Impressing These Cyclist With My Mediocre Japanese! Bike Touring Japan #8

Impressing These Cyclist With My Mediocre Japanese!  Bike Touring Japan #8

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In this video, I ride 56 kilometers from Takauka City to the beautiful historical city of Kanazawa Just wanted to stop and talk to somebody because it is quiet here I'm back in another another town going through the streets not a soul I Like that I Eat Indian food for the first time since my trip to India and share with you a little bit about what went wrong with that trip And I ride my bike all over Kanazawa and share with you a little bit of its history and what makes it such a Beautiful city. So Kanazawa is a really beautiful city and There's a couple reasons for that the first one being well It wasn't those dudes over there eating my breakfast How's it taste come back in the crows gotten into my little baggy hair and? Tour apart my oats. Well, good morning Good morning from Takauka I ended up staying at the exact same place.

I did my laundry yesterday It's time to move on Get the show on the road figure it out from there. Oh you want more, huh? Get out of here Okay, so here's the plan We're gonna try and book it look at the crane We're gonna try and book it to Kanazawa I'm going to eat it. Ok, let's go. I'll eat it. It's ok.

It's ok? Yes. How do you eat it? I don't know. I don't know how to eat it. I don't know how to eat it.

I'll eat it. I'll eat it. It's ok.

It's ok. I'm going to eat it. I want to eat it.

Man, my day almost got ruined really quickly. not because of these cones right here but first i went over to this one and i kicked it with my foot and then that guy rolled out all right so i haven't had indian food since i left india about a month and a half ago so i think it's about time pataj maha one place i actually didn't go to where from? america america wow nice yeah i do miss the food in india that's for sure most of it so yeah my uh india trip did not go as planned i would say it was a little bit of a disappointment for me uh a plan on staying is up i don't know six months maybe but i only lasted like six weeks you know i prepared a lot for it too i uh i studied like 60 lessons 60 30 minute pimsler lessons on my phone you know i have a whole notebook full of just you know hindi notes and then on my computer i have like 20 plus pdf files of different historical things that i'd studied and i read books i watched movies like article 15 and lagan pk and i would i don't know i was like super prepared but i guess india in a lot of ways maybe because it's not for everyone my videos also struggled a lot there one thing that really got to me was the traveling the the night buses that you take from city to city and so you get on the bus at like i don't know 7 38 9 10 p .m and then you you ride for you ride for up to 15 hours sometimes and then but you're in a little small capsule you have your own space but I just could not get comfortable you're constantly like getting jerked around the road is bumpy this is what I'm looking at right here it's actually a lot wider than the last one I took that's because I think they're both kind of doubles so they brought the wrong they brought the wrong bus so I was like well that word is single I don't want to share with nobody and so I started getting nervous because the bus would stop every every like 15 minutes or so and just like a group of 10 or 15 dudes just one the bus wanting to get on and I couldn't get any sleep then then you get kicked out into the city like 4 or 5 a .m. and then sometimes there's people like coming up to you like like right when you get off the steps like where you going what do you you know you need a you need a hotel you You know, it took two, blah, blah, and then you're just like, man, give me some space.

That whole next day after traveling too, it just, you're just zonked out. You're just like, you just want to rest. Am I ruling India out in the future? Not completely, but maybe going there with somebody would have been different too, you know? Yeah.

This way? Trying to get out of going up the hill, but all right, let's do it. I want legs like this dude right here. Look at them calves, damn. Maybe if I do that long enough, I'll get legs like that. I can only hope.

Not quite the same. No, no. No, no, no, no, no.

Marin. Marin, we did great. We are all good, you know? It's worth it, thank you.

I'll take care of you. Thank you, my love, my love, thank you. Thank you, my love. All right, I needed a good workout. Let's fight! Up or down? Down is Kanyokatta.

It kind of looks just like the maple and butter Cambini thing right got two two flapjacks and cream and some strawberries it's sweet and it's good mm -hmm that whipped cream all right so I'm gonna treat myself tonight come to this super bath house it's basically like an amusement park bathhouse I guess I mean they have everything you can imagine in here for a bathhouse. They have you know, you can get a haircut You can get a massage the the onsen the bathhouse itself. I'm sure they're gonna have like I Don't know five six different baths sauna You can really come and treat yourself.

You're gonna have restaurants still have like a Manga reading corner like probably a huge tatami room where you can just chill and relax Man this place is a madhouse. There are kids running around everywhere in the bath itself It's not as good as the onsen towns I think it's just regular water that they heat up and so it's not like a true onsen Yeah, I'm gonna chill out here. I've been charging up over here Working on a video. I'm only on number two and so that'll give you an idea how slow I am right now Only working on the second video, but I think it's gonna be a good one Man am I lucky Found this park that has this little covered bench area Man, I was looking on Google Maps at the onsen place Just looking at different parks just like looking at the pictures seeing if there is Anything that has something like this and none of them did and park. I was that earlier today Nothing, and so I was kind of thinking I was gonna be stuck in the right tonight All right, nope, I'm gonna be Completely covered it's kind of dripping down at the door, but for the most part I should be good and so Hopefully this is a nice neighborhood.

Hopefully people don't really care I'm sure I'll be up early anyways, but Yay the rain stopped You Hello there and welcome to Kanazawa. So I didn't really realize it but I'm staying, well the park I stayed at last night is right next to one of the world famous Geisha District here in Kanazawa. And so I didn't have to go far and I was just wandering through the streets and sure enough I'm here starving this is a little tea matcha Japanese matcha sweet shop let's have some breakfast basically looks like the the maple syrup and butter one the the onco one you got two pancakes and some I'm tearing it apart that's not good and some sort of matcha I don't know, a matcha red bean paste? Yeah, that's a very strong matcha flavor, which I like it though.

I'm not going to do it, but here you can buy a gold ice bar for 700 yen, which that's only like five bucks nowadays. Everybody get your phones out, take your pictures. This is the famous Tea House District right here.

This neighborhood is over 200 years old. Started during the Edo period. That would have been amazing to see back in the day. Bunch of geishas walking around. But they've done a wonderful job restoring the place, as you can see. All the buildings are still built out of the old traditional wooden -style homes.

It's nice. So I found myself inside of basically an arcade, a fish market arcade, tons of seafood here. I saw these two girls over here eating the biggest onigiri I've ever seen. Not really, but it's a special one. It's unagi. It is eel, and I don't think I'm going to find that probably anywhere else on this trip, so let's give it a go.

All. That is a mouthful. Pretty good. The sauce on it is kind of sweet. That's a lot of rice.

Also got me some salmon rolls right here. No bicycles? Yeah. Ah, okay. I'm sorry? Get out. Get out. No bicycle inside here? Yeah, you don't know, right? Even if I walk it? Walking? Walking, walking.

I'm walking. No, no, no, no. No.

Okay. I like school. Is there a parking? Okay. So Kanazawa is a really beautiful city, and there's a couple reasons for that. The first one being, well, it wasn't targeted during World War II, and so a lot of the old Edo -style buildings from 200 -plus years ago, you know, they were able to survive the war. They weren't burnt down like, you know, a lot of Japan was, and so they were able to preserve a lot of the old buildings here.

That's one reason. The second... reason is the clan here, the Daimyo here, the clan that ruled this area, they were the second most powerful clan in Japan.

Behind that of the Tokugawa clan in Edo in Tokyo and so the Edo period to me is just a really fascinating period. It's the period from around 1600 to 1853 or so. It's when the entire country was completely shut off besides maybe one port Nagasaki that was open to the VOC and the Dutch for a while but there are a few clans like before this peaceful time there was a there was a long civil war for like 200 years it was one of the most bloodiest eras in Japan and so it went from like the bloodiest to the most peaceful and so during that civil war finally the Tokugawa clan won out and if you were part of those clans that were fighting against him well you you know obviously you were on the shit list you were on the bottom bottom of the list when it comes to you know what's the word I'm looking for not benefits but like the the clan that kind of helped fight in the war the civil war was the Maeda clan and for for fighting for Tokugawa they were rewarded this castle here and this domain and so they were second only to Tokugawa the the leader here in Japan and so that's another reason why this this town the city is so beautiful because it was rich back in the day and then one more side note about the Edo period something that I find pretty fascinating so you know it went from one of the bloodiest periods here in Japan to one of the most peaceful and how did they do that well The Tokugawa clan would take hostages. And so all the clans, all the domains throughout Japan, the heirs to the throne of those domains, they had to live in Edo, in Tokyo. And so that prevented any of the domains from revolting, because if they did, they would just kill the heirs to your domain, your providence, and if you lost, they would just give it to somebody else.

Yeah, that's how they kept the peace for so long. They would take hostages. That's crazy. It worked.

All right, the sun's come out, and we've got ourselves a beautiful day today. And I think there's no rain in the forecast for a while. Hell yeah. I like that. Edo's now. Yeah.

Yeah, 21st century contemporary art museum here in Kanazawa. I've actually been to it 14 years ago with my cousin and his then girlfriend, now wife, but they had this installation there last time. It's pretty cool that there's a room underneath here that you can go into. And so it looks like people are standing inside the pool. But today the the museum is closed, but I guess they have some installation, some exhibits that are open even on the days off, but I guess some of these rooms over here we can't go in. Moshi Moshi.

Hello. Hello. Somebody. Talk to me. I need somebody to talk to.

Hurry somebody. Say hello. Damn. Nobody wants to talk to me.

So yeah, these are linked throughout the the park, I think on all other sides. It's kind of fun, but nobody to nobody to talk to, unfortunately. Okay, so I'm just leaving the the 21st century museum and I ran into a couple a couple nice folk them from Indonesia. And so what's your name? My name is Ahmad from Indonesia and yesterday I arrived in Japan.

He was saying this city Tokyo, Kanazawa is very nice, very clean. Some water, something's flowing over here kind of startle me, but yeah, I was asking him what he thought about Japan so far and super clean, super clean. So nice. So nice.

Yeah. Yeah. You arrived here yesterday.

Yes. Came from Tokyo all the way here to. Kanazawa. And then how long are you here? For a week.

A week. And so where are you going? Tomorrow we are going to Osaka and Kyoto. Osaka Kyoto. Oh, and one day? One day trip. One day trip. Osaka, Kyoto, both? Yes.

Wow, they are busy. Busy. Okay. And then after that? After that, Shiragawa go. Shiragawa go.

I'm not sure where that is. Where is Shiragawa go? In Gifu district. Okay.

In Gifu. Take a bus for one day trip also. Okay. Okay. And then after that? After that, back to Tokyo.

Back to Tokyo. Okay. And where are you from? In Indonesia? From Jakarta. Jakarta. The traffic jam city.

The world is so busy. All the motorbikes. Everywhere. Everywhere.

Appreciate it. thank you thank you so much thank you we really do have ourselves a beautiful day today i'm loving it after this cold rainy start of the day hopefully it's like this from here on out the forecast is looking promising hello all right over here on the corner there's this samurai gift store probably selling a bunch of this cheesy samurai stuff but there's there's one thing that i used to have that i lost that i'm gonna go look for i hope they have this thing was awesome do you have the ear samurai katana ah we don't have something like that oh man sorry way from america the u .s yes i bought that a long time ago it was like this little bitty sword and he could dig yeah i haven't seen some of them as a phrase you see it man i was like surely they would have it here sorry no it looks something kind of like this yeah but yeah we have some hip on nice and then two drops too okay all right appreciate it thank you man i could have sworn they would have that but i guess not i mean that i just feel so good when you scrape out your ears with one of those things if you've never tried it you should so kanazawa has i think one of the most epic facades in japan when it comes to station look at that there's a big torii gate right here that's pretty cool i'm gonna have to admit I have enjoyed riding the bike around the city today like you see people waiting in line for the bus You know people lugging around there. There's big old backpacks and suitcases and whatnot, and I'm just Cruising on my bike.

I love it. I don't have to wait don't have to lug around a bunch of stuff It is nice. It is nice With the bikes yeah, we can do well you get these little bags Okay We have yet to be reviewed by anyone, but you're supposed to take both wheels off Taking one wheel off And then you like zap strap it the one wheel and then it fits in the bike bag cool Then you carry it and technically I didn't y 'all ride I was actually gonna take a peek at your set up here. You guys got the full bags. Those are nice It's uh, can I see how yeah, oh Yeah, you are loaded down aren't you I have a special uh -huh. Where are you come from? So I'm from the States.

Hey, I'm from Texas. You bring all these things and you They're okay. So how do you know this area? How did you get to know? This area by a book or I used to live in Japan.

Oh, I see and so I Lived in Guma Guma And so I don't know I've I've been to kara. Is our I'm sorry. I kind of kana Zawa 14 years ago But I went to Joetsu and then I was told to Yama now here you just speak Japanese Rowan nice to meet you Rowan and Chris nice to meet you Parkour parkour you said that Oh Damn nice, whoo Awesome, I think yes Definitely found the less scenic side of Kanazawa and that would be the west side of the station This would be the business district It looks kind of like every other city in Japan That's a sunset right there Wow Not a bad stretch of beach right here is it damn all the way down nice day nice day I just want to say it was nice to meet all the people in Kanazawa today I met two girls from Berlin two dudes from Berlin too that was kind of a coincidence kind of a strange thing two dudes and two girls from Berlin and then met a nice guy early on in the morning from Israel came up and said hello met that nice couple at the station there from Canada and then who else oh yeah the the nice Indonesian couple at the Art Museum so got to meet a lot of nice people today and you know I think the bike draws a lot of attention but also that sign that I got in Indonesia in Bandung that $10 sign that says my YouTube name on it yeah it's so money so good but I don't know if I'm gonna end the video here but got me a nice sunset gonna cruise the coast as long as I can and then find a part probably find a convene call it a night but it looks like I got a long stretch to go

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