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Just here to see the shop. Okay, please take a picture. What do you like in the picture? I was just travelling around this area and just came to see how the shop is.

Why? So, the people of Hasidic Jews are so controversial because they don't work. I think they live their lives through the government's allowances. Here, we have to admit that actually, the Hasidic Jews stay away from technology. And they have a phone. They have a small phone. Most of the people here don't study or work.

Most of the time, they just do religious studies. I feel like I have reached the 90s when we didn't have a mobile phone. Welcome to my channel, everyone. My name is Vishnu and you are watching my channel, Wandering Maniacs. Welcome to my next video from Jerusalem, Israel. I am telling you, when I say Jerusalem, Israel, I get so scared because I think that people will get angry about this.

Actually, whatever you say in Israel, there will be at least one side that will get angry. If I say Jerusalem, Israel, there will be one side that will get angry. If I say Jerusalem, Palestine, there will be one side that will get angry. But this debate is going on all over the world about who should have Jerusalem.

But anyways, keeping all these politics aside, as I have told you in the first video of this series, I am going to tell you my in-reality ground experience and my authentic travel experience of Israel. So, we have just completed our breakfast and I have just left the hostel. Actually, my hostel is near Jaffa Street as I told you in the last video. And we are going to go near Jaffa Street today. And to be honest, I am a little nervous today.

Normally, I am not nervous before making a video. But, whatever I have done my research about this area, I have come to know that when we go to this area, it is a little difficult to work with the camera there. But, anyways, today we are going to make a video about Hasidic Jews who are the most orthodox communities in Judaism.

And here in Jerusalem, they have an area called Miasheram. I will write it in Google Maps. I think I am not pronouncing it correctly.

And in that area, the majority of Hasidic Jews are found. I actually live near Jaffa Street. This area is not that far from Jaffa Street. But, in the next block of Jaffa Street, this area of Miasheram is found. But, for now, I will let you enter Miasheram. It is an Ethiopian street.

We will enter from that street. And this is Miasheram. To be honest, if I put aside the problems between Jews and Arabs in Israel, they have an interior problem which is in their Jews. And, their major reason is that they are Hasidic Jews. When you come to Jerusalem for the first time, you will see them everywhere. In the metro, in the restaurants.

And, when I saw them for the first time, I was so surprised. They have different types of clothes. They wear black coats. They wear white shirts. And, they have the same type of clothes everywhere. And, their hair is a little hanging.

There is a religious reason for that. We don't know the exact reason. But, you get to see such scenes.

And, it looks a little strange for the first few days. But, after that, it becomes normal. You will see them everywhere. And, there is a bus stop here.

It is a very nice bus stop with greenery. Wow! I am telling you, the days I have been staying in Jerusalem, I am falling in love with Jerusalem. It is such a beautiful city. Finally, we have entered the Ethiopian street. From here, the area of Mian Sheram officially starts.

You can see the Ethiopian flag up there. I don't know if this is a church or a synagogue. Synagogue means a Jewish religious place.

Just like there is a mosque in Islam, there is a synagogue in Judaism. I don't understand. I think, there is a cross here.

So, I think it is a church. When Israel was formed, Jews came from all over the world. They came in a large percentage from Ethiopia. They came from Eastern Europe. They came from Germany.

Jews came from all over the world. That's why you get to see the Ethiopian street. You get to see Ethiopian restaurants here.

When I came here on the first day, I was surprised to see so many Ethiopian cuisines. Later, I found out that there were many Ethiopian Jews here. That's why you get to see many Ethiopian cultures here. Also, one more thing, today is a very special day. I am making this video about Hasidic Jews.

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. When I woke up in the morning, around 10 am, there was a siren. After the siren, we were informed about the event. At 10 am, the whole Jerusalem was stuck.

People were standing and mourning. You can see this man wearing a black coat. He is wearing a hat. You can see his hair hanging.

These are the clothes of the Hasidic Jews. You can see their clothes and their appearance. When you come to this area, you have to dress modestly. I am wearing full sleeves today. It is a little hot today, but you have to make sure that you show as little skin as possible.

You cannot come here if you wear shorts. As a tourist, I can wear shorts, but people here recommend that you wear modest clothes. I was walking from here and I saw this boat. You can see many charts here. These are the Hasidic Jews. Look at this man.

He is reading. It is believed that the Hasidic Jews are far away from technology. They have a small phone. They have a very small smartphone. If someone needs information, there is information written on many boards.

As you can see, they get information from here. It is very strange. I can't believe that there is such a liberal and open society in one part of Jerusalem. If I come here for a block, the world changes so much. You can see such scenes. This is why this country fascinates me so much.

I have just started this journey. I am sure this country will surprise me every time. I think I have reached the 90s when we didn't have mobile phones.

You can find many religious books of Judaism here. Just like there is Quran in Islam, Torah is also called in Judaism. So their religious book is called Torah. If I tell you about the area of Miasherem, I will give you information.

Miasherem is one of the oldest areas of Jerusalem. It is said that the first street light was in Miasherem. Miasherem was a small community and it was a small area that it was closed by the gate at night. But now Miasherem has become so big that I can't see any gate. So, you can see the whole surrounding of Miasherem. The people of Hasidic Jews are so controversial because they don't work.

They get support from the government. I think they live through the government's allowance. Even the men who work don't work. Women take care of the house.

So, this is the whole house and surroundings of the Hasidic Jews. To be honest, it doesn't look that expensive. It is a very basic house.

Because the people here don't earn much. So, they live like this and earn a lot. You can see the houses. If you leave a block, you can see the big buildings. And in Miasherem, the houses are like this.

You can see the information here. I found this information in this area only. And people are looking at me with such eyes that I can't explain. I haven't seen such strange looks anywhere I have traveled so much in Africa but the way people here look at me, as soon as I take out my camera I feel like if I get a chance, they will kill me but I am kidding, the people here are really nice I haven't had any bad experience so far camera related if I talk here you will also get to see many religious institutions the people who do religious studies here are called Yashivas and most of the people here do not study or work and most of the time, they do religious studies and this is one of the main reason why this community is so controversial because they don't earn and the government supports them and secondly, they get funds and the other reason, the biggest reason that they face so many problems is that the people here, the Hasidic Jews don't even have to do military service and in Israel, everyone, whether a boy or a girl has to do military service for 2 years and they don't earn, they get funds and they have to pay taxes so according to that, there are many protests here if I talk about all these issues and if I explain to you about the people here they go to Yashivas and study Torah in Yashivas Torah, if I tell you, like there is a Quran in Islam in Judaism, it is called Torah and they make sure that the less influenced they are from the outside world the less influenced they are and stay away from technology and all and here, their language is Yiddish so they don't speak Hebrew according to them, it is like according to them, Hebrew is a religious text and should be used in religious activities in normal life, they speak their language, Yiddish so tell me guys, can you live in such areas? I am telling you, it is such a strange world that on one side, there is Tel Aviv which is such a liberal, developed and so much in technology and it is true, it is just an hour's distance from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and there, you get to see such an area in Jerusalem where, in Jerusalem, I showed you in the last video that it is such a progressive place but on the other side, you get to see such an area where everything is different I mean, it is completely upside down you get to see such a cultural shock after coming to this area I am out of words so here, you can see a synagogue where Jewish people come to pray I think, I am confused is this a synagogue or the door in front where Jewish symbols are placed because as such, I don't have much knowledge about it but I have seen it in Google and it is showing this as a synagogue so guys, it is like this those people like me who don't know how a synagogue is so guys, guys so guys, we came to a local shop we got a mobile shop so I am quite fascinated let's see what we get as soon as you enter here you will get to see all these buttons you will get to see mobile you can't find any smartphone accessories anywhere you can see everywhere there are all covers of small phones but you won't find any cover of smartphones is there any such shop? I am not sure if you can see it but I am sure you can see it these are all Nokia headphones take a picture with it there will be a big Rabbi here it was amazing the shopkeepers were quite friendly I get paranoid when I meet such people because I have heard about them that they don't like cameras and we also think that if I talk to them, they won't talk to me nicely but I talked to them and it was great they also took a picture with me and told me to take a picture if I wanted to I was getting headphones jack earphones but you can't even get a headphone jack in today's phones but what to do, this is life and look at the houses here you can see how old these are wow, the surroundings and the neighborhood is amazing it is written here please do not pass through our neighborhood in immodest clothes and how to wear clothes it is written here that long sleeves, long skirt and if you are a girl, wear a closed blouse these are all written in the area so this is the orthodox community of the Aztecs so we have reached the Damascus Gate the station is on that side and if we go ahead, we will reach Nablus Road so if we go ahead, we will reach Nablus Road and on that side is the Muslim Quarter area and Old Jerusalem the video of Old Quarter or Muslim Quarter I showed you that guys, as far as I understand this whole area of Mian Sharim Street all these houses are from the 1870s and I think since that time, it has never been refurbished or it has never been designed or it is still the same as it was in the old days I think so I am showing you this in the video but just one block, just cross the street and the whole Jerusalem is different there are different buildings, different cafes you will meet different people but come one street, one block this way and everything is unchanged everything is completely changed so I think this has never been changed it is still the same as it was in the 1870s look at all these stone-built architectures I saw this in Old Quarter of Jerusalem and here I am seeing the same thing thank you so much so here I met a Hasidic Jew and he told me to go inside some kids are making something and he told me that I can film and take a photo look at this, this side of Hasidic Jews I have never seen before the people here are not that bad as I thought look at this, kids are making something they are doing something I think they are painting how crazy is this if he didn't tell me, I wouldn't have come here he told me that kids are doing something you can check out and we came here I think this is a school but not really sure they are doing something here so we are here at Damascus Gate Metro Station so this is the Damascus Gate Metro Station and this is where Muslim Quarter starts and there are many areas here that connect and this is probably a kind of center actually it is not a center but it acts like a center where you can see many different directions one side is the metro, one side is the car and there are 4-5 signals and look at this you can see this too so I think this is probably one of the busiest roads in Jerusalem near Damascus Gate Metro Station and a little further is the central bus station from where you can get buses from different places like Abu Dhabi, Bethlehem Salam one water one bottle big or small? when I was crossing the border from Jordan to Israel I bought a bottle of water and I remember he bought 6 or 7 shackles of water for me and I was like how can a small bottle cost so much and I was like maybe this is border crossing and since he opened a shop near the border crossing he is probably buying more so I bought a bottle of water from a local store near Muslim Quarter and he bought 5 shackles of water which is around I think around 120-130 rupees a small bottle of water so these are the prices here and this is the cheapest price you can get and in India you can get this small bottle for 10 rupees and here you can see check post I don't know if it is a gate or check post is this inside the city? it has been shot by Israeli soldiers and this is a sound grenade which is used by Israeli soldiers in the military I used to play a game called IGI 2 I don't know how many people have played this game in IGI 2 the whole environment was like this lights and cameras were everywhere and now I feel like I have come to a game location

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