I need to return this Honda Africa Twin in MADAGASCAR .. FAST! [S7-E104]

I need to return this Honda Africa Twin in MADAGASCAR .. FAST! [S7-E104]

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I'm not going any faster than the walking rickshaws now Or how do you call them? Walking rickshaws or running rickshaws Fianarantsoa, MADAGASCAR Season 7 - Eps. 104 Good morning Internet! It is uh.. 8:30 in the morning and welcome back to the channel Welcome in Fiana.. can't the name And the plan for today, the plan I already recorded the map for you So it's almost full circle, I'm riding back to the capital of Madagascar at Tana or Antananarivo Over here so I'm just going to follow the main road tuh, tuh, tuh here And then like this, I think back to Tana and that's 450 kilometers so it's still uh, quite a way to go But then I have the full loop. Well, almost full completed So yeah, I have 450 kilometers to do today which should all be fine But a little bit of pressure because I am flying out of Madagascar tonight So I really, really have to make it back  to Tana Return the motorcycle to Francois and get to the airport Ah little stressful maybe But at least you can't say that I didn't make the most out of my time in Madagascar Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the weather today Because well, if you've seen the last video Look the road has become a river that's crazy, huh? It came down, it came down And I don't really want to ride in that kind of weather because then I'm going to have wet gear on the airplane 'Cause yeah, I'm wearing my motorbike gear on the airplane because it otherwise I need to check in a a whole new suitcase basically Um, and I also find it too risky to put my riding gear in the cabin, how you say that? cabin luggage,check in luggage  because if then the bag gets lost, then I can't ride you know So I want to keep my riding gear with me at all times Priorities But sitting in the airplane with wet motorcycle gear, I'm not going to make any friends I think Now did I fill up? When did I fill up now? I can't even remember I did fill up right? Just before I got into town I think so So yeah about the weather, I checked the weather forecast Something that I normally never really do 'Cause I never really know how reliable it is anyway Anyway, it didn't look good Uh, not for this area and not for not for uh.. Tana But I mean it's all bit mountainous right? So the weather can be unpredictable Either way, I'm going to just try and make progress And enjoy it when it's dry That is the goal for today. Well, the main goal is to reach Tana

It's kind of important. Wow Madagascar is so beautiful! Even when it's cloudy Look there's some train tracks here on the right I wonder if the train is running, it's a little bit overgrown.. in some places But maybe a train is still there I don't know Another thing that I've noticed in Madagascar is that so many towns will start with the letter A Okay not the last city where I just stayed but so many This is called Orange village Wow It's got its own cute little church again Oh two even Here's another one Hello They don't leave you a lot of space do they There are so many people walking. I would say there's probably more people walking this road than in actual vehicles But I wonder where they're going because I haven't seen a town in a while But they must be walking far This is a very nice stretch Until it's not They're selling like wooden spoons Pottery I don't know what these things are? Plates or something That's a proper classic Still going This bike is not suitable for this stuff Oh man, yeah this is very, very slow.. slow going I thought , ah 450 kilometers on the main national highway.. Easy But no Road's getting worse and worse I'm wondering am I still on the..

.. Main road Road is not in a good state is it? I am just going to double check If I'm on the.. the what is it? The N7 The national.. what do you call it? National highway It has to.. I'm just following the track  on the Garmin

And I'm pretty sure that just follows the main road but.. just going to double check Yeah, the N7 The main road how far is it? It's 126 km to Antsirabe and that's where I've been before On the way down from Antsirabe we took that other road to the coast Somehow I'm hoping that the road from there on it will be better Maybe it's only 120 km of bad But yeah that will take me more than two hours still My bag keeps on sliding .. Off At least the weather is good That is definitely a big bonus. I suppose you can't have it all You can't have and good weather and good road at the same time It's.. it's either or 'Cause that stretch that whole 200 kilometer 200 kilometer stretch I did in the pouring rain That was actually not so bad So yeah and I was saying that I didn't  want rain this morning So then this is what I get I called this upon myself That's it That's it Wow here they don't have cycle rickshaws but they're actually hand pulling them That's even harder work See this guy is even running with a passenger These ones are all waiting for customers Another oldie They're lots of them. A lot of people.. take them And then they're running or walking if it's uphill I have no idea what town this is It's very busy Somehow this town also feels like.. And he is going in there Somehow this town also feels like it's an older town Looking at the buildings I'm not going very fast I'm not going any faster than the walking rickshaws now Or how do you call them? Walking rickshaws Running rickshaws You can also take a car taxi like this one Or this one taxi So I'm still on the main highway to the capital just runs through a city like this 'Cause I believe that road that the N7, it's kind of like the main road kind of connecting the south all the way to the north of Madagascar Um, that is paved. I honestly don't think there is any other alternative way

Where's this truck going? I don't know I'm going here This is better Chickens Uh yeah, so besides this road and then that one we did on the second day towards the coast Maybe there's a road like that also to the east, I'm not sure but Other than that I believe most of the country it's all dirt roads The rain has passed and it's back to blue sky Nah that wasn't bad it was just a little bit of rain And I have uh, 250 kilometers to go So uh.. oh bad potholes So I am almost halfway and it's 12:30 so I've been going for 4 hours Probably uh, at least another four to go I can't believe this is my last ride in Madagascar, already. Time went so fast So much happened Back in the rain again I want to overtake this truck but it's riding on the left side of the road And I'm back in rain again but this time it's a little heavier rain And I survived the third rain cloud I think I am in Tana or at least the outskirts It's super busy so it has to be already the city, I'm almost there I'm going to immediately drive to Francois's shop to return the bike 'Cause I don't know until what time they're working But it's now 4:15 Well, he's probably waiting for me because he knows that my flight is tonight I hope he's not getting worried He probably already expected me to be back, I think Did I pass this lake on the way in? I don't think so Did I? I can't remember that statue in the middle It feels like a lifetime ago that I was here Going through the tunnel...

It's so noisy here Okay Left here Here another Renault 4 taxi I love them, brilliant This seems to be like the main avenue of Tana This looks like a official building There's like.. promenade Palm trees Yes, I recognize this This is the right street It's somewhere here.. right? Where was it now? No.. I missed it Ah here, here Here There it is Thank you Yay You did it I did it How's it going? Good Nice to see So Francois brought me to the same hotel where I stayed the first night I'm just going to stay here for a couple of hours because then I have to already go to the airport and catch my  flight So but I have time to have some dinner and eat something and it's actually the first meal of the day I did the entire day today. Uh, took me 8 hours I think

No yeah, I think eight hours of non-stop riding, I didn't stop for anything And I did all of that on an empty stomach because I didn't share it earlier but that's also part of the reason why today day was so rush rush To now get back and catch my plane is because I got violently ill, unfortunately. Um, had some of the worst food poisoning in my entire life I think So that wasn't good, so I was yeah, I was woman down for a couple of days I really couldn't do anything and today I was like, I have to go I really have to go so but I didn't want to eat anything or drink anything Because yeah, I didn't manage to keep anything down for a couple of days so now I'm going to try this dinner Let's hope it will be fine and I'm not going to be sick on the plane But uh yeah, that happens sometimes. I regularly get sick of course on my travels but I don't normally share  that on my YouTube channel Because well, first of all I don't really feel like filming myself when I'm sick Uh, and second you know, I'll just be bombarded with very well meant but like yeah, online medical advice Which is just not helpful anyway You just have to sit it out, so uh yeah,  it's a topic that obviously I feel like it has no room on my YouTube channel But in this case it kind of ruined my planning because yeah I was supposed to arrive here very relaxed And I thought oh, I am going to do a little bit of sightseeing still around the capital here But yeah all of that did not happen Such is life. Uh, I already feel a lot better so that's good and I still made it in time So I'm super happy and yeah, what an amazing time in Madagascar Uh, I was tellign Francois I've now been to over 100 countries and Madagascar ranks top five Maybe even top three. I loved it here so much

Ah it was just amazing, what else can I say Uh, I hope you enjoyed this series in Madagascar I'm going to go back to be reunited with Alaska I hope she's fine. She's been on her own in Malawi for yeah, several weeks now So hopefully she's all fine. I'm sure she will be And yeah, when I'm reunited with Alaska I'm going to continue on kind of my final leg of the Africa trip The Africa journey so I'm also really looking forward to that So anyway I'm going to end this video now, because I'm going to eat something, have a shower, hop on the  plane And then I will see you in the next video

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