ILS Episode 80: Protecting Intramuros: 2021 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of PD 1616

ILS Episode 80: Protecting Intramuros: 2021 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of PD 1616

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Okay, so it's now three progress. This is now our eighty-eighth ah episode. And I am your host Christian Gatahan. Today's lecture will be given to us by a very familiar face in the ILS. Mister Rancho Rosilia who hosted a lot of our episodes. His lecture will be

about the Lastly, please note that this webinar is recorded and the recording shall be made permanently available in IA social media channels. So, oops. So let us proceed. this current episode, episode number eight is actually a sequel to it is the need for regulation.

So hindi ri enough that there's just recognition of importance Manila. However, areas you need to move where you can build modern structures and there are areas specifically identified as the historic four. Which should be ah colonial architecture only. interestingly, the 1973 plan was also the first implementation devolves.

Here are some of the powers and functions of the Intramuros administration. It is the pursuant to residential decree. Number 16 16. So it has the power of eminent domain and expropriation. That's the power of it is the right of first refusal. Meaning a property cannot be sold to other persons. If the administration

has not are under the authority of known by several names in the past. So Regulations have been focused so much on aesthetics. And so styles that scale in proportion and relationship with other buildings have been forgotten. And have been unregulated. That

is why ito nature and yeah. The greed actually is no longer discernible. If wala yung calzada. If we're going to view the buildings only. Back then the grid was identifiable A lot of the problems 'no have been extensively discuss which have been implemented for received inputs of e-commerce, no? They have provided sweet comments. We have Neda has provided their inputs as well.

The MMBA etcetera, and to many people. So we have been very thankful. And of course, as much of us, we have Incorporated as many comments. As many suggestions So this is timeline 'no? So in twenty 17, there were two very important cases. The let The petrol gas station was initially not approved. However, that disapproval lacked So in twenty 18, we have started revisions on the hype rules And we've initiated public consultations as well in twenty 18. But of

course that was not enough. Parang in order for us to second consideration is the 2019 Conservation Management Plan. The third consideration, division for Intramuros as a model urban heritage site of National Historical Cultural Heritage, Sustaining People and Life Systems Within, and contributing to the national cultural, and socio-economic progress. So yun yung mga overarching ng mga consideration. And let's talk

about the IRR. Of 2021. Ito na yung us. So Mirror 4 main innovations Provisions were added for the greater protection and promotion of its a more special character and identity including provisions for the strengthening of architectural policies to ensure greater historical appropriateness, Measure to ensure inclusive inclusivity for all stakeholders in Intramuros including the elderly persons with disability and other persons with special needs. the strengthening of architectural policies. So on the technical committee and architectu There is new archival data or whenever there is new Then we have established criteria for reconstruction. Under the new

IRR. So reconstruction should not always be required. It can only be required if it satisfies the following criteria. So what are these criteria? There are enough primary resources, to so that for example the family building on the right or the immigration building on the left has to be altered.

Alteration should be in harmony with the original design of the building. text. So these are another additional changes in terms of strengthening of architectural policies, expansion of definition of terms. So we have expanded definition of terms.

That was another ah change regime. So we're trying to make it more inclusive as soon as possible. And more to to the original intent of the presidential decree number 1616. We have new rules and monuments. And we have created an office of the spectatory to exercise the visitorial powers of IA. In terms of building heights and measurements, there are no changes. We are keeping the 11.

five meter height. And in terms of roof, this one this one has never been tested yet, no? Walapa naman nagaaptay na bago pero, I'm curious as to yung implementation ito pero church So this is in line lang with our PWD law. Of course this is something which is new. So explicitly no will. So what do we mean by no bill so? The following are prohibited.

Parking as primary activity new constructions, and foreign teas or plants. So for in cases of parks and plazas, we can only authorize the plant, the plant have been encountered. So are there any new innovations that has to be created? So you will see. So of course there has to be review every once in a while. In this case, the period

of five years was provided for us. By the new IRR. So thank you so much for that. So na medyo nag overtime ako sa aking ah presentation. And I really look forward to any questions. Natya what is the update on the proposed carless day in Intramuros? We are here to follow up on that. So we are currently doing a study on pedestrianization. So we will

of course update the our stakeholders. Whenever we have already up this perozon. So far wala palama tayo update pero. Rest assured that we will have updates on that. Relocation. In terms of housing our informal settler community.

Okay, from an anonymous attendee, the clamshell tent formerly wove Philippines is deteriorating and became an eyesore. Are there any plans to improve it in the area? There, I'm glad to say that there are several plans already for the construction of a building on site. Pero, I will not disclose signages with prohibitions cover the signages on government buildings or agencies which are usually instructed to put up tarpaulin signages to celebrate from Nemesio Junior or Macalintal, what is the most challenging part IA encountered in terms of preservation and which structure it is? it is convincing people that the responsibility for intermorals is not the the sole convince people na. Everyone is

involved for the protection of Intramuros. because of that prohibition on monuments. What if someone proposes ah social ah discrimination, prejudice, yung pag exclude sa mga native Filipinos. You can see that in that way people. Kasi Intramuros was built by Filipino hands. us.

your pesodism. How do we ensure that? na parang ano lang saluma sa salabas pero sobrang makabago na ng five mo. It will to answer properly that maybe we'll try to answer na lang that question in practice. So ah after this webinar we'll always in this process of trying to ah to to improve our services is overall vision. Perhaps ito

If we try to insist the adding of ornamente, colonial ornamentations or modern building Kasi yung high rise na mukambahay na bato. Is the perversion of a colonial existing heritage to save our 20th century heritage. while consistent with our cultural heritage law is also not against our existing PD 1616 kasi there is no explicit prohibition or rather there is no the periods that never called for the demolition of modern buildings. or the alterations. Yung alterations ng modern buildings dun siya po mgasok sa IRR ng nineteen eighty-one. And we removed

that. Kasi that was never the intention of the presidential three sixty inherent part of the identity of Intramuros. In the current present times. Meron para naman utility ang No, thank you so much.

may comment about the mode. It will definitely aid in the flood mitigation for overall Manila flooding. I agree with Elcaso

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