Infostream Namibia 22 November 2022

Infostream Namibia 22 November 2022

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He's afraid of. Conservation Environment Tourism So you know go and and verify you know a couple of stories and make sure they get their facts right. So large degree I think the Tuesday the Tuesday newspapers give us more accurate information. Nothing against our colleagues in the media environment. But you know it's sometimes a it's career.

It takes more work. Care works with Yeah. Mediclane popularity. Ja. In in dynasty

Quran to buy a buyer by a computer and the owner Sushi Allah platforms. Uh you know what else that What did Mark Nissan? security. Right. And Kariki Served with a monkey gland sauce. It's a simply delicious makes it. Also, don't forget to

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And we even do ocean freight for those not so easy cargos. Most of all, we guarantee to always deliver on time. FJ Logistics, give us a call today. So he said, was it the precise or or or Ja, one hundred andthirteen. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, it's our birthday is the 11th of July. Next year. Well

done. Physical birth day was the 11th of July this year. Ja. It'll be the first birthday on the 11th of July next year and then obviously with our first birth Party. Tut uns und and of the NMH newspapers. Um today we have an interesting story. The 22nd of November 20 22. And

it reads as follows because it's Conservation and Tourism. Mm. Tuesdays. There's a positive prospect for local tourism. A national occupancy rate of 54. 6% was recorded

during October twenty twenty-two. Compared to 52. 9% in the prime month and thirty-three 8% in October 20 twenty1. According to the Hospital Association of Namibia Hun, the year-to-date figures, the national occupancy rate averages of 39. 7% compared to 22. 3 in 2021 and 15. 4 in 2020 for the same period January to October. Well, this occupancy rate then we talking about bums in beds. Ja, bed, bed per

second. So, the proport of Namibia guests at local hospitality establishments establishments increased from 16% in September to 22. 2percent on October twenty twenty-two. Mm. How good is

this? Most guests at the nationwide hospitality establishments came from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, France, South Africa, the UK and also Ireland. And there we have it. Our tourism is by and by on the rise. Um

Right. With the Namibia Yes. Yvet Namibia rock.

but belongs to and Auckland. Right. It. Remember? Ja. advertisement on InfoStream. Remember? If if that's the case, please let us know. Ja, ja. Um because then we can go

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sport. Talk is cheap but there is a family thing and from there on I I didn't meet okay. behind the scene atmosphere wardrobes have used Warlocks have used Wardogs have huge tusks. Clip Springers boast with a thick coarse coat. And the interesting fact about this coat is their hair is hollow.

How hollow? It's their hair is hollow. Is it? It's hollow. Ja Roland. He's unclear. Warlocks. Ja. and carrying on. Uh the state

forest in the Zambezi region along the Namibia and Zambia border is being endangered as culprits into the country illegally to harvest Timba. On a daily basis. Ja. So the Ministry of Environment Forestry and Tourism said the hundred kilometre long state forest in the Zambezi Zambezi region is under threat. Due to

foreigners entering at undesignated to harvest timber on a daily basis. This was revealed by ministry spokesperson Romeo Muyunda during an interview to the newspaper yesterday. So whether it's a giraffe, an elephant, a rhino, or a tree. Only open. It just doesn't stop. It's only open. If you see Aquascark no

suer Mark Khalira. Or Pat Kirsty to act but used. Uh everything has been plundered. Everything has been poached. We decide to pack up our bags and leave. Ja right.

But the question that I have people of that designate, those designated areas, right? The rural people in those designated. They have got a hierarchy in terms of Hompas. Now, for those of you who don't know what is a Hompa, Hompa is a type of a king, queen that is a wolf man of Wolf Fro, if you like, who are in charge of those areas. And what do they do? Because it doesn't look to us as if they doing anything in terms of conserving their immediate areas. Ja To say money talks. So

and he really owes a V mean we we all know that and there the door slams on all of us. But you know you know it's always the colonizers who are at fault. Uh Namibia. Um deep stall, deep

stall, deep stall in Buddha in the community cup of an absolute woodless side. Yes. Uh right. Onset Andre Junior. Vada

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$999 a million dollars at at from what happened here? You were thinking of Mark Barnard when you were typing when you were supposed to 10 minute and coffee spills, my voice clip von Mark Why not in to alcohol marketing. You know it's the second time that he's done this now. Ja. He's done it with Joan. with. Okay.

crucial species. Right. Mark von thing in terms of decision making when it comes to other countries although those representatives don't even have a clue perhaps they might have a clue. perhaps they they are not that involved in terms of those risks. Let's say Southern African countries. Almost fine.

It's fine. Before we'll approaches the Caribbean get a stem. Of Silica Africa. Namibia, Botswana, South Africa. Mm. I like to share a word Societies is a very important organisation that protects the international trade and endangered species of fauna and flora. Which basically means they they control which animals can be transported, where, live, or parts of those animals. Um so transfers between national parks, transfers in zoos and so on is all regulated by this body.

Then as well as raw ivory rhino horn and the stale thereof, the transfer thereof, including trophy hunting and then commercial sales. So I'd like to start by saying that it is a neo-colonialism racism. That the first world dictates to the third world. How we may manage our resources. We've looked after our our wildlife in Southern Africa for the last 30 to 40 years. And the number

increased dramatically. Yes, certain populations have, have, have, have been diminished. Uh, white rhino and black rhino are under severe pressure due to poaching for rhino horn. But as a whole, Southern Africa's done a wonderful job. Uh, of

protecting elephant, rhino and the other species. So, how, how is it that the first world can tell us, Southern Africa, that has these species, looks after these species, how's their species, maintains populations. How is it that the first world can tell us how to manage them? The white rhinoceros right now is on sitees. One, which means that we can trophy hunt the rhino in limited quantities, but live rhinos may not be sold. Excess populations may

not be sold to other countries and transported abroad. Um, so if you can imagine a Noah's Ark scenario, where white rhinos are transported, let's say to Dallas, Texas or to Sydney, Australia where Rhino Parks created in the genetics are, are kept healthy. And all the rhinos go extin in Africa. Then that that population 1 day can be brought back. So the

international trade of live animals is absolutely crucial to the survival of some species like the black and the white rhino. Let's talk about rhino horn that has been legally harvested by rhino farmers in Namibia and South Africa specifically. These people have dedicated their lives to protecting rhinos and looking after them and and some of them some of the people I know very well have dedicated their entire fortunes indeed. To protect these species and sit on millions, tens of millions of US dollars worth of rhino horn that can do nothing with it. The first world says we might not trade in this rhino horn. Yet it's a third world

product. It will be beneficial specifically to the third world. So how can the first world dictate to us how these resources may be utilised? And if we flood the market with rhino horn, what's going to happen to rhino poaching? It'll diminish immediately. Because the supply will be overwhelmed and the demand and the money that's going to on the ground to poach these animals will diminish its pure logic. The same with elephant ivory, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania to a certain degree, sit on tons and tons of ivory that sought in the east. Hundreds of

tonnes, if not thousands of tonnes, container, loads of tusks of ivory that elephants that have died of old age or other causes. Why? Can the third world not sell this ivory? Generate revenue for the countries that own it. That can then be ploughed back into maintaining and conserving these species. Making money to

protect these animals. That the first world does not want us to have the benefit of. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a very simple argument and it's a very simple debate. And if these decisions are not taken, Namibia and Zimbabwe specifically are two countries that are looking to walk away from sightings and make their own rules. And I believe strongly. Uh that we

have a good contingent to people in Panama representing Namibia very well. Uh they're very capable And if the vote goes against us it's not because they didn't do their job. It's because the first world neo colonial neocolonialist racism. First world not letting the third world. Utilise their natural resources. Thank you very much. I said no. And we are back.

Yes, let's buy Um but sit on the other seat and let poaching just lie there somewhere. And then they make these rules as if poaching for example doesn't exist. Right. And with a and Right. So like for example Mark Mukas says and I I think he says this tongue in cheek. He says I bet the green a demand for rhino horn will remain a problem.

Um all all the countries for that matter or even third world countries. Where for example you know if you've got a guitar and I'm I don't want to drift off the point here. But in some guitars, you've got basically on the frets. You've got like

little pieces of, of ivory set in there, it's called the inlay of pearl, or pearls, pearls have also been used and all that kind of stuff. So it's always this kind of thing and that's where why would it be okay for a warthog tooth? But not for an elephant tooth. Of secret time. Correct? Sick wave or that? And now we're just talking the ivory trade, you understand? I said please put money on all of that boy that you said. No, you, you, you, you, you on, countries that want to now convince sitees to say hang on a moment, why are you getting involved into our territories. We know what we are doing. You

perhaps don't even know how to do it. Because I give you an example. and we I just want to bring this up quickly. Um let's say there's a large group of greens in the first world who mean good but haven't a clue what they're talking about. But

they've got the funding, they've got the money. Ja and And that is obeyed our citizens. Sure. it is Stark Stem. Mm. Or before we go to the North Ranger. Mom. Ali. Alice looked at me. burst pipes, dripping taps, irrigation pipes and shower heads. We do unblocking sinks,

toilets and blocked drains. We also do installations of storm drainage, repair rising damp, and even do refrigeration repair and maintenance. And if that's not enough, we also do kitchen installations or renovations and also bathroom installations or renovations. But wait there's more. We also do building and plastering painting. Tiling and flooring and roofing and gutters and also electrical installation and repair. And also welding.

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commercial or media inquiries, please contact InfoStream Namibia at InfoStream Namibia at com. Um by by number I said Gombe Bay Conservation in what a good Psalm perhaps has it got something to do with the countries or does it have something of transportation either ships or for that matter airlines. Um that is Yep. and

Yeah. Yeah. Good. Good. Uh yes. Uh thank you so much. Take us the Southern Industrial for a vast range of orthopedic mattresses and base sets to choose from or call Pierre at oh eight double one two nine seven two six, fill the place of oblivion.

Bye bye bye. Perform again. How cool was this conversation with now? Nearby by now. I think we're all a little bit more aware and a little bit more informed. Does a buy complex situas in the track. Right. Um success on Buddha, a that the South was supposed to get some rain today. And Right, then the coast for tomorrow, partly cloudy and mild to warm, Swidded Lake us off yellow diver, the maximum temperatures for tomorrow in Vintux thirty-one, Wolfers Bay, twenty-three, Swakop, Mont twenty-two. You guys won't

believe what I have for you. But the maximum temperatures for Hubab is and Betatos. Beta. yeah for barbers and both at city. It's fantastic. Fantastic. Right. Then in Katima 30. Uh so it was and und als uns, sie massiert was uns kennen dann freier Alltag hi dann weiß ich ob ich okay hättet auch ich frage weiß ich nicht, ob uns wird noch nicht. Ich habe vor alle

vier dann weiß ich nicht, ob ich sie und ja, aber dann weiß ich eben weg. Ja. Was ist denn die die erste alles by the country. Yes. December. Ha ha ha. Lester. You come and do my job for a day and you'll see what it's like.

Oscar. In Afghanistan, work or was it? There's there's silly season. Ja. He had a sales off Samkom eight side. Uh

does it club? Ja. Mark a whole new journey. Keep your motor running head on down the highway. Everything you need to know about limitless motoring industry. Thank you so much for watching. Remember, we're on YouTube, we are on Facebook and you can also WhatsApp us. Please do us

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Hope to see you next time.

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