Inside a $55,000,000 Famous Party Mansion in the South of France

Inside a $55,000,000 Famous Party Mansion in the South of France

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Hey, everyone. Welcome to the French Riviera. A place we love to visit for its amazing weather. Incredible views, and its iconic homes. Today, we're checking out Villa Alang Alang, a massive estate situated on this plot, facing these views surrounded by nature, packed with amenities, and just wait till you see what this home has to offer. All right, everyone.

Welcome to Villa Alang Alang. I'm really excited for today's tour. We're here in Cannes, France, and off of the street level, we have this long cobblestone driveway, bringing us to the covered section. If you follow the same driveway.

It takes you to a very spacious motor court. Where you can easily park 10-12 cars, and you can also access the security and staff quarters from this point as well. Now, coming back to the entry, look at this massive retaining wall holding up the hillside. That way, this amazing home can be situated on this plot.

Now, we're currently on the top floor. This home consists of three levels, and it looks very deceiving from the entry. And coming back underneath this covered section, we have these double doors opening up to the foyer. Now, the entry of this property is technically connected to the outdoors. This home has a very unique layout. It consists of two big volumes.

We're currently within the right volume, and the left volume is on the other side. And to connect these two separate spaces together. They came up with an outdoor staircase and an outdoor walkway.

Now we're going to check out this outdoor staircase, which is such a unique feature. Massive steps, water features on each side, all these planters, great natural light coming in, and I just love the volume here. And the same staircase brings you to a very spacious landing. Water features continue, and right on the other side, we have this massive T-Rex sculpture with a planter wall. And check this out, the scale of this sculpture is true to an actual T-Rex, which is incredible and what a way to set the tone before you walk into the property. This is amazing. Dal, what do you think?

- [Dal] It's pretty incredible, and Enes, I think we've seen a sculpture like this in a former episode. Let's see if anyone can spot that one in the comments. Let us know in the comments below.

Now let's go to the other side. We're underneath the walkway that I just mentioned, and right in front of us, we have a massive koi pond facing these views, all these glass windows opening up, adding more tranquility to this entry. Like I said earlier, what a way to set the tone before you walk into the home.

Now, let's take this hallway, great natural light coming in, and we have this door opening up to the landing on the main floor. And look at this space. Beautiful hardwood floors, great ceiling height, warm wallpaper, all these art pieces.

And right in the center, we have this gorgeous chandelier. That goes down all the way to the lower level. And this chandelier costs $250,000.

This landing is very, very spacious. There's a small seating area here. We have the doors opening up to the living room, dining area, as well as the kitchen, which is on my right-hand side. And before we leave this space, I got to mention something.

Over the years, a lot of celebrities have rented this property, including The Weeknd and Beyonce. In fact, Beyonce has a very, very nice photo here. I was so impressed with the photo that I ended up replicating it myself. Here's Beyonce's photo, here's my photo. Let me know in the comments below who you think did better.

I feel very, very confident about my post, so Beyhive, bring it on. Now, let's continue. On my left-hand side, we have the elevator landing.

This elevator goes to all three levels. Right in front of us, we have a door that opens up to a very spacious coat closet, which is also a powder bathroom. It comes with a separate vanity and a separate water closet. So it's a really nice space for the main floor. Now, we're going to continue this way. We have another door here opening up to the first guest suite.

This is a really spacious room that comes with two single beds. And look at the textures here. These bed frames, beautiful wallpaper, linen window treatments.

You have a ceiling fan above and going this way, built-in closets with hangers, shoe racks, everything you need. And around the corner, we have another door that opens up to the bathroom. Really nice vanity with a vessel sink, heated towel racks, towels, robes, toiletries. And then we have two glass doors here. I personally really like these doors because they have built-in linen screens, so it gives you additional privacy, logo of the house.

This glass door opens up to a really nice walk-in shower. And the door next to that opens up to a water closet. Plaster walls. With that, we're done with this bathroom.

Now let's jump back to the landing so we can continue our tour. Like I said earlier, this landing opens up to the kitchen, formal dining room, and on the other side, we have another door that opens up to the formal living room. This is a very grand space. Three massive couches, coffee table, gorgeous textures, wallpaper, fireplace, Bang & Olufsen TV. And they also have Bang & Olufsen, surround sound throughout the space. I love the fact that we have sliding glass doors opening up to that amazing backyard.

But before we continue our tour, I want to cover the specs of this property. So we have nine bedrooms, nine bathrooms, staff quarters that come with four bedrooms and three baths, approximately 1,600 square meters of interior space built on a massive 13,000 square meter plot, on the market for 52 million euros. And it is also available for short-term rentals. Comes fully staffed, and it goes for €175,000 a week during high season. Big thanks to Justin and Theo from Riviera Luxury Rentals. And Frederik with Knight Frank for making this tour possible.

As always, you can find more information about this property in the description of this video, and we are beyond excited to tour this property. Dal, what do you think? - [Dal] Oh, it's amazing. Honestly, having coffee before the shoot in the backyard with the view of Cannes, it's incredible. All right, everyone, before we continue, I want to give big thanks to BetterHelp for sponsoring this video. To be honest, I know a lot of us struggle with our mental health from time to time, and it can, in turn, affect our daily life. Regardless if you're someone who struggles from anxiety or depression, or if you just need someone to talk to, we believe therapy can be an amazing tool to utilize if you need help to get in control of your life.

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Head to That's Better, H-E-L-P, to get 10% off your first month. I'll also link them in the description of this video if you want to learn more. Once again, big thanks to BetterHelp for sponsoring this video. Now, let's get back to our tour. It is pretty incredible, and this house has such a relaxing and soothing energy.

I love that it's Asian themed, all these art pieces, textures coming together. It's a really, really nice spot. And check this out. This room actually gets better because we have these pocket doors opening up to a really nice library. I love that it's tucked behind these pocket doors, and we have another generous seating area, coffee table in the center. Look at all the built-ins on the back, wall sconces, accessories, this warm fireplace, TV.

It's just a great spot for you to sit down, read a book, close off the doors, and just have a little moment to yourself. I personally really like this space. I feel like if the house gets too crowded, you have too many friends in there, you just close off the doors and have a little moment to yourself. Now let's go back to the living room again so we can check out the bar. It is located between the living room and the dining area. I really like this backlit onyx stone, bar seating, glass rack on top.

And this bar is positioned so well that it can service the living room as well as your dining area. And I also like the polished wood cabinetry. It gives you this yachting aesthetic, which is very timeless, dual elevation. It's just a great spot. Now, next to the bar, we have the dining room. Elegant table, seating for 12.

I love how the logo of this house is incorporated to the table as well as these custom chairs, chandelier above. This room feels so warm, hardwood floors, plaster walls. All these casement windows are bringing natural light and allowing you to enjoy the views straight from your dining room. There's a small hallway here that connects straight to the kitchen so you have an easy access. And like we mentioned earlier, we have a pocket door here opening up the landing to the dining room so that way people can come straight to the space. Overall, I really like the textures here.

And more importantly, we have this sliding glass door opening up to a covered patio where you can really enjoy the outdoors. We have a small seating area here with the fire pit. I love how these palm trees are incorporated to this section. You can see the openings on top, good-sized outdoor dining table, space heaters, sliding glass doors, open up from the kitchen. So there's a nice continuity. Your chef can serve you here.

And more importantly, this space faces these incredible views. In fact, Dal, let's go to the other side. This is what we've been enjoying the last two days here. Views are absolutely phenomenal. I mean, look at this place.

Dal, what do you think? It's pretty amazing. I honestly can't believe we're here right now. This lot is so great. We have these unobstructed views Cannes down below these hills, mountains on the back.

I almost feel like we're not working here. This property is so relaxing, so soothing, and from every single room or every section of this property, you get to enjoy these views. It doesn't get much better.

And check this out. On the other side, we have an outdoor pizza oven located right next to your kitchen. I just love that we have another set of sliding glass doors opening up to this space. You have a massive gas cook top here, grill, fryers, sink on the other side, your Espresso machine, dishwasher.

And you can see the bar stools on the other side, great countertop space, built-in appliances, fridge, and they even have food lamps to keep your food warm. I mean, this house is built for entertainment. Now we're going to come back to the landing because we're going to take an interesting route. I want to take everybody to this outdoor hallway. I really appreciate these outdoor spaces like the staircase we saw earlier, these long hallways. These spaces really push you to interact with the outdoors while being still within the property.

We talked about the koi pond on this side. You can enjoy the views, wood-clad ceilings. Now we have this really nice covered seating area.

Shutters open up to these views. We have two couches, few chairs. Love the color palette here. It's just another warm space for you to sit down, enjoy this property, and enjoy these breathtaking views.

I mean, look at this property. Every single room and every single moment in this house benefits from these views. This is fantastic. Now, let's step back in.

Again, great outdoor seating area. Love the color palette here. You can hear the water feature.

And coming back to this hallway, on the other side, we have another sliding glass door opening up to the wine cellar. This is a really interesting room and a unique amenity, the way this room is designed. We have a table here with seating, two wine fridges, cabinetry section in the center where you can store your bottles and spirits, colorful wallpaper. Very spacious room, and there's also a nice bar on the other side with a wine fridge and some open shelves.

Perfect spot for you to sit down, enjoy a glass of wine, enjoy a spirit, or in the future, you can turn this space into a cigar lounge. Now, let's jump back to the hallway again. On the other side, we have this door opening up to the second guest suite.

I personally really like this room. It's separate from the rest of the bedrooms. Hardwood floors, great ceiling height, cove lighting above.

King-size bed with incorporated bedside tables. Curtain actually curves to the other side if you want to black out the room, you have these floor-to-ceiling casement windows. More built-ins on this side, comes with a walk-in closet. On the other side, we have the full bathroom.

Let's go have a look. Vanity, vessel sink, really unique faucet, sliding glass doors, open up to these views. And on the other side, we have a spacious walk-in shower with body jets, handheld, and a massive rain head, which is on the ceiling.

Separate water closet, hardwood floors with this stone tile border. Really nice bathroom. And that's it for the second guest suite. In total, we have two guest suites on this level, five on the top floor and two on the lower level.

Nine bedrooms in total. Pretty impressive. Now let's come to this section, elevator landing. Another pivot door opens up to the spa. I mean, what a space. The amount of things you can do here.

You have massage chairs, makeup area, indoor pool that's heated with a swim against jet. Then we have more amenities on the other side. And I also appreciate the fact that you still get the enjoy the views straight from your spa. A lot of times on the properties that we tour, these spas or amenities are located on the lower level, which is not a bad thing. But a lot of times you don't get views.

But in this case, while you're sitting on these mosaic massage chairs, you can just open up and enjoy the breeze coming into the space. Great ceiling height also. Your pool is on this side.

They use more of the darker tones here. And going to the other wing, we have this opening taking us to the massage room, plaster walls, massage table in the center. Really cool glass installation here with the logo of the house, cabinetry, towel heater. Really nice space that faces the indoor pool. Now, on the other side, we got more amenities to see, water closet, sauna, sink, walk-in shower with a massive rain head, and at the end, we have a steam shower.

I mean, this is incredible, and you may think that's it for the amenities, but it's not. On the lower level, we got more to see. So the lower level is within the main volume.

We have this carpeted staircase bringing you down to this level, great ceiling height, pool table right in the center. Next to the staircase, we have a small seating area, elevator landing behind Dal. On the other side, we have this door opening up to a powder bathroom with a separate water closet. Now, going back to the other side, again, right in the center, we have this pool table.

And obviously, this level is built for entertainment. We have disco lights above, seating area on this side, beautiful bar with a backlit countertop. You can see all the built-ins and fridges for your spirits and wines.

And it's just a nice, well-lit space located on the lower level, so you can be loud here, throw parties here and not bother the rest of the house. Gets better. It's also a screening room. We have a massive screen here with surround sound system, all Bang & Olufsen speakers.

And lastly, we have this door opening up to the gym. Now, I was really surprised to see this space for the first time, which was yesterday. I mean, they have a full-size boxing ring here. And the rest of the gym is so spacious.

But don't get me wrong, we have seen some amazing gyms on our channel. The one that comes to mind is Michael Jordan's home in Chicago. That house had a fantastic gym and had a full-size basketball court. But this one is something else. I mean, we have a boxing ring here with the name of the house and its branding.

This is crazy. Yesterday, the listing agents told us that they were initially planning to make this space a movie theater, a full-blown movie theater. But instead, owners here made it a boxing ring. Personally, I prefer this. I would love to work out here, but let me know in the comments below, would you prefer a boxing ring or a movie theater? What do you think, Dal? I would probably take the movie theater. You will take the movie theater.

You're like, I'm not as aggressive as you are. But rest of the gym, you have some techno gym equipment here, mirror walls, TV, dumbbells. Around the corner, we also have a half bathroom, and the rest of the gym is actually on this side.

We have another room here, more punching bags and more boxing equipment. Pretty cool. And with that, we're done with the lower level and all the amenities.

Now, let's go check out that amazing backyard. The grounds of this property are spectacular. We have the sliding glass doors opening up from the living room to this grass section, which is located between the house and the pool area. And look at all the palm trees, lush green landscaping. This house has such a tranquil energy. And then on the other side, we have this massive, infinity-edged pool.

Views are phenomenal. Look at the Baja Shelf on this side, and we have another one on the other side as well. Two pool pavilions, palm trees, massive retaining wall on this side.

Within the retaining wall, we also have covered seating areas. Coming back to the pool, lounging beds, umbrellas, Baja shelf. And the views of Cannes. This is incredible. Look how inviting this space is. I can only imagine what's like to rent this place.

Stay here for a few weeks, enjoy amazing meals, spend some time by the pool, get in your hot tub, which is located right in the center. And again, enjoy these views. Not to mention, this house also comes fully staffed.

You have a chef, butler, housekeeping, security, house manager, everything you need. And then on the other side, you have a bar area within your pool, and it has built-in seating. So you could be literally on these chairs facing the views with your cocktail, enjoying this place. I think that's all I got to say. This is incredible. The location of this house, this specific plot provides these incredible and unobstructed views.

Now, on the other side of the bar, we have this dining area. It's nicely covered with space heaters, and it's just a great moment for you to sit down, relax, enjoy a nice meal, enjoy the breeze, and entertain at your backyard. Now follow me this way. I think I forgot to mention this pool is also heated, which is fantastic. Also, there's one more thing I want to point out.

We have a staircase going down to the lower level where we have two additional guest suites located below the pool level. Now we have another massive grass pad. Perfect place for you to take a walk, be barefoot, enjoy the outdoors.

This property is so private. I mean, look at this outdoor space that's in front of us. Look at these views. Fantastic weather.

I am so excited. We've been in France for the last, I want to say, 5-6 days, and the property that we're staying in, Dal and I are walking barefoot all the time. There's something about Mediterranean climate, the soil here where you just want to live a little bit more of a simpler life.

You just want to take off your shoes, have an Espresso, just enjoy the place that you're at. You agree with that, Dal? Oh, without a doubt. There's something about the south of France that really just takes your breath away.

The hills, the roads, the way the history has been preserved. Even we were shooting Motor Yacht Leona last week, it looks even more beautiful from the sea. Without a doubt. Couldn't agree more. I also want to point out this is not our first time in Cannes. We came here two other times.

The first time, we toured an amazing property called Palais Vénitien. If you haven't watched that video, make sure to check it out. I'll put the links in the description. And the other time, which was actually only a few months ago, we toured an amazing property located on an island called Le Grand Jardin, which is an amazing short-term rental property. We'll link those videos in the description if you want to check them out. And now we're at the beach club area.

Yes, you heard me correctly. This house has a sandy beach area that is artificially created. So check this out. We're here in Cannes. Obviously, this property gets phenomenal views. But we're on the hillside, which means we're not by the sea. So in order to bring the sea, the owner here decided to create this section, filled this part with meter and a half worth of sand, lounging beds, fire pit.

He terraced this hillside really nicely, and voila! You have a beach club within your property that is located on the hillside facing the French Riviera. Unbelievable, huh? Then there's a water feature here. Steps taking you to the other side. I love this spot.

If I stayed at this house, I would use this area all the time. Bring a book here, bring my espresso, just sit down, relax. Your friends can entertain a party over there, and you can be zen here.

I just love the space, and check this out. It gets better. It goes up all the way to the top where we have another section, more lounging beds, outdoor seating area, and more of these amazing views. I think I'm out of words. At this point, I mentioned the views way too many times, but it's hard not to.

When you stay at a property like this, when you have beautiful grounds, incredible views, and you're part of such an iconic city, it's hard to not get overwhelmed in the best way possible. With that, we're done with the backyard. Now let's go check out the second floor.

All right, everyone, let's go check out the second floor. We're back at the entry. I love the staircase, this space, the amount of natural light that it gets.

And on the other side, we have two guest suites that we're going to check out, elevator landing. This door here opens up to the staff quarters, and the door in front of me opens up to the third guest suite, comes with a queen bed, small patio, full bathroom, really nice room. And on the other side, we have the fourth guest suite, another spacious room, two single beds. And you can actually join these beds together, make it into a king-size bed, built-in cabinetry, private patio.

And more importantly, you have a small seating area and a desk facing these views. We have all these picture windows and Juliet balconies opening up to these phenomenal views. People are out on the water, sailing, mountains on the back. Our elevation is fantastic. I mean, this is great. This is a view you get straight from this guest suite.

Now, around the corner, we have a full bathroom. Dal let's bring everybody here, walk-in shower, vanity with two faucets. Another sliding glass door with a Juliet balcony.

Nice bathroom for this room. Now, let's go back to the hallway so we can continue our tour on this second floor. Back to the landing, another water feature.

Again, Bali themed house. Right here, we have something very interesting. This is a scale model of this property. As you all can see, this home is massive. we're currently on the right wing. You can actually see the left wing that houses most of the common areas that we saw earlier, like the kitchen, living room, your pool area.

Beach Club is on this side. Since this is the original scale model, they didn't have the Beach Club back then, but obviously they developed it over the years. Then look at the scale of this property. All these retaining walls, that massive retaining wall on the back where we have the driveway, motor court. This property is insane. Now let's continue our tour.

We have this hallway taking us to the left wing. But first, we're going to check out this balcony, enjoy these incredible views, and continue our tour with the third guest suite on this level. Off of the entry, we have a small intimate seating area, two couches, built-ins, fireplace in the center.

Then on the other side, we have a sliding glass door opening up to a very good-sized balcony where I can just take in these views. I mean, this is phenomenal. I keep mentioning the views. Can't stop, won't stop, because it's just phenomenal. All right, let's go check out the bedroom itself, which is behind this door, hardwood floors, king-sized bed, unique wallpaper.

We have sliding glass doors, casement windows facing these views. On the other side, first pocket door opens up to the bathroom where you have a vanity in the center, water closet on the left, walk-in shower on the right. This is your walk-in closet.

Now, I want to take everybody back to the balcony so we can continue our tour. I love this outdoor walkway that connects you to the other wing. Look at the views on my right-hand side. You can really interact with the outdoors, wood-clad ceiling. And coming to this side, we have this door opening up to the landing on the second floor.

This room is very spacious, staircase coming up. And look at this chandelier, how it goes down all the way to the lower level. This space looks phenomenal. Now, on this level, we have two guest suites, including the primary bedroom. We're going to continue our tour with this one.

This is technically the junior primary bedroom suite, comes with a king-size bed, and this room arguably gets some of the best views of the entire property. Two balconies, views are head-on, great connection to the outdoors. You can see the city and the hillside from this angle. And then we have the bed on this side, hardwood floors, unique wallpaper, warm textures, and definitely a good size room. Now, on the other side, we have this pocket door opening up to the bathroom. On the left, you can see the freestanding tub, casement windows, plaster walls, and then we have this beautiful tiled wall with a vanity, two sinks.

Countertop mount faucets, built-in medicine cabinets, and the two doors on my left, first one opens up to the water closet, and the second one opens up to the walk-in shower with a massive rainhead. And with that, we're done with this bathroom. Now let's go back to the landing so we can continue our tour. What's left is the primary bedroom suite, which is very spacious, has multiple bathrooms, outdoor terraces, and this massive door leads us to the primary bedroom itself. On our right we have the bedroom section, king-size bed, unique wallpaper, massive picture windows on this side.

Over here, we have these glass doors opening up to a private balcony, TV around the corner. Room has great scale, gets phenomenal natural light, and I just love how minimalist it is. We have hardwood floors throughout, small seating area.

Then on the other side, a double-sided fireplace that faces the bathroom, which we're going to see in a bit. Then the primary bedroom comes with its own seating area. Small desk, two couches, cove lighting, another private balcony where you can see your backyard.

This is all part of the primary bedroom suite. Now, behind these pocket doors, we have the bathroom. Come on in, right in the center, we have a massive tub, stacked stone on each side. This tub is technically connected to the outdoors because this is a sliding glass window. There's a private covered terrace for the primary bedroom, which is an insane space. But before we go there, let's cover the vanities.

This bathroom comes with two vanities, massive vessel sink, unique chrome fixtures. This is the other side of the double-sided fireplace. You have the water closet here. And Dal, let's take everybody to the other side.

This is where we have the walk-in shower. Massive rain head, body sprays, handheld, darker tiles. And check this out.

All of your controls are actually located here. You can start your shower, make sure it gets hot before you step inside. I really like details like that. Now, let's check out the terrace dedicated to the primary bedroom suite. What an incredible space. Right in the center, we have a massive hot tub, lounging beds, massage table.

This section is extremely private. Then on the other side, we have a walk-in shower with a rain head, sink. There's actually a pathway that connects to the backside of the primary bedroom, which you're going to check out in a bit. But yeah, I really like this section.

Now, Dal, let's go back inside because we got one more room to cover within the primary bedroom. We covered the bathroom, seating area. On my left, we have a door that opens up to the walk-in closet, built-in cabinetry, hangers, drawers, and this room also has picture window. Now, let's take everybody out to the balcony. You can actually see the pool from here.

Views are so good. All these palm trees, weather, City of Cannes down below, and this balcony opens up to a walkway. Now, this walkway takes you above the pool where we have the retaining wall and the same terrace that we just toured just minutes ago, connects to this section as well.

So in the morning, you can wake up, come over here, enjoy your coffee, and look how quaint this walkway is. We are on top of the retaining wall that's behind the pool area. When you have a massive property like this with so many retaining walls, you can create a lot of outdoor spaces. That's exactly what the owners have done here.

Even though this space may seem small, for me, it's another way to enjoy this property. Look at all the palm trees, your pool down below, City of Cannes. I'm really glad that we got a chance to tour this incredible home. All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. Hope you all enjoy this video. Big thanks to Justin and Theo from Riviera Luxury Rentals, and Frederik with Knight Frank for making this tour possible.

Like we said earlier, this house was for sale and it is available for short-term rentals. And you can find more information about this amazing listing in the description of this video, so make sure to check it out. Now, if you enjoyed our tour, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys on the next one.

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