being in seven wonders of the world. This was constructed 2000 years ago. We have also purchased the audio guide.

We had to take it because we were not able to understand anything. There are many floors here. This monument is 2000 years old and also had some wooden finishings. Tickets were also being allotted in those times. There used to be numbers and the seatings on the categories.

Separate sitting arrangements for ladies and gents. The white blocks which are seeing here, all the senators and important persons used to sit here. Two things were very important in those Times. Food and games.

Romans were fond of playing. All the games which are conducted here were conducted with a very grand opening. A grand start used to be given for all the competitions.

That is a very different experience. This place also had wooden finishings. But it is not there now. This was constructed in just a matter of 10 years.

It was in 80 AD. This area is older than 2100 years. Imagine the crowd here 2100 years ago. More than 5,000 animals were killed here. It was operational till 523 AD.

The structure was used for a very long time. The architecture is just very beautiful. The price for this audio guide 7$. We have to give it back while going.

This has all the introduction. This was a jail before. The king in 65 AD.

He destroyed the jail and constructed this stadium. These were the information in this guide. I also told you the time taken for this construction.

Thousands of workers made this monument which was ready in 10 years. There was no other Stadium which was bigger than this in ancient times. It must be very difficult to get another Stadium because just look at the size of the stadium.

We are going to the top. You can go if you have a normal ticket. If you have an Arena entrance you will get an Orange sticker and then entry the arena. He is tired today.

The stairs are very big. There are many stairs. This depends on how the animal used to come at the top of the arena using the lift. This is how people used to sit and see. Some photos have also been put. People are fighting in the arena.

These all things used to be underground. Animals used to be kept in the cages. These are some slavery. Even the Roman Enemies in ancient times were punished and killed in the stadium. This is the history and it was operational till 523 AD.

Games were conducted till 523 AD. There was an earthquake in 443 AD. It collapsed the majority parts of the stadium.

Before that, many wooden finishings were present. I have already mentioned that. Many things have been mentioned on this floor. This is the hierarchy of seats. Admission to the Colosseum was free.

Admission to the Colosseum was free. After the admissions, the seats were divided The seats were distributed to the important persons and then the locals. A photo has also been put to show that sitting arrangement in those times. These are the artefacts of some animals which died at those time.

'Graffiti made by spectators on the seating’ People used to make this when they had come here. How would they know that their writings will have been turned into a museum? Names have been written here. It has not written 'Raja loves Meanu' Those things have not been written. They might have written in their language.

Look at the structure! There is a very big hole. Seats have been made for sitting. You might not see it. This is the section to watch the fight from the top. From here you get the view of the entire theatre and the Colosseum. This place is very crowded and people are taking photographs.

How will they even take a photo in this crowd? The arena is very clear from here. There is no need to take the arena ticket and the audio guide tour. All the history has been written here. If you can read English, then there is no need to buy these things.

Even the audio tour guide was in English. You can just take the simple ticket and come inside. Ticket of 18$.

Now it's time to exit the place. -The floor is very slippery. It is very slippery, please be careful.

How was the Colosseum? -It was good. You didn't enjoy, right? -My ticket fell down No need to worry about the ticket. This is another area. People coming from the top can also visit this place. Please take a normal ticket and never take an Arena ticket. I thought only Arena ticket holders can enter this place.

Everybody can take a photo from here. Everybody is taking photographs. The place is looking more beautiful from here compared to before.

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