Inside Saudi Arabia Shopping Mall | FLOATING Mosque

Inside Saudi Arabia Shopping Mall  | FLOATING Mosque

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Saudi Arabia malls are more than just shopping centers there are hubs of entertainment, culture and culinary exploration let's shop in a real Saudi mall and visit a floating mosque on the Red Sea. Assalamu alaikum! We are standing now in front of the shopping mall the Al-andalus mall in Jeddah so I'm going to show you around and to show you how the shopping mall looks like in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah there are a lot of attractive shopping centers we went to the al-andalus shopping mall which is not the biggest shopping mall in Jeddah but we love this shopping center very very much this is number six on the list of the biggest shopping malls in Jeddah yallah! Let's go inside because there is a whole lot to discover! The mall in Saudi Arabia is not only a shopping mall but this is the place where people meet each other where they are hanging out, enjoying and eat together it is quite understandable why people prefer to go to the mall because there is nice air conditioning here and there are lots and lots of shops it's like a small City inside the mall and outside it is really really warm in Saudi Arabia the malls look really beautiful and really modern so I'm going to show you around I believe that the biggest shopping center of Jeddah is called the Red Sea shopping mall however we like this shopping mall even so because it has a lot of shops restaurants and even a playground for children and as you can see it is not that busy in this shopping mall it has more than 300 international and local stores it is a wonderful destination for many daily visitors and it is one of the most important places for shopping and tourism in Jeddah there are a lot of shops that exist also in the Netherlands so a lot of recognizable shops for example there is a body shop over there these are all International shops that also exist here in the shopping malls of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia one of the reasons that I went to a shopping mall is because I was looking for an Abaya because I didn't have any Abaya yet and I saw this amazing shop where they have a lot of abayas in a lot of different models and different colors so I was very Amazed by the beautiful abayas that they sell here in this shop as a revered Muslim I don't have a lot of Islamic and modest clothes yet so I'm struggling a little bit with what I have to wear so I am very happy that I found this kind of shops with a lot of options of Islamic and modest clothes and I found in another shop a very nice Abaya so I bought one and I am so happy with it there are a lot of shops where they sell gold and beautiful jewelry to discover. Giving gold as a present is part of Arabic culture for example on a big event within the family they often give a worthy present like gold to the person who is celebrating the event this shopping mall has three floors so let's go up to discover what we will see on the second floor look at these beautiful dresses unfortunately on camera they look not that beautiful how they are actually in reality because of the light but believe me they are so beautiful and I've seen also a lot of very very beautiful wedding dresses in Jeddah here is also the food court on the second floor so let's have a look and let's see what kind of food you can actually get in a shopping mall so there are mainly fast food restaurants like hamburgers and stuff I saw al Baik and I didn't try al Baik yet and of course I cannot leave Saudi Arabia without drying al Baik so I think this is the perfect opportunity to try it let's go for it and let's see if it is really that nice as everybody say so I filmed my reaction but unfortunately something went wrong with the camera so it is recorded in very fast fast speed and also without sound so I'm quite sad about that um but basically I was saying that I really love it it's really crispy and the chicken nuggets are very tasty and very juicy inside and there are two types of nuggets in al Baik you have the regular ones and the spicy ones and I tried first the regular ones because I wanted to know how is the real chicken flavor and even the regular ones were really tasty and even I thought they were still a bit spicy it is better than the normal regular chicken nuggets that I had before and it comes also with a garlic sauce and ketchup we enjoyed eating our food alhamdulillah at al Baik and I just want to show you when you go to the other site from the food court you will see a very colorful enlightened part and that is the playground for children and it's really amazing so modern it looks really attractive to visit even for me I was really excited to go inside look how cute with all those cartoons and the lights and everything to make it also enjoyable for the children to go to the shopping mall they have a special area here and it's a very very big playground with all kinds of games everything that you can imagine is here so I can imagine that the children love to go to this place I just felt like a little child again when I walked inside there are many attractions inside the playground for example even a mini roller coaster and many games to play and you can buy also candy and popcorn but I saw that you have to pay for everything so nothing is for free you have to pay every attraction or every game that you want to play Separate so it's not just one ticket that you can buy or anything you really pay for everything separate in this time it is very quiet because we are here very early but normally in the evening it is very busy there and it is full with playing children here so even though I can imagine that the children really love to come to this place it might be very expensive so I have double feelings about it because it is difficult in Saudi Arabia to play outside due to the weather so the children are actually forced to entertain themselves inside the home or inside a building for example like here in the shopping mall so if the children are coming from a family that don't have that amount of money that they can spend on this kind of games for example it's quite sad that they cannot participate on these games however apart from that it is nice that it exists and that the children have an exciting place to go to when they are visiting the mall where they can have fun and enjoy themselves These ones are so cute I really love it we go to the third floor what is the sport city of the mall we found here a way to go to the sports city so let's enter it and let's see what we will discover it oh there are really big things tennis oh football there's a football field there it was very exciting for me to see a football field inside a building because I've never seen that before and the same counts also for the Saudi people that it is not possible to play sport outside well I've seen some people running in the night or late in the evening for example in the city but it is so hot outside that it is almost impossible to play sport outside like football or anything like this so there is also the possibility to play sport in the mall but even to play sport you have to pay money for each and every sport that you want to play we are on our way now to the supermarket because we would like to find some snacks here in Saudi Arabia that we can try so let's see what we can find is that they have a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits as you can see also where it's coming from for example here Saudi Arabia Imports a lot of things from other countries for example like these apples and they show you exactly from which countries the apples are coming from in Saudi supermarkets everything is very organized and very hygienic yes she found this it's famous here in Saudi right they make separate sections for every product that they are selling so for every product they have a different section in the supermarket so it makes it really organized this is crazy this is a wall made of family packages of Lays chips and Doritos it is really amazing foreign Supermarket here is very big and it is very organized but they have all products actually that they have also in Europe so I find a lot of products exactly the same as how I find it in my own country in the Netherlands because they import a lot of stuff of course from other countries and even from Europe also it is only quite expensive for example this is 18 riyal what is almost 5 Euros and they sell this drink Vimto even in the Netherlands where it is not originally from and even there it's not that expensive San Pellegrino from Italy my favorite water 8.50 Riyal and that is around 2,50 euro. Maltesers we have it also it's cost 16.95 Riyal 5,- euro yeah so this one package is 5,- euro expensive uh this package is 4,- Euro 14.95 Riyal

I didn't find anything typical from Saudi typical Saudi products so if you know anything that is famous and what is typical from here what is produced here in this country to try then please let me know in the comments and then I will try it next time inshallah in the supermarket they sell also technical devices like televisions and coffee machines and headphones so you can literally find everything in the supermarket we went back home and tomorrow we are going to a floating mosque what is in another part of Jeddah what is really worthy to see it also, so keep watching! This is the beautiful Al-Rahman mosque also known as the floating mosque it was built in 1985 on the water surface on the edge of the Cornish Road in Jeddah you find this amazing beautiful mosque it is one of jeddah's most visited mosques the mosque combines ancient and modern Islamic architecture mosque and what is special about this mosque is that it is floating and it is floating on the Red Sea it's the perfect time to visit this mosque also because you can see the sunset from here in Jeddah when the sun is going down behind it at Sea so it gives a beautiful view we just saw the beautiful sunset and we are heading back home now but before that let's have a look closer and let's see how the mosque looks from inside we are now going to enter the mosque We are now entering the Al Rahman mosque This is the new Jeddah Cornish located along the Red Sea and it takes up an area of 30 kilometer in this area numerous of five-star hotels restaurants and cafes are located we are at the airport of Jeddah and it is unfortunately Time to Say Goodbye to Saudi Arabia for now we had an amazing time here in this country we are in the airport of Jeddah at the moment because we are leaving Saudi Arabia unfortunately after being here for one and a half month and we are going further with our journey and we are waiting for our airplane now to depart it was an amazing experience to never forget in this country Saudi Arabia thank you very much for all the tips and recommendations we couldn't afford to stay more longer because the life in Saudi Arabia is quite expensive we are very grateful for the time that we had here and especially that we had the opportunity to visit the two holiest cities Mecca and Medina but hopefully Saudi we come back soon inshallah

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