Inaugural session of 4th G20 Tourism working group meeting in Goa

Inaugural session of 4th G20 Tourism working group meeting in Goa

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Eastern region. Shree ji Kishan Reddy sir. Honorable Minister of State for tourism and ports, shipping and waterways Shri Yaso Naik ji, honorable minister for tourism and defencery Ajay Bhat sir. Delegates from G20 member countries, guest countries and international organizations. Behalf of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, it is my pleasure to welcome all of you to the fourth tourism working group meeting under India's G 20 presidency. This significant

gathering brings together esteemed representatives from G20 member countries. Guest countries and international organizations. All of us united by our shared commitment to shape the future of sustainable tourism. As we gather here in

Goa for this meeting I sincerely hope each of you is enjoying your stay in Goa. Goa with its beautiful beaches. I am not sure whether you got time to go there till now. Rich cultural heritage and captivating landscapes offer a perfect blend of relaxation and inspiration. On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism Government of India. I extend my heartfelt

gratitude to the government Goa for hosting this meeting. A thematic discussion colleagues on making cruise tourism a model for sustainable and responsible travel. Was successfully organised yesterday. Another thematic discussion or a very important topic. In partnership with UNEP

and UNWTO. Was organized on the topic. Towards a circular economy of plastics and tourism. The global tourism plastics initiative. I extend

sincere gratitude to all the delegates for their participation in both these very important thematic discussions. I am confident that the delegates thoroughly enjoyed and or enjoying their visit to Goa and have an interesting and immersive experience so go on culture and heritage. Colleagues, sir, I would now like to invite honorable Minister of State for Tourism and Defence, Shri Ajaywadji to share his thoughts with us. Over to you sir. Namaskar everyone, good morning to one and all. Honorable Union Minister of Tourism, Culture and Donor Sari Kishan Reddy ji, honorable chief minister, government of Goa, Shri Pramod, Samantha, honorable union minister of State for tourism and ports, shipping and waterways. Sri Sripath Naija, district delegates from G 20 members countries. Guest

countries heads of international organizations, senior government officials from the Ministry of Tourism and G 20 secretariat. Dignitaries and friends from the media. I take immense pleasure in extending a warm invitation to all the distinguished delegates.

Gathered in Goa for the fourth tourism working group meeting. To algorithm gives people the chance to learn about other cultures and empowers communities which helps the economy grow. Creation of robust infrastructure at the destination boosted by enhancement in last mile connectivity has facilitated an increase of tourism experiences in the country. Further social media has also contributed a lot in promotion of lesser known tourism destinations. Edge tourist look out for enriching experiences combining thrill, pleasure and cultural exchange. Friends, it is interesting to note that India is a major hub for spiritual tourism and heritage tourism. I

take immense pride in informing the esteemed gathering that the pilgrimage, the rejuvenation and spiritual heritage augmentation drive scheme of the Ministry of Tourism was started in two thousand fourteen fifteen by the Ministry of Tourism in order to make pilgrimage destinations and heritage cities more appealing to tourists. The goal of the scheme is to promote the overall development of pilgrimage destinations and heritage cities by putting in place well planned tourism infrastructure that gives tourist ease of excess safety cleanliness and good service. In addition to incorporating sustainability in destination development, the ministry of Judaism also leaves great focus on development of ruler, tourism, destination. They aim to preserve and promote cultural and natural heritage.

While also making sure that tourism leads to sustainable development. Ladies and gentlemen, it is important to remember that tourism has a significant impact on the natural and built environments. And on the well-being and culture of host populations. I want to inform that the Ministry of Tourism lays great emphasis on promoting sustainability through the various projects and initiative. Thereby promoting

sustainable tourism along the entire tourism value chain. And ensuring optimal utilization. Of environment resources that constitute a key element in tourism development. Friends, I would like to take a moment to congratulate on the successful site events held yesterday on making cruise tourism a model for sustainable and responsible travel and the insightful discussions that took place on the lines of the global tourism plastics initiative. The global plastics initiative Brings the travel industry together for achieving a unified goal. That

is to eradicate plastic pollution at its source. This requires collaborative and dedicated efforts from governments, industry players and other tourism stakeholders. Thereby promoting sustainable tourism practices within the tourism industry. Discussions

held during the site event on the global tourism plastics initiative. Highlight the importance of collaborations and partnerships for commitment to plastic reduction. Effective implementation of the initiative would require sharing of best practices and and target setting and the timeline for incorporating and promoting sustainable packaging in the tourism value chain and moving away from usage of single use plastics. Friends, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate you all for your valuable inputs and the significant contribution in finalizing the Goa road ma the key deliverable of the tourism working group under India's G 20 presidency. I extend my wishes for today's discussions. Jai Hind. Thank you sir for

your kind words. May I now take a minute to extend a very warm welcome to the honorable chief minister of Goa, Shri Pramod Sawant sir. And the honorable Minister for tourism for Goa, Shri Rohan Condesa. Ah sir, now I would like to invite honorable minister of state for tourism and ports, shipping and waterways. Government of India, Shri Shripa, the Assona Exal to share his thoughts with us. Noishkar to everyone. Good

morning to one and all. Honorable chief minister of Goa Mandi Doctor Pramod Samanji. Honorable Union Minister of Tourism, Culture and Donor. Panishri Kishan Reddy ji honorable minister of State for Tourism and Defence, Manish the Ajay Bharji, distinguished delegates from G 20 members countries, gas countries, heads of the international organization, senior government official from the Ministry of Tourism and G twenty secretary, dignitaries, and friends for media. Ladies and gentlemen, friends is my pleasure to welcome all of you to the beautiful state of Goa This perfect holiday destination is a colourful kaleidoscope of different things to see and do. It is sharing landscape. I am

lying beaches. Golden sand, lust in countryside. And an amazing mosaic of wonderful cultural history. And a unique mix of eastern, west culture. Goa of the India's smallest state in the term of size. But it has a wide range of enriching expenses. Goa is a

tropical temperature is a is a popular tourist spot all year long. It is also the treasure trove of culture, music, dance and different kinds of art. While the heritage sides of this tiny state attract the pilgrims and travelers from the around the world. Goa is also renowned for the unique Goa carnival festival Hey, three days non stop extravagant, celebrated since the 18th century. Ladies and gentlemen, a part of from this over the recent years, Goa's position itself is a global hub for adventure tourism activities.

Goa proves the perfect kinds of adrenaline pumping adventure and it is the best place to be. If you like auto sports. Some of the adventure activities of Goa include the wind surfing, water skiing, jets, jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat ride, scuba driving and catamaran sailing. Cruises particularly sunset and moonlight cruises are also a popular hit among the tourist. Friends, it is an interest interesting to note that As a country, India is a great destination for auto sports because it has such a vast and varied coastline, diverse marine life. Pleasant weather and fascinating culture experiences. India is a home to

a diverse and beautiful coastline. Spending more more than 7, 500 kilometer. and seven major river that are longer than 7 700 kilometers. The coaster region at Rivers India offer a scenic backdrop for trying out varied adventure activities and create the lifetime memories. The well developed tourism infrastructure along the coastal areas and water bodies combined with the favorable weather condition aids in promoting the adventure tourism in the country as is evident in the growing popularity of the segment amongst the domestic and foreign tourist. Further, I

am happy to inform you that the Ministry of Tourism has launched the national strategy for Adventure Tourism to position India as a preferred adventure tourism destination and help adventure tourism go in the country. This strategy focus on developing the adventure destination, promoting the safety in adventure tourism, skill development, capacity building and marketing. The Ministry of Tourism has also set up a national nodal agency to help and promote and grow sustainable rural and adventure tourism in the country. Friends, I am glad to share with you that the side event on the tourism held as a part of the fourth tourism working group meeting witness impactful deliberation on making good tourism a model for sustainable and responsible travel. It is

the important to note that cruise tourism provides an all inclusive experience offering an opportunity to combine the real estate and entertainment. Through the fabric of sustainability Over the year, coast tourism has seen a huge rise in popularity becoming a top choice for the travelers all over the world. The growing popularity of the poor tourism experience can be attributed to the fact that the tourist can visit multiple destination in a single trip with great comfort and ease. A wide range of on

board and entertainment option provided seamless experience to the traveller. Friends, one of one can enjoy the cruise experience in India along the western coast connecting the Mumbai and Goa. Extending till Kochi in Kerala. Further

tourist can also enjoy the cruising on the water of Holy Ganga and backwaters of Kerala. From quizzing on the mighty Mama Buddha river to visiting the pictures to of Lakshadeep and Andaman and Nicovan. India offers scenic visit to breathtaking destination through the cruise tourism. While an head into the including discussion for the Ford Tourism Working Group meeting. I extend my heartiest wishes to all the delegates from the accomplishment of the Goa road map for tourism as a vehicle for achieving the sustainable development goals. The Goa road for the tourism based on the effort of the G20 tourism working group in the past three years and identify the five interconnected priority areas under the India's G 20 presidency of Green tourism destination skill development Tourism MSMEs and destination management with the corresponding recommended action to progress the achievement of the 2 thousand 30 agenda for the sustainable development goal. I am Karvi

that the Goa road map shall be a key guide guiding tool for the creation of the sustainable, inclusive and resilient tourism sector. Wishing all the best to everybody. Thank you very much. Jai. Thank you very much sir for your wishes and your guidance. May I now request the honorable union minister for tourism, culture, development of North Eastern region, Shri J Kishan Reddy ji to deliver his address please.

Very very good morning to one and all. Irrespective Shri Pramod Sawan ji honorable chief minister of Goa, My ministerial colleague Shri Shrinay and ah Shri both are tourism ministers in government of India under leadership of the Narendra Modi ji. Mr. Rohan Kante ji tourism minister of Goa state and this this unit delegates from G20 member countries. And invite

countries. Heads of international organizations. Senior government officials from Ministry of Tourism.

Government of Goa. And ah G 20 secreted dignitaries. And the friends from media. I wholeheartedly Welcome all the delegates who have gathered today for the fourth and final Tourism working group meeting this year. In the first few months G20 Tourism Working Group meetings held under India's presidency at a first meeting run of Kach Gujarat state. Second meeting Siliguri, Dorjeling, West Bengal state.

And ah one of the important meeting, third meeting we organised understand Jammu and Kashmir states. Friends, all these meetings we had some insightful discussions and thoughts provoking and positive decisions on different types of tourism products all over the globe with the experts innovators, and the leaders from across the world. I thank all the delegates from G20 countries and invited countries for their active participation in all these meetings. Friends,

a visit to India would be incomplete without experiencing the beauty, richness, greatness importance of our spiritual strength and the diversity different places in my country. We are home to more than 50 Shakti Pitas means where the divinity of women is worshiped. Joti Lingos, spiritual power centers. We have Sikh Golden Temple Amur sir. Which is a symbol of brotherhood and equality. India is the

birthplace of Sikhism. Returned a large Buddhist monasteries across India. Remain the world. As the Buddhism principles of non violence. India is a

birthplace of Buddhism. Friends, Jain philosophy of living in harmony with nature. The basis of the government's lifestyle, environment, India is the birthplace of Jain religion also. The world's Number one spiritual activity we can experience in India Friends, 80% of Hindu religious country also. Friends, this is

a mother of democracy in India. Mother of spiritual centres in India. Friends, since the ancient times, travelling to India was an avenue for finding oneself India has always been popular Destination for travelers from all corners of the globe. seeking spiritual enlightenment and self discovery. Today, many spiritual organizations are working across the globe. To

making India's where life and spiritual greatness. Available to one and all. And accessible to your doorstep. This cloth. And ah not limited to number of organisations like Iscon, International Society of Spiritual Consciousness out of living foundation. Brahmakumari organization. Swaminara and Sonsta, Isha Foundation, Rama Krishna Mission, Mata, Amruta Nandaya, hundreds of spiritual organizations. Thousands

fails to experience India's culture and spiritual heritage. Friends, ensuring that this rich heritage and civilization, strength gets due recognition, our government under leadership of the Narendra Modi ji has been promoting Tourism since two thousand fourteen. In fact, is a very own tourism ambassador introducing Indian tourism at the global stage. In India, in the spirit of our ancient philosophy, of where the guest is treated as divine. After COVID-19 Again, our foreign tourist arrivals also increased. Foreign tourist during the period of January to April in last year, this year 2023 is hundred and 166% of higher than arrivals registered during the last year same period. India is expected to to

recover its inborn travel to pre-pandemic level in twenty twenty-three. As we are aware tourism is one of the most prominent sectors of global economy. Holding vital influence on all sectors of the society. In line of with the priorities of India's G 20 presidency. The Goa G20 meetings outcome for future identifies five interconnected priority of G 20 countries working group. Discussions on green tourism. digitalization,

development tourism, SMSE, MS, MSME and discrimination management. The outcome aims to support a more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient tourism in the future. I hope in the final meeting, it will provide us well action point, action plans accommodations for national and other countries, government and other than tourism stakeholders to act upon the achieve sustainable development goals. Under India's G 20 presidency, the Ministry of Tourism is attending to develop India's tourism sector, a mission mode. Friends currently our Indian government has two priorities Sustainable infrastructure creation. to cater. Growing needs of tourists and raising awareness among the tourist for responsible conjunction and adoption of the environmentally conscious lifestyle. I am also happy to

inform all the delegates that ah from India's G twenty presidency through the launch of G20 tourism and SDG dashboard a legacy been created. I am happy, I am happy to inform you. The dashboard is being developed shall promote principles, initiatives, best best practices by the G20 countries and guest countries in building a more sustainable, inclusive and resident sector. I take this opportunity to congratulate all of the for the conclusion and welcoming the Goa road map ministerial meeting declaration. Let us all work together, bridge the gap between public and private leaders and build a more diverse, resilient and sustainable tourism sector for the future generation. I once

again thank you all and wish you a presented stay in the beautiful tourism state of India. Wishing of you all the best. Thank you Jai Hind. Thank you very much sir for your insightful remark to run support and guidance. It's now my pleasure to invite the honorable chief minister of Goa, Shri Pramod Sawanji to address today's gathering and convey his vision to all of us. Over to you sir. Namaskar, Very good morning one and all. Gracing these

occasions are Sriji Kishan Reddy ji, honorable minister for tourism and culture, government of India. Shripat Naik ji, honorable minister of state for tourism, culture, waterways and ports. Government of India. Shriya Jay Bhatji, honorable minister for the state for tourism and defense, government of India. Sir Rohan Gaute, Tourism Minister of Goa, Srimati, yes, Vijavati secretary tourism government of India, Honorable ministers from G20 countries. All the

dignitaries, my friends from the electronic and brand medias and dear friends. It is a immense pleasure and honor for me to welcome each and everyone of you who have travelled from the various corner of globe to join us in this moment gathering for the G 20's tourism working group meeting. Which will ensure in shaping the road map for the sustainable tourism and promoting international cooperation. As we gathered here today in Goa under the theme of we embark on the collective journey towards a more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous world by urging to embark the diversity of our planet and work together towards one earth, one family, one future. Goa is famously known as the pearl of the orient and has been attracting million of domestic as well as foreign tourist annually. It is

known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant night life, thrilling adventure sports, pristine western guard, mesmerizing waterfall, serene back water, yoga and wellness streets, delicious cuisine and the unique culture and heritage. Goa is an all season tourist destination where there is an something for everyone in this coastal paradise. Go attracts majority of the tourist charter flights coming to India. Tourist mostly indulge in the various kinds of water sports. Experience the

vibrant night life at an musical events, cultural programs and try out a local of the cuisine and the beach sex. Various tourist also prefer wellness and yoga retreats that the state has to offer. Goa is also famous for its vibrant flora and fauna. Adds 60% of the state is covered by forest which attracts bird watcher, biodiversity expert and other wildlife injustice. Specially

Doctor Sarimali Bird Sanctuary is protected area that attracts eminent oriental and bird watcher to experience the migratory bird and other species in mangrove marshes. Goa is also post a rich cultural heritage. The state is a home to the numerous NCN temples, churches and fort.

Reflecting its rich history of various dynasties such as Vijaynagar, Kadamba, Maratha et cetera. The vibrant blend of Indian and Portuguese influence can be seen in architecture, cuisine, festivals and tradition of the Goa adding to its appeal as a touristic destination. We have recognized the potential of the events and festival in attracting the tourist and promoting our culture and showcasing the vibrant tradition. such as art, music and cuisine of Goa. We

create a compelling reasons for a tourist to visit and experience the essence of our cultural heritage. The unique festivals like Chikal Kalo, which it can which can be called the tomatinia of the east. Or the sun attracts a tourist to experience unique and diverse culture. One of the smallest state of India. The COVID-19

pandemic amidst the challenges has highlighted the importance of developing the resilient practice in tourist tourism industry. Goa being the first state in India to receive the global safe travel stem from the WTT CII. Was committed in reviving its tourism sector after the pandemic in more responsible manner. Good

governance is the cornerstone of of any successful nation. And India has demonstrated its unwaving commitment to effective governance through the strong leadership and visionary policies. Under the visionary guidance of honorable prime minister Sri Narendra Modi ji and unwavering support of his able team member Sriji Kishan Reddy ji. The collective

efforts of the government of Goa and the central government have laid the foundation for conducive environment for the citizen to foster the growth, innovation and sustainable development. Following the direction of honorable prime minister of India, the Ministry of Tourism launched the campaign focusing on UA Tourism Club. With the strategic objectives to creating the interest awareness and sense of responsibility towards our countries, natural and cultural heritage and tourism amongst the children and youth. With

the institutional support from like of the National Institute of Water Sports, Institute of Hotel Management, VM Salgao Institute of Culinary Education et cetera. Our endeavor is to provide regular human resource to hospitality and allied services. Through collaborative efforts aimed at promoting the sustainable tourism practices. To ensure that our rich natural resource and environment are preserved for generations to come. Our has been instrumental in developing tourism infrastructure for the private investors to enhance the tourism offering In turn being benefiting the tourist. Moreover, the state has been instrumental in developing forward looking tourism master plan. To enable the strategic

and sustainable development of tourism industry. Over the years, we have witnessed the evolution of our tourism market. And today, I want to emphasize the importance of sustainability as a key aspects in this sector. We actively

engaging in conservation efforts to protect our natural resources including our beach, forest and wildlife sanctuaries. We encourage the eco-friendly practices among our hospitality industry. Promoting management initiatives and educate the tourist about the importance of preservation our environment.

We have been introducing new tourism services such as e-bicycle tour, hanging and floating restaurant, adventure activity like bungee jumping, showcasing the freedom struggle at Mark Agwajal museum. Spiritual Tour and various experiential tours offering the and unforgettable moments for tourist. I invite you all to witness the transformation of Goa by promoting the responsible practices, diversifying our offerings and and showing our cultural and natural wealth to create an unparalleled and sustainable destination for world to experience. I express my deepest gratitude to each one of you for gracing us with your presence at this significant event. Our discussions to be

fruitful, our collaborations being endured and our shared vision of our prosperous and inclusive world we realised. Let us utilise this platform to forge alliance, share best practices and collectively work towards the future and where our global family can thrive together. Thank you one and all. Thank you honorable chief minister sir for sharing your vision and once again a very big thank you for the form hospitality extended with the state government of Goa. Ah

ladies and gentlemen with this the inaugural session has come to an end. Ah we now have a 30 minute break to reassemble back here at ten 40. Ah this break is for tea, coffee and a cookie and a cashew since you are in Goa. Be back at

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