Indian INDEPENDENCE DAY festivities - Mingling with officials - India Motovlog EP53

Indian INDEPENDENCE DAY festivities - Mingling with officials - India Motovlog EP53

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Hello guys! Happy Independence Day! Today is a big day for India, 15th of August And today I'm Live from Leh-Ladakh as you can see, beautiful old town behind me and the palace with a massive Indian flag on it. And I'm on the rooftop of my guest house and as you can see there's a lot going on here. There's a bit of an Army Exhibition, they're playing some music. There's a lot of people as you can see. Hello buddy! Juleh! Juleh! So, how about we go and check it out from the closer range.

Let's go guys! I'm excited, today's a big day! Is this the National Anthem? Okay Okay guys, so, the Army Exhibition is over and people are starting to to enter the place. This TV here Hello Boss! Oh that's proper camera! You want to swap with my camera?! What TV are you working for? NIC Beautiful, we are live on Facebook. Live on Facebook. Okay beautiful! Thank you, guys. Good luck. Thank you. Oh, that's cool! Oh beautiful! Hello... Juleh! Juleh! Juleh! Oh nice! Those are the officials I suppose. It looks so cool with the music, you know, like straight out of the movie! They all looking sharp. They all have their best behavior.

Oh, and look at that behind me! Hey guys?! I'm in sandwich between officials and Army now! Do you know who is the Governor? You don't know? You are like me. You're taking pictures but you don't know, okay! Are you from Delhi? Okay nice to meet you, bro. Wow! that's cool! Hello sir. What part of the Army is this? They are volunteers. Volunteers, Oh!

awesome! Are they from all over India or from Ladakh? From Ladakh. They are all locals. Thank you sir and Happy Independence Day. Thank you. Are they all young? Yeah, they're all super young. They're all like in the early 20s, I would say Hello, very nice sunglasses. Thank you Very classy! I saw you were with all the officials. Yes, You must be an important person.

Hello sir, How are you? Nice to meet you. Pleasure to meet you, sir. Happy Independence Day. Thank you. Thank you, sir. Okay, it seems very formal here, as you can see. Which is good I mean it's a day for it, as well. Oh you have all the other members. All the Army members! Hello Oh, that's cool!

Very nice, very sharp! Hi! I love us! Hi how are you? Pleasure to meet you. How are you doing? What are you gonna see? Yourself in YouTube Nice to meet you, sir. Nice to meet you today! Do you know, so, do you know, who they are? From London School. There's a school

named London School. So, itís the you see the flag there? Yes. London Model Senior Secondary School. Okay Public School. Oh, it's a Public School. Yeah. Not because of the uniform I got noticed, I thought it was the Army. Yeah they took part in the parade.

Okay, but they are not Army. Okay thank you so much! Had to make your fool of yourself. Youngsters! Their are the Youngsters here. What is your school, bro? Okay! Now that the official exhibition celebration is coming to an end, I want to go to the main street to Leh downtown, and test the waters from there, so, you know, feel the atmosphere! Feel the ambience! So, let's go and take a walk in Leh downtown and we can just mingle, party all together, guys. Let's do it! Fine. What are your thoughts on Independence Day, brother? He's very cute and mommy is there, yeah. A little bit too young to give us his impression, his feeling about the 15th of August, I guess. So let's get

going! So the main street is packed, guys. Even dogs are joining the party! As expected a lot of people here, late today, walking down the streets of the beautiful town capital of Ladakh! Where people gathered to take part in the Independence Day Festivities. So, with Saliha, we are not Indian; I'm French Saliha is Turkish, but we still enjoy and tag along to the party; because it's we know, it's a special day for the Country. You know, in France our National Day which is not related to Independence, but to pretty much the fall of the Regime; we had a king until 19 sorry 1789. So, for us it was a bit of a bloody day because we are pretty much celebrating the day where French people went to the massive riot! And, took a prison which is called the Bastille Prison in Paris. And later on we beheaded the King. It was a

very bloody part of our history, because the Kingdom was definitely not the way to go, and the Republic came. So that's at least something we have in common, you know. We both our countries went from a King Kingdom to a Republic. Guys, I just met,

Odin Oldham, yeah, actually my short name is Odin, and my full name is Sharopoldem, okay. Yeah and he's a local from here from Ladakh, but he was telling me he studies in Delhi. I study in Delhi and I'm also a very interested in Social Media. That's why I'm like kind of vlogging, yeah, okay, here.

You see he's also a Vlogger! He's also making video! It also looks very trendy, very fashionable, is it from Kashmir, there yeah this is from Kashmir. One of my friend, this one give me. Oh okay. It's a nice gift and he's very famous in Social Media and also my friends are very famous in Social Media. So, he's a Social Media Guy. They are advising me you can do some special What's your channel? People come forward. So, okay, can I? Of course, okay! I will speak in Hindi. Okay yeah, speak in

Hindi. Speaking I will translate for you guys, later! What's your channel name? Ride with Frenchy! He gave me opportunity on his camera, yes! and I'm very happy. So today is the 15th August. Yes I want you to give your thoughts about the Special Day! What it represents for you. Today yeah, today is the like, you can speak in Hindi. Today, is like Independence Day of India. Subscribe to my Channel Speaking in Hindi at that time I will vary like confidence to speak okay in Pray for me. Pray for all Channels. Yes, it's okay. She doesn't need to pray! Here okay, thank you so much brother!

Appreciate your input! See you next time! And see you soon! See guys, the Indian flags are up today! And you probably guessed where I'm going? I'm gonna walk up to the fort and see what's going on there. Man, look at those!!! Look at those, like small streets and passages! It's really old-school buildings and dog stocks are everywhere in Leh! It's crazy! But yeah, that's really cool! It reminds me of, what was that place I went to? Naco, remember the maze! It was similar, obviously, smaller than that. But loads of similar small passages like that I don't even know the way up actually! Juleh! Juleh! Juleh! Palace Peaceful thank you! Oh, nice yeah, I have been to France? Have you? Yes, sir. Did you have a good Time? Amazing! Yeah But I love south of France more way better, bro. I don't know why everybody goes to Paris, and stuff but no I don't like Paris, I like I can go more of these, yeah. Yeah the south coast is lovely!

How's your experience here?! It is very good, man I've been here for four months now. Amazing and I'm loving it yeah! Today is a special day for you guys. Yeah Yeah I mean I can tell just by the pictures you guys are thinking... What's your name, bro? Ali. Yes, sir. Pleasure to meet you, man. Pierre Pierre Yeah, that's it. Yeah. Where are you from? I live in Mumbai. You

live in India and which part of India? Mumbai, from Mumbai like basically we are from Gujarat. Yes, he's from Punjab. Okay Yeah. I can tell yeah I can tell he's from Punjab yeah only the curly moustache is missing, but I think he's working on it! Yeah he's working on it! And you guys are all together the four of you? Yes sir. Cool! Did you guys go to the palace? Oh it's closed. It's closed. There that's what I heard, too late! Last time we came it was closed again! But this time it's close again! So, we'll see you next time. I love to come here, yeah. Four months, you have been in just Ladakh! No... no... like, I entered from Punjab. I'm riding a bike. Oh amazing! For my country.

So, I entered from Pakistan from Wagha, Amritsar. You are riding from France?! Yeah. Really?! Which bike do you have? Ducati Scrambler. of course, yeah!

I mean I could have done it on the Royal Enfield but we don't have much of those back homes, so I just went for like a local brand Ducati. As far as you get the parts that's it. Yeah and actually, India is good for that. You guys have a lot of Ducati Dealership. We have a lot. Yeah! You do. You will

not get all of this here, but you'll get in Delhi, Punjab. Yeah. One of my cousin owns this Ducati. Nice! Nice! Yeah, he owns this Ducati Dealership. Nice! What's your name, bro? Okay nice! And guys can I ask you like it sounds a bit cliche, but what does it represent to you like a day, like today, like do you feel, what do you feel like? A blessing, bro. Like yeah, like Independence Day for us. It's like you know, it's bigger than any festival for us. Of course! It's very big. Of course. It's hard for me to relate because we

also have a National Day in France. Of course, yes, but we are celebrating something that's like 250 years old. So I can't really relate to it anymore. But for you, it's much more recent and yes it's like you know coming this place like we try on Independence Day, we try to come here because this has more history because our borders the soldiers who sacrificed their life, yeah like this place is, Yeah, true actually, yeah, the border areas are more. Yeah. yeah, like if you are in some town, if you're in like, I take my flag everywhere. Yeah

that's cool man! Last December, I was in Norway. Yeah and in Norway, I was like you know I went to that more upper part of Tromso and all places, Okay, have you been Tromso? I haven't been to that part of Europe yet, no. He loved it. Like you know we love nature so we love all the countries, like who has like full of nature, yeah. Yeah, I love it too, man. And that's why I love it here, because I went to Himachal Pradesh all around, the remote parts, yes sir. Ladakh, a bit of Kashmir,

and I'm going to stay here for like another six months or something. And then I'll go to, what have you decided to go more? Next would be the the Seven Sisters, so Northeast, Seven that Seven Sisters, okay. But we missed it, so we gotta go there next time. And

that's actually, what I'm gonna do because my visa is running out soon. So I'm gonna cross Nepal and come out on the other side yeah then you can enter India again. Yeah exactly, exactly and then you can go. I'll go on the next time, we are planning that part, because we need to go to Mount Everest. Oh yes, that would be amazing! Okay Guys! How are you, man? That's cool! Yeah. What kind of Hindi? You learned here? Oh man!

No I know. It's like all our..... Very good, that makes sense. Yeah, of course, okay. Not much religious small words here and there. You did good! You should know just normally! Yeah. Like you know all the words, like when you stop your directions

notifications are not working, yeah and when you stop and you ask someone like you know how to go there, like sometimes just the simple stuff, like how do you say, like what's that did you say?, and I know you use a lot is it like for I yeah I wonder like you know it's like you know I want to go there how far is it?, I'm watching your videos! Pleasure to meet you sir. Absolute pleasure to meet you! How are you? Fine. Fine. I wish you a happy All the videos. Thank you so much, man. It's very nice of you thank you, sir. Thank you look after yourself. Thank you. Is that what you say. Yes. I could show up something like that, Oh so you, now you're recording this Yeah. Yeah. Don't worry I can blur your face, if you

want. I'm joking! I mean I can edit I can edit whatever, whatever, I want anyway. Just don't show me fat! That's all I want I'll draw some abs! Oh man! That was random, Yeah. What a view, from here unbelievable!

Have you been there? No, but I know there is another one, here. So, I might just climb all the way up here. We are going; we are going there, you want to join us? Why not. I don't know if you're going to see a lot of sunset, today. Anyway no, because if it is like, because the sunset will be soon, because I think it will rain He said like you know, bro. I want to go up, he said you are so small to go up. Oh Really! Geez! Yeah, so, we're trying to go to the smaller palace. There's actually a

smaller palace, which is a little bit above the big one. So, we're trying to go there, but as you can see it's quite busy! Wow, that's beautiful! Bro, come here! Look at the beautiful sky, guys! Yeah, what I call the small palace is the that building, here, and it's actually a Monastery, Tsemo Monastery. And it's very old, actually. It was built by the King as you can see - Tashi Namgyal From here you see, that's the big palace right there. So, it's significantly lower. Well, it might be close but we didn't come here for nothing, because the view is probably the best! View on the city.

Amazing! Oh! Pretty cool! Yes, bro! What do you say? Oh, yeah. Hey, I always forget the hair at the end. Are you okay, bro? Yeah man. You did it, man! Well done, Bubba! well done bro Hey man, we're like 600 meters or something. Yeah bro, of course, we're going to struggle. I've been in Ladakh, here for more than a month and I'm still puffing. I'm still dying anytime I go out.

Beautiful! Monastery, guys, as you can see it's really nice! So, this is it guys! For this 15th of August Video! I hope you guys, enjoyed it! I wish you all a very Happy Independence Day! And I will see you soon in the next Video!

2022-08-27 13:11

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