Inside a $20,000,000 Brand New Celebrity Owned Mega Yacht

Inside a $20,000,000 Brand New Celebrity Owned Mega Yacht

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(calming music) (waves crashing) (calming music) - Hey, everyone, it's Enes here and this week we're coming to you from beautiful Gocek, Turkey. This is B.A.L.M.Y., a 47 meter super yacht built by Mengi Yay Yachts. It was delivered few weeks ago to its owner, Acun Ilicali, who's one of the biggest celebrities in Turkey and media mogul and international businessman.

It's valued around 20 million euros. Features six staterooms, 8.8 meter beam, 496 gross tons. Beautiful finishes. I'm really excited for this tour and I want to give big thanks to the owner, Acun, the shipyard, Mengi Yay for making this tour possible and now let's begin. (upbeat music) Welcome onboard, B.A.L.M.Y., we're gonna start our tour here on the beach club.

This is a phenomenal space. We have the garage door opened up right now, steps taking you down to the sea, and we have all the toys laid out right now. Two sea bobs right next to me. We have the E-Foil in the center, bikes on the side and we have the owners two speed boats right here. What I love about this space is the fact that you're so close to the water, you can enjoy your toys. We have a phenomenal lounge here that we're gonna check out in a bit.

Now, coming to this side, we have two bikes, 19 foot Castoldi diesel jet tender, which really compliments this incredible yacht. And coming here before I talk about the side wall, I wanna actually bring everybody here to the opening because it leads us to the beach club lounge. This is an incredible space for you to sit down, relax, be close to the water and enjoy this incredible vessel, seating section on this side, three chairs, TV right here, we have a small bar around the corner with a fridge and right behind Mikey, we have a small day head that is dedicated for this level, but more importantly, we have this hydraulic side wall open up and create additional outdoor space. They have the stationary bike right there.

Next to that we have the Castoldi tender and it's just an amazing space for you to be close to the water and just enjoy life. - [Mikey] I think this is the coolest part of the boat. We've seen a lot of beach clubs and a lot of boats.

I don't know, something about this one just, it feels really relaxing and and really nice, you know? - Absolutely, and actually, I wanna take everybody back outside because I wanna talk about this garage door for a second. It's a very, very clever design, now, beach clubs are very important for vessels this size. And instead of having an overhead garage door where it just simply opens up the space, they have their garage door folding down, creating additional outdoor space. But at the same time, when you're not using it, you can close it off and keep your yacht short.

I mean, we are talking about four to five meters of extension here, so it's just a very, very clever design. And on top of that, below the stern, they designed the body of the yacht in a way that curves, meaning when the waves hit the vessel, it actually softens it up. I don't know if I made sense there as I explained it, but instead of being flat, it's actually nicely gently curved. - [Mikey] Like, it's like a subtle V shape almost. - Exactly. - [Mikey] Yeah. - So that's why being here or hanging out here is actually very comfortable.

You don't get any splashes of water. Now, before we leave, couple more details. This is your carbon fiber outdoor shower. It's actually this very unique socket design, meaning when you're not using it, you can actually detach it and keep it as an assembly. And as soon as you're docked and you're ready to enjoy the outdoors, you can simply attach it. We have these small sockets on the floors and these are for your carbon fiber poles that way you can attach 'em here and create more shade for the space, again, beautiful scenery, amazing beach club.

Really excited for this tour, now let's continue. We're gonna come to this side, again, two speed boats here. These vessels are phenomenal. - [Mikey] They look fast. - They, they do look fast, you're right. And before we get on board, I wanna mention, on the port side, we have another hydraulic side wall.

And that wall opens up to the tender garage and you can actually access that tender garage through the beach club as well, so I wanted to point that out. Now we have the steps here taking us to the main deck aft. And they have the passerelle actually hidden right behind these steps, so push of a button, you can kick out your passerelle and have your guest come on board. Now let's take the steps so we can check out main deck aft, which is one of my favorite areas on this yacht.

It's super open, we have the lounging areas on my right hand side, two carbon fiber poles with screen detail on top. And then you have the main seating area here. Very comfortable, very minimalist.

In the center, we have the dining table. It's currently positioned low like a coffee table, but you can actually raise it and make it a proper dining area, super cozy space, all open, we have the sliding glass doors, opening up to the main salon, which we'll check out in a bit. Beautiful chrome details, outdoor speakers, recess lights. And we have the staircase here taking us up to the bridge deck, which we'll see later. And coming here, we have a pass through door in case you're docked right next to another yacht or another vessel that's your height, so you can just cross to the other side.

And then we have the walkway here that takes us to the bow. And look at the details here with the teak work. I have to point this out, I don't know Mikey, if we can show it on camera, this teak, once it hits the wall, it actually curves beautifully. That way you don't have any water sitting. It actually slopes nicely to the scuppers. And the scuppers have the Mengi Yay branding as well.

I had to point that out. And then we have the recess lights here. That lights up this beautiful teak. And around the corner, we have a side wall that opens up and serves as a balcony and we have it on each side. And we're gonna have a close look to that balcony set up in a bit as well, just a beautiful vessel.

On the outside, you can see the contemporary lines, 47 meter and on each level we have long stretch of glass bringing natural light and allowing the cabins on each level to enjoy the outdoors. Overall, I love the proportions of this yacht and it definitely has a very, very sporty look. Now, coming here, it's an interesting detail. They have the first wing station here, in total, they have three wing stations and they wanted to place one right here, that way as you're docking to a marina, you have an easy access and you can just see what's happening and it's just a very convenient detail.

Now, coming this way, we have another side deck that leads you to the bow. And we have this door going down to the engine room. I'm really impressed with this space because it's so clean, so well organized, we have two massive Caterpillar C32 engines. Each one of these engines are 1,450 horsepower at 10 knot speed. Both of them combined burn around 180 liters an hour, which is a very low number. It's very efficient and apparently Caterpillar engines are known for their fuel efficiency.

We have three Caterpillar generators here. Sewer treatment on this side, two aqua prime water makers. Each one of them makes about 400 liters an hour.

We have five air conditioning units on this side, and this is the room that powers this incredible vessel. Now I wanna take everybody back to Main Deck aft so we can continue our tour, with the salon, we have the sliding glass doors here. They are motorized, push of a button, there you go. And what I like about this assembly here is the fact that it's flushed to the teak because we have a built in drain here. It just gives you this very seamless look and you walk straight to your salon. So before we get too far in the tour, I feel like I should tell you a little bit about this yacht's owner - [Interviewer] As you are welcomed to the club, how does it feel to be sat here now as the new owner of Hull City? - [Enes] To put things into perspective for my audience in the states, Acun is a superstar in my home country of Turkey.

Aside from owning his own British soccer club, Acun is one of the biggest media moguls in the world. With an impressive list of productions. - We are doing Survivor in many countries. Also, we are making The Voice format in many countries. Also, I can say that we are the biggest production company in the world as a production minute, prime time minute.

- [Enes] With as many things as he has going on in his professional life, I was really curious how he had any time to spend on his newly built yacht. - I'm in love with the sea, so it's hard me to now explain how much I put effort to go to the sea when I have business in some part of the world. You know, I think I have three boats in Turkey, three boats in Miami, two boats in Dominican Republic, that makes me be as much as I can on the sea. - On the sea. - Which is a big, of course, pleasure. - [Enes] Obviously he likes the sea, and when it came to designing this vessel, it seemed like he really enjoyed collaborating with the builder.

- I always say to my friends, Mengi, I experienced, of me, is the best experience of my business life. - Wow. - With another partnership. So I can say that I have never worked so smooth, so on problem style of work, also zero stress, very positive. - [Enes] This is the first time we toured a Mengi Yay yacht and you'll see how open and comfortable it feels as we move through the space. - I want to calm down in the yacht, peace, no confusion, also more open area for many people. - Right off the bat, what I love about the space is the fact that it's very minimalist.

Love the volume here, super spacious. We have the first sectional couch here, second sectional couch on this side with built in coffee tables. Then you have the ottomans and pillows bringing pop of color to the space.

And right in front of the TV, we have an additional seating area. On the walls we have the track lights and those track lights continue all the way to the ceiling and add up to the contemporary feel of this yacht. Recess lights, built in speakers, padded walls, you name it, this room has it, off of the entry, we have some hardwood floors, beautiful cabinetry detail with recessed in and mood lighting and coming back to the salon, four massive picture windows, two sliding glass doors opening up to the outdoors and allowing you to enjoy the views, beautiful vessel. What do you think, Mikey? - [Mikey] Why didn't you tell me Turkey was this beautiful, Enes? - [Enes] Gocek is awesome.

- [Mikey] Yeah, this is really nice. This yacht is really incredible, I really like it. Really minimalist, I don't have much to say other than that. It's really cool.

- We are really enjoying our time here. And this yacht is actually very easy on the eye. It's not overwhelming and it feels very relaxing and calming to be here, to walk around this vessel. That's what I love about it, it's just very easy on the eye. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Now coming here,

this is the secondary seating area, again, we have the TV on this side. I wanna talk about this detail, this is one of my favorite details of this yacht. We have the sliding glass doors opening up to the side deck where we have the first balcony, side walls fold down, then they put the railing up, you have this additional glass section that kicks out and you can be a little bit closer to the water, enjoy the scenery and just have a great time. I'm having a great time, this tour's awesome. Place is beautiful. - [Mikey] I'm having a great time also, we would be having a better time if we could jump in that water, but first we have a boat to tour.

- Absolutely, we have to finish our tour first. Now coming back to the salon, I also wanna mention, I wanna give big thanks to Mengi Yay family and Acun for making this tour possible, it's definitely not easy. I mean, I love coming to Turkey, but it's four of us.

We have to travel here, we have to locate the yacht, our demanding schedule to tour around the world and shoot these episodes for you guys, it wasn't easy, but we are very, very happy and grateful to be here. And we're really excited for this tour. - [Mikey] There's no way we're gonna turn down this opportunity, you know? - Absolutely, all right, another cool detail, ready? So these sliding glass doors are partially motorized. You press this button and this sliding glass door assembly actually kicks out and allows you to clear these glass panels and that's how you open 'em up.

Another beautiful yacht right next door, that's also Mengi Yay, by the way. - [Mikey] They're taking over Turkey. - That's right, they are, they are. All right, moving on, we have a pocket door here opening up to the landing of the staircase. I'm gonna cover the staircase, later in the tour, we have another door here opening up to the side deck and coming here, your crew quarter access, we have this door opening up to a day head, even from this bathroom, you get an incredible view. Beautiful stone work vanity on this side.

And lastly, we have this door opening up to the owner's stateroom. Off of the entry, we have a small seating area, massive picture window looking out to the sea. And behind this door we have a small fridge and we're gonna see these small fridges throughout the guest staterooms as well and now coming here, we have another pocket door, sealing of this section and it leads us to the owners stateroom.

What I like about this space is the fact that it's very minimalist, just like the rest of the yacht. We have the king size bed here, low frame, you have beautiful padded wall, wall sconces, and then you have these track lights that are on the walls that continue all the way to the ceiling. Additional recess lights, this room is full beam, so you get all this space, two massive picture windows looking out to these beautiful views. I mean, this is why having a yacht is so awesome. Your view changes every day. You can enjoy different places whenever you want, wherever you want, it's pretty awesome.

- [Mikey] It's beautiful and I really love the design and the decoration of this yacht. I feel like a lot of the ones we see have kind of over the top furniture and like- - Glossy. - Designs, everything's reflective and this is very clean and minimalist and it's not the kind of boat you don't wanna touch.

It's like you get out of the water and you don't mind walking inside. - You wanna use it. - [Mikey] Exactly, exactly. - Absolutely, it has a very calming and relaxing energy to it. And we have a small seating area there, dressing table, cupboard space, TV on this side, recessed into the wall, additional cabinetry here. And you have a built in desk set up right next to this picture window.

This is amazing, this is my spot right here. - [Mikey] You love to work, would you like this view right here? - Absolutely, I feel like I may be able to work a little bit better with this view. And then you have proper blackouts, meaning your blackouts actually tuck all the way to the walls and then you have leather wrapped blinds recessed in lighting, beautiful wood details.

Just a stunning owners stateroom. Now this room comes with two full bathrooms. We're gonna start with this one, beautiful marble work throughout, we have the vanity here, hidden drain, chrome fixtures, medicine cabinet, some additional cabinetry on this side.

You have your toilet set up here and a spacious walk-in shower. Mikey, we need to go in because I love the view here. You have another picture window, rain head above, chrome fixtures.

Definitely a good size bathroom. And even the floor slab is actually bookmatched, even though it has a, I wanna say half an inch reveal for the drain, but it's fabricated beautifully, fits the space really well. - [Mikey] Yeah, and something y'all might be wondering is about privacy, these are some massive windows in the primary bedroom.

You can either close them or you can see the windows are very tinted, so it's very hard to see in from the outside. - [Enes] Absolutely. - [Mikey] So you can shower here with total confidence that no one's watching you, you know? - And still enjoy the views. - [Mikey] That's right. - Amazing.

All right, let's go back to the bedroom so we can tour the other bathroom. It's actually right next door. And before we go in, I wanna talk about this detail. Very unique, so when you open these doors, they have these floor mount locks that keeps these doors in place, pretty cool, huh? - [Mikey] Yeah, we've definitely never seen that before. There's a lot of cool little features on boats like this, you know? - And it's flush now, when you open the door again. - [Mikey] Yeah. - For like when you close it.

- [Mikey] Boats and RVs, they've just mastered how to like keep things in place, you know? - Absolutely. They have the best hardware too. - [Mikey] Yeah. - All right, let's continue. We have this door opening up to the second bathroom.

Pretty much the same finishes. This one's actually a little bit smaller, but again, it has a beautiful vanity, mood lighting. You have a walk-in shower with a picture window. Just a gorgeous owners stateroom.

Next, let's go downstairs so we can check out the guest staterooms. (upbeat music) All right, everyone, let's go check out this level where we have four guest staterooms. We're gonna start with this one, room is very spacious. We have a king size bed situated on this side. And this is one of the twin rooms, meaning you can actually leave the bed like this or you can separate this bed, create two single beds. And those bedside tables are on a track system, meaning you can actually slide them and change the position of those tables to create some separation between the beds.

We have three small windows here, proper blackouts, meaning blackouts actually tucked all the way to the side walls and then you have sun shades. Room is extremely comfortable. We have plush carpet on the floors, cupboard space here. TV on this side, gets better, each one of these rooms, have a small fridge, really nice, nicely tucked into the cabinetry. You have a full size mirror here with back lighting, padded back wall, ceiling with these recess and track lighting, as well as recess lighting.

And we have a really nice dressing table here, leather wrapped, you have another mirror on the inside. And lastly, we have the bathroom here, Marble clad throughout, we have the floating vanity here. Marble countertop, hidden drain, and then you have your LED lit mirror, which is also medicine cabinet. And that marble wall continues all the way to a walk-in shower, super spacious, hidden drain on the bottom, rain head above. And a beautiful window, to look out to sea. Now that's set for this stateroom, right on the other side we have the second twin room and it starts here.

This one comes with a two single bed configuration, but the layout of the room is pretty much the same. And you can actually see the small bedside table positioned in the center this time, and that's how they create that separation. Beautiful accessories, padded walls, LED lighting on the ceiling, again, three windows on this side, bringing natural light, very cozy room, you have your TV here, small fridge inside of this cabinet.

And of course it comes with a full bathroom. Now I wanna take everybody back to the landing. We have another full size mirror here with LED lighting, nice warm tones. And we have this door opening up to the first VIP stateroom. This one comes at a queen size bed. I really like that bed frames are very low, It makes the rooms way more open and relaxing.

We have wall sconces here, nice long linear window bringing natural light. We have the TV here, another small fridge, dressing table around the corner. And of course this room comes with a full bathroom, just like the last one that we toured. All marble clad, walk-in shower.

Just a beautiful stateroom. Now, right on the other side, we have the last guest stateroom on this level, pretty much the same layout. We have another queen size bed here, very cozy, very comfortable, very relaxing. And I gotta give huge credit to Mengi Yay for all the fit and finish, everything looks great. I can see their attention to detail when it comes to mood lighting, when it comes to proportions and how all the surfaces are clad with unique materials, it just looks very nice.

And can you imagine owning a yacht like this Mikey? I mean, look at at our surroundings. Look how amazing the last few days have been. I'm really enjoying it. - [Mikey] Yeah, this is our first time really getting to spend a lot of time in Turkey, but it's way more beautiful than I thought. I feel like it's a hidden gem here. It's a lot like French or Italian coast, but it doesn't really, I feel like it's not as well known, you know? - I'm gonna make a big claim, but I feel like Gocek is the next St. Tropez for Europe.

It's so beautiful, this whole Gocek area is so protected. I mean, you've seen it, Mikey, every cove we go, everywhere we anchored. It's so beautiful, I'm loving it. - [Mikey] Yeah, not to mention, you get that delicious Turkish food at a very reasonable price here, you know? - Can't beat that.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - All right. That's it for the stateroom. Of course, around the corner we have a full bathroom.

Let's go have a look, all stone clad, bookmatched throughout, very timeless and uniform with the rest of the yacht. We have the floating vanity here, marble countertop, LED lit mirror, and of course it comes with a walk-in shower, chrome fixtures, rain head above, small window looking out to the sea. Just a beautiful bathroom, now that's it for the lower deck. I wanna now take everybody upstairs so we can check out the bridge deck. (upbeat music) Here we are at the bridge deck landing.

Before we move on, I gotta talk about the skylight detail that's right above me. It's actually at the bottom of the pool, that's on the sun deck. You have built in LED lighting, motorized shades, and because of the water, it just gives you this gorgeous reflection and just really lights up the staircase landing, marble throughout, this door opens up to a day head for the bridge deck. And going this way we have the first set of pocket doors sealing off the bridge deck lounge.

This is another beautiful space for you to sit down, relax, and enjoy this yacht, two sectional couches. We have this really interesting curtain detail right in the center. That way you can separate these seating sections and have kids on one side and have another seating area on the other. We have the TV here with a PlayStation, more of these windows looking out to the sea. And I really appreciate how they have incorporated all these oversized windows on each one of the rooms or each one of the guest cabins.

We have the same padded ceilings also here, built in speakers, recess lights, automatic shades, sliding glass door, opening up to the bridge deck aft. It's just a phenomenal space for you to enjoy. And before we leave here, I wanna mention one more thing. I know, Mikey, you also don't know this. When shipyards design these super yachts or mega yachts, they actually create mockup rooms for the clients to test and see whether they like the design or the furniture that's gonna be placed in these rooms, meaning in the shipyard, they will actually build this room for you.

- [Mikey] Really? - Create a mockup in real life where you can walk in and say, you know what? I don't like the carpet, or I want it to be designed this way. I like my furniture, I want it to be a little bit smaller. And they will custom design and curate all the pieces for you. How amazing is that? - [Mikey] That's pretty cool.

I've never heard about that. They, why don't they do that with real estate? - They should, I think it just costs more money. And yacht kinds tend to be very, very specific about the way they want their yacht to be designed. - [Mikey] Yeah. - And that's why they don't have a problem paying for the service, for the shipyard to build you an entire mockup just so you can walk in and see how it's gonna be. And quite frankly, I think it's worth the money.

- [Mikey] So I think that means a yacht really reflects the taste of the owner in so many ways, you know? - Bingo, I couldn't agree more. And it's another minimalist space. Now moving on, we have the motorized sliding glass doors here. Let me open 'em up. And it takes us straight to the bridge deck aft. This is where we have the outdoor dining area, seating for 13, again, very minimalist.

You have your recess lights, built in speakers, all that good stuff. Additional outdoor seating area here with another adjustable coffee or dining table. Then you have smaller seating sections, lounging area here, more of these carbon fiber poles with sun shades. And here's a very, very cool fact about this vessel, this section here, push of a button, you can kick it out additional 80 centimeters to create more outdoor space. I have never seen this function on any other yacht. My hats off to Mengi Yay for coming up with this design and creating it, I also wanna mention one more thing.

I feel like this is a little bit of an education process for our viewers to understand these yachts and how they're designed. This particular yacht is 47 meters. When Mengi Yay came up with this concept, their first yacht was 44 meters, it was under 500 gross tons, which is a very important number because once you surpassed that number, you go through different regulations and let's just say it's more expensive and more difficult to build yachts over 500 gross tons.

They managed to accomplish that number or stay below that number with a 44 meter yacht first. Then they designed this yacht, which is a 47 meter and still kept it below 500 gross tons. And now they have plans to build a 53 meter yacht that's gonna be below 500 gross tons which shows with amazing design and clever engineering, you can kind of work around the system and work it your advantage.

- [Mikey] I'm sure every time they learn new materials, new ways to cut weight. - Exactly. - [Mikey] Exactly. Yeah. - And they can build more open spaces and just be more efficient with some of the design elements to keep the weight low. - [Mikey] Yeah and for our American audience, seven meters, that's an extra 21 feet of boat.

That is a pretty good amount, you know? - Absolutely. Now that's it for the bridge deck aft. I want to take everybody back to the staircase landing so we can continue our tour. On the other side, we have the first door here opening up to a small galley where we have a dumbwaiter.

Then we have this door opening up to another guest quarters where we have a king size bed on the bottom, two folding bunk beds, and it also comes with a full bathroom. Now going this way, we have another weather tight door that leads us to the side deck and we have this door opening up to the wheelhouse, which we're gonna check out in a bit. But first I wanna bring everybody to the bow. Now this is another great outdoor space.

You can do so much with it, in fact, the owner, Acun, likes to set up this part of the yacht for foot tennis. And I gotta say, it's not a sport that I'm really familiar with. But when we arrived, I believe two days ago, they had the whole setup ready to go, and we played a little bit of foot tennis and it was actually quite fun.

- [Mikey] I've never seen anything like it, like especially on a yacht out at sea, like there's, yeah, there's like soccer balls out here. It's, I don't think we played the game right, but you know. - Yeah, we weren't good at it. - [Mikey] It was interesting, yeah. - But I mean, it's a personal vessel.

You know, you, this is why having a yacht or designing it for yourself is perfect. But currently we have it all open and that's why we have these carbon fiber poles. But these poles can be used for your outdoor speakers, outdoor lighting, you name it, you can do a lot with it. - [Mikey] Probably hold up some toys also, right? - Absolutely, in fact, down below this door, we have another garage for the emergency tender. That's all your anchoring mechanism.

You have another crane there, that way you can actually bring a tender and put it on top. You can do a lot with the space. They have the incorporated rafts here, push of a button, they actually kick to the outside so they're nicely tucked to the side of the vessel. I also wanna point out the way the bow is designed, it's between a conventional and a plumb bow.

But again, look of the yacht is very sporty. Proportions are beautiful and that's our toy here. Moving on, this is the wheelhouse, let's in fact, go inside so we can talk about some of the technical details. This wheelhouse is very sporty. I feel like I'm controlling a spaceship here, four massive screens, Simrad navigation, Boening alarm system where you can control your fuel tanks, water tanks, see your levels, we have the wheel here. Two caterpillar engines, like we talked about earlier, 15.5 knot top speed,

which is really good for a boat this size. And yeah, it looks very sporty here. And I also learned another fun fact yesterday. A lot of times captains don't use the wheel that much because once you're on the go, you just put it on autopilot and you really use the wheel when you're really maneuvering, whether it's a port, marina or you're really trying to work the tight space. - [Mikey] Not to downplay the captain's role.

- Oh, no, not at all. That wasn't what I was trying to say. - [Mikey] Yeah, he still does a lot. - I mean, he's making sure that boats stays float.

- [Mikey] Yeah, he's managing everything on the boat. - He's the CEO of the vessel. - [Mikey] Yeah, exactly.

- But it was just a fun fact. I'm not a yacht connoisseur, I'm still learning this space, so it was just kind of fun to hear that. One more thing, four stabilizers down below. It's really important for these yachts to stay as level or comfortable as possible.

That's why those four stabilizer fins that are below the water play a huge role. So I wanted to point that out. And with that, we are done with the wheelhouse and the bridge deck. Now let's go upstairs so we can check out that pool. (upbeat music) Welcome to the sun deck, one of the best parts of this incredible vessel, we're on the top level right now, beautiful views. You have this cantilever section which covers the metal of the sun deck, which we'll see in a bit.

And this is your first outdoor seating area. We have the same carbon fiber poles also here for your sun shades, massive outdoor speakers. You can literally pull off an outdoor concert here if you wanted to, coming this way, Mikey let's turn here.

Outdoor bar, we are underneath the covered section, skylights above, more outdoor speakers. And this is where we have the pool. Now, they're currently draining the pool right now because soon we're gonna head out towards our next anchorage. But this is just an incredible amenity to have located on the sun deck, it's all jetted and above ground, which kind of gives you this depth of field. And you have a pool on your sun deck. - [Mikey] This yacht is, I feel like the perfect size.

It's not too big and it's not too small, it has everything, you know? - [Enes] Turn on the volume, have a party, live that good life. - [Mikey] Yeah. Can you swim some laps in this pool? - You absolutely can, and we also have the skylight, which brings natural light to the bridge deck landing. Crazy. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's awesome. - All right, moving on, by the way, this is where we have the dumbwaiter. It comes all the way to this level, which is super cool.

And coming here more of these carbon fiber poles, outdoor speakers, lounging area, just a beautiful vessel. And I'm really glad we came all the way out to Gocek, Turkey to tour this incredible vessel and share it with all of you. (upbeat music) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. Hope you'll enjoy this video. I wanna give big thanks to the owner, Acun, and the shipyard, Mengi Yay for making this tour possible.

And as always, you can find more information about them in the description of this video. Lastly, if you enjoy the tour, make sure to give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

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