Infostream Namibia 15 November 2022

Infostream Namibia 15 November 2022

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or back InfoStream Namibia. Hello to Namibia and the rest of the world. Um Uh Vince Still fister on here. It's it's it's much better temperatures for today.

Vicky on doctor. Yes, I remember that. and did a alter if you go to the InfoStream Namibia Facebook page. Ja. And you press the like and the follow button. You will see there's a little button that there's a little bell on it. If you click that

bell you automatically get a reminder the moment that we go live. Okay. So just for those of you who might not know that. Mhm. It was variants buy a buyer buyer. Yes. And

and well Kizan's son. So thank you very much to Oblivion Trading. You guys are absolutely fantastic. Uh Donkey, Sonia Bretsneider is Piet Speese as Vandak Potato or Palo Piat. And nice to have you on the show. And I'm Vainard Reid again my favourite day of the week. This

To the the studios of the core studios that I it role of the spill. Competition Okay. So what's going to happen is as your comments are coming through because we've got two screens here. We've got one which is the production screen and then the other one is we are physically on Facebook with you. We will be monitoring your

answers carefully. Ja thanks and and it was marketed by a good fun viewers. Yes. Um cake. yes. Is your complex nè. Um Marvana comes a very fast couple. Ja. So in the honor and with Vozi What's up Steve? out on that. Ja it's going to be up tomorrow. Also scared by

endless compartment, Julius were the kunas. Um it's artwork with with spray paint. He had like pin stripe paint off. Um and now for airbrush. Uh huh.

The art of airbrush. Uh airbrush stroke spray painting. Is it? Motoring Wednesdays. Infrastructure takes you on a whole new journey. By car, motorcycle, or lorry. A journey

of intrigue ideas from A to B or even C and D. Motoring on InfoStream Namibia, a whole new world, a whole new journey. Keep your motor running. Head on down the highway. InfoStream Namibia Motorway, everything you need to know about Mimobile's motoring industry. like a like Ja well Dirkas I'm going to have to tell you a bit disappointed in the newspapers this morning. There is news in

the newspaper. The question is just how relevant is this news? And from that is just a comment that I make might be not relevant to us but it might be very relevant to you. But let's just quickly go through a couple of the headlines. Here

in the Oge Minor Saitong this morning. They are reporting that the ministry is using meat that is coming out of other nature conservancy areas. So the idea is you know use that local game meat for for the area that that animal might come from or that animal comes from for the community that lives in that area that might be having starvation issues. Ja. Okay. So that is that is that story. Then also just that

they there was a murder. The the Lekki murder those people have been sentenced And they've been sentenced to 33 years. Um so and then also electricity for ten thousand Uh medical institutions. Ja. Is being reported. Okay. Um so that is

of course good news and that is on the front page of the Ogre Minded Situm today. Ja the Sikus Bay the word day in Sierra. Uh by next very often by Mister Kenneth by media. Working as by a tourist on Namibia in the the ministerial to say eh eh eh and ehm it's basically it lies a little bit in a desert kind of area. So it's going to be interesting to see as to who's going to be administrating the cash. If

somebody pays for this entry fee in cash. And is this going to be accounted for in the proper way? Is this going to go into the right let's say it's government coffers or should there be a private institution that goes out on tender and who then obtains this kind of function. Pretty much the same as in the old days. Can you

remember in the Tosha National Park? Ja. The Namatoni camp, the Alali camp and the Okakuyo camp. They were outsourced into the private sector. And what we saw then is a very good quality camp in the in the Tosha Park.

Remember you not said that financial honesty and their devote level predicted trust forms. So Tourism that is a national park and they'd like trust. know South Africa problems. Power problems. Will persist for years to come. And disseminate South Africa's suffering. It's worst ever

power cuts. As the aging and poorly maintained coal fire plants of state utility Eskom suffered frequent breakdowns. So coffee V ja on Uh listen. So basically he's he's referring to the competition. That he will be holding to day. So ja. Maybe he's got a point.

Ja. Ja. But the mix talk. And give us a little bit of feedback. Here comes the

problem. If you want to qualify in terms of let's say the Olympics or any other registered swimming competition. That swimming pool has to be built according to that Olympic standard. Ja ja. So you cannot practice in a swimming pool that is not at exactly that standard. In other words width. Ja. Length. Correct. And depth. So and then

Monetso Manet Navalukier were the the same Ja. respond in those oxygenol. So this was what's good for the gooses. It's actually quite a valid point though. Absolutely. So is buying restaurant. Uh Um

and and South Africa. We're Don't miss out. Like always, food to perfection. Only at

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Logistics, give us a call today. Like it, like it, like it, like it. Yes. So this will be, will be said, I can't, I can't, still a rugby. I can just say, how come I still live for now? It is conservation and tourism Tuesday. Ja. So we take everything a little bit more.

Ja. Ja. And we'd like to say hello to Vainant Reid, who's one of our wildlife contributors. He's been on the show sometimes. And Vayant By a and I'll give you Conservation okay.

it starts next week. I believe that to be the 21st of November. 21st of November. Yeah. Tomorrow. Yeah. So that course is starting on the 21st of November. It's your last

opportunity for this week to go and register for that anti-poaching course. All you need to do is just go to the Namibia Wildlife Protection. Ja. Uh website. And you'll find

all the details there. Ja. Conservation Because Marketing Yes. And it's not this that this in in Psalm one it and they must buy a discipliner. Ja. Uh it's it's all not that rookies are the is a man are the Kanye Kanye my father introducing me to when I was very young. We went horseback riding in the field when I was four years old. And

he's been teaching me from a very young age about the the spurs. Attracts the different animals, the birds, the trees. Um As I grew older, the love for nature just grew with with it. Obviously, when you start educating yourself, what's going on in the world, you feel much more inclined to to have a purpose and to be part of the solution instead of the problem. To educate people where you can. You're trying to

leave a mark behind in a sense. Cos there's a big need for it. I wish and I hope that more children could grow up like that. Because you you create a love a deep deep love for the environment and for every little thing you see. Whether it's a rhino or a little mouse running in the kitchen. We tend to focus a lot on the endangered species. The the big

elephants and the rhinos. But it's important not to forget about the little things. All part of building that love and the motivation. I'm very

excited for Namibia Wildlife Protection and for this beautiful camp we have Camp Rhino in Namibia the opportunity we are providing for young people to come and learn about being a proper anti-poaching ranger going through the whole curriculum, doing the military-based training. Leave a legacy behind where you can say one day, I've actually made a difference. My kids can see rhinos today because I was part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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they are coming through. You saw Rudy DeValva and the Conservation Nature Let's leave it to Vayner. Okay. So what we are going to be talking about is is, is, is something very interesting, but before we talk about that, he saw a CD and there's a album say album Synomas Cake Bua and Difangelo about Andres Buerta Dal Ken of Meek Kenny Parliament and Okay, then Sonia Brechneider said, a tribe of apes and troop of baboons. Afrikaans. Ja. Afrikaans pursuit. Yes. Uh no to say parliament of apes and a troop of baboons. This novier and angles. Uh say

and Well, of cancer lump. Near. Nia. And yeah. Okay. No. Hey. Well done.

He praises the I think that? Or before that? Okay. Okay so typically one would say the sexual part of crocodiles develops in the egg but at a later stage. Bam. I can only die I'm not putting any incubation. But the business from Ate the Brie. Vitamin It's a condenser that near my liquid. bring us. Ja. To cover this from a car. Ja.

Ja. Ja. Um a Hoover. Hoover and Hoover and Uh but she's on a cake. Um Bapal says back then on see a coin before it of Camille Paraov.

Ja. in the interior time. So I think this weather that we saw last night here in Vintuk we might have a repeat of that again tonight. The coast partly cloudy and cool to warm with a wind moderate to fresh southwesterly to south easterly. Maximum temperatures for tomorrow in Vintuk thirty-three. Wolfers Bay twenty-five. Swakopun no

Wolvers Bay twenty-three Uh my apologies and twenty-one. Then Katima Mulilo, thirty-six. Let's go to almost Thea, 3-seven, Oshakati, also 3seven.

Ochiva Rongo at thirty-five. We can have a look at Marine Tal for that matter. Let me just find it here. Kit Mansuap.

Thirty-three, we don't have temperatures for Marinal or Riobot today. And then let's go to the east of the country. 35 in Khubabas and also in Betabos. Here. In Annette, say 9 unit in that'll be bye bye. Yes and maybe you can bring a doggy along. Ja, ja, ja, ja. Uh, in although subscribe to our channel. Don't

forget to click on the bell icon so you can get an update when new videos are uploaded. Thanks for now. Hope to see you next time.

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