I have no choice but to take my loss on this one.. [S7-E107]

I have no choice but to take my loss on this one.. [S7-E107]

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I think I just have to take my loss This from the lake, fish? - Yeah yeah nice fish Livingstonia - MALAWI Season 7 - Eps. 107 Good morning internet it is 7 o'clock in the morning and welcome back to the channel Welcome here in front of my safari tent on the top of a hill, right at Lake Malawi in Malawi And today I'm going to do local exploring.. uh, around this area see this town, Livingstonia It was not so easy to get here, if you have seen the last episode it's quite a rough road Um, but now I'm almost next to the town, so that's what I'm going to explore    Um, but first let's see what is for breakfast There's even a stream here on the property cool right? Goes straight off the cliff there I forgot to film my breakfast before I finished it, but it was a bowl of muesli And it was delicious. Anyway, it  just started raining so I'm kind of just waiting out the rain Hopefully, it will stop soon and then  I'm going to go somewhere completely different   than my plan was this morning. Uh, let me explain to you what the situation is Because I just got some pretty valuable information from the owner of this place 'Cause I am right over here and this is all national park and my plan was to actually backtrack And then skirt around or actually, you enter the national park here skirt around and then take this route to Karonga And that would have been a really cool route because they used to allow motorcycles uh, on that road through the park But very recently, they relocated a herd of elephant and those elephant are very hostile towards humans And in cars it's okay, but they have attacked several motorbikers and I believe even they killed one motorcyclist Uh, quite recently so now they don't allow motorcyclists Or cyclists through the park anymore so but that means that my plan will change for today Um, so yeah I'm still going to go to Livingstonia. Um, but then take the route past the lake to Karonga So I'm clearly staying in nature. So I just pulled away my bag, this is a bag

That I have with all my cables and chargers and everything and I.. it was, it was laying over there And this thing, can you even see it? It doesn't look so big but this is enormous centipede We need something for scale. Okay, I have a marker for scale right This is my hand, this is the marker It's so big Is it alive? I don't know if.. I don't even know if it's alive, it must be 'Cause it wasn't there when I put my bag there yesterday Oh, it's moving. Oh yeah, it's moving I want you to go out of my tent please. Get out of my tent Come on. Get out. Wake up

Wakey wakey, it's morning You, come on You see it is as thick as my marker Come on, get going So many legs and so slow Okay To Livingstonia It's all still.. the track is still wet obviously, from all rain But the the last stretch to Livingstonia should be pretty okay, it's not so crazy anymore as in the previous video or so I've been told This way How many differences that yeah, now the track is wet So let's hope it doesn't get too slippery Yeah no, this is totally a lot easier No rocks whatsoever Well, it's good that I.. oh, see that's what I mean Does get slippery When wet Hi! Looks very happy to see me People in Malawi are really nice, super friendly And I know I've been saying that of the people in Angola. Been saying that the people in Zambia But it's true, they're all just so friendly and smiley around here Okay yeah this is more the type of road I had in mind Based on the stories So I'm basically now, am I on the plateau? I think so It's pretty much a plateau here And I mean, they also grow coffee around here So that also, it's usually an indicator of higher areas like at least a thousand meters When they grow coffee or at least when they grow Arabica coffee The other type, Robusta doesn't need that altitude But I'm pretty sure it's a Arabica coffee here Yeah, Malawi is in that sense really different from what I've seen in Zambia and also in Angola actually, when it comes to scenery Hey. - How are you? - I'm fine, how are you? I'm good. Yeah, you want to see waterfall Uh, I'm not sure. Do I need.. is it walking or?

It's walking - Or I can go with the motorbike until the waterfall - Yeah You can park here and then you walk first one is not far, just 5 minutes and second one also viewpoint is 5 minutes, if you want to go to cave, natural cave it's almost take 15 minutes go and back How's it going? Let's check out the waterfall then Oh, I can hear the waterfall Somewhere here, I think Here probably I think I'm already at the top of the waterfall. This is actually the highest waterfall in Malawi so it's supposed to be pretty decent Wow Wow, you can even see the lake That was a really.. was actually quite  spectacular waterfall It's just uh.. raining again so I couldn't really uh.. see very much It's not.. .. Good I am slipping and sliding This is super slippery Maybe I can actually, better turn around.. go the other way Let me see Uh.. or not

*brain busy computing* I think I am going to try another route I think my navigation is wrong here but I think Am I here? No Now this is the way Shame. I was thinking maybe there's a better route But no I have to get over this super slippery track So much difference, just a little bit of rain Although a little bit.. it's been raining pretty heavy last night as well Hi! Yeah Alaska really isn't much better than these local bikes if it's so slippery Hi Oh no, no, no. Don't slide in there now

Oh! This is hard work again.. early in the morning Oh, it's not that early anymore but still Is this road.. .. Almost in Livingstonia Really really close I made it to Livingstonia Oh wow. Let's check out the church It's a pretty cool church You know what I just realized I forgot my rain jacket at the lodge 'Cause now it's raining a bit more heavily and I'm like, I'm going to put my rain jacket on And I'm like.. I left it behind I think

Unless I stuffed it in one of the other bags but I don't think so I really don't want to go back again over that slippery path now that it's raining What to do? And the thing is I'm probably gonna catch more rain There is just no end to the rainy  season in Africa It's like once the rainy season ends in West Africa, it begins in East Africa And I mean there's multiple rainy seasons even in the year. So when the one ends the next begins kind of And it's a shame because you can't really see much either And now I don't have a rain jacket anymore Sad times but going back to fetch it.. I really don't want to I just made it over those rocks. I think I just have to take my loss

Uh, hopefully when I get down to the lake, it will clear up again But it would be cool, if it's clear here because now I'm on the plateau And there's really beautiful mountains everywhere so I was really hoping to get some nice views But.. starting to doubt it See so this is my plan, I'm going to ride all of this through the mountains and then loop So basically I'm backtracking a little bit towards the south and then loop and then along the lake go to Karonga That's now my plan. So stupid about the rain jacket I don't often forget something or leave something behind But anyway, it is what it is This is the Livingstonia mission This is actually, a University town Here, University of Livingstonia University house It's all students living here cool right? Now this is a familiar view The backtracking is finished and then instead of going up the plateau I'm going to now follow the lake again It's funny how the weather on this side is much better   Like all the rain is on the other side of the mountains Wow, this is what I meant in the last video about the color of the water  Of Lake Malawi See when the sun shines, it almost becomes like turquoise I don't know how well you can see this. Some very bad weather over there as well

Yoi Restaurant. See if I can drink something here Maybe get some food as well Hi! How are you? Good, how are you? - Good thanks Hi - How has been your riding? Huh? - How was your trip? Yeah yesterday I went up.. the road is - Bumpy - Is bumpy Yeah but it's good for offroad - Yeah, it's good yeah Now I go to Katonga - Karonga - Yeah that one From the restaurant? - Yeah do you also sell water? No water is sold just next.. - Okay Want Malawian food? - Ooh.. this from the lake, fish? Yeah yeah nice fish You want fish and some plantain? Yeah I'll have fish and plantain, yeah thanks Food is being prepared I also ordered a cup of tea, how about that Wow, that looks amazing - Tea is coming. You may wash your hands here

Yes perfect. Thank you so much It looks delicious  - Catfish - Catfish Okay great! Thank you - Which country you from? Netherlands - Netherlands - Yes Okay. Take care, bye bye Oh That was really good. That was a.. delicious fish

What is that noise? I hear some rattling but I don't know what it is It could be, I dropped like one of these GoPro screw things Kind of in Alaska a little bit But it fell like down.. down here I have a feeling that now it's rattling in my bash plate I made it, I made it. Let's find a place to stay In here There's a lodge See if there's anyone there So this is my room for tonight and then.. this is the bathroom

Tap doesn't, oh the tap doesn't work Maybe that's for the best because um.. It would come straight out All right it is dinner time. I got an enormous pile of rice and um, I don't know some meat, chicken probably And some sauce Ah, there is no power, so I don't have light in my room So I'll just end this video. That was it  for today

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