Inside a $26,900,000 Modern MALIBU Mansion With Incredible OCEAN Views!

Inside a $26,900,000 Modern MALIBU Mansion With Incredible OCEAN Views!

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- What's up everybody, it's Enes here, and welcome to Malibu, California. Today we're checking out this gorgeous modern estate with perfect indoor-outdoor flow, facing the Pacific Ocean. And this house features 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 10,348 square feet of interior space, built on a one-acre lot with an asking price of $26.9 million. As always, we will leave more information about this property in the description of this video, so make sure to check that out. And before we start our tour, I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Stephen Udoff and Katie Bentzen for allowing us to tour their amazing listing. And now, let's begin.

(gentle music) We're gonna start our tour on the exterior. Gates open up from the street level and we have this long private driveway bringing us to the motor court. What I like about this property is the fact that it's nicely set back from the street and it's actually lower than the street level, which gives ton of privacy to this estate.

And as you drive in, you see the beautiful landscaping throughout, with the palm trees, greenery. I believe they have spent over $1 million just on the landscaping alone, and it definitely shows. Now coming here, we have the driveway bringing us to this opening that's in front of us. On our right hand side, we have the three-car garage attached to the main estate.

And on my left-hand side, we have the detached two-car garage. And above that, we have a guest home that is 676 square feet. It's an awesome space with a seating area, bedroom set up, comes with a full bathroom. And again, it's nicely detached from the main estate.

Overall, you get five garages and a spacious motor court. Additional parking on the other side. So you definitely have no issues storing or parking your vehicles here. Now, I wanna bring the focus to the main estate.

Beautiful modern design. We have smooth stucco on the left and on the right-hand side, we have this board formed concrete finish that we're gonna see both on the exterior and on the inside of the property. Again, landscaping is phenomenal.

It literally feels like we're walking into this tropical estate. And overall color combinations, the siding finish, house has a very subtle and just minimalist architecture to it. Now we have these stepping stone slabs that takes us to the front door. And coming here, we have this glass pivot door that's actually center pivot, and it opens up to this incredible home.

We have the formal living room area right in front of us, but more importantly, sliding glass doors pocket into the walls, open up to this amazing Pacific Ocean view and to your backyard. We're gonna check out that space in a bit. But now I wanna bring everybody back here. Spacious entry, double-height ceilings. We have picture windows on top, bringing natural light to the property.

And again, steps flow straight into your formal living room area. We have the L-shaped couch, fireplace on the other side. And I really like the smooth stucco finish around the fireplace, tying those architectural details throughout, both on the exterior and the interior.

It's a nice open space. Sliding glass doors open up to your amazing views. It's just awesome. Before we continue our tour, I wanna talk about this week's video sponsor, TopHap.

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And now let's get back to our tour. Now I wanna take everybody here. We have the dining area. Table for eight, chandelier above.

We have a salt water aquarium on one side and you have a wine wall on this side, which is just a great amenity that compliments your dining area. Now let's go check out this section. Of course you have your family room, another L-shaped couch, built-ins on this side creating a nice contrast against these white walls. TV is right in the center. You have your speakers. It's just a nice, cozy space.

And we have a hallway here connecting us to some of the rooms that we're gonna see later in the tour. Now coming here, your family room and your dining area flows into your kitchen. Nice open space. We have the cabinetry on the left. But first let's talk about this informal dining area.

Glass table that sits six. Open-corner design here, where we have the accordion glass doors here, sliding glass doors on this side. Perfect indoor-outdoor continuity. And just imagine sitting down here, enjoying your meal while looking at these breathtaking views.

I mean, this is incredible. Now I wanna come back on this side to check out the kitchen. We have the island in the center with natural stone countertops, waterfall edge, bar seating on this side.

And turning back, we have some of the base cabinets here with same countertops. And I really like this board formed concrete wall that runs all the way to the ceiling. It's actually an exterior detail too, which wraps to the other side.

We have some floating shelves here. And come into this section, we have the dishwasher, your main sink, beautiful picture frame here with this corner glass detail where you can just wash your dishes here, utilize your sink, and just enjoy these incredible views. Awesome detail. Now coming back to this side, we have some uppers.

In fact Dal, why don't you come to the other side? I wanna show everybody the whole oven setups here. We have a Miele gas cooktop here, induction on the other side, two ovens on the bottom. And on the other side, we have the secondary dishwasher, your secondary sink located on the island. And I wanna mention, today behind camera, we have Dal because Mikey had to stay at home and work on our edits. So, I'm stuck with Dal today. - [Dal] Hey, it's not so bad.

- It's not terrible, but honestly, Mikey can probably use some break. And then Dal's behind the camera, so we'll be talking to him. All right, let's continue. We have the built-in fridge, freezer, another fridge here. And coming to this section, of course you have your Miele built-ins where you have the microwave, warming drawer, espresso maker.

And we have this opening taking us to the chef's kitchen. This is a great space that compliments your main kitchen. We have a Miele gas stove here.

Commercial vent above. Same cabinets are also here, running up to the ceiling. Full size fridge. Your third sink, your third dishwasher. And more importantly, we have this door opening up to the side of the property.

That way your caterer, your chef can come straight to this section, work here, and serve your either kitchen area or rest of the home. Awesome, awesome space. Again, compliments the main kitchen. Now coming back out, I wanna actually take everybody back inside towards the family room. We actually have a hallway where we have few rooms. Dal, what do you think of the house so far? - [Dal] Oh, it's amazing.

The views, too. I wish I had my surfboard in the car. - I mean, we can literally see waves rolling in. It's pretty awesome.

Now we have this hallway. There's actually another hallway here. And the first door in front of us opens up to a spacious bedroom, located on this level, facing the side of the property.

Comes with a full bathroom, vanity set up, built-in tub, everything you need. And coming back here, we have this door opening up to a powder room for this level. Beautiful textured tile on the walls. Your vanity set up here with marble countertops and a massive vessel sink. And getting back out to the hallway again, right on the other side, we have the laundry room with two washers, two dryers, your sink, doggy wash, cabinetry, everything you need. Now, before we leave this hallway, a couple more doors I wanna show everyone.

The door at the end opens up to the three-car garage that we showed earlier. This is your elevator access on this level. Everything you need. And that's it for this wing of the house. Now I wanna bring everybody back to the entry to continue our tour. Super open, ton of natural light coming in.

And we have the staircase here. Steel frame going all the way up. Skylight above, open treads, glass railing. And on the landing, we have this massive corner picture window bringing a ton of natural light to the home and it just looks awesome. Beautiful design here.

Now coming back to the entry, obviously we have the incredible ocean views right in front of us. Backyard is stunning. We're gonna check that out in a bit.

And now I wanna bring everybody's attention here. Dal, let's get a close up. They have flush outlets throughout the property, which is just a nice, sleek, modern detail. And on this hallway, we have few rooms. First, I'm gonna start with this one. We have the powder room here.

Vanity set up. This door opens up to the water closet. So there's a nice separation here. And coming back to the vanity, beautiful fabrication, massive vessel sink. You have a nice tiled back wall and a really cool faucet design. If Mikey was here, he would've asked me to turn it on.

And so I'm gonna kind of respect and honor his enthusiasm. I'm gonna do it for you, Mikey. There you go.

Corner drain. Super, super cool handle. Pretty awesome bathroom. Now right next door, we have the screening room.

It starts here, you got a nice small bar area with a fridge and the second door opens up to the room itself. Two-tier seating, comfortable couches, plush carpet, padded walls, wood-clad ceilings. It has a nice warmth to it. Of course, you have your screen here, projector above, built-in speakers.

And it's just a nice seating area, honestly. And you can turn it into your screening room, just like they have it right now. All right, let's continue our tour. We have few more rooms to see on this wing.

Right in front of us, we have the entertainment space and the bar. We're gonna check the space out in a bit. But now I want to continue our tour. A lot of rooms in this house. We have an exterior door here, opening up to the side of the home. This door opens up to another bedroom on this level.

Beautiful hardwood floors, king-size bed. We have a linear window detail above. Your TV on the other side. And the best aspect or best quality of this bedroom, in my opinion, are these sliding glass doors that opens up to the back of the property where you can just go straight to your pool area. We have the cabana here, outdoor bathroom on this side, outdoor shower right here.

Super cool, nicely connected to the outdoors. Now this bedroom, of course, comes with its own bathroom. It starts right here. Floating vanity set up with two sinks, corner walk-in shower.

Another picture window above. Good size bathroom. Now let's close the door here and continue our tour back to the same hallway.

Oh, by the way, we have the built-in closets here. Back to the same hallway because I wanna check out the entertainment area here. It's located right behind the formal living room. They utilize the fireplace wall and on the backside here, they placed a nice TV, beautifully recessed in.

Your billiards table, wood-clad ceilings contrasting nicely against these white walls. We have a wine wall here. And awesome space to just hang out, relax, enjoy this property.

And come in here, we have the sunken bar area, which is something I personally really, really like. They have these accordion sliding glass doors on this side, sliding glass doors here, opening up to the outdoors. You have that perfect indoor-outdoor continuity. And this bar can serve this entertainment area here, as well as the outdoors and your pool area. It makes such a good use of this bar. And you have ton of cabinetry here, dishwashers, sink, fridges, ice maker, kegerator, and again, perfect indoor-outdoor flow.

You have these floating shelves with back LED lighting. It's just awesome. In fact, I wanna take everybody back here so we can check out the backyard. Sliding glass doors tucks into the walls, and seamlessly opens up to the outdoors.

The section that I'm under right now is covered, which protects these sliding glass doors. And I mean, I can literally see the bar, formal living room, dining area, all facing these amazing views. Now this property is great.

Has 137 feet of frontage. We're super close to the ocean but we are also very elevated. And that's how we're getting these unobstructed, breathtaking ocean views. We have the 67-foot, infinity-edge pool right in front of us. And down below the pool, we have a really cool outdoor section that we're gonna check out later. Now I wanna bring everybody here.

Of course, we have the tiled patio here, lounging areas. On the left-hand side, we have the first cabana. This is where your outdoor kitchen is located, with sink, fridge, outdoor dining area, space heaters above.

Beautiful siding details all around, which gives this space a nice warm ambiance. You also have the curtains here, if you wanna block off the sun and create extra privacy. And of course on this side, right next to your outdoor kitchen, we have the outdoor grill here.

You can also access the side of the property, go to your chef's kitchen very easily. And coming back to the patio, again, it's a beautiful space. Sliding glass doors all open up.

We have the kitchen here, formal living room area, all opening up. And right in the center of your amazing backyard, you have this infinity-edge pool, which looks so inviting. Simple, dark blue plaster.

We have the hot tub little bit more raised. Views are fantastic. People are catching waves down below. You have the beach right in front of us.

And Malibu's awesome. And these views are great. What do you think, Dal? - I think it's amazing. Like I said, next time, let me know, I'll bring the board. (laughs) - Absolutely, absolutely.

Let's continue. That's the bar area that we talked about earlier. Indoor-outdoor connection. And it just makes the best use out of it. I mean, it serves both the interior and the outside and it's just really, really cool.

Coming back here, we have another cabana. This one is more of an outdoor seating area. We have the fireplace, TV above, space heaters. This one also has the same curtain details.

And it's just an awesome outdoor seating area that makes a good use out of your backyard. Now we have a staircase taking us down to the lower section of this backyard, where you have this really cool beach area. I mean, they literally have sand here. Beautiful landscaping. Your infinity-edge serves as a little water feature.

Got a nice outdoor seating area. You're closer to the ocean. And you can't see any neighbors. It's super peaceful and tranquil here.

You can actually look at your house from this angle, which looks super cool. And it's just a great space. They really took advantage of the lot and made good use of each one of these outdoor spaces, and took advantage of the topography and just created this awesome Zen spot.

And that wraps our to on the main floor and the lower level. Now let's go back inside and check out the second floor. (gentle music) Now let's go check out the second floor. Staircase landing, skylight above. And coming here, we have this hallway taking us to two bedrooms.

You have all these built-in closets. In fact, let's get a close up. Nice and spacious. And I wanna go to the end first.

This is your elevator landing on the second floor. And we have this door opening up to the first bedroom on this level, facing the back side of the property. You can actually look down on your driveway and the motor court. We have a full bathroom here with a walk-in shower. Gets a ton of natural light.

Of course, you have your automatic shades throughout. And we have the walk-in closet here. Now I wanna take everybody back to the hallway so we can take a look at the second bedroom, which is located here. Pretty much the same size, bed is situated on this side.

Picture window here, facing the side of the property on the second floor. And we have a really nice surprise there that we'll see in a bit. Of course, comes with a full bathroom. Again, tiles on the floors runs all the way into the walk-in shower. You have your rain head, chrome fixtures, floating vanity, everything you need.

And of course, comes with a walk-in closet. Now coming back to the landing, we have one more bedroom to see on this wing. This door opens up to the incredible, really oversized primary bedroom suite that we're gonna see in a bit.

And we have the last bedroom here, comes with a king-sized bed, full bathroom, walk-in closet, and faces the side of the property. Now, before we check out the primary bedroom, there's actually one more room at the end of this hallway here. Glass railing, ton of natural light coming in. And the door opens up to the gym. This is a great space with a ton of gym equipment. You have your Peloton, treadmill, Reformer, mirror walls with TVs, dumbbells, everything you need.

And it's just nice to have your own personal gym within your property. Sliding glass doors open up to a balcony on this level. And we also have an outdoor staircase, that way your masseuse, your personal trainer can come up here without having to go through your house.

Another thing I wanna mention, we are about 20 minutes from the Camarillo airport. And if you own a property like this, there's a good chance you're flying private, which is great. You can literally land to that airport, drive 20 minutes, come to your house, and you don't have to go through L.A. or city traffic. Another thing that I wanted to mention. And also around the corner, we have a full bathroom dedicated to the gym.

Again, great space, connected to the outdoors. Now I wanna bring everybody back to the main hallway so we can take a look at the primary bedroom suite, which is stunning, facing the ocean. It is without doubt one of the biggest primary bedrooms we have ever toured on this channel. And it starts right here. We have the king-size bed situated on the back, hardwood floors, spacious room, fireplace and TV around the corner with this marble wall. But more importantly, sliding glass doors stack on this side.

Floors beautifully transitions to your private balcony, glass railing. And you have the ocean views right in front of us. This is absolutely gorgeous. I mean, it's incredible that that's your bed setup right there and you get to enjoy these views every single day. You can literally see waves rolling. People are surfing around the corner.

You're walking distance to a beach. Amazing. And you have that incredible backyard down below you. Now I wanna bring everybody back in.

We have a projector screen right above us. Projector is located above the bed. And great room.

Let's actually start our tour on this side first. We have this long hallway here where your wet bar is located. And at the end of the hallway, we have the door opening up to a panic room. And coming back here, I wanna actually continue our tour with the primary bathroom. Marble floors and marble walls throughout.

Darker vanity with two sinks, massive mirror. That way, even if you're facing this way, you can actually enjoy the ocean views. Sliding glass doors open up on this side, where we have the Juliet balcony. Massive free-standing tub right in the center. And I can't get over these incredible views.

This is awesome. You live right next to the ocean. And of course, we have a makeup area here, all clad with marble. Your walk-in shower around the corner, chrome fixtures, rainhead, everything you need.

Water closet there. And around the corner, we have the walk-in closet. It's really spacious. We have the island in the center with marble countertops. That's book matched in the center. Waterfall edges.

Built-in cabinetry throughout, with the hangers, shoe racks, drawers. You have a nice linear window here bringing in natural light, as well as the skylight above. Definitely a good sized walk-in closet. Now let's go back into the primary bedroom because we're gonna continue our tour on the other side. I mentioned it to all of you, this entire side that faces the ocean, it's all primary bedroom suite.

We have another opening here taking us to another closet. This one is a little bit smaller, has more of the darker tones, skylight above. And right across, we have another bathroom that is actually dedicated to your office because we're gonna see the office in a bit.

Corner shower here with a built-in bench, chrome fixtures. We have the handheld here, rainhead above. Corner glass, facing-the-ocean views.

And with a push of a button, you can actually frost this glass to bring more privacy to this bathroom. You also have a casement window here, vanity design, textured back tile. And lastly, we have these pocket doors opening into your office. Another great room. Built-in cabinetry, open shelving.

Your desk set up here. Sliding glass doors open up to a Juliet balcony facing the views. And honestly, I would love to have an office like this where you sit down, watch the ocean, get some work done, and has a great indoor-outdoor flow because sliding glass doors actually open up to a small patio space located on the left side of the property. And we also have a putting green here, which is just awesome. And lastly, office gets this really cool balcony on the second floor, facing these amazing views. I mean, Malibu's great.

These views are phenomenal, and I'm really glad we made the trip here to check out this house. (gentle music) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. I hope you all enjoy this video. I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Stephen Udoff and Katie Bentzen, for allowing us to tour their amazing listing and share it with all of you. And as always, you can find more information about this property in the description of this video. So make sure to check that out.

Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, make sure to give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week.

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