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What an amazing place it is ... I haven't seen a single valley as beautiful as this one ... ever since I've been in Saudi Arabia. Nothing even compares...

And these are mangoes... Check it out... What's this breed called...? No idea. Let me get through from this side... It looks like a better patch this way.

Or so it looked.... Yasir won't even sit on his motorcycle. So that he could somehow get through this section. We got ourselves a cup of Pepsi and a piece of watermelon. I'm trying this combination for the first time though.

Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the channel from Al-Wajh. We got here last night and now we are about to leave early in the day. I had planned to go to Al-Ula.

Since Yasir is also with us and he has not seen Wadi Disah... That is situated next to Al-Ula. From here we can either go to Al-Ula or Disah... Both places are on my watch list. So I though to visit it with Yasir.

Wanna go see Disah? Why not...!! So we are gonna go to Wadi Disah today. Disah valley is almost 250 km from here. That's gonna take us from 3 to 3.5 hours.

And there they have a great off road track in the valley. After watching his pictures, I was like... that's a must visit place. We might stay there in the valley for tonight. But more about that later when we are actually there.

One can't be certain about such things before getting there... Time management is a key here. Time to leave from here and show you around in Al-Wajh. And then we'll continue our ride towards Disah valley.

Bismillah.. In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* I pray to Allah for a safe and fun filled day.. And an amazing day for all my viewers.

Hopefully, today's vlog is gonna be the most interesting among the last few vlogs. Because this valley is simply awesome. The view is getting better as we are gaining some altitude.

We are headed towards the city now . Just to give you a glimpse of this city. And we can also grab a cup of coffee. Then we'll simply put Disah valley in our navigation and get going. I think it's gonna be another half hour before we leave the city. The city looked a bit odd at first glance. But found it to be rather peaceful and beautiful once we got out to explore it last night.

It's very clean and situated at a great location. The beach is awesome. We had a good time.

We also visited a couple of restaurants which were great. You can see the beach area on our right side. A lot of development work is also happening here.

You can see construction from here. But we are not sure if it's a hotel or a resort or anything else. But something is being constructed for sure. This is the city center guys... Let's see if we can find some cafe here...

Or may be some place for breakfast. They must be open by now. We are well into the opening time of restaurants and cafes.

We have spotted a few. We are looking for some restaurant for breakfast here . In fact, I just wanted to get some coffee from any cafe and be on our way. We are at a restaurant that's almost empty. Let's see what we can get from here.

That's our breakfast guys. We have omelet and this is vegetable I think. We also have some parathas and tea. The best thing is that the parathas are not too oily. And here is Yasir. He is waiting to begin. You may begin Yasir.

We had a nice and fulfilling breakfast. We made sure it was not a very heavy meal. Don't want any troubles during our ride. Anyways, I can only speak for myself. Can't say anything about Yasir. Time to leave this city. And continue our forward journey.

The main road here is now on our left side. We have left the main road and got a little off road. I wanted to capture some drone shots before leaving. Besides, it would be great to spend at least 15 minutes on this marvelous beach. I tried my best to get the drone up but there's some signal related problem here. It could be a deliberate blockage by the authorities.

The drone was losing signals over and over again. It hardly rose to a height of 15 20 meters.. In fact I didn't want it to fly too high either. Just wanted to capture the beauty and amazing colors of this beach and the water.

But we couldn't capture anything. Let's get going. Lets take all of you to Disah valley. So far we have covered 100 km. Almost 25 km before Duba, there comes a junction point...

That's where you get on the road to Disah, Al-Ula or Tabuk. We have stopped here for a short rest break because the last 100 km were a bit too tough. It's really really windy here. Right now we are sitting under a shade in a petrol station. That's the only place to sit that we could find.

There was nothing along the way either. This place is more like a small settlement. Nothing else worth mentioning here. We expected to find a nice luxurious looking fuel station. Somewhere we could find coffee and everything...

So we have just bought some water... A bottle of mango lassi. Not worried about dozing off because I'm already sleepy. If we could find a nice place on the way, then we'll love to have lunch and then go to the valley. We still need to cover another 140 km. We have got Rangeeli's fuel tank full.

And fortunately we were able to find a Pakistani restaurant nearby. They made us a really special and refreshing cup of tea. I had been feeling rather drowsy. I was finding it really difficult to keep my eyes open during the last 120 km or so.

Still need to go another 102 km. During my last trip and even now, I find it very difficult to ride during this summer heat. I mean I have traveled really long distance during night...

Because I don't get sleepy during night ride at all. It's the day ride that makes my life rather tough. Especially since the beginning of this summer.

I mean I didn't find any trouble in the earlier part of my tour. Iran...Iraq...Kuwait.... Even in Saudia Arabia the weather was not too hot. Anyways, I'm feeling refreshed now. Another 100 km to go.

Hopefully we'll do that comfortably. Then there will be the off road section where you just cannot fall asleep. Not at all... Anyways... there's not much to be seen around here.

I have taken the drone out upon Yasir's recommendation... But it has made me go nuts. I bought this drone because it had a great follow me mode.

But since then, it hasn't worked even once. We have wasted last 30 minutes of our time in that meaningless pursuit. That's the Al-Disah village. The valley is behind this village. We'll keep riding.

I saw a few hotels there on the map. That's where we could leave our stuff. I hope we'll definitely find something if we plan to spend our night there. Now, finding some hotel in maps does not guarantee that they will actually be open. Because it's not a tourist season these days. Many hotels temporarily shut down their business in off season.

Since we are here to see the valley so that is our target. It will be better if we find a hotel. This way we can leave the luggage and roam freely. Let's see and wait for the best. The scenery has started to look more beautiful.

You can see more vegetation around. Some of the trees here are really thick ones. Some are date trees while not sure about the rest of them.

These are the date trees in the front. But many of them were so brown that they gave the impression as if they were set on fire. I can see a lot of gardens coming our way. This is such a green area. Was it a lemon tree on the right side? It seemed so. And I did see some mango trees.

Isn't that amazing... So, other than dates, there are mangoes in this area as well. In fact, the weather here does favor mango plantation. You can say that the environment here is somewhat similar to that of Multan in Pakistan. Multan is quite hot during summers but it can get quite cold in winters.

And that's how this place is... If I'm not mistaken, the Tabuk region also has snow fall during winters. But boy... aren't these mountains in the back looking amazing...

I feel like I'm riding through the Grand Canyon. Wow... Such an amazing place it is... Honestly, ever since I've been traveling in Saudi Arabia.. I haven't seen a single valley or any other place like this one. Nothing even comes close in comparison.

Just look at the shape of the rocks in front of us. It's going vertically up... at 90 degrees. Just wow. I was highly recommended to visit this valley.

And when I saw its pictures, I was like... it does look rather unique. I'm not going to miss this at any cost. I've already been in Saudi Arabia for a month now...

This has been my most favorite place so far. I mean we are still on the road... It's gonna get much better once we enter the valley.

I'm really excited. Amazing I haven't seen rocks of this shape anywhere else before. You can compare it in terms of uniqueness to any other place in the world. Makran is unique due to its mud formations. This is a rocky landscape. I don't have words...

I'm speechless . I'm sure the drone shots from here will be something special. Lets see... Is it the end already? It's the end of the valley. It's time to look for some hotel now.

There's water over there as well. Let's look for some hotel so that we can place our luggage there. Go Rangeeli Go Don't get off balance We have reached a garden. There are mango trees here. Dates and mangoes I don't know why they have tied the fruits here.. May be to protect it from falling down.

And these are mangoes. Have a look What breed of mangoes is this? No idea... So I have gotten rid of most of my luggage here. I now have just one bag with camera, drone, tripod and similar stuff.

And this tank bag as well. Just to have a smooth ride. Here they are offering a room at 400 SAR. That's roughly 110 dollars. In Pakistani currency... O man... keep going...

O we are in a bigger gear... In Pakistani currency, it's 22 thousand PKR. I have placed my luggage back there. They were some really nice Bengali guys. They told me that I can leave my luggage with them. And that I can decide later in the evening if I want to stay here for the night. Otherwise, I can go on.

That's the advantage of not having luggage with you.. You can make your way easily. It was a bit slippery. It's sandy here as well.

Basically, when the motorcycle is loaded with stuff, it gets a little less comfortable to maneuver. Otherwise it's a really fun ride. I'm considering to modify my luggage system for my next tours. And I'm gonna get rid of most of the stuff.

Travel light. Which way to go...?? That's hell for clutch plates. Just imagine how this would have turned out if I had all my luggage. The wheel is half way down.

C'mon I need a push. I better use this side... Seems like a better patch.

Or so it seemed That's rough, man... Really rough for the motorcycles. It's like this all the way... It's too sandy here for a rider like me to get through.

And for a motorcycle like mine. The trail motorcycles that are used for deserts may perform better here. It doesn't seem possible for us at least. I have parked my motorcycle back there.

I was like enough is enough. Yasir really made an effort to get this far. He got here on his motorcycle but it's stuck now. Now I'm gonna film how he manages to get it through. We are thinking about bringing it over to this side and park it here. We'll do the rest of the patch on the foot.

We'll take our motorcycles on our way back. Unless we get some assistance from someone on a car. We can then go on with them. Nevertheless, even this section right here is quite awesome. Let's enjoy its beauty for now.

You can see those beautiful looking date trees in the background. Just see and judge for yourself how one can ride on a track like this. This whole track is like this.

Yasir over there is not even sitting on his motorcycle. Just trying to get the motorcycle out of sand somehow. I'm only worried about not getting the clutch plates damaged. It's only better if we don't go any further like this. You need to go right, Yasir. Actually it can get stuck there as well.

Okay, you can go left. It's a little better that way. Why is he going so far? Leaving our motorcycles back there was actually a good decision.

We haven't even gone too far... And it's a desert truly. Look at these mountains. Both of us were discussing that... It's quite possible that these mountains were submerged under water at some point in history.

That's what it looks like. Doesn't feel like desert sand. More like the sand from some beach. We have got a glass of Pepsi and a piece of watermelon. I'm trying this combination for the first time in my life.

I hope it tastes good. We were feeling quite thirsty. It's slightly chilled.

They are saying that these lemons and watermelon... These are from this very area... taken from some plantation back there. Let's have some qahwa before we go on. They are saying that there is water ahead... And it's quite beautiful there. This is indeed some special place.

The Saudi guys back there told us that we'll find a water stream 500 m ahead. We walked for 1.5 km but did not find anything. There's a small stream flowing down there... But the huge water stream that they were referring to... is another 3.5 km from here.

We met a Bengali guy that we had already met before... They work in the plantations here. He told us that it's about 4 km ahead.

We are going back from here as it's sunset time already. I took some drone footage and I hope you are gonna like it a lot. Yasir is standing here... The expressions on his face say it all. He is a bit worried because we still need to get our motorcycles out of here. We don't want to delay it because it's gonna be dark soon.

Let's get going then. Ready? Yeah. Otherwise we might have to spend the night here. We want to safely get our motorcycles out of here before evening. I mean, even if we decide to stay here... we still need to be out of here.

So no point in delaying any further. Let's get going.

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