Inside The MOST EXPENSIVE House in Hawaii, USA!

Inside The MOST EXPENSIVE House in Hawaii, USA!

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(wind whooshing) (soft piano music) - [Narrator] Thanks to L'or Coffee for sponsoring a portion of this video. - Hey everyone, welcome to another episode. This week we are touring this stunning 9.9 acre estate located on Hawea Point within the fame Kapalua Resort here in Maui. This home features seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms on the market for 41.9 million dollars. And with that asking price, it is the most expensive home for sale in the state of Hawaii.

I wanna give big thanks to the listening agents, Tyler Coons and Andrea Dunn for making this tour possible. And now let's speak in our tour. (upbeat music) (upbeat music continues) This property is situated on this 9.9 acre lot.

From the street level, we have the gates opening up to a private driveway and that private driveway brings you to this point where we have the motor court. Driveway is nicely aligned with palm trees, beautiful landscaping, and right in the center of this motor court, we have this grass section with a water feature. This water feature is also your coy pond, which is super cool and the layout of this property is really unique. So on my right hand side, we have an exterior hallway and that hallway opens up the four guest rooms that we will see later in the tour. On my left hand side we have these French doors, opening up to the gym. It comes with a stationary bike, treadmill, few weights and you can access this gym through the French doors here or through the three car garage, which is on the left hand side.

We have stucco on the exterior, fleetwood glass doors and windows, this custom green tile roof throughout and with the palm trees, this driveway landscaping this entry sets a great tone for the rest of the property. Armand is behind the camera today. It's his first time in Hawaii. Armand, what do you think so far? - [Armand] This is my first time in Hawaii and I'm super excited because of the house is incredible. - House is incredible. Views are stunning.

I used to come now all the time when I was a professional windsurfer so this episode is a little bit more special. And yes, Armand, I'm also very excited for this tour. Let's continue. Now, right in front of me we have the covered section. This is a great feature.

You can park your car here, especially when it's raining, that way you can stay dry. Take these steps, open these glass double doors to access your central courtyard. This is a phenomenal space with the water feature right in the center. This water feature is also your fire feature. We have outdoor seating areas throughout. On each corner, we have these built-in umbrellas which compliments the outdoor seating areas.

You can see all these exterior hallways that connect all the rooms to each other and on each corner we also have these openings with glass screens, allowing more natural air to come into the courtyard and improve the airflow here. Now, (water falling) on the right hand side we have the guest house. Right in front of me, we have the entertainment room. Behind me on the left, we have the powder room for the courtyard that comes with two sinks.

Right here we have a door opening up to the steam room and this is a great private space for you to enjoy, throw parties, entertain. And lastly, we have this wing here. Now on the right hand side we have the primary bedroom. On the left hand side we have the hallway taking us to the four guest rooms that we will see in a bit. And lastly, we have these double glass pivot doors, opening up to the great room.

Now this is we da da da, one of my favorite rooms in this house, bolted ceilings, great volume. Fleetwood sliding glass doors, open up this entire room to the outdoors your infinity edge pool, Namalu Bay right in front of us, stunning views. And these two columns allow the front to be totally open.

You can even open up the sides and really connect this room to the outdoors. I love the wood clad ceilings, ceiling fan right in the center. And first let's talk about the seating area here. Sectional letter couch, two chairs, TVs on this side with built in speakers.

Right in the center, we have this really unique coffee table. And Armand, can we get a close up? There's a stainless steel bowl that is constantly moving. Inside layer of this table is old sand and it just creates this beautiful pattern. Once it's done with the pattern, it waits for like 30 minutes and then it starts another pattern, which is super cool. I've never seen a piece of furniture like this before.

If anybody knows the brand, let us know the comment section below. Now this is a great seating area. Behind Armand we have a door, opening up to a powder room for this level. Small seating area here and another seating area on this side with the coffee table right in the center. Wood clad ceilings give ton of warm to the space and right in the center we have the dining area.

I really like this glass table with a metal frame and legs. These chairs look so modern and elegant. Seating for eight, located right in the center of the great room and it compliments your kitchen, which is on this side. This portion of the video is sponsored by L'or Coffee.

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You can purchase the L'or Barista System, L'or coffee and espresso capsules on Amazon. Again, big thanks to L'or coffee for sponsoring this portion of this video. And now let's get back to our tour. (gentle music) This is a beautiful kitchen, more of these warm wood tones with the cabinetry. Right in the center, we have the island with a resin countertop, bar stools that look very contemporary.

Nice seating area here. Then we have the first set of built-ins on this side, microwave, oven. Your paneled freezer and fridge is located here. Your base cabinets, marble countertop and they use the same marble as a back splash here.

Thermador gas cooked up, vent above, upper cabinets. And we have this sink right here. There's a nice casement window right in front of it. That way you can enjoy the ocean views from your kitchen. Same wall to ceiling design is also here, clad with this beautiful wood tone, cove lighting to cozy up the space. And that's pretty much it for your kitchen.

It's nice and open and it's part of your great room. Now, Arman let's take everybody this way. We talked about these smaller seating areas, fleetwood sliding glass doors open up, seamless transition. By the way, all the furniture is included with the sale of this property and here we are at the backyard. Now this backyard is stunning.

Same travertine continues to the exterior. We have two water features that overflow to each other and then to the infinity edge pool. Arman, why don't we go this way, so we can talk about the outdoor kitchen here. First bar seating on this side second bar seating on my left, marble countertops. Right in the center, we have the wolf gas grill sink and this a great space that complements your backyard. Now let's talk about the pool setup.

It looks stunning. Mosaic clad throughout, Baja Shelf and the jacuzzi is on the left hand side, infinity edge. These zoos are breathing.

I mean this is gorgeous. Namalua Bay right in front of us. Kapalua Bay, right next to that. The island on our right hand side is Maui and the island that is right in front of us is Lanai.

These views are breathtaking. You have the ocean right in front of you. It constantly moves and changes and this is such a relaxing view.

I mean, I love this place. You have palm trees on each side, travertine around your pool, lounging areas built in umbrellas. This backyard set up is stunning.

Now I wanna take everybody this way so we can talk about the grounds. Hawea point is the name of the peninsula or this promontory that we're situated on. It's this natural rock formation. Because of our elevation, the views we get are simply stunning.

You have a small walkway here that takes you to a gate and that gate is your private beach access. This beach is known for snorkeling and cliff diving. Our grounds are fantastic. We're situated on 9.9 acres and it's all to yourself. You don't have any neighbors and this is really what you're paying for.

I mean, this is the most expensive home currently on the market in the state of Hawaii. But this peninsula, this setting, the privacy the home itself is such a unique offering and that's really what you're paying for. Now let's turn back so we can talk about the house itself. Single story home, sliding glass doors open up to the outdoors. That's the great room right there.

I really like this green tile roof which helps it blend with the landscaping around. And this section here is where we have the guest suites. In total, we have four bedrooms here. I'm gonna start our tour with this one, small patio space, outdoor shower shared by the guest room. On the other side we have fleet with sliding glass doors opening up seamless transition.

We have the king size bed here. I love this modern bed frame. Two side tables, open bathroom design here. Right in the center, we have this free standing tub with a built in shelf around it. Two sinks, beautiful vanity and glass door opens up your walk and shower with a rainhead, old travertine clad, massive TV here, dressing table, small desk set up which is a really cool accessory.

Built-in closets and I really like that these bedrooms or these guest suites open up to the grounds into these views. They also have their own private entry with a lock which means you can use these bedrooms as small hotel rooms. Now we are back at the motor court.

This exterior hallway takes us to the second guest room, which starts here. It's pretty much the same layout. You have your open bathroom here with two sinks, glass enclosed walk and shower, free standing tub. Your bed is situated here. Another big TV, fleet was sliding glass doors open up to a private patio, outdoor shower and I really appreciate that these guest suites all have a really nice bathroom, spacious bed area, private patios, outdoor showers. They have all these amenities within the room itself.

Now let's continue our tour. I wanna take everybody back to this exterior hallway. Again, we have the motor court on our left hand side. This hallway takes us to the third guest suite and I really appreciate the indoor outdoor flow of this property.

When you think about it, we don't have any interior hallways. We have to walk outside to get to the next room and it allows you to interact with nature and it allows you to enjoy the amazing weather that we have here in Maui. Now this is the third guest suite. Another king size bed, fleetwood sliding glass doors open up, another private patio, incredible views. You have your open bathroom here and in case you want some privacy, they actually have these built-in curtains to create some separation between the bathroom and the bedroom itself.

And these rooms are perfect for your guests or your family members. Now let's continue back to the exterior hallway. We have this door opening up for the last guest suite.

Pretty much the same finishes. Again, we have the bathroom and the shower on this side. Your bed is situated here. Fleetwood glass doors open up to these incredible view.

Now that's pretty much it for the guest wing. Now I wanna take everybody back to the courtyard, so we can continue our tour with the primary bedroom suite. Again, we have the doors here opening up to the great room. This courtyard allows all these rooms to get natural light. And coming here, this exterior hallway takes us to the primary bedroom wing. King size bed right in the center.

We have a small seating area here, high ceilings, mood lighting throughout, plaster walls. Room has a very cozy feel. Then we have these fleetwood sliding glass doors opening up to your grounds entities, breathtaking views. This set of sliding glass doors takes you to the backyard. Out on the distance you can see the Island of Molokai and I'm gonna talk more about these grounds in a bit.

Now this primary bedroom suite comes with two bathrooms. We have the first one here. This is your outdoor bathroom. But I wanna start our tour with the indoor bathroom, which starts here. Floating vanity with two sinks. Natural stone countertop, mirror assembly here with two built in medicine cabinets and you have some additional plugs here.

Then right where Armand is we have a water closet with a stone veins coating. Then on my left hand side we have the walk in shower. I really like this glass barn door. Travertine clad throughout for the most part. And on this wall, we have this book match, back lit onyx stone which looks stunning. Brush nickel fixtures, two rain heads.

This door opens up to your outdoor shower that is facing the backyard. And lastly, we have the free standing tub here, brush nickel, floor mount top filler. We have sliding glass windows here, opening up to the views. We currently have this glass assembly clear but with a push of a button you can frost this glass for some additional privacy. Overall beautiful bathroom and it flows straight to your walking closet.

Built in cabinetry throughout for all your clothes. Right in the center, we have this massive safe. And continuing our tour, we're back at the entry of this primary bedroom. Now I want to tour the second bathroom here which is your outdoor bathroom.

This space is so cool. Right above us we have this glass roof assembly and below this glass roof assembly, we have these openings with screens allowing natural air and natural light to come into this space. Then you have your fleetwood sliding glass doors with seamless transition to the outdoors.

Right in the center of this bathroom we have this free standing tub with a tub filler. Then your open showers on this side with two rain heads, onyx slab that creates a beautiful contrast against travertine walls. Your handheld is here. This glass enclosed section is your water closet.

You have your toilet, modern pedestal sink. And lastly, I wanna talk about this detail. We mentioned it at the courtyard. We have these openings with glass screens allowing more natural air to come in. It helps with the airflow and the courtyard as well as this bathroom. Also, in case you're wondering about the privacy, you have a built-in shade here.

You can close it off, that way no one can see you from this hallway. Now that's pretty much it for this outdoor bathroom. Now I wanna go outside so we can check out the grounds on this side, 9.9 acres.

You have this entire promontory all to yourself no neighbors, beautiful grounds, breathtaking views. We have the Island of Molokai on the distance, Moloaa Bay right behind me. I mean, it feels amazing to be here. And I feel like if I own a property like this, I would spend majority of my time outside, hanging around in different parts of this backyard, drinking a coffee, reading a book.

Just enjoy being in Maui. It's also really winded today so I'm gonna do our best to protect our mic but that's pretty much it for the grounds. Setting here is just stunning. Now coming this way, we have this covered seating area. It actually leads us to the entertainment lounge, two glass pivot doors here.

And as we go in, we have the pool table on my right hand side, chandelier above, bolted ceilings, mold lighting throughout. We have some built-in shelving here, small bar area with a fridge to compliment the space. Then facing back to the ocean, we have two massive picture windows and in front of these windows, we have small seating areas. Your sectional couch is located here. More light fixtures above.

Just a phenomenal space and I feel like it's a great space to entertain, have friends over, throw parties, flow straight to the grounds. And as you guys can see, you can just open up these glass pivot doors, have great natural air flow. It just feels amazing to be here. Now let's continue our tour. Back to the central courtyard.

I'm gonna take this hallway here. By the way, on these walkways or in the central courtyard, we have outdoor speakers, built-in seating areas, ceiling mount planters. These French doors open up to the side of the property and coming back here, picture window from the guest house and we have these double doors opening up to the guest house itself. This part of the house comes with two bedrooms, this open seating dining area right in the center and we have the kitchen on this side. I love the vaulted ceilings here that are wood clad with mood lighting.

It just warms up the space and goes really well with the hardwood floors that we have throughout. Again, you have your dining area in the center, TV on this side. This is basically your little hangout area for these two bedrooms that we're gonna tour. Let's start with this bedroom.

We have a pocket door here that seals it off. Two bunk beds, built in cabinetry here with a desk set up right in the center, facing these ocean views. Double doors open up the side of the property. Overall good size guest bedroom and this would be a phenomenal space for kids. Now let's go back to the dining area so we can check out the second bedroom. It starts here.

This one also comes with bunk beds, built in cabinetry, another desk set up, picture window facing the courtyard. And I really like that they kept the wall in between these two bedrooms a little bit more lower. That way, natural light can travel throughout the space or throughout the guest house. Now that's it for the bedrooms.

I wanna take everybody this way so we can check out this kitchen. They use the same wood tone cabinetry that we saw at the main kitchen. Also here, this is a phenomenal space massive island right in the center, ton of cabinetry. Your 48-inch Thermador gas flow is located here.

Dual elevation with the bar seating that opens up to your dining area, vent above, windows on this side, your first sink, first dishwasher is here. And then we have the second sink and second dishwasher on the other side. You have a massive Thermador commercial fridge here, full size wine fridge, vaulted ceilings above.

Again, wood clad. And this house recently been through a major remodel and this kitchen was part of that remodel as well. Overall beautiful space. And this kitchen is designed like a caterers or chef's kitchen because you can access the courtyard from here as well as the three car garage and the motor court.

On top of that, on the back we have a commercial pantry with multiple freezers. That way your chef your caterers can come here, prepare the food, service the courtyard or the rest of the property. Now let's continue our tour. We have a door here opening up to the laundry room, two washers, two dryers, sink. We have plenty of cabinetry. Then we have another door that opens up a hallway which then leads us to the three car garage.

On the left hand side we have additional three washers and three dryers. So in total you have five sets of washer and dryers which is super cool, considering the amount of bedrooms and rooms we have, these laundry machines come in handy. Now let's come here. French doors opening up to the motor court.

Then we have this door opening up to the commercial pantry. When I said commercial pantry, I meant it. You have all these freezers and fridges.

Then you have built-in cabinetry here. And check this out. Armand, can we get a close up? These all pull out. That way you can utilize the space all the way to the back very easily and it just complements the guest house kitchen. Wrapping around, it gets better. You have additional cabinetry here.

Overall, this is a phenomenal space that complements the guest house kitchen. Now let's open up this door so we can check out the side of the property where you can access the grounds. They have a small orchard here with avocado, orange and banana trees, which is great since it's right next to your kitchen. Grounds of this property is so beautiful, they maintain it so well. House itself is in a pristine condition and I feel like someone can do a lot with this property.

They have approved plans for 10,000 square foot edition and a pool cabana which means someone can expand this property in the future. Overall, it feels amazing to be here and I'm really glad we came all the way out to Maui to tour this property and share it with all of you. (upbeat music) All right everyone, that's it from Hawea Point. Hope you all enjoyed this video. I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Tyler Coons and Andrea Dunn for making this video possible and you can find more information about this listing in a description of this video. Lastly, if you enjoy the tour, give us a like, subscribe and we'll see you guys next week.

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