I got lost in Tokyo...

I got lost in Tokyo...

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Konnichiwa! Im going to Tokyo today. For my brother's wedding. I am going to KANSAI International Airport. But I need to ride trains first. 4 trains actually plus walks. I even got lost in Osaka too.

I always go to the wrong platform. So in this video I keep running lol. I can read them, but Idk why I still get lost. It's frustrating lol But It's my fault.

I made it. This is final train to KIX. But I rode the wrong train car. I should be on the first 3 train cars.

So before the train shift cars, I transferred. We made it to KIX. After we got lost many times. My flight is at 18:25, I am 3 hour early. Cause I know I will get lost. LOL So after checking-in. I want coffee.

The airport is huge guys. I found a cafe near my boarding gate. I ordered Cafe latte and TCHL wrap. I needed to kill time. I was so sleepy too. This is okay, both of them >.<

I was planning to sleep on the plane. So I'm filling up my tummy. Guys I lost so much weight. But gradually. Not all of a sudden. My neck is long again >.<

This is a 5 day trip only. So I just have my backpack. I will be absent from school for 2 days. I can't be going to my brother empty handed. So I bought some omeyagi from them.

Concentrating with Nihongo LOL. Trying to fit everything cause I am too lazy to carry them. See you in a bit Tokyo! We arrived! I was trying my best not to get lost again. But I still got lost in Narita Airport.

Wrong platform again. I was in wrong train this time LOL. Bur after everything I made it to Shibuya. I didn't like it honestly, there's too many people. But this is where I will meet my brother.

I felt so dizzy last night. This is the next day. This is my brother's place in Yokohama. It is near the mountains. It felt like countryside.

They will tour me around their area. This shop name is Everyday low prices. We're going to the center of their area. We will go to Roponggi now. We will stay in the Hotel for their wedding tomorrow.

It feels so good to speak Filipino now >.< That is the famous Tokyo Tower. Way way differ from Kyoto Tower. It's glowing and shining at night. For dinner we had Emirati Cuisine. It was good but they used Japanese rice.

More illuminations. A clip from their wedding. We ate at New Nanays after the wedding. This is Fumiya's cafe, he's quite famous in Ph. Filipino fooooodd.....

This is just in front of my brother's house. Im going out with my brother. It's too windy, I'm sorry. We have some errands today. I will never get tired of this morning view.

These are cherry tomatoes. Persimmon. This is Yakitori. My brother wants me to try the intestines.

But I like the meat more. I am not fond of eating innards. But I admit this is tasty. But I like meat moreeee LOL I always see this on some videos. But it's not my type. It's on the sweet side.

I'm gonna cook mung beans. But I forgot to film everything. LOL. and it takes too much time to boil them. This is Tama plaza in Yokohama. After months, Gong-cha at last! I ordered the Strawberry new flavor.

There were a lot of customers. We also came to play at Game Center. I really want this monkey, it looks like me. LOL So I asked my brother to do it.

But..... They tricked us LOL >.< But my brother won, and gave me chopper. We had some kebab.

It was a little bit dry for me. But I still enjoyed it. It's a pet piglet!!! We're contemplating if this is blueberry or not >.<

Took us maybe around 5 mins here LOL But it's NOT! >.< I'm going back to Kyoto today. But we're still making the most of my time here. It was a very cold day.

There's a Philippines Festival happening today. So we are going there to try some Filipino food. I felt dizzy again being in this crowd.

I forgot the name of this place. But it's a short walking distance from Shibuya station. I recognized this celebrity by his voice. Bobay! A Filipino actor and comedian. Sadly, there's long lines in the food area. I can't waste time so we skipped it.

We went to this nearby park with Yellow Ginko Trees. We ate this LOBSTER sandwich. Before heading to Narita Airport. It looks so delicious, but it was not fresh. And yes I got allergy attack minutes after finishing the food.

My sis in law got allergies too. But we have meds so nothing to worry. But my skin was so red and my hands were swollen. This is Shinkansen to Narita Airport. For the first time, I found the right platform.

I'm going to KIX and then travel to Kyoto for about 2 hrs. Bought some snacks for my friends. And ate my dinner. See you on my next one!

2024-01-11 23:44

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