I Went Into The Heart Of JAKARTA Bike Touring Indonesia, Episode 2

I Went Into The Heart Of JAKARTA  Bike Touring Indonesia, Episode 2

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maybe the celebrations continue it's a couple days after the independence day it's august 19th vanessa and i decided to get out on our bikes, we're going to go to Kota Tua it's about nine miles awa. hello and uh yeah test out our bikes in this traffic. but first we're gonna   go get a bite d we've actually been feeling kind of sluggish and like this hey hey feeling slow hey anyways yeah we're trying to he wants selfie, okay anyway what I'm trying to say is we're trying to   you know get over this like drowsy feeling and just push through it okay okay alrighty but first we need to get some food in the belly and we found   this really good place close to our Airbnb it's called a work taga laka laka that's serving up some good food here hello look at all that I went with something pretty simple just some brown rice some jackfruit curry and   a kind of an omelette scrambled egg looking thing it's fun, not as bad as i imagined. right feels like the Wild West these dudes got them two huge lizards I hope they're freeing them, maybe not huh uh fishing fish yeah let's go fishing ah okay I guess they uh they take them back and eat them yeah oh wow what are you gonna do what are you gonna do oh that's the heart yeah I mean that's  the heart from uh okay they use this bait the things you see in Indonesia  really humbles yourself all right we just found ourselves in a very  bustling Market very busy I've been here before   I was on the other side and uh have some food here but I don't know now that I'm with Vanessa's   I don't know, it's much easier to walk around and see things though that's what we're gonna do   it's busy though it's busy so we just parked  our bikes too right here and uh lock them   together there's a uh a guy working in this little parking lot right here working on the   bikes so he's basically like I got it I got it don't worry about it no should be okay hopefully imagine there's a lot of history with this uh pasar, but I have no idea I'm   sure it's very old and it's been here a while hey there's all my merdeka stuff wow yeah a lot of stationary stuff huh books and paper and scissors and tape and pins and those are for bikes like stickers oh nice maybe we should get one it's pretty random up on this top floor you  have a couple shops selling a bunch of stickers   and you can find pretty much any sticker you can imagine up there over here you got a bunch   of kids puzzles and toys and candies here  you have some educational stuff some things   you put in the classroom with the alphabet  you got the numbers animal fruits a lot of   things that I would use in Japan up here got a lot of things maybe you find in Bali souvenirs a lot of kids stuff okay, seen enough? and we're on the road again we're trying  it's kind of stuck in traffic here not a bad price one dollar one dollar for a little shoulder shoulder bag all right so we hung out at Kota for a little bit and we went to Chinatown   now we're making our way back I've already shot a lot of things at Kota Tua, not so much in Chinatown but it's just   a bunch of like random stalls and people selling all kinds of things and so I didn't film too much   of it there but we're gonna film some of this what it's like the cycle in uh in the middle of Jakarta we're gonna we're gonna try to get lost a little bit on the way back gotta love a good small tight knitted kampung(neighborhood) let's do it hello yes there we go there's some good Independence Day imagery right there nice all right let me see hello hello wow take a look at his screen  printing operation oh big hello there you go let's make the other shirts you see in all those markets maybe they come from a place like this so hi hello hello oh no from America no no no no no English my name is   my name is perfect nice what's  your name my name is my name is nice nice what's your name what's your name what's your name yes  Diaz can you say my name is Dia yeah okay   all right guys y'all have a good day we're gonna go i think we're asking the same questions over and over again alright guys hello hello oh yeah foreign all around hello hello thank you Vanessa found some more uh textile sewing type stuff every time she sees it she's gonna stop maybe they can sew my button thank you though so sweaty, my button fell off my shirt here and I made it sewn back on maybe they could do it for me this is what I need sewn back on kind of  embarrassed so I gotta take off my shirt perfect perfect thank you Malaysia yeah okay this is the nicest people in Jakarta foreign thank you very much great you can definitely see these people  are living basically on the water right here   hey hey nice to meet you nice to meet you  does it flood here sometimes sometimes is the river safe? all right all right nice to meet you thank  you yeah I mean you can see they're on like   wooden stilts right here I mean you could  imagine if there's a bad flood no good okay okay thanks thank you you're welcome okay we just need to keep going   down this road down the river if  there's so much to look at so much   to see okay, where's your kite at man? you have the string. America

thank you it's happening over here hey hey hello hello my name is my  name is Nick Nick nice to meet you nice but it gets pretty serious over here too what's your name yeah I don't know if that was the best  idea you get surrounded real quick oh my gosh look at those boys playing over there that is pretty cool like we found the  uh the refurbished furniture r ow too   this road is full of all the old doors the  windows I guess they bring them here I'm a   refurbish them and sell them again but  that is just wild over there those kids no rules okay thank you you're welcome have a good day im surprised they want a picture with me and not you it's crazy this whole street is just the uh  The Dumping Ground for old furniture old wood wow hello and then just like that bam big nice houses oh wow, that is a big mall right there kind of found ourselves in a very  tight neighborhood again I love please

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