Inside David Dobrik's $12 Million LA Mansion!

Inside David Dobrik's $12 Million LA Mansion!

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- I was scared of you. - What? - No, I swear. - What? - 'Cause I know you so well, I've known you for like what, four or five years. (upbeat music) - What's up, everybody, it's Enes here and welcome to another episode. Today, we're touring David Dobrik's personal home here in Los Angeles, California. He lives in this amazing six bedroom, seven bath home.

We're gonna get a chance to talk to him, check out the space, it's gonna be a fun episode. And let's begin. (upbeat music) Where is it? Where's chocolate? - There's a spoon on the back. - Mikey, did you get anything done today? - No. (candies clinking) - There's a flame thrower right there. - I'm gonna like open up some of the closets in your room, is that cool? (upbeat music) Look at us just walking around in David's home.

All right guys, we're gonna start our tour in the exterior, like we always do. This house has a great motor court, plenty of space for parking. We have the first two car garage on our left hand side currently being used as a storage, and we have the second two car garage here and this garage is converted into a really nice gym.

Xeela is a nutrition company that Ilya owns and Ilya is a good friend of David. And they've kind of themed this space with Xeela branding. I love the picture window facing the views. You can literally be on the treadmill and just have an awesome view, you know? - [Mikey] Yeah, I think we should talk to Ilya, see if we can get one of these going in our house.

- Absolutely, get a sponsorship, right? For the guys and all of us. - [Mikey] Yeah. - And that's kind of it for the gym, pretty awesome space.

And now I want to take you guys to the front door, so we can go inside, so we can meet David. (knocking on door) And there he is. (David laughing) What's up bud? - So obvious I was just standing here. - [Mikey] That was so fast. - I was listening, I was listening.

So we can meet David, I'm like my cue, my cue. - When are they coming? - Well, come on in. - Thank you for having us. - Yeah, thanks for coming.

- Where are you taking us first? - Well, wherever you wanna go. I feel like you know this place better than I do, so. - I do a little bit, but I still want to like see it and like kind of hear it from your perspective, you know? - Okay so, from my perspective, this is the podcast room. This was an office before and now we use it to shoot our audio and video podcast. And it's awesome 'cause you got, I mean obviously the view here. - [Enes] Amazing.

- It feels, even though it's a small room, it feels pretty open. - How much did you spend on this room? - I think it was like-- - I wanna bid it myself, but I want hear it from you. - Well you say it first. - I would say a hundred, 120.

- Oh yeah, it's really good. Yeah, it was like a hundred. - Okay cool. - But it's like- - It's worth it. - I mean I had to just 'cause it is my job.

So it's the only thing, the only thing I like spending money on is like a house and a car and then everything else, I don't even know how I got these clothes. (Enes laughing) Everything else, yeah. - What do you guys don't know, David like loves houses.

He's like, he actually ended up coming to couple of our shoots. - I've been at every video. (spunky music) (bell chiming) I'm gonna try to hide somewhere so I can just stay here the night.

(Mikey laughing) This is insane. (spunky music) - Yeah. Like David always like messages me, dude, that house from Beverly Hills was sick. - Hey, I wanted to say that I always watch your house tours. Like I watch them quite often. They're like my- I just love watching house videos and yours are always on my feed and I wanted to say good job, 'cause they're really well done.

They're clean and they're informative and sick. - He actually genuinely loves real estate. - No, I'm so obsessed with it.

And for a little bit, I wanted to do what you do. I was like, I want to start my own channel. And there was a moment where I was so close to starting my own real estate channel.

- What happened? - I was scared of you. - No, what? - I swear. - What? - 'Cause I know you so well. I've known you for like what? Four or five years? - Almost, yeah. - Yeah.

So like, I didn't wanna like come in and like step- 'Cause you do it so well. - No, Dude, you should like- We will help you get started. No.

- But I will pay you a serious compliment. You do the house tour, like it's so just like, it's so easy and relaxed and it's not like uptight, real estate guy, that it's like so easy to watch and that's why you're absolutely crushing it. - Thank you.

- So like that is another reason I didn't wanna do it is because you have it covered a hundred percent. So I didn't wanna step on those toes. - Mikey cut this scene in it. We should use it for like proof of concept or something. - [Mikey] Our channel trailer. - Yeah. Our channel trailer, exactly.

- This is the best channel in the world. - Awesome. Well thank you very much for that. Really appreciate it.

Show us like the formal living room. Kind of like the entrance of this property, because it's pretty sick, I love your decoration. Yeah. Obviously- - Oh, this stuff is cool. This guy drew these with pen and there's another one with pencil. But I think this is with pencil.

Like the detail on these is absolutely insane. So I like little fun art pieces like that. - Well there's also another art piece here that we kind of helped you. - No, not kind of you did. - Yeah. We'll talk about that later.

- Yes. - All right. So this is like your formal space I'm assuming, like seating area, billiards table, and all that cool stuff. - This is the main area where we hang out from time to time. - I was just gonna say, this looks kind of like a staging furniture.

I feel like you don't use this- - It is. - It is? - This is staging furniture and I like- Wow, dude, see? You see that's what I'm saying. You know your stuff. Yeah. This is staging furniture. And we, this was the only thing other than like a mirror upstairs that we kept from what was staged in the house.

- Gotcha. Yeah. I'm assuming you don't use the space that often. You just kind of- - No, you'd be shocked.

- Okay. - When you- I was literally- - I saw the couch there. I'm like, this is where David hangs out. - No, no, no. It's so bizarre, 'cause I tell Natalie all the time, I'm like, it's so weird how we use every inch of this house. Like we'll literally, every day, will be like a new spot where we're bouncing back from.

And there's days where there's like eight, 10 people, like 10 of my friends here. So it's like, it is nice where like some people are here and some people are working there. - Gotcha.

Tell me some of the special pieces in this room please. - Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. So actually a fellow YouTuber brought this for me.

This is made out of Legos a hundred percent. - [Enes] Amazing. - And then this, this is an Ironman statue. I ordered one from China about a year and a half ago now. And turns out it was like this big scamming thing, where this guy stole my money, this $10,000.

I know it's crazy. - [Enes] Really? - But I'm obsessed with this kind of stuff. So I had to find one here. So I still haven't gotten the, the Chinese one. - How much did this one cost? - This was like nine, 9,000. - Gotcha.

- Again, I don't spend a lot of money, right now. I'm adding Marvel things to the mix. - Looks good. Fits the space. It's like perfectly positioned underneath the staircase. - I know, but now I have two. So, I think I have to get it there.

- I almost, I wanna say like that's cooler actually. - No, this is, I mean they built this. It took them, I don't know how many hours they said, but it definitely wasn't under a couple weeks. It was a long- - Did they make a YouTube video about it? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. We should definitely link them in the description. - Yeah. Please link it.

- David, talk about this. This is like the infamous Hawaiian punch. - Yeah, this is, it's a water fountain like you get at school, but instead of water, check this out. (David slurping) It's for punch. It's freaking ridiculous. It's honestly embarrassing. I was just telling him earlier. I was like, I knew I was gonna get this and it was gonna work for like the first three or four months.

And now we're at a point where it doesn't work. - I'm gonna go if it's Hawaiian punch, alright. - Taylor! - [Taylor] Yeah? - Do you know how to fix the Hawaiian punch machine? - [Taylor] It definitely works.

- Oh it does? Let's come back to it. - All right, cool. We'll come back to it. David. Couple things about the house. You like it? You like living here? - Oh, I love it. Okay. Why you love this house particularly?

And here's a fun fact. I actually met David about three and a half, four years ago. I was just like sharing like property photos on my Instagram. You were like, Ooh, that house looks cool.

And we started talking and he's like, hey, I'm looking for a house, at the time I was an agent. I think I ended up showing you three, four homes, maybe? - Yes! - You remember? Right? - 'Cause I will never forget one home. You showed me one home and I think they've redone it now. And it's beautiful. - And they sold only for $10 million.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. But at the time it was carpet. It just didn't make any sense. (Enes laughing) - I remember that. - The entire house was carpet and in the bathroom, the carpet would go around the toilet.

So the entire bathroom was carpeted. - You were so stuck on that carpet, that almost kind of just blocked your vision. You were like, dude, there's carpet in the bathroom. I was like, David, we can fix all that. - I've thinking about it ever since.

No, when I saw that carpet, I was like, what's going on? - They did a really good job. Someone remodeled it and made like three, four million dollars in profit. - Yeah. I just saw that. - So it was at least a good buy. But that's how I met you. So you do watch our videos.

- Yes, of course. - What are some of the things that like, you enjoy watching it? - I really like how interiors are laid out and like backyard space. I love that. I love like the different decorations they have on the wall and just like how a house is set up. You'll see later that literally there was an art piece. Should I show you now? - Yeah. Let's let's go see it.

- There was an art piece that was in a video that you were- I think it was like a $16 million house. - In Brentwood. - Yeah, and the driveway was like flushed into the house. It was amazing. And there was this, but it had a bunch of elephants and different animals on it.

And I DM'd you. And I was like, where is that from? That is the coolest thing in the world. And then you hooked me up with Peter. - Yeah. - Who made this. - We found him and then we talked to the owners and they were like, it's this artist named Peter.

We found Peter. I DM'd Peter. I was like, my friend is gonna contact you, make sure to respond to him. And then you guys work together and that's the new piece now. - He's a real estate guy, YouTuber, art dealer.

- Connect people, everything, the whole nine years. - So this is like, this is the coolest thing I think I have in here, I love it. - It's super cool. The elephant that we saw, we'll roll a b-roll of it, was super cool as well.

Like we ended up talking about that for like a minute in the video because we were so intrigued. And I'm assuming this is the room that you guys hang out the most. - Yes. This is where we hang out the most. My biggest pet peeve with this house, I think it's built so great, but the only thing that always confused me is how uneven this living room area is with this area. - Do you know why? Because your corner is so valuable. And the view corridors you get is so important that he had to minimum, kind of set back the fireplace, like six to eight foot.

And then you ended up opening up the corner, but your symmetry is totally off. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - And normally someone would put like a really fancy furniture here that is super uncomfortable. But you went totally opposite. You went like full comfortable. - [David] It's gotta be comfortable.

- Cloud couch, that's why it's not aligning. But hey, I mean you have the pivoting TV bracket so you're good. - Except when the wind blows through here, it's literally just like this. It's like we're in a storm.

- All right. Show me the back. I actually really, really like this bar area, back-lit countertops and man, your candy station looks awesome. - And wait, let me, can I show you this? - Yes. - This is like one of my favorite art pieces in here too. Shelby and Sandy, there's like four different pieces by him. This is the tennis club I grew up playing in.

And this was our saying that we had like on the back of our sweatshirts. So they put it into an LED sign and they painted the whole thing. These guys are like, please look, 'em up.

If you have like any kind of home, you want their stuff in, their the best. - Super cool. I remember they did a couple pieces for you, right? - Yes. I have like four or five of 'em 'cause I'm just completely obsessed. - Amazing, looks awesome.

Bar area is great. Do you use the space a lot? - I just gave up candy recently, so not really. - Can I try one? - Yeah, these are the freshest. - I was gonna say, can I try these? I'm really intrigued. Mikey, you want one?

- Just take a- - How about you, David, we try things together, dude. - I thought he was a whole person, but he's really just a hand. - Yeah, I mean his hand comes in here and there and that's kind of it. Then you have your 1 million subscriber plaque here. You're not posting a whole lot of videos on YouTube right now.

- No, no, not too many. - What are some of the stuff you're working currently? - Okay, my favorite, it actually has to do with the reason I got the pizza painting. Okay.

Have some candy. Gimme some time. Hold on. - Okay. Alright David is gone. - Okay. I'm back. You're the, you're the first person I'm publicly showing this too.

'Cause we've been working on it for like two years. And then I know, I sound like every other YouTuber, it's like, we've been doing this for a while now. It's finally coming.

But in a couple months, maybe a month, we're opening a pizza place called Doughbrik's, spelled like pizza dough. - It's finally happening. I'm from Chicago. So like I'm obsessed with pizza. All my friends are from Chicago who now work with me.

So they're obsessed with pizza. So this this is our final logo and this is our pizza box design. - [Enes] Wow. - So we're really, really stoked on it. And.

- That looks sick. - I know I'm really, really excited. And the pizza I'm not just saying, I mean- - So you guys have been testing it for so long. - For a long time. - Yeah. - For like, literally like a two and a half years.

It's another Doughbrik's taste test. This is possibly one of the meaty pizzas we're gonna have. Look, look at that. - [All] Ooh. (all laughing) - And then building out the pizza place for another year. It's really good.

And I'm not just saying that because it's mine. I promise. But this is what I'm excited about. - [Mikey] I wasn't gonna speak in this tour, but that's like the coolest pizza box I've ever seen. - [David] Really? - [Enes] I was gonna say, yeah. - [David] Hell yeah. - This is super cool, man.

- Thanks! - Good for you. - I'm excited I got to share with somebody. - Yeah, no I'm, super cool. Invite us to the opening. We'll come. - Oh my God. Yeah, that'd be cool.

It's the smallest space. - Dude! We need to do a tour of the restaurant. Like we'll do a legit tour. - I'm not kidding. It'd be like this. - Just like one- - It's really small, but- - It's really small? We're stoked, I was like, right before you came here, I was like, can I tell him about the pizza spot? And Natalie was like, mm, okay. So this is some, really stoked that I finally got to share.

That's why I'm so excited. - Well, there you go guys. Our tour ended up being David's pizza place reveal. - I love that. - My pizza promo. - Amazing. David, take us to the outside. - Okay. - This backyard is sick.

I know it's one of the big reasons why you ended up buying this place. - It is a hundred percent is I really wanted a pool and I wanted a backyard space and in LA, unless you're spending like $40, $50 million. - That's already like 10 million plus basically, good view, backyard, and a pool. You're already in a $10 million range.

- Yeah. It's tough. So I got, I got really lucky. I bought this place like peak Covid, when like everybody was telling me not to buy. And luckily I went with my gut and I bought it, and now it's worth... - Probably 30, 40% more easily.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Easily. - So I'm really, really lucky on this. - And I have a feeling like just seeing your videos, you utilize this backyard a lot.

Like I always see people here. You guys use the pool a lot. - Like no other, like, I, we are always out here. I can't explain, like there's not a part of the house that's like not being used at any moment.

- Honestly, I really appreciate that because you know, a lot of times people buy these homes, man, they're so sad. No one ever uses them. It's like they throw two parties in a year and that's it. And I see your videos.

It's like constantly people over here. We've been here one or two times before. And it's just like lot happening in this house. - Yeah. I've always, I've been a fan of "That 70's Show"

for a while and I love the idea of like having a basement or an area where anybody can walk into it any time. If they're your friend, I wanted to get a house where like all my friends can literally just walk in and out of, even when I'm not home, as long as I know them, it's all good. - Amazing, amazing. Dude, thank you so much for showing us around. - Thanks. Thanks for coming.

- Yeah, we'll take it from here if you're cool with it. - Yeah. Go walk around. - We'll show the rest. I'm gonna like open up some of the closets in your room.

Is that cool? - Yeah. - Okay, cool. We'll check out some David T-shirts maybe I put 'em on. Who knows? - They're not that cool. This is the coolest one I have and I wore for this.

- Awesome. Thank you, bud. - Okay. Thank you. (upbeat music) - All right. Now that David is gone, we can do whatever we want. Eat more candy and show you guys around.

- [Mikey] Let's do it. (glass clattering) I'll get that good flavor. - I think last time I had this, I was 10 years old. It reminds me of like junior league basketball, you know, it's so good.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - It's incredible. You gotta eat a lot. All right. So this is the backyard. I mean, who doesn't like a good infinity edge pool with amazing views? - [Mikey] I feel like we see him on TikTok or on Snapchat a lot back here, but- - Dude, they even had a kid here. - Adrian came by. He's a professional skim boarder. - [All] Ooh! (water sloshing and splashing) (upbeat music) - That's pretty cool.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - I like that a lot. But you have your spa here. Baja shelf. Nice light, color plaster.

You have an outdoor shower there. Incredible views. And of course, sliding glass doors open up from the formal living room, kitchen area, flow straight to the backyard. Now, outdoor seating area, fire pit in the center.

This is a cool spot. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really cool. I'm still just trying to get back inside of that candy, but- - I know the gummy bears were really good. - [Mikey] They were insane. - Exactly.

Something about these like canyon views and city views. I feel like he kind of gets like a nice blend of it. And then you have this mature tree here, which provides amazing shade, swing chair. This is a cool spot.

Personally, I would sit down here all the time. I don't know, read a book maybe. And also I had a lot of gummy bears. This house was really built for entertainment, you know? - [Mikey] Yeah. He really utilizes that as well, you know?

- Absolutely. He definitely does. Now another cool amenity in this house. He has a half court here on the side of his property. - [Mikey] It's the time in the video, we've done this many times in the past. Enes has never made a shot on camera.

- Dude, I've never made it once. Like it's so sad. Man, I suck at bowling. This is heartbreaking, dude. - [Mikey] Yeah, this is no good Enes.

- But I'm gonna do my best. Oh my God. That was so bad I gotta try again. - [Mikey] You missed the big net and the ball went off the cliff.

- That was so bad. All right. Sliding glass doors open up from the screening room that we're gonna see in a bit, but that's kind of it for the backyard.

I mean, you guys heard David. He utilizes it all the time. You have an outdoor barbecue area here and off of the family room. This section is also covered. You have an outdoor dining area, space heaters, more seating, It's definitely a good size backyard.

And now we're back in the family room. Cloud couch is really nice. I'm gonna have more candy. Now that David is gone, we can just kind of. - There you go. Scoop it. - All right, Mikey, we're gonna try this one out now.

We're getting carried away. Let's continue, screening room. So it's right next to the family room. Definitely cozy. It's not like a big movie theater, but it gets the job done.

He has a projector here, screen on this side, some mood lighting, paneled walls. And I gotta try this sectional seating set up here. - [Mikey] I've always wanted one of these. - Definitely comfortable. I see why he likes this room. Cool space.

- [Mikey] Yeah, really nice. - All right, let's continue. I know we've kind of brushed over the first floor with David and we talked about like his personal stuff and all the other fun things he's doing, but this is where we have the kitchen kind of in the center of the first floor, island, bar seating, really like the slab on the back. That's been book matched. Obviously he has cooktop and all that good stuff.

Fridge, all the built in appliances. I think there's another fridge actually at the back. And. - I always love these glass fridges. - He has it staged pretty well. Huh? Yeah. Water.

- [Mikey] Sure. I'll have a La Croix actually. - There you go. - [Mikey] Thank you. Look at us. Just walking around in David's home. Just picking up some drinks, eating his candy and soon we're gonna go upstairs and like check out his closet too probably. All right, let's continue. So we are back kind of at the entry.

This is where we have the formal seating area. Billiards table. Really cool art piece on this wall as well.

Sliding glass doors, open up. Let's see what else. There's a powder room around the corner.

There's an office space here opens up to the garage. You guys saw the podcast room off of the entry and I think that's it for the first floor. Now let's take the stairs. Go check out the second floor. (upbeat music) Off of the landing, you have another seating area. Another one of these sectional, comfortable cloud couches. I like the marble coffee table.

This room gets ton of natural light. You have sliding glass doors literally everywhere. I believe three bedrooms on this wing that we're gonna see one of them in a bit. But first let's talk about the views. Obviously property gets amazing views throughout, but elevation certainly helps, views open up a little bit more, super peaceful, great spot, great balcony off of the landing. Now I said three bedrooms here.

Unfortunately we cannot go into two bedrooms on the right hand side, but we can check out this one here. This is the front facing bedroom, just like the primary bedroom. Definitely good size, king size bed here, sliding glass doors open up another balcony, actually older bedrooms and even old common areas on the top floor, have balconies, which is great because it creates privacy for all these rooms.

And you cannot really see the backyard from here unless you go all the way to the edge of the balcony. Good size room. Lot of natural light coming in, a lot. - [Mikey] Do you know who that is, Enes? - Portrait? - [Mikey] Yeah. - No idea. - [Mikey] Look closely, look hard. I always like to test Enes', pop culture knowledge.

He's not from the USA. So sometimes it just, it misses. - No idea. - [Mikey] It's the Beatles. - It is? - [Mikey] Yeah. Mid pillow fight. - Well, I guess I suck at pop culture.

I definitely did not know that, that was Beatles. So that's it for the room. Now let's go check out the bathroom, starts here and a lot of natural light coming in. You have vanity here, tub/shower set up, good size bathroom. And that's kind of it for this bedroom here on this wing.

Now we're gonna go to the other side and check out David's bedroom, which I'm excited about. It's literally the entire left wing. Very, very spacious room. Gotta be one of the biggest primary bedrooms that we have seen on this channel and look at the seating area alone.

I mean, this could easily qualify as like a family room fireplace. He doesn't have a TV here. And this neon light says the Noblest art is that of making others happy, pretty noble. - [Mikey] Subscribe to the channel.

- Subscribe to the channel here. Make us happy. We're trying to make you guys happy by doing this tour, but a great size seating area. Two very cute pictures of David, I'm assuming. That's definitely David, but this one, I'm assuming it's David. - [Mikey] I doubt David just put some like- - Random kids.

- [Mikey] Random half naked child on his wall. - Absolutely. All right. Now let's go check out this bed. I think this is the biggest bed we have ever seen on this channel. Actually, we toured a crazy property in Vegas that one had double king size beds.

- [Mikey] It was like a double California king, right? - Yeah. It was ridiculous. Remember like the $32 and a half million property in Vegas? - [Mikey] Yeah. - This is up there. I do think this one looks a little bit more classy and kind of like matches the house, well.

- You asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I think I'll take one of these. - Yeah. Today's Mikey's birthday by the way guys. (all cheering) (party horn blowing) - That's good shit. Mikey wants one of these.

First we need to get your room that can accommodate this. - [Mikey] That would fill my entire bedroom, literally. - Basically. - Yeah, pretty crazy.

I like the padded back wall, again, this house actually gets great light. You have the TV here and this entire corner opens up. You know, that way you can take advantage of these views. We have a wraparound balcony here that connects all the way to your bathroom.

I mean, David has a pretty cool spot. - [Mikey] Definitely. - All right. So that's it for the bedroom, now let's go check out the closet.

He has a massive walk-in closet and I wanna open up a couple of these doors and then see what kind of clothes he has, you know. - [Mikey] A little weird, but let's do it. - Little, but like, I mean, he left us alone here. What are we gonna do? You know? Yeah. All right.

It's definitely good size. The entire walk-in closet is basically the old cabinetry. So you can kind of get this like minimalist look or you can open up a couple of these doors and... - [Mikey] Of course we open it in click bait sweaters or click bait sweatshirts. - I mean, he's fairly organized, you know. - [Mikey] He's got a lot of hoodies that's for sure.

- That's for sure. And he has like kind of his shoes and other stuff here, more of these like glass fronts. So you can kind of see what's in the drawers.

I mean, he has pretty good amount of shoes. This is the second part of the closet. Now we're in the bathroom. Obviously it matches the size of the primary bedroom. Again, great size free standing tub here facing the views.

Two vanity setups and cabinetry is pretty much the same throughout minus the closets. Right in the center you have this spacious walk-in shower and he has this famous Suave shampoos, very colorful. - [Mikey] Yeah. No more tears. - No more tears. I like that. And definitely good size walk-in shower. I like the contrast between the dark marble and the lighter marble.

- Why are the shampoos famous? Why don't you give us a review of these, of these shampoos? - So here's the thing floor's a little bit wet right now, but he has a mat here. So I'm just gonna go in. I think he likes these shampoos because they're like good for your eyes, I guess. - [Mikey] No pain.

- No pain. And I think he just likes the smell probably. - [Mikey] Okay. - Okay. I'm gonna put this. - [Mikey] Why are they, why are they famous? They're like in his videos. - Yeah. He always talks about 'em all the time.

Yeah. He talks about 'em. I'm pretty sure he had like a video where he arrived to Dubai. - [David] One of the guys even brought me my favorite shampoo, apparently not available in Dubai.

- [Mikey] Really? - I'm pretty sure. Yeah. Alright. Two other closets. That's it for the bathroom. I'm just gonna walk out to the balcony because views are great. We have the basketball court on our left hand side, San Fernando Valley down below, pretty awesome property. And I think David, you did a phenomenal job buying this house.

Good choice. And with that, that's it for our first celebrity home tour. It feels weird for me to even say it, but hope you guys enjoyed this episode and let us know if you guys want us to do more of these like casual walkthroughs. Also let us know the comments down below if you want us to tour David's new pizza restaurant, that'll be a fun tour as well. And with that, thank you all so much for watching and we'll see you guys next week. (mellow music) - The best channel in the world.

I didn't know what homes were till I saw Enes's channel. I didn't have a home till I saw Enes. Enes introduced me to home buying and home living.

Thank you Enes.

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