I moved to the Chinese Village (DEEP!)

I moved to the Chinese Village (DEEP!)

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Check it out, guys. It's Trevor James. Take a look at this. This is my new village life. I'm renting this place, and I'm studying Sichuan food and practicing recipes here for you. Take a look at this. I found it. Spent a long time searching for the perfect place.

And I think this is it. Take a look at this beautiful, traditional style village house deep in the village and today I'm going to give you a quick little tour of it. And I think eat some food. There's a traditional kitchen here if you make a couple of dishes.

And this is the new food ranger theme, it's going to be full on Sichuan recipes from here. Guys, look at this. Look at this place. Wow. Traditional style. Look at this 100 year old traditional style Chinese house.

This is where I'm going to be cooking Sichuan food for you here. Sometimes. Going to have a wok right here, stir up some kung pao chicken.

And there's a traditional amazing, traditional kitchen in the back there, too. Look at this place, guys. Absolutely beautiful. Wow. Look at this kitchen, how you are. This is you are the landlord, Fung Dong tai Bangla kitchen.

Today we're going to Chelsea. Okay, Look at this kitchen. Look at this traditional kitchen. Look at that.

It's got the wood powered block, and there's all the Lao ro up here. Amazing Sichuan, Sichuan style. Guys, look at this wood powered wok. Yang Hot water took a sledgehammer.

Lemon, All that you can you can you can boil water in there. Wow. Amazing. And this is all the traditional Loro and I'm super pumped and kitchen and kitchen was amazing at this guys. So this is kitchen going to it's going to stir fry here sometimes There's so many Sichuan recipes to make and then look literally, I got so many ideas for Sichuan food to make videos for it to make for you. Look at the traditional style here, guys. I spent so long looking for a place and this is it.

This is back to the village. Life can drink tea here. Can can share my recipes with the neighbors. You know, look at this.

It's got a wealth and it works. Can literally via the water and cook with it. It's kind of traditional where we say, wow, it's beautiful, guys, is like my dream come true. Seven years ago, when I was studying Sichuan food in Chengdu, I dropped out so I could travel and make food videos on this channel for you. but I promised myself one day I'm going to come back to Sichuan and learn Sichuan food. And I just recently had the idea, This is it.

Come to the village, enjoy the village life, make cooking videos for you here and it's a dream come true. so so so so you got you don't seem to enjoy what has a fun time. It could be shit.

wow. wow. Kramer take it like it. That.

look at this guy's Sichuan Wen Ha ha ha. and Vine show Conga. So amazing. So beautiful here. And look at this, guys.

This is the full house tour. Look at this, guys. This is the full house tour. Can chill out here and drink tea or eat the Sichuan food that I make. I'm loving this guy's.

Yeah. Guys, look at this traditional Sichuan house. It's over a hundred years old. I'm blown away. It's been a dream to come here and. And get back to the nature. Get back to Sichuan food.

This is going to keep the inspiration alive. Because to be honest, I love traveling, but I just got a little burnt out from it over the last couple of years. And this is getting the pumped feeling back to make Food Ranger videos for you.

Now it's going to be full on Sichuan recipes for the next little while, and I hope you're as pumped as I am. Wow. And not only that, guys, take a look. There's a vegetable garden over here, and I can just grow my own veg. Pick the veg. It's like going back to the. The village life Guys.

I can pick the veg and then. And then get right to stir fry. Look this through the bamboo forest. Wow. Look at that. Through the bamboo forest. Yeah. Look at this.

Wow. Back to the nature. So basically I'll be studying Sichuan food and then I'm going to be practicing and making the recipe videos for you here deep in the village. This is deep in the village, guys.

look at this, guys. The corn hanging up on both sides here represents the traditional Chinese home. Represents that you have a lot of food and you're wealthy and you're successful. And this is like a beautiful decoration. Yeah, it's a blessing.

It's a blessing. Amazing. Look at that. Starting up the fire. Wow. So we're going to first up, make downtown fan, which is egg fried rice.

Classic dish deep in the village here. First cleaning the walk. And this is amazing, guys, I've. I'm renting this place now.

I'm going to be practicing food here. And first, for the first day, I'm getting a little intro into how to use this traditional walk because I definitely am going to need it to learn how to start the fire and all that, all the intricacies. Oil going in the water.

This is what power is going to have. Extra walk. here we go.

Okay, here we go. We got young lads now going in. surf. Right. Veg. Wow. That's amazing, guys.

Starting up first with the stir fry, veg and changa gung Sasha Swan has young men now trying out down like yo, yo, yo. okay. So ginger, garlic, chili and Sichuan peppercorn. And then the green veg, all those little ollie and little salt. So this is incredible.

I'm so excited to be here. Look at incredible. Gives us a little chicken essence. La chicken essence. that's going to be hand changa and changa. Wah! Okay, look at that, guys.

Stir fry veg in my new village kitchen. I'm going to be practicing Sichuan recipes here and changa. Incredible.

So excited to be here, guys. All the traditional wok wah kushida. All the little Beijing.

Little messy in there for the flavor. Seriously? Good stuff. Yes, Yes. Wow. This is so amazing, guys. Deep in the village, my new village home I'm renting to practice Sichuan food in and Bangla, Changsha, Kalima.

tai Bangla. Look at that. wow. Okay. how could a hen. my goodness.

It's got wok. This walk with the stove. It's got the fire. It brings it to walk and changa you've got Cheetah and grab a.

Amazing. And there it is. I'm going to be practicing tons of recipes here with you guys. Wow. How Chilla how to learn how to Beijing. How you do.

That's the first dish down. Next up, we're making down chow fan egg fried rice. Here it comes, guys.

Next up, egg fried rice. Here we go. Okay, starting up. Take a take a look at all these ingredients. We got the eggs being.

So there's this. shadow up here to watch is so happy to have actually been here. We've got the eggs here. Dan Chow fan.

We got some celery, we got onion, we got carrot, we got G Jing waging salt and let's watch how it's done down. Chow fan. She's just adjusting the heat. This is probably the tricky part. Sugar A and continue to home and Nana banana she's a master though okay here we go egg fried rice oil going in This is Sichuan egg fried rice deep in the village.

Today is my learning day to see how the walk works. Walk the EGA. The first step makes the eggs.

Here we go. Look at that. See Dan going in? Wow. Look at that. Incredible. She's frying it in the oil. You.

This is like the best series I'm most excited for in my whole life. Guys, I'm super pumped to be here. I'm going to be learning so many recipes.

I just got hundreds of video ideas to make here in the village for you guys. Every day that I'm going to be here, it's just going to be amazing. Okay. Next up, Nathan Fan this already from yesterday.

Josie and Emma was a Senior Bowl contender. I got my results. Ten Look at all the rice she's putting in there.

Wow. Load it up with rice. look at that pressing technique. Yeah, look at that pressing technique. So she's just pressing it a little yellow. yeah? Yeah. How about this?

pressing the rice into the walk to get that. That sizzle the direct heat. Look at that. she's breaking it apart, guys.

Look at that. Breaking it apart and pressing it into the wok. Wow. Pressing the rice apart. Okay, here we go. The tower now? Yeah, I'm a little sore. Ooh, little messy waiting. Wow.

So many ingredients. So, Mzgee Ji Jing Chicken essence. Wow. Amazing. And you can actually see the flame coming over of the wok.

They're amazing. That's going to bring it to walk a little green onion for a lower bar carrot. So let's sing Thai celery all going in there. So you got celery, carrot, onion, eggs and rice. Wow.

Amazing. Younger and younger. Thai sheng, a very aromatic, aromatic. it smells good. It is delicious. The amazing.

Yeah. and changa. La la la la la la la. Wow. I got to walk.

Hey, guys, This block is perfect. My way. Places. You know I go Tesla. okay. We're going to try it out. Channing, tongue.

wow. my goodness. It's not a seriously delicious egg fried rice deep in the village. It's called Walk from this smoky walk here. It's incredible how you do based on how to hold a tie. How chair LA wow. Look at that.

And guys in there so happy to have met you. AIR to allow us to practice here and come to her village home, Contact harder. Fungi. Fungi. Lima.

my tongue. okay. There it is, guys. Dan Chow, Fan Village Recipe and Changa wah wah tai changa. my goodness. That is seriously aromatic. Look at that.

Tai Shan. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. Okay. How to And I just love this whole wok set up here, guys. It's just blowing my mind to go for three, though.

And then minus it. Yeah. And so. yeah, I knew all 400. And then Kong Gemma. It was so good. I think I

yo and then got to it got to really look at this heat control here. I'm going to have to really work hard on that and learn that I'll go down Do credit Sarah. okay. Yeah. So. Wow. So beautiful guys.

And Carly and Julie. Yeah, There it is, guys. Egg fried rice down Charleston and the most beautiful kitchen in the world. Let's go try it out. Wow. Amazing. Look at this.

So they try to do it. Okay. I have a beautiful Sichuan dinner. Wow, wow.

You mean wow. Look at that. And piano. my. And though I have to, I and there's so much here. Look at this. Doha, Sichuan silk and tofu. Doha. Wow.

That's a dream come true coming here. So this is like the new village life for me. Guys, I'm going to be just living the dream, living the peaceful life, practicing sichuan food. Thai how L.A. What a dream come true this is. I'm just so grateful to have you guys watching these videos and to be able to do this.

And I'm really excited to make tons of videos for you guys in the future. Cooking and learning Sichuan food, making real authentic sichuan food deep in the village. There's going to be a lot of videos.

I can just picture it already. Wow. Incredible. Wow. Okay. How to coach in LA. okay. I want you to use the.

You mentioned this all in work. so maybe I'ma woman. and changa. Wow. And changa. What are you, Tom Wilson or Tai Chi? And how should wow.

Look at all that food. Here we are. Giovanna and cash in hand. how should I? don't hammer Doha. So control food.

wow. You're good. Chow down. Move on. Don't have him outside of him. That seriously is the most delicious egg fried rice. And changa your glitchy. Glitchy.

Disgusting. Nigga tried her. She tried to see him. It was Jewish. Yo, timer. Wow.

What a amazing dinner session. Tai chi. look at this.

That's the Doha Classic. Sichuan Doha silken tofu. So more.

Show me what to do. La This is Sichuan silken tofu. So many dishes here we got so show on silken tofu, we got Liang Bang G. This is spicy Sichuan chicken.

And we've got you may tong. Here I go. Yummy tong amazing Tai chi in the Tintin tech Asian cinema. You know, I'm a singer. Culture, cinema, education. wow. How shall the Sichuan Giants on their way to amazing.

Here we are, guys. Take a look at this Sichuan village life. This is where all the new Sichuan food videos are coming from. I'm super pumped. Look at that.

Wow. Deep in the village. Okay, it's just such a beautiful place. I'm so inspired to be here. I just want to cook all the recipes, like, right now. But I'm going to be studying here and learning and going deep into the recipes and and let me know what you think. Are you guys pumped? Because I am super pumped.

I hope you are. And just look at this place. Spent a lot of time looking at village houses in the previous video you saw that looked at a bunch. Nothing as beautiful as this. Look at the traditional style.

100 years old in the bamboo in the fields. There's there's so many different crops being grown around here. I can chop the veg, I can bring it into the old style kitchen to stir fry.

Can I set up a wok station right here as well? So it can it can sort of imitate the home recipes as well it's just unlimited. What I could do here for you guys, recipes wise, it's really unlimited.

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