I shouldn't have taken the single track. Off-roading Sierra Leone |S7E43|

I shouldn't have taken the single track. Off-roading Sierra Leone  |S7E43|

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Oh Ohhh Yah Freetown, Sierra Leone Season 7 - Epsiode 43 It is CRF300 Rally Oh, CRF But it's not a Honda I couldn't get any help here, so I had no choice but to leave Freetown and try another mechanic in the next country.. Good morning Internet, it is 7:10  in the morning and welcome back to the channel Welcome here in Freetown, Sierra  Leone. The weather looks actually pretty good today And there was no torrential downpour last night. At least not here  

So let's see They do a breakfast here, so let's check out what's for breakfast Here we go, this is breakfast. And a coffee, eggs, spaghetti bolognese and mango Alright, let's get going The humidity is about a hundred percent I am drenched in sweat! And I haven't even started yet so.. that's gonna be interesting So I am leaving the city. I am leaving Freetown As far as West African capitals go, Freetown hasn't been too bad The traffic here is.. it's not as  bad as in.. well, almost all of the other ones But still I'm happy to leave the city. And my plan for today is I'm riding 275 kilometers   So it can be a really long day, I just have absolutely no idea If this is going to be like paved, unpaved a mucky mess or relatively dry So I guess I'll just find out So I'll be following the  coastline for a little bit first Checkpoints Good morning How are you? How are you? Good and you? How is the ride? Ah, it's good It's good You coming from where? Huh? You are coming from where? From Freetown Freetown Yeah What nationality? Netherlands. Dutch

Netherlands, that's good Yeah Nice, you going to where now? I go to um.... Yeah, yeah Long day Are you a doctor? Doctor? - Doctor Uh.. I don't understand What job are you doing? I thought you were medical Ah no, no geologist Yeah - Okay You leave here just now I go. Okay, thank you Okay darling - Bye! Oh, busy is an understatement Crossing some random town Ha ha ha.. yoi

There's a lot of people here All the honking hey It's like India.. with all this honking Hold on to your baskets! Well, it's definitely been raining here too Not too bad Most of the track is already dried up so that's good You can smell people cooking on the open fire Here's the.. .. Water pump Waterhole Oh, it is so lush here hey Is this whole country It is stunning I think they have one too I mean, these villages just consist of  like a couple of houses only   Maybe, it's even just one extended family. Could be as well See, and here you have the next one I guess they know where they going I actually wonder if these guys in front of me are kind of like motor taxis Because in Freetown that was.. well, you have the tuk-tuks  

But for the rest, everybody's taking like these motor taxis I actually also took one around. I wasn't feeling like going on Alaska I was like ah, let me just take a  motor taxi. They're really cheap But I wonder if in like, the more rural parts like here   If they also run like, the motor taxi  services or if it's just friends Oh, I am loving this. This is so nice It's stunning here Pretty awesome Now it's almost single trail Oh no, no, it's a two track It's all a little bit overgrown, that's all Where is this going? This should be.. a track

It's actually a really long single trail I mean, it's a bit overgrown but for the rest, the trail is pretty good Can easily ride it This is awesome! Oh, there's a house here Oh Ohhh Aye Yah Wow, look at this That is so beautiful. Wow Oh, it's people doing laundry there Yeah, this is.. This is not really for motorcycles is it? Hi Even if I can fit through here With my luggage Can't get Alaska over here Hi How are you? Oeh.. not on a motorbike.. Eish..

Ah, and then up these logs Yeah, I think it's a no This I think is worse than the bridge that I did in Colombia Has to be Yeah, I turned around I had a good look but it's really risky Especially those logs going down and back up again And it's super narrow And it's a big drop! So.. ..I was hoping I could cross the river here But no I have to find another place to do it Oh wow That's a lot of jerry cans How are you? Very good! Complete. - Full? - Full, yeah I have two tanks, one here and one at the rear Yeah, yeah There yeah Yeah, 180 That was a bit of a tourist attraction there Hi Hi How are you? I'm good Can I get two big waters please Yeah, two Alright Alright - Thanks Take care Thank you - Thank you Alright Oh, I was getting thirsty I thought a couple of times  about trying to fill up in..  

.. You know, one of the wells in the villages. I do have a water filter with me   But I don't know still.. I'm trying to be  really careful with the water here because..   .. Salmonella is endemic here Very common, now you can also get that from food It can also be in food But water is of course, a very big one And I think that water filter that I have, is supposed to filter like 99.1 percent out or something But I decided if I can, I'm just gonna buy mineral water Just to be on the safe side when it  comes to clean drinking water Alright, Google where are you sending me? Five more kilometers to go I'm really wondering.. .. Where I'm gonna end up Let me see Where is this track to the right? Not seeing it.. It's there..

Rogbonko Mataka.. Hi. I'm looking for the Rogbonko Mataka guest house You know it? Huh? Rogbonko Mataka Rog.. Rogbonko Mataka It's somewhere there but.. Do you know it? It's up You need to go up. You have to walk

Ahhh, walking Ahh You can go up - Huh? - You can go up I can go up? - You? - With moto? No, no - No Moto no go up Okay How far? It is far How far walking? Yeah, how far walking.. How many minute? - About seven miles Hm? - About seven miles More than eight miles, nine - More than eight miles Yeah Ohhhh Thank you Ah, so it is a walking trail How about that Eight miles. I don't think it's eight miles  but it is still.. My guess is at least.. two three kilometers But then.. yeah, it's not gonna work Where am I gonna leave Alaska? And..

Yeah No It will not work Hm... Yeah, where shall I go then? I'll have to find another place Not sure I'll first uh.. .. Ride back a little bit Figure out where I have to go then Alright, well the closest hotel that I can  find online is another 112 kilometers from here   So.. I think yeah, I'll just keep going. I mean it's still early, it's only one o'clock in the afternoon  

I've been doing this really fast to be honest It's okay, I can continue for another 100 km Don't really have an option anyway so.. We'll be fine I'm not tired or anything Just getting a bit hungry But there's not really.. .. I don't really see places to eat anywhere Or like well, there's no supermarkets or anything like that either So finding food on the road here.. it's a bit tricky I'm doing a lot of turning around today But yeah, that's how it is sometimes I never really know how the day is gonna turn out Often my plan works but sometimes.. yeah, it doesn't Just gotta adapt and adjust and keep going I am passing through Jesus Town Right, I found a place to stay for tonight The red curtains make this look a little bit funky but I'm pretty sure it's a normal hotel Anyway, I am going to take a shower because I am well, it was getting unbearably hot now So I'm glad I found a place Um.. yeah, what can I say?

Awesome ride, like full ride in Sierra Leone today I love that it's so beautiful everywhere Um.. Yeah, what else? Um, I can get the map, I'll actually get the map out and show you where I ended up now I left Freetown here. So this is Sierra Leone And I kind of went cross the country and now I'm actually very close to.. What's it called? Koidu Yeah, I think I'm somewhere over here So in one day I pretty much almost crossed through entire Sierra Leone So that was it for today. I really hope you liked this video If you did please give a big thumbs up. Subscribe down below and then I'll see you in the next video

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