I meet the people of Mosul Danger ?

I meet the people of Mosul  Danger ?

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morning my friends, from the old city of  mosul once again, for the second video   in mosul, the video with life this time, well  though where i am is not very very lively,   but you can have a view from here, over uh the  tigris river, the bridges being rebuilt, and some... quite a common scene here in mosul a common scene of uh, of the destruction of the war   but in this video we will not, we will  not uh explore more destruction   and now it's a normal day, it's not friday anymore,  and we will see if we can discover the markets   and if we can see a lively mosul, so join me  for this adventure in the markets of mosul and look at that, i don't know if it was a  mosque or... that looks like an old minaret,   i don't know, and there is a playground  for kids, kind of not in a good shape and we are in the middle of the market  for furnitures, for beds and cradles picture, picture beautiful this is for coffee, coffee coffee  okay, oh beautiful sword, look at that all the... i don't know how you call  it, the pots for coffee here, okay okay, i guess maybe that's the father okay okay i don't understand so he sells coffee beans and pots 1920 very old so he says that this machine dates  back from 1920, so it's 100 years old   english, oh from the english, wow, that's incredible amazing it dates back from the  english occupation basically that's uh coffee, coffee inside, coffee so here he's drying the coffee and uh, this is for roasting  right, cooking oh yeah turn   oh gas oh okay, okay okay oh okay okay okay  okay okay   so he's roasting the coffee basically with a 100 years old machine, okay thank you, very nice from here... so the gas is coming from here, all  the way to inside, oh wow okay very nice

very good, thank you okay thank you my dear, okay so we've seen a 100  years old machine, english machine   roasting coffee, let's continue the visit of the  market which started very well, hi, okay good good, france it's really always funny, as i told you before, like  20 minutes ago i passed by here without the   camera, i just walked, i think i kind of look  foreign here, i think people know that... as soon   as they see me most of people realize that i am a  foreigner, but no no one oh there is an army guy,   no one was saying anything, but now, with the  camera it's like everybody's friendly, it's very funny okay so the army guy is just behind me, so i won't  turn the camera, wow maybe let's try some fish   how much so one for 5000 can i have one for this, one for 3000 one like this let's go get some fish, for 5000, it's been  a while i didn't eat fish, i had masgouf   when i entered in in zaho, but  let's have some smaller fish here   oh nice, so they give you  as always olives, bread water water, and here is my fish   very nice, very happy to eat fish, okay  i changed table for the light let's have some of the olives oh look at that, fantastic really good small bread that's obviously a river fish very good okay thank you, very good okay let's continue the...   hello, hi how are you, good what are you doing in my shop yeah filming the fish, yeah this fish is the best  fish in mosul, best fish in mosul yeah, very good, okay   don't have bones, don't have bones, oh don't have bone,  yeah it's true, actually i just had one, it has no   bone yeah, these have bones, oh these have bones, this  live in the river, and this lives in the pool really so this is no bone because  it's in the pool, yeah oh okay   and what's the name of the fish, this  jiri, okay and my feet are getting wet,   you are welcome in my city, yeah  thank you, and this is catfish, huh yeah yeah okay   see you later, let's keep  exploring the markets, the fish markets   as soon as you switch on the camera, very  funny, so you can see here a lot of fish, and   wow, masgouf getting cooked, the floor is  all wet, my feet are already completely wet   wow so many fishes getting cooked  here, look at this one here, oh very nice so it looks like a lot of people  like to eat fish here in mosul   anyway, let's uh, let's go on the other  side, and let's dive in the indoor market so, what is uh surprising also here in mosul is,  basically there is a lot of military presence for   safety reason here in iraq, but in mosul  even more, even like that's why i was cautious with   filming outside on the street, because there are  army guys everywhere, i guess the war is still not...  

it's still very close to here, maybe 30 40 50  kilometers, i don't know exactly how far it is,   but it's still quite close, and you can  actually feel it in the city, in the sense that   most people are very friendly, but still  sometimes you have the feeling that some people   look at you in like... what the hell are you  doing here, wow look at that, picture, picture yeah and when i arrived  basically i saw also a lot of...   well every day basically i see some like  military cars with uh guys in the back, arrested,   i don't know if they display them around,  or i don't know, it's a bit weird but   you can see that the situation is probably  not... still not the best around here

good good salaam alaikum i don't understand but it's safe enough  for tourism to restart slowly okay let's keep exploring the market soap shops always very nice soap shops, it's  more quiet around here... there is an army guy people look at me like what the...  no but that's for the camera now let's go to where i had a very quick lunch  in the last video, uh it was a   small market nearby, so i just want to explore this  small market, have a bit of street food there, and   i think that will be the end of this uh quick  second video here, to show you normal life... how   mosul is recovering from the dark days, the very  recent dark days of the isis occupation okay here we are at the market, at the other market,  uh but it looks it's different from the other day   let's see if we can find some street  food at least, because they had a dessert   i wanted to show you, but maybe it's gone so there there is one guy selling fruits it looks like bad luck, the other day just here   there was a small market with a guy  selling a very nice dessert, and uh   but he's gone, the market is not here anymore bad luck, look at that camera how are you, fine sorry, no arabic okay, so this guy wants to show me something let's see what he wants to show me picture, picture it looks like that's a bird market,  but there are not many birds so you can see that's all cages for  birds, but uh but they are all empty and here there are some birds, and they don't  like me, it looks like they are afraid of humans   probably rightfully okay, that's done with the... no it's okay, it's okay i think he was saying a price for a bird, i  imagine, but uh no, i don't need a bird, okay but   it's interesting, oh yeah and i remember  something i wanted to tell you, that i forgot to   tell you in this video, it's actually very funny  how the... funny, the dialect of arabic...  

i know very very very little arabic, but still i  can notice that the dialect of arabic here   in mosul is very different from what you...  from from uh from the one in baghdad, and in the   south of iraq, because just for  example to say how are you, usually they say um kifak or keifalik but here, they say chawa nak which is very closem very similar to chawani of uh...  that's what the kurdish say, it's very funny that   even just by the sentence  how are you, you can really see that uh   the language here is very  different and it's much more linked,   the arabic here is much more linked to  kurdish, than the arabic and southern iraq which channel, i don't understand what is he saying which TV channel, youtube what is this okay okay i need to... let's go to see  what this one has to show us so this is the video with the locals in mosul   so when someone tells us to go  somewhere, we just follow come on take picture of this, okay nice okay okay okay i think he wants me to film the   area so people see it on the video  on youtube, and people come to buy oh good okay, so you're filming, all right okay okay okay thank you, so you're doing this  yeah, furniture okay so they are... you're welcome   so they are uh manufacturing furniture  here, just behind the main street, very nice okay okay let's continue, let's continue the visit so i've lost my guide, he left  with a potential customer i guess camera youtube youtube, push me no, no  okay no, no okay, all right, this way i go this way no, it's okay, i am done okay let's go out okay so i escaped there, i don't know, probably  it's nothing but i didn't have a very good feeling but right in front of me there is an ice cream shop, let's  see if we can finish the video with an ice cream there is ice in the bottom okay let's have the   the ice cream which is a very industrial, and i  have some kids following me now it's melting very fast, and  it's uh well very industrial   okay so that... so that was like  eating pure chemicals, ah sorry

not so nice, the ice cream, i can't  say it was very good, but i guess that will   be the end of this video, so see you in another  city, for the next adventures, ciao guys

2022-07-01 02:03

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