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-Music- There are 25-30 main counties out of 220 countries. and we have currency for all those 25-30 countries. You will need this international driving license, I got this... The real fun is gonna be during the night! isn't it Nishant bro? -Yeah! Although I am sitting next to all these bags I ain't going with him, but don't think you can enjoy yourself there in my absence. Thailand has a very bad reputation for that. Guys we have chosen this 599 baht plan which has 30 GB. -Singing- After taking bath he is looking so much cute. -He is snow-white now. It's really hard to get him this clean as he rolls on the ground so often, especially where he finds dust. I used 2 shampoos to clean him. Rocky look at me!.....will you bite? come look at the camera....the camera is here.

Look how innocent it's acting, actually, it is innocent. Let's go! Hi guys, good morning, and welcome back to Xtreme moto adventure once again. It's 9 in the morning and I am all set and excited. I have received my visa for the foreign country I wanted to visit, watch the video till the end to know where I am going. There's a probability that you might have read the travel destination in the title. This international travel I am gonna do now will also include my international ride, yeah guys I am gonna ride a bike in this series. we are gonna have lots of fun.

This is a 17-18 days long ultimate series. Which we are going to show you......let me burst the bubble. we are going to Thailand. We are going to show you Thailand's beautiful views and its unique culture. A month ago I applied for a visa and my international driving license. I received them a few days back. Here my breakfast is being made, what's in the breakfast today? -It's Poha.

Poha huh? that's cool! -I have bought something you might wanna see. What's that? -"Mummy's dhaba" Awesome! -It's open 24hrs. 24 hrs huh? let's put this somewhere here. -We will place it here. Here? it looks good here though. -Yeah! -Music- Hey buddy what are you up to?......for what have you come here? have torn all the wallpapers right? There you go he has torn wallpaper here and there. but what am I supposed to do?

He is so cute that I don't feel like beating him. There's something I want to advise you, this here is my passport and this is my international driving license. If you wanna drive a bike or a car in a foreign country then you will need this.

I received this by filling out the form on the online site where I paid around 1030 rupees. I uploaded my pictures and my documents including my passport and other important documents. and I received this in 7 days. I have seen many people struggling to get this by constantly visiting the RTO office but let me tell you don't need to do all that. Go visit the site, I have given this link in the description as well. you can apply on this website and easily get one of these for yourself.

I totally recommend you get this as you will not feel good getting fined in a foreign country and it's a shame to our country as well. This is a solution for many problems you are gonna suffer there, just go spend 5 mins on this site and upload some documents and you are good as done. I received my Visa 17-18 days after applying. I applied for this a month ago.

When you upload for a visa then don't forget to attach the pre-bookings of the hotels you are gonna stay in. This will help you with your visa approval. and one more piece of advice, when you are looking for a hotel then do make sure you chose the 'pay at hotel' option. so that you will be able to cancel it later. We booked all of our hotels on I forgot to tell you that this international driving license is accepted across 130 countries and has a validity of 1 year.

If you want to drive after 1 year then you will have to renew it. I have hidden these places as they consist of my name and address. And the names of all those 130 countries have been written here and inside this as well. We will go to these 130 countries someday but for now, let's go to Thailand. Look who I have found here, this is Nishant bro who is gonna accompany us on this trip. this trip is gonna be exciting.

This Thailand series is gonna be really awesome. we are gonna show you some magnificent scenes. We are here today for currency conversion, we will get Thai baht for a reasonable price here. Because this person we are gonna meet is a trusted connection of Nishant bro.

This is JDS... -JDS Forex. Are we gonna promote Kawasaki?....not really. we are here finally. This is their office, wait a second. this here is the board, JDS Forex, and holidays PVT LTD. Hello Mahesh bro! -Hello sir, how are you? I am cool! -Come have the seat, sir. We are here today for the Thai baht but they provide many currencies. what are all those? -Sir we have currencies of all 25-30 important countries although there are around 220 countries in total the major ones are 25-30.

We have currencies like the Thai Baht, IVR, Indonesia rupees, pounds, euros, and many more currencies are available here. -Are there currencies for Europe? Europe has mainly 16-17 countries and Euro is accepted almost everywhere there. You can even exchange Euros that you will get from here for their local currency.

We are here today for 15,000 Thai Baht. -Yeah sir we have kept this ready here. Mahesh bro, for how long have you been in this business? -I have been around here for 10 years and across those 10 years, we have successfully helped 5000 customer bases. When you search JDS Forex on google, the ratings and reviews will tell you the kind of services that are available here. Here you go sir, your 15,000 Thai Baht which you got exchanged. - Thank you!.....and guys when you reach Thailand you are expected to bring a minimum of 10000 Thai Baht. I have exchanged for 15,000 Thai Baht. And one more thing, don't bring back the coins as they have no value here. make sure you spend them there. Bring back only the notes, and whenever you get your currency exchanged make sure you collect the bill as they have many important details.

The bills consist of the company's GST number, License number issued by the RBI and ci number, Phone number, and much more crucial information on them. If we pay by cash then we will not receive this bill. I meant you can pay cash unto 50000 rupees but any more than that will have to be paid through UPI. -Okay! These are the luggage I am gonna carry for this trip, there are many things and there are many things I haven't placed on this bed.

This is the Navigator tail bag of Rynox in which most of my things will come in, this is 50 liters bag and this is waterproof as well. Along with all these, I am gonna carry this drone of mine which I used in the All-India ride. I am not risking my new Drone as I bought it very recently, so I am gonna take this. If I lose my new drone then I will get very low. -This is smaller as well compared to that.

That's smaller as well right? -But that is slightly bigger than this. Yeah, and I have used this so many times that I feel like I have earned back all the money I spent on this. This is my backpack in which I am gonna carry smaller components like my cameras and power bank, this includes my GoPro. The main camera for vlogging in this video is gonna be this GoPro. Here is the hard disk and a few chargers, this is my rider gear which I am gonna use in my ride in Thailand.

My rider's gear consists of my riding pant and jacket. and not to forget my Mi air compressor which is something I will never leave out. This is an extension wire and some of my clothes. -I haven't packed his inner garments yet. This is a bag I am gonna use for bringing back all the sovereigns. -I am maybe sitting next to all this luggage but I ain't going with him. You are not supposed to enjoy yourself there in my absence, Thailand is already famous for certain things.

I won't have fun there, but... -Have fun but not in the wrong way. I was wondering, it's no use if I am not gonna have fun there in Thailand. -Is it so? I am not gonna do it, you know me right? -Yeah, you are very innocent.

Although I cannot take her on this tour, I will take her on a foreign trip soon. I have already made them accompany me on many of my Indian tours but not as much as I did alone. When we buy our family car then we will ride together and make better content. Let's pack this soon as I will have to depart in the early morning. Not morning, you will have to leave in the night itself. -Yeah! Look at this guys, my wife is packing my stuff so that I can visit Thailand. -That is the extent of freedom that I have showered upon you. Let me remind all of you that I am very innocent.

-Music- We are finally in Indra Gandhi International airport and the announcement has also started. Nishant bro is here as well, so we are gonna have lots of fun here. this is my first international in the past 2 years. Last time I went to Myanmar via Rangoon. I hope so this trip will be... -Awesome!

Yeah!....awesome! This looks like the way to domestic, all our documents are ready. There are Jocks, Jack Daniels, and many more brands here, for those who love buying, this place is heaven for them. We have already checked in, all that is left is to board. The entire world's population was there a minute ago. It was like my house was abandoned. -It was worse than Domestic.

How are you feeling now as we have finally reached here? -I am fully excited. Anyways why do people go to Bangkok?.....everyone knows it. But guys we are innocent. -We are gonna ride bikes there. As you guys know that I am a travel vlogger so I am going there for riding bikes.

We request you maintain social distancing here and follow the signs given from place to place on the airport premises. Where's your seat? -I haven't checked it yet. My seat is to the last. -Music- We request the passengers to fasten their seat belts as the plane is arriving at its destination. thank you. -Music- We have reached Bangkok of Thailand guys and this airport is called 'SVARNABHOOMI'. Svarnbhoomi! Yeah, we are in Svarnabhoomi, we were thinking of buying ourselves a sim here as Indian sims costs higher for roaming.

Immigration procedures are all done and my passport has been stamped. well, I advise you people who finish your procedures back in India. Because there is a huge crowd in the immigration place and it costs around 2500 baht and there's a line for 2000 baht but there much more of your time will be consumed. There are many companies here but according to many vlogs, I saw made me conclude that true 5g is better. Let's check the data plans, we are choosing this plan that costs 599 baht and this gives us 30 GB with a 5g network and free 14 social sites. We reached the taxi stand and the patterns made on these taxis remind me of the autorickshaws in Delhi.

We will have to book a taxi. -Go there, sir. There? Yeah, look at that. Aren't these looking like the Autorickshaws of Delhi? Some of them are Innova and others are Toyota!....look there's a pink one too. How to book a taxi? -Booking is easy, you will have to slide this kind of button ahead in those machines. this will cost you around 800-900 baht. You will have to pay the driver direct. -It's 36 km from here.

We are booking a taxi for 800-900 baht, right? -Yeah! It was quite costly! when converted to rupees they are almost 2000 rupees. We will have to book from the machine right? - Yeah! Book a taxi fast. They are telling me these are CNG-powered vehicles. -CNG! In India...... -Do you know what CNG is? Yeah, I do! -You know what that is? We have these things in India also. -Ok!

Here I thought he was speaking in Hindi. Let's go!....compared to Delhi this place is warmer. Delhi was very cold when we departed from it. Are you a travel vlogger? -Yeah, what's your name? No? -No! No huh? Hindi and no English....what's it called? -Swadeekhap. Swadeekhap huh? -Khapam khaap! Swadikhap basically means hello!...we are headed to Kaav sang which is a major tourist spot. this place is generally famous for parties. Khao san is a happening place and many foreign tourists including Indians come to this place. the prices here were also reasonable for the hotels. so we chose this Kaav sang.

We will explore in the evening and show you the beauty of Kaav Sang. This building looks like Burj Khalifa. That's one sexy car on the road dude! just look at it. This car is also deadly cool, and here goes someone!.... Ramavi... This is a very beautiful country and the roads are very clean and neat.....and here comes a piece of junk as soon as I declared this road to be clean. But this place is so good, I loved it.

Our hotel is 2-3 km from here and look at this! the Golchakkar of Bangkok. That's a double-decker bus on which there's something written called as Koh-Kae. And from place to place things like this are built.....what is this called?

Nishant bro. -Yeah! After coming to other countries we realize what hygiene is. -Yeah! Back in India, there are broken rickshaws moving but here there's nothing like that. look at's a tuk-tuk and folks that moves like a rocket. Look how good the pictures and videos are coming. -We have reached Khao san. Are we in Khao san already? -Yeah! We have reached Khao san and our hotel must be nearby.

This is one-way! -Is it so? Yeah! -Okay, you meant this is one-way. Did you hear the sound? -Yeah and the sound is coming from CNG. Yeah, that's a unique fact on its own. -I saw there was a CNG cylinder attached below. All the Tuk-Tuks here have after-market exhausts here. and I guess we have reached the market of Khao san. -Yeah. So guys this is the market of Khao san. this market here is looking so good!

Where is the hotel? -Uncle here is finding our the way, can a car come this deep in this road? I just hope I don't get a penalty here. the market here is so good! we will enjoy ourselves a lot tonight Nishant bro. -Yeah! Have you seen a hotel here named Villa Cha-cha? -It's just ahead! Your hotel's name is Villa Cha-Cha! -Villa Cha-Cha, huh? that's a cool name there. Look at all these places, guys! these are so gorgeous places. Villa Cha-Cha! -Villa Cha-Cha...

You get yourself a tattoo here if you want the way, we have explored the major part of Khao san in the car itself. This market is so awesome.....look there's Villa Cha-cha. Thanks for watching!

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