Inside a $88 Million Ultra Modern Beverly Hills Mansion

Inside a $88 Million Ultra Modern Beverly Hills Mansion

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- What's up everybody? It's Enes here, and welcome to another episode. This week, we're checking out this newly constructed modern estate here in Beverly Hills, California, facing these breathtaking views. And the house itself has 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 18,400 square feet of interior space, built on a 0.7 acre lot with an asking price of $88,000,000. As always, you can find more information about this property in the description of this video, so make sure to check that out. And before we start our tour, I wanna thank the listing agents, Rayni Williams and Tomer Fridman, for allowing us to do this tour and share it with all of you.

And now, let's begin. (gentle upbeat music) - The View Estate is located in the enclave of Trousdale Estates, which is located in Beverly Hills. This is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in all of Los Angeles, and one of the most coveted. Here on this particular lot, you have one of the biggest views that you could find in Trousdale. This is a very special lot.

It almost feels like a double lot. You have Downtown, Century City, Midtown, all the way to the ocean and past the ocean, the property wraps around to the Santa Monica Mountains. So you have the serenity of the green mountains and you still have the city view. It's pretty unreal. We also have unbelievable architecture and a very refined and pulled back palette of interior design.

The precision and execution on these fit and finishes throughout the house are unlike anything I have ever seen and this home cannot be replicated. (upbeat music) - We're gonna start our tour on the exterior. Gates open up and the driveway takes you down to the 10-car garage that's located on the lower level. And coming here, we have this walkway taking us to the front door.

On our left hand side, we have this Indiana Limestone with this raked finish that looks great. And on the floors, we have these recess lights. So at night, this wall lights up beautifully. And on the other side, we have this raised water feature with infinity edge all around and they use the same raked limestone finish also here, which gives it a great texture.

And on the floors, we have Indiana Limestone with this Concreta finish that is really grippy and it just looks stunning. You take the stairs and come up to this first landing point, where we have the front door. And you can get a really good look at the exterior architecture of this stunning estate.

Stucco finish throughout. We have walls of glass from floor all the way to the ceiling. I just love the modern lines of this property. Beautiful roof lines, nicely landscaped property, super private and set back from the street. And coming here, we have this glass pivot door leading us to the formal living room and formal dining room area. This property is stunning.

I mean, look at this open floor plan. You have beautiful European Oak hardwood floors, seamlessly transitioning to the outdoors. You have thin profile Styline glass doors that are motorized.

So with a push of a button you can just open up this entire space to these breathtaking views. And now, I wanna bring the focus back to the formal living room area. Very minimalist, custom furniture throughout, beautiful fireplace assembly. And on top, we have these custom anodized aluminum panels and champagne finish.

Below that you have your DaVinci linear gas fireplace. And around it, you have this marble clad and honed finish. And the whole thing looks stunning. I wanna give big credit to the designer Gina Assouad, for just doing such a phenomenal job with this house. This property is so tasteful, so minimalist and it doesn't have those flashy colorful finishes that we see sometimes in other modern homes.

This one is just very pure, very minimalist and gets just incredible views. Now, I wanna bring everybody here right across from the formal living room area, we have the formal dining room. Beautiful table set up, sits eight, custom light fixtures above. Again, space is very open and on the back to complement these hardwood floors and contrast nicely against these white walls and ceilings, we have these European Oak wood paneling that looks stunning.

It's actually vein matched throughout. We have the reveal details and above that you have a nice cove ceiling light detail that just kind of sets the mood for this grand living room area. And on top of that, I mean, I can't get over these sliding glass doors. They're Starphire glass which means they're super clear. And it feels like you have the view right into your living room. Stunning.

Now, coming this way, we have this opening taking us to the family room. It's right next to your kitchen facing the same views. We have the pool right in front of us. These glass doors are also motorized. And coming here, you have a nice comfortable L-shaped couch, facing the TV, linear fireplace below that. And this is also Indiana limestone with the same raked finished that we saw on the exterior.

Looks great. And this limestone wraps around this entire wall all the way to the outside so I wanted to point that out. Now, coming here again, this section is also all open.

We have this staircase going down to the lower level. We have this informal dining area right in the center with this solid wood table. Looks great. And you have these sliding glass doors opening up to a wraparound balcony and look at these views. I mean, you have canyons, mountains. This is the Santa Monica mountain range.

And we are so elevated. We sit on this incredible promontory. We are in Trousdale and these views are absolutely breathtaking. I mean, it's gorgeous all the way to ocean, Wilshire Corridor, Century City, and the mountains on the back. This is stunning.

This house is probably one of my favorite homes in Los Angeles, period. And I know I say that quite often. We keep touring really really good homes, but something about this property, the design elements, the way it makes you feel, it's really special.

- [Mikey] We've been touring homes for quite a while now. I don't think we've gotten many in Trousdale, right? - Not many in Trousdale. - [Mikey] Yeah, and most homes in Trousdale don't get a view like this also, right? - Absolutely. Not only this is such an iconic location, these views are just truly one of a kind. Absolutely. All right, let's talk about the kitchen.

All open, beautiful island right in the center with the bar seating. We have Calacatta Borghini countertops here with a hone finish and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Waterfall edge on this side. These are all Poliform cabinets and we have the Miele induction cooktop here, your sink, dishwasher.

And on the back we have wall cabinets going all the way to the ceiling. These are metallic lacquer finish and they look great. And Mikey, can we get a close up here? I wanna show this detail.

This is where we have the paneled freezer and fridge and right where you have the handle, there's a nice little like extra handle for you to grip the fridge. How cool is that? - [Mikey] Attention to detail. - Attention to detail, right? I love it.

And of course you have your espresso maker, built-ins, all Miele, looks great. And I wanna show everyone one more detail. What makes this kitchen so great, by the way, I'm just gonna press this button here. Motorized sliding glass doors open up.

And in my opinion, what makes this kitchen so great is the way it's positioned. First, you have these sliding glass doors open up to the side balcony which again, leads you to amazing views and it's located so close to your kitchen that you can literally just walk here, cook, have your meal enjoy. And something about being able to sit so close to the exterior wall with these kind of views, something about it.

I just feel like this balcony was incredibly well positioned and it wraps all the way to your backyard. This is amazing. I mean, can you just imagine having a meal here and just looking at these views and this is your backdrop. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really nice. And we should say, I think I haven't seen a door in this house that's not motorized yet. So as we go, pretty much everything is motorized.

It's pretty incredible. - Absolutely, yeah. You have your automatic shades, built-in speakers, all that good stuff. You have Savant Pro home automation. You have Lutron for lighting. You literally have like everything you can think of, but it's layered in very minimalist and kind of effortless way.

Now, we talked about the staircase. We have a massive skylight above bringing natural light. Same European Oak paneling is also here. And coming to this side, we have a small pantry space, right behind the kitchen.

This is your elevator access on this level. And coming here, we have this hallway taking us to few rooms on this wing. I'm gonna start with this door here, opens up to your powder room, marble fabrication throughout with the side walls, back wall, vanity setup. Looks great. We have this modern water fixture here and it's finished in British gold which is this really modern sleek brass finish.

Looks great, we're gonna see that throughout. We have the water closet here, just a gorgeous powder room. Now, coming back out right on the other side, we have the chef's kitchen. Same hardwood floors are also here, island on the center with marble countertops and they use the same marble also on the base cabinets as well as the back splash. We have a Miele gas stove, vent above it, and these matte lacquer finished cabinets run all the way to the ceiling, space is well utilized. We have the sink here and Mikey let's get a close up.

- [Mikey] We haven't seen one of these in quite a while. - That's right. - [Mikey] Or maybe we just haven't been knocking, I don't know. - Maybe. Miele dishwasher. I like these because when you close them softly, they kind of have a soft close detail as well.

- [Mikey] Yeah, it's very nice. - They just vacuum in. Really nice cabinets throughout, massive picture windows on the side bringing natural light.

Great chef's kitchen. Now, coming back to the hallway again, we have this hallway taking us to two bedrooms. I'm gonna start with the one on the left. Bed is situated on the back. Same hardwood floors, built-in cabinetry on this wall and facing here, we are looking at the side of the property, just breathtaking views, sliding glass doors from floor all the way to the ceiling with no headers, automatic shades. And what I like about this sliding glass door set up here is that it's a Juliet balcony that way you can just open this up, come really close to the edge and just enjoy these amazing views.

Around the corner, we have a full bathroom with Tundra gray marble stone throughout. It's in honed finish, looks great. We have this gunmetal fixtures pretty much throughout all the way into your walk-in shower with rain head.

And each one of these showers has these floating floors with drains tucked underneath. That way you just get this seamless look. And yeah, the whole bathroom looks great. Now, getting back to the hallway again, we have another bedroom on the other side. This bedroom is one of my favorites because it actually kicks out towards the views.

It feels like you're on this promontory and maybe like an observation deck almost. Views are phenomenal. You have this picture window here, sliding glass doors on this side. And this property is in such an amazing location. You have this green scenery around you. It's super special.

And of course you have the bed on this side, built-in speakers, recess lights, all that good stuff. And this bedroom also has its own bathroom. Calacatta Reclusa marble throughout all the way into a walk-in shower. We have a skylight bringing natural light. And the marble in this bathroom and pretty much throughout the property is actually not book matched on purpose.

Designer here wanted to have different textures and she just didn't want these matching lines. So that's why it's been installed this way. Looks great, rain head above, vanity design here, just stunning bathrooms. Now, wanna take everybody back to the hallway so we can go back to the entry of this property and continue our tour on the left wing. Again, just an amazing home.

Everywhere you look you just see these breathtaking views. You have the canyons on your right hand side, front is facing the ocean and we are back at the great living room area. Beautiful. And around the corner we have the first door opening up to the office.

Office has the same Oak hardwood floors, but installed in herringbone pattern. Looks great, desk set up. And over here, we have this door opening up to the third bedroom on this level. King size bed, built-in closets on the other side, beautiful natural tone finishes throughout. And we have another sliding glass door here opening up to a Juliet balcony facing the side of the home and around the corner.

Another full bathroom, walk-in shower, rain head. The finishes that we've been seeing throughout these bathrooms are just absolutely fantastic. Now, I wanna take everybody back to the grand living room area so we can go check out the primary bedroom suite.

It's all the way at the other side, but it's not a bad walk towards the primary bedroom suite. I mean, look at these views. They're just absolutely breathtaking. And coming here, we have this pivot door opening up to your primary bedroom suite.

I'm gonna start our tour with the primary bathroom. Calacatta Caldia marble throughout, all the way into a walk-in shower as well as this back wall where we have the Antonio Lupi vanities. And I wanna also give credit to the company who installed the stone throughout this place. It's called Stone Land and the designer was really impressed by them so I wanted to mention that. This bathroom looks absolutely gorgeous. I have a massive skylight above me bringing natural light.

You have your free standing tub here facing this side with this picture window. British gold floor mount top filler. You have some built-ins here with LED lighting. And on the other side like I mentioned, you have your vanity with two sinks, same British gold fixtures are also here. You have two mirrors with back LED lighting and rounded edges.

And on the other side you have this stunning walk-in shower with a marble bench. It has the steam feature, rain head above, same British gold fixtures, looks absolutely beautiful. This bathroom is just really super tasteful. Now, we have two water closets.

First one, right here, it has a Toto toilet. And going through this door, we have the first walk-in closet, island in the center with leather countertop. And then you have Poliform cabinetry throughout with this champagne metal profile detail.

Contrasted nicely. Then you have these bronze glass drawer fronts with the reflection and you have more leather doors here, perfect place for your handbags and shoes and details. And even these built-in handles are just so sleek.

Honestly, this closet is just perfect. It's so good. Every corner I look, everything is so nicely paneled in all the way to the ceiling and it's definitely good size. Now, I wanna take everybody back to the bathroom so we can check out the second closet, but before we do that, I wanna actually point out we have the second water closet here. And this door opens up to your second walk-in closet, same Poliform cabinetry is also here. You have more of the darker tones, drawers, open hangers, LED lighting, everything you need.

Now, coming back to the entry of the primary bedroom suite, views are great and we have this opening taking us to the bedroom itself. The minimalist lines that we saw at the grand living room area, they have it also with this primary bedroom. It is definitely very spacious, king size bed, custom furniture.

I love these marble side tables and the bed is focused towards these amazing views. Mikey, can you hit it? We have these motorized sliding glass doors, Juliet balcony detail here. And just look what's in front of your bed. I mean, this is just breathtaking. Ocean, Wilshire Corridor, Century City, Santa Monica mountain range. You have a patio that's actually a little bit lower than your bedroom area, that way it takes nothing away from your views, but yet you just have this amazing outdoor space up front.

Same warm finishes, wood paneling throughout, built-ins, automatic shades, nice cozy seating area, fireplace, TV, and the same limestone that we saw in the family room, they have it also here wrapping around this entire column, open corner design. I think I've mentioned too many details. This bedroom is just one of a kind, so great. Mikey, let's take everybody this way. We go straight out to the patio or the backyard.

We have the infinity edge pool right in front of us, but first I wanna actually bring everybody to this lower section, to this floating deck, where we have AstroTurf, outdoor seating area with a fire pit. This really aggressive cantilever design off of your primary bedroom that just kind of gives shade and protects the bedroom. And look at that open corner design. The whole house architecturally looks so stunning. And more importantly, we are right next to the views.

What an amazing location, Trousdale is probably one of my favorite areas in Los Angeles and it's not hard to understand why. You have beautiful mid-century modern homes or modern homes in the neighborhood. Then you have these breathtaking views. This is great, I'm kind of outta words.

- So Trousdale is the most exclusive enclave in Los Angeles. It's actually Beverly Hills. It was developed in the 1950s by a gentleman called Paul Trousdale.

He was best friends with Edward Doheny. Edward Doheny owned the land. Paul Trousdale was a developer. Edward Doheny said to him, "I have all this land and why don't we do something fun?" And that became Trousdale. So in Trousdale you have approximately 592 homes, all one story, except for the handful of the homes that were granted second stories by either Mr. Doheny or Mr. Trousdale.

And there are also a dozen or so homes that have subterranean that are the newer homes that were done by developers. The architecture in Trousdale is mid-century modern. There are several variations of that. You have a lot of classic architects such as Hal Levitt, A. Quincy Jones, Jack Charney, Rex Lotery, my favorite, the godfather of Hollywood Regency, John Elgin Woolf, who is also Mr. Doheny's best friend

and Paul Trousdale's best friend. And he was commissioned to do both of those gentlemen's personal residences. - And I wanna mention this detail one more time. This deck is actually about three feet lower than the primary bedroom suite, that way it takes nothing away from the views from the bedroom, but yet you still get to enjoy this outdoor space facing or being this close to the views.

Now, I wanna bring everybody here, backyard continues. We have the infinity edge pool right in front of us. We have this mosaic clad around the edge and the front. You have your spa on this side, your rest of your pool here, lounging area. Again, seamless indoor outdoor transition.

We have the grand living room all opened up. This is your family room. Again, seamless transition to the outdoors. Another aggressive cantilever detail above and Mikey, let's take everybody this way. These views are just so amazing. We're so high up this property.

This land is actually so valuable because it sits at the end. It just gets these unobstructed views. And again, I'm speechless. Something about these canyon views with the trees and being this close to the nature and around you there are just these outstanding properties. This is amazing.

And that wraps our tour on the main level. Now, let's go back to the staircase so we can check out the lower level. (upbeat music) Now, let's go check out the lower level.

We have this wide staircase bringing you down here, open riser, beautiful Oak treads. And the steel frame is actually bolted to the wall here and it kind of extends out. We don't have any columns underneath. You have this clear glass railing. It just looks great against this Oak paneled wall. And coming here, we have a seating area, fireplace on the other side, TV's nicely recessed in, motorized sliding glass doors open up to the side of the property.

I mean, look at the views that you can enjoy from your seating area on the lower level. And what's so special about this level is the fact that it's a properly day lit lower level. Meaning in Trousdale, you normally get one story homes. You're not allowed to build two stories unless you can go to the lower level, but because of the topography of this property, not only you can get a lower level, you can get it with all these sliding glass doors. We have the junior primary bedroom suite on this level.

It's stunning and yeah, we hardly even have the lights on right now and it's super bright. We have the island in the center for the bar, marble countertops. The cabinetry here has this metallic champagne finish and it looks very very sleek and bespoke, open shelving on the back, LED lighting, your sink, ice maker, dishwasher, everything you need here. And I have to take everybody outside because this property, the views it gets, the land, it's so amazing. I mean, look at this.

And another great thing that I wanna mention, property is not on a really really steep hill site. So you can really enjoy this lush greenery. You actually have your landscaping go all the way down with olive trees and I'm sure at night or at dusk this place lights up beautifully. This is amazing. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's awesome. - I really like this property.

All right, let's continue our tour. We have two hallways here, one going through this wing, which we're gonna check out in a bit, but now I wanna bring everybody right here. We're gonna tour two bedrooms, gym and the garage.

This is your elevator landing on the lower level. And we have this door opening up to the first bedroom, very spacious room just like the other bedrooms. Bed is situated on this side. Around the corner we have a door opening up to the walk-in closet and this art piece here, which I just recognized looks really cool.

- [Mikey] Oh, very nice. - Very nice, right? And sliding glass doors again, open up to the side patio that we saw earlier. In fact, you can actually go straight into your bar area from this side too. Views are great. And around the corner we have a full bathroom, Tundra gray marble throughout from the floors all the way to the walls and into your walk-in shower, fixtures look great. You have your Antonio Lupi vanity.

Again, marble clad all around, picture window on this side. And again, I'm just so impressed with the fact that all these rooms and bathrooms they're so bright, they just get so much natural light. Now, let's go back to the hallway again.

I'm gonna go right on the other side, we have this door opening up to the 10-car garage. Polished concrete floors, turntable right in the center, track lights on the ceiling lighting up this entire space. And this garage is just awesome. Earlier today, we had some really nice cars here, provided by our good friends at Platinum Motorsports. And having really nice cars here really brought life to this space and it just looked awesome.

And around the corner we have another bedroom and a full bathroom. That's where the staff quarter is. Now, I wanna take everybody back in so we can continue our tour. That's it for the garage. And coming back here, we have the same hallway going in.

It actually gets channeled down here and we have the second bedroom on this level located right here, facing the side views, great bedroom, sliding glass doors open up, and it also comes with a full bathroom and a walk-in shower. Now, coming back here, laundry room, two washers, two dryers, your sink and cabinetry. And continuing we have this pivot door opening up to the spa.

I'm gonna take everybody directly to the bathroom. It is stunning. We have silver travertine all throughout, all the way to the ceiling of the shower and it's actually vein matched.

And it just, these lines, textures and details. It looks so rich and I don't know, it looks really really nice. - [Mikey] This might be my favorite bathroom in the house.

- I was gonna say like something about the color variation of this travertine, it's just, I'm outta words. It's beautiful. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's nice.

- It's beautiful walk-in shower. You have your rain head, you have your vanity design here and yeah, let's continue our tour. We're at the gym right now. This is your traditional and infrared sauna. And going in, you have this open space. Obviously if needed, this could be turned into another bedroom, but what makes this room so special is that you can just open up these sliding glass doors and go outside, because we have this kind of a view deck that just kicks out and it's a great place for you to work out, do yoga in the morning.

I'm just really glad that all around the property, you have all these outdoor decks and patios and walkways that really connects you and allows you to use the outdoor spaces pretty much throughout the property. Now, that's it for this wing. Why don't we go back to the landing of the lower level so we can continue our tour on the other side. Coming to the landing here, we have this opening taking us to powder room, fabricated travertine vanity setup and travertine back wall, LED lit mirror, gunmetal fixtures throughout, looks great. And we have the stairs taking us to a lower level, where right across we have the movie theater, but I'm actually gonna go this way. And around the corner we have the junior primary bedroom suite.

Hallway takes us to the bedroom. We have the bathroom around the corner and let's see, of course we have these motorized sliding glass doors open up. And although this is the junior primary bedroom suite, I feel like some people may like this bedroom more than the main primary bedroom because it's tucked on the lower level. You're a little bit more closer to the edge of the property and the views. You have a nice olive tree right here, spacious hardwood floors, and it opens up each corner and you just have a nice deck space.

And should we walk outside Mikey, one more time? - [Mikey] Let's do it. - I mean, look at this. How great is this? It's peaceful, it's quiet. You have the ocean right in front of you, granite. It's a little hazy today, but this is awesome.

Now, around the corner you have your bathroom. In fact, I actually wanna bring everybody here. Of course, king size bed, fireplace, and we have this door opening up to the bathroom, bronze vena marble floors and the same marble is also used on this back wall.

I just love the veins and textures and details of this marble. It's so rich and so elegant. You have your double vanity set up here, fabricated sinks, British gold fixtures, LED lit mirrors, and of course, corner glass shower, rain head, handheld, beautiful fixtures, picture window facing the views. And we have another picture window here where we have the free standing tub perfectly positioned towards the views.

This is great. And at the end we have, let's see. We have the water closet here and the spacious walk-in closet, island in the center with leather countertops.

This is all Poliform cabinetry. You have your hangers, open shelving drawers, LED lighting. Looks beautiful. You have the glass fronts here, another great walk-in closet. Now, let's go back into the bathroom so we can continue our tour. We have a long walk to the movie theater and I also wanna mention a couple more details about this house.

We have Rockwool insulation in all interior walls. What that does is the soundproofing that way each one of the bedrooms, you have nice privacy. You don't hear anybody slamming doors and all that details.

You have cork flooring underneath all the hardwood floors that way floors are nice and soft and insulated. And right before the movie theater, we have this wine wall. Millwork looks great, glass doors open up, and now let's go check out the movie theater. This space is incredible. Without a doubt one of the most spacious movie theaters we have ever toured on this channel. You have three tier seating, these long sofas.

They're nice and comfortable. And you have a 200 inch screen here projector on the back. You have JBL Synthesis surround sound system.

And the whole space here is just phenomenal. On the back you have your candy station, built-in bar, LED lighting and yeah, movie theater looks great and that's it for this property. But of course, we're gonna spend few more hours here, wait for the sun to go down so we can see this place at dusk. (gentle upbeat music) - For me being a part of Gina's passion and being on this journey with her after seven years of blood, sweat and tears, and something that she really loved and seeing this through is really humbling for me. I know that this will be one of Trousdale's largest and best sales. And for me, especially being a Trousdale specialist, I'm honored to be a part of it.

(gentle upbeat music) - All right everyone, that's it for the tour. I hope you all enjoy this video. I wanna congratulate the designer, Gina Assouad for doing an amazing job with this house.

And I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Rayni Williams and Tomer Fridman for allowing us to do this tour and share it with all of you. And as always, you can find more information about this listing in the description of this video so make sure to check that out. Lastly, if you enjoyed the video, make sure to give us a like, subscribe and we'll see you guys next week. (gentle upbeat music)

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