I was surprised why they wanted to touch my Hair S7 EP.32 | Pakistan to South Africa

I was surprised why they wanted to touch my Hair  S7 EP.32 | Pakistan to South Africa

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And then you have stops like these. They are staring straight into my camera screen. Which one is you? This one? Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Kampala Uganda. I have been here for the last few days. It's a very nice city. I had really good time here.

I relaxed here, other than having made a vlog here. Hopefully you must have enjoyed that vlog. Today we'll leave Kampala for our next destination. Our main destination in Uganda is Gorilla Safari. That's at the Congo, Rwanda and Uganda border. But for that, we'll have to undertake a 2 day ride.

Therefore, we are having a stop at an intermediate point; Lake Mburo. That's about 300 km from here. And may take up to 6 or 6.5 hours. One good thing is that we'll be riding through a very beautiful area. Secondly, we'll be passing by the equator line. We'll also capture that to share with you all.

Lets see how our next few days in Uganda will be like... We visited a number of national parks in Kenya and Tanzania. They were really wonderful and rich in wildlife. Let's explore the nature and wildlife in Uganda. Time to leave.

Okay then Sajjad. Thank you. See you again. Thank you. Allah Hafiz Bismillah... In the name of Allah

*Prayer for the journey* Thank you. May Allah make this a wonderful and memorable day for us. May we have a great ride.

May the weather remains favorable and the nature be awesome. I'd love to enjoy this ride in Uganda. This part of Kampala is really beautiful, clean and has posh vibes. Because there are many embassies here and the staff from the UN lives here as well. And anyone who can afford to live here.

Security here is really great. That's the reason to prefer to stay in this area. It's almost in the middle of the city. You can get to any location in the city from here in almost 15 minutes or so.

We need to turn left from here. O God... All these are UN offices.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the adjoining country. And you know a lot of minerals and valuables are being mined there. The UN provides their support in providing security there.

So that international companies can take whatever they want from Congo. It's really unfortunate for the people of Congo... Despite being so rich in natural resources, the overall situation in their country, especially the security situation is pretty bad.

And it's not too far from here. That's why most of the security companies and UN offices are here and in Nairobi. There were heavy rainfalls here during the last two days. But it didn't rain last night. That's why there's still some dirt on the road. That looks like the convoy of some politician.

Let's get the motorcycle refueled here. Morning. How are you? How are you? I'm good. The fuel costs almost 1.5 USD per liter. The good thing is that you can find a fuel station almost around every corner. Even by the highways, there's a fuel station every 15 km or so.

That's the equator. Let's park our motorcycle somewhere. That's South and that's North.

And Rangeeli, the motorcycle and I are exactly in the middle. Some of you may have questions regarding the equator line. So let me explain it a little. There's an imaginary line drawn exactly between the South and North poles of Earth. And that marks the region where time stays the same throughout the year.

I mean the day and night will both be 12 hours long. Sunrise and sunset will always be at the same time. And the sun will be exactly above your head in the noon. But as you travel northwards... For example, I often travel to Norway. There are certain areas there where the sun doesn't rise at all for a couple of months or so during winter.

And it doesn't set at all during summers. However, here the time remains the same. Secondly, the weather also remains the same throughout the year. Currently, this is the summer season here but it's around 22 degrees.

However, the weather here only experiences one change. For few months, the weather remains completely dry and for some other months, it's rainy season. But there's not much change in the temperature. But the sun is really strong here. You feel like your body is burning in sunlight.

Right now, we have some cloud cover. That's why we can stand here comfortably. Just wanted to share these interesting tidbits with you. You have a nice motorcycle. Are you going to ...? I'm going to Cape Town. South Africa.

South Africa? Yeah. Safe journey. Starting from where? Pakistan. Wow Pakistan is next to Bangladesh? Yes, Bangladesh and Pakistan are close by. Imran Khan Yes. Imran Khan. Well... Even people in Uganda know Imran Khan.

This is the Zero Latitude line. Oops... my helmet bumped into this structure. I though to walk along the equator line before leaving. That's what all the tourists do here. Lets Go Rangeeli Adios Equator Line You can see that there are many restaurants and cafes here.

A lot of facilities for tourists. Because all the tourists traveling through this area, do take a small break here. I have visited the equator line at two different locations. Here in Africa.

I also visited it in Ecuador some time ago. The name Ecuador suggests that the country got its name from Equator. Ecuador is in South America.

As we'll be getting away from the Equator line and traveling southwards... You'll start observing a difference in day time. We still need to ride another 150 km from here to get to Lake Mburo. Gonna take 2.5 to 3 hours. Will try not to take too many stops.

So that we'll have more time to explore the national park.] Many fruit sellers here. Mostly vegetables on this side. I think fruits are on this side.

Let's stop here. Local mangoes are really sweet. But I have finally found papaya here. This young fellow has found papaya for us. And he's cutting it for us now.

Looks like all the village kids have gathered here to see us. Look what he has done to his forehead. Looks like a fan of Benzema. You like football? You play football? Football fans.

This papaya is delicious. The best thing here is that you can get fruits everywhere. However, once you are out of the main city...

You won't find many cafes or restaurants or any other place to sit comfortably. But then your stops are like these. Staring keenly into the camera screen.

Which one is you? The kids are really curious to see the camera. Trying to locate themselves in the screen... Never seen such curious kids before.

You want to touch my hair? I think they have never seen someone with hair like mine. Yeah. You can touch. No problem. Thank you very much.

See you. Bye. The advantage of such random stops is the interaction with locals. Of course, I'd prefer some nice restaurant or cafe and some nice coffee and meal. However, when those are not available... We can sit at random places like these.

I didn't understand why the kids were touching my hair again and again. Then I realized that the locals don't have hair like ours. They might not have seen someone with such hair before.

Most of the tourists don't stop there. Preferring not to take random stops. It was rather interesting for me. Need to turn from here. All the signboards are here. Arcadia Lodge, Lake Mburo.

That's where we are gonna spend our night. It's gonna be another 10 km off road. The road is fine.

I mean it may get muddy if it rains. But so far so good. The problem is that I have no idea how deep it is and where should cross.

Let's say the name of Allah and go gradually. Will try to follow car trails. O Allah O... My God...

For a moment, my heart sank... That's when we went down a bit too much. I think the motorcycle was half way in the water. But no harm done.

Look at those enormous horns of the animals. Extra ordinarily huge. Especially some of those... Look at those crossing the road.

How are you? Good. I haven't seen cows with bigger horns anywhere else. Wow It's like crazy...

Not wildlife though... But these are must see cows. Very unique. Don't know which breed is this. However, I did see some videos from South Sudan. They also had cows with similar horns.

And this is the gate of national park. We are supposed to meet our tour guide here. Hey Moses. How are you? I wasn't expecting to see you here. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm good. Thank you. The ride? It was good.

We are in the national park now. After leaving our motorcycle in the parking, we have come straight to Lake Mburo. We plan to have a boat cruise here. And then we'll return to our lodge. Because there's not enough time. It starts at 4 pm and goes on for two hours.

Hope to see some wildlife or amazing scenery today. That's what we are here for. Normally they take the tourists on that bigger boat. However, due to the fewer number of tourists today, we are going on the smaller boat.

Our boat ride experience has been excellent. The lake is rather wonderful. Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy today. Would have been amazing if we could also experience the sunset here.

Did spot a few wild animals as well. I made sure to capture them on my camera. Hope you're gonna love it. I'm back to the lodge which is hardly 2 minutes away from the place we started our boat ride.

I'm staying here for the night so I'm gonna give you a short tour. The place has proper jungle vibes. There might be some wild animals roaming around here for sure.

I'll be spending my night in this hut. There's a table and chair next to the entrance. So that one can sit here and enjoy their evening in this jungle. And if any wild animal comes here... For instance, there's a wild animal over there right now.

What's it called...?? I guess warthog. They are roaming here. Lets get inside and show you what the interior looks like. Towards the right side of the entrance, you find the toilet and shower area. Quite clean and spacious.

Hot water is also available. Our sleeping room is on this side. There's a bed on the right side with mosquito nets.

Because you are gonna need it in case you forgot to close the room door. There's another bed on this side as well. I just need one of them. There's a table and chairs. I have put some of my stuff on the table. To be honest, everywhere I stayed so far in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda... Whether it was 1-Star or 5-Star...

Their services were Top Notch Cleanliness... A1 So you never have to face the situation where you feel it's difficult for you to stay at any such location. I haven't seen that here at all. And this lodge is no exception. You don't find many opportunities to enjoy the wild nature and ambiance of a place like this. Thank you very much.

Water This is our dinner, guys. Fish Vegetables And fries. Looks quite inviting.

Hopefully it will also be very delicious. We have just had the breakfast today. So this is the second meal of the day for us. No lunch because we had to go to the boat and were already getting late. Anyways, that has been a good experience.

Let's just say Bismillah and start our meal. The dinner was delicious. Right now, I'm having dessert with African tea.

African tea is also milk tea. Mostly people prefer to have this tea here. Wherever you go, you see people having tea. I have hardly seen people drinking coffee.

The best thing for us is that we can have tea. The entry fee of this national park for the foreigners is 40 USD. And the lodges charge you from a 100 USD per night up to 300 or more.

Depending on how high you want to go. I have booked a safari tour here. I'll be here for the night. And the next two days and nights I'll be in the gorilla safari. More details about that in the next vlog. Otherwise, it's gonna be too complicated.

Remember me in your prayers. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. Allah Hafiz

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