I Found The BEST Place in Rwanda vA 113

I Found The BEST Place in Rwanda  vA 113

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(Kigali, Rwanda) - Hi, hi. - Hi. Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm okay. Yeah. - Yeah. - Hi. Hi.

That's correct. Yes. Thank you. Morning, my friends. Let's go to eastern Rwanda today, to Kayonza, on my way to Burundi from fancy Kibagabaga. Look at that. There is a big church. Big church.

And yeah, so basically, I have to make a detour to go to Burundi, because they're not good neighbors, let's say. So basically, Burundi accuses Rwanda of supporting rebels against the government based in DRC. So, regularly they close the border with Rwanda. Burundi closes its border with Rwanda.

So recently, it closed the border because... Well, the rebels launched an attack in Burundi quite recently. Yeah, so basically, I can't go straight from Rwanda to Burundi.

So I have to go via Tanzania. So that's why I'm making a detour via the eastern part of Rwanda. So I'll not be able to go to Nyanza I think it's called, which is the old pre-colonial capital of Rwanda. Yeah, it's sad, but that's the way it is. Yeah.

That's the situation in the region. It's quite common, actually. Both DRC and Burundi regularly accuse Rwanda of supporting rebels in the, in the region. So, yeah. So let's go to eastern Rwanda, guys.

Hello. - Helloooo. - Hey, hey. - Hi. - Hello, hello. - Man, man, man, stop. - Yes. Yes, yes. Good, good, good.

Hey, hey. And here we are already out of Kigali. So today it's about 70 kilometers and... Well... Yeah, I'm quite happy to leave Kigali.

It's a very strange city. I didn't really feel comfortable. I don't know. There is general sadness that is kind of weird, especially in Africa, because usually people are very happy here.

(To give an illustrated explanation of my impression) All the streets have numbers. They don't have names — they have numbers. So it's kind of soulless, you know? If you have a street called, "This is the street Leopold Sedar Senghor," then if you don't know him, you go look, "Who is he? Oh, he's a Senegalese poet." And you read, and you're like, "Wow." It gives a soul. I mean, giving names to streets gives a soul. And I don't know.

The streets are soulless. I don't know. The... And they are sad, basically. But what's good is my bike does make people very happy.

On my bike, life is really enjoyable in Rwanda. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Hey. Hey, man. - Hey. - Hey. Yes, yes, yes. Look at this beautiful country.

Wow! - Hello, man. - Yeah, yeah. - Yeah, "wewe". - Hey. - Hey, man. How are you? - Good, good, good. Yes. - Good.

- Hey. - Hi. - Hi. - Hi, hi. - Hello. Hi, man. - Hey, hey, hey. - Hey, man. - Hello, hello. - Good, good.

- Hello. - Good, good. - Good, good. - Yeah, very good. - Very good. - Hi, man. - Matoke. - Hello, mzungu. - Hello. - Yes. - Good. - A camera. - It's funny because... - Money, money, money.

- Money, money? - Yeah, money. - For what? Why? It's funny because when you have people around you cycling... Actually, I go much faster than usual. It just pushes you to go faster.

Welcome to Eastern Province! - Hello, mzungu. - Mzungu, mzungu. That's a big escort. - Yes. - Morning, morning.

- Morning, morning. How are you? - I'm fine. - Good, good, good. Yeah. What is this? - Hey. - Oh, corn. Hey, hey. - Hey, man. - Hey. - Hello. Hello, hello. - Hello. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Hello, man. - Hello, hello, hello. Yes.

- Yeah, man. Stop, and show me... - Yeah. - Show me... Stop, stop. Stop. - Let's take a people break, a selfie break. - I wanna see it. - How are you? - I wanna see it. - How are you? - Good, good.

Good. - Hey. - How are you? - That is a good bicycle. - Good. Good bicycle? - Yeah, good. - Nice. - And give me. And give me. I'll give it a try like this. - No, no, no. Sorry, I have all my bags. No, no.

I cannot let people try it. - Hey. - No. - Because then everybody wants to try it. - This is a bicycle or a car? - It's a bicycle, it's a bicycle. - A bicycle. - You charge... - It's electric. Yeah. It's electric. Yes. - If we want to do it... - Hello. - ...move like this. - Ah?

- When you're going, you... - No, I need to pedal all the time. There is no throttle. The engine just helps. It adds a bit of power. But I need to pedal all the time. - Okay, okay. Okay. Good, good. Yeah. - Good, good, good. Yes.

- The bicycle is from which country? - This bicycle is from the Czech Republic. - Czech Republic? - Yes. - Chick Republic. - Europe. - Yeah. - How much money? - It's expensive. - Very expensive? - It's like a motorbike. Yeah. Nice. Okay. Have a good day. - Good journey. - Bye-bye. - Okay, okay. - Look at this beautiful view, guys.

Hi. - Hi. - Okay, guys. Let's stop here for a... Yes, that's good. Let's stop here for a lunch break. Hi. - Hi. - It's climbing a lot today.

Do you see this beautiful view? Wow. Rwanda is very, very beautiful. I need to show you what I found in Kigali. I found some wonders in Kigali. Look at that first. I'm not gonna have it now. Some mackerel fillets, like in France. Awesome. Oh, yes. Yeah. Ay-ay-ay. Ah, it's stony here. Look at what I found, guys. Some blue cheese. Incredible.

And it's blue cheese made in Rwanda actually. A bit expensive. But cheese is worth almost any price. And look at that. Some kind of proper bread. Oh, man. That's good. People were friendly in Uganda, but the bread was a disaster. They put so much sugar in the bread. But bread doesn't have sugar.

It's not supposed to be sweet. And finally, some salami. Some spicy salami. Isn't it amazing? It's been so long since I had something like that. This is really good.

The ground is really not comfortable. This thing is really, really good. Do you want some bread? Hey, do you want some bread? "Mkate"? The kid was scared of me. He was running away as soon as I... There you go. "Mkate". He's watching me eat from far away because, for some reason, he's afraid of me. Let's try the bread for you... The bread. The cheese. "Jibini".

The cheese for you, guys. Look at this beautiful blue. This is proper cheese. This is heaven. Kigali is not the friendliest… It's by far not the friendliest city in the region. But you do find very good products in Kigali.

That's really good. Oh my god, this is... This blue cheese. And it's not that expensive actually. Honestly, this is orgasmic for me. Oh my god. And I kept it an entire day outside of the fridge. So it... It has much more taste.

This cheese is really, really good. I'm so happy now. This makes up for all the weird experiences I had in Kigali. Fantastic. Yes. - Hi, hi. - Hi. How are you? - I'm fine. - Good. - Do you have a problem? - No, no. It's okay.

I was just eating. - Yes. - Yes. - Where do you come from? - France. Kigali today. - And you're going to where? - Kayonza. - Kayonza? - Kayonza. Kayonza I'm going today. - Yeah. - 30 kilometers from here. - 30 kilometers? - Yeah. Have a good day. - Yeah. You too. - Thank you. I feel good. After a good cheese. - Hey. Hello, hello. - Hello, hello.

Hello. Good, good, good. - Hello, my friend. - Hi, hi, brother. - Nice. People are friendly here. Good. Hello. - Hey, man. - Hi. - Hello. - Yeah. Hello. One thing that is very nice in Rwanda is the women in the countryside, many women still wear the traditional dress, which is beautiful.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - Yeah. - Look at the kid. Yeah. Oh my god, guys. I'm so happy. The people start to be very friendly again. - Hey, man. - Hello. - Hello.

- Hello. - Hello, mzungu. - Yeah. - Hello, hello. - Kayonza — left. - Good afternoon. - Good afternoon. - How are you? - Good, good. I'm good. Hello. Hello. Hi. - Hello, bro. - Hi. - Hello. - Hello, man. - How are you?

He wants a photo. Good. Yes. - Good. Good luck, sir. - Oh, I'm back in Africa. That's good. I don't know. Kigali somehow was teleported to northern Europe or I don't know what, but... Hi. I got the football team after me. - Yes. - Hello, man. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Yeah. - Yeah. - Yeah. Hello, hello, hello. - Hey. - Hi. - Hey, mzungu. - How are you? - Hi. Good. How are you? - Hi. - Hello, hello. - Hello. - Hello, hello. - Hello.

- Hello, hello, hello. Kayonza district. - Hello. - Hello, hello. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Yeah.

I am fine. Hello. I have a selfie break. - Hi. - Hello. How are you? - Fine. - Good. - And what is your name? - Yves. - Yves. - And you? - My name? Eric. - Eric? - Yes. - Nice to meet you. - Yeah. Where are you going?

- Kayonza. - To Kayonza? - Just after Kayonza. Yeah. And you? Where are you going? - Home. - Home. - Yeah. - Good. You're still here. - This thing is called what? - This is a camera. - That is a camera. - Camera. Yeah.

- Thank you. - You're welcome. Have a good day. Have a good day. Bye-bye. The kids caught me then. Since my lunch break, it's like I changed planet.

I'm back on the beautiful African continent now. - Yves, Yves. - Yves. Yes. - Yeah. Do you know a rabbit? - Ah? - Rabbit? Do you know it? - Rabbit? - Yes. - That's an animal. - Yeah, I'm trading rabbits. - Ah, you are trading rabbits. - Yeah. - Ah, okay. Nice.

Where are you going? - I'm going to Kayonza. - Kayonza? - Yeah. - The same as me. - How are you doing now? - How am I doing? I'm doing good. Yeah. I'm having a nice day on the road. And you? - I'm okay. - How are you doing? - I'm fine. - You're fine. - Yeah. - Good. - This bicycle is very easy. - It's very?

- It's very easy. - It's easier. Yes. It's easier. It's easier than yours. - Yeah. - Definitely. It's electric.

- Hey. I still... I want to know what that is. - And I think we're arriving in Kayonza, guys. - Hey, hey. - Hi, hi. - Hi, hi, hi.

Oh, there's a bicycle lane. Wow! Rusumo — 90 kilometers. So we are 90 kilometers from Tanzania. There is a cycle lane. Wow.

I don't know how long I've not seen that. What are they selling? Hello, hello. - What's up? - Oh, that's donuts. Hello. Hello, hello. - Hello, hello. - Hello, hello.

Hello. - Hey. - Hi. - I am continuing there. - You continue there? Hello, hello. So, I think I'm supposed to have arrived. Oh, yeah. I think it's here. - Hey. - Hello. I think I need to go. It's here.

The women, right? I'm going... Have a good time, man. I stop here. - Yes. - I stop here. - Yeah. Me, to go there? - You go. You continue. - Ah no. Yes. - Okay.

Oh, you have rabbits. - Yes. - Oh, wow. Interesting. That's why you told me, "Rabbits". - Rabbits. Do you know them? - Yes, I know rabbits. Yeah.

- See? This is a rabbit. - So you sell them. Ah, nice... Okay. Have a good time, man. - Yeah, thank you.

- Have a good day. Bye-bye. - Bye. - Bye-bye. - Bye-bye. - Yes, man. - I had an escort. I mean, some guys follow me forever, but they stay behind. So I don't really see them.

I see them a little bit in the mirrors, but that's all. So that's the lodge where I intend to stay. Let's see if it's not too expensive because Rwanda can be insanely expensive. Look at that. That's fancy. Let's try to get inside.

You know, I love to ride inside the guest houses. So let's try it here as well. Yes. Yes. We made it.

Awesome. - Hello. - Hi. - Hello. - Hello. It's a guest house here, no? - Yes. - Oh yes. It's a special bicycle. Yes. - Hi. - Hi. - How are you? - Good.

How are you? - Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you, too. - What's happening? - What's happening? It's a special bicycle. - And you're traveling where? Where are you going? Where are you coming from? - I come from France. I'm going to Cape Town. Yes. - On this bike? - Yes. - And you're riding? - Yes. It's electric, so it's not... It's a bit easier, but... - Where have you come from now? - Today, Kigali.

- Riding this bike? - Yes. - And you just stop, rest, and continue, stop, rest, and... - Yes, yes. - Are you serious? - Yes, I'm serious. - This is amazing. - It's interesting. Yeah. - So are you going to spend a night here? - Yes, I... Yes, I'd like to know how much it is to stay here.

- Come, come, come. Chris, come here. Chris. Can we take a picture of you? - Oh yes. No problem. Yeah. - What's your name? - Yves. - Yves? - Yes. - I am... My name is Evelyn. - Evelyn? - I'm the executive director. This is my team. - Okay. Nice to meet you. - But we love seeing this. - Okay. - Chris. - Good.

- Do you want to spend a night? - Yes. It depends on how much. I have things I have to do. - Yes. - But I might spend even two or three nights. Hello. - Hello.

- Chris is our... - How are you? Chris. - ...operations manager. And sales and marketing. - Okay. - He's going to take care of you. - Okay. - We are all around. I'm in a small meeting with a group.

This is Yves. I love this look, this... We have... I want a story. Get a story. Can we sit and talk to you? - Yes, no problem. Yeah. - Ask you where you're coming from, why, where, when. - Yes, yes. - This is... This is... Excuse my English. - Wow, it's amazing. - No, no.

It's fine. - This is crazy. - Yeah. It's... Yeah. - Your whole life is here? - Basically, my whole life is here. Yeah, this is... Yeah. - Your... Wow. And you're posting everything... - Yes. - ...on social media and everything.

- Yes. - Please, get his handle. This, this, this... I need you to make this... I love this. - That's a nice welcome. I'm happy. - That's amazing.

- Please. A warm bed. Hot shower. Yeah? You... - No, that's... - A cold beer. - Okay. - A man needs a beer. - Yeah. - But thank you. Thank you for stopping. - It's amazing. - Thank you very much; I just saw you had good reviews on the internet.

So that's why I'm staying. Yeah. - Yay. Thank you. Welcome! - Thank you very much. - We will take care of you. You're definitely going to have... - Okay. - ...nice home-cooked food.

You'll love it. - Oh, fantastic. - Okay. So where you pass by, you take pictures, images, whatever. - Actually, I film my journey. - Oh. - And then, I put videos on YouTube.

- Isn't it exhausting? - Yes. It is exhausting. The bicycle is electric. So it's not extremely exhausting, but it is still exhausting. I feel that the more I cycle, the more I am bad-tempered. Ah, it's exhausting. - It's still exhausting. - After a bit of rest, I get better. But yes, it's exhausting. - When did you start this adventure? - Two years ago. Almost two and a half years now. - Two and a half years...

- Yeah. - ...that you are on the road. - Yeah. - Jesus Christ. - Jesus Christ. - Did they give you the room? - No, no, no. I'd like to know how much it costs. Wow. - Hello. Hello. - Hello. - Yeah. - How are you?

- I'm fine. - Good. - Do you want to stay in the room? - Yes, if... It depends on the price, if it's... What's the price? - It's 35,000 Francs. - Including... - 35,000. - Yes. - Including breakfast. - 35,000? - Yes. - Yeah. - For camping, it's 15,000 ($12). - 15,000? - Yes. - No, but 35,000 should be okay for me. Yeah. Yeah. That's good for me. - With breakfast?

- With breakfast, yes. - Yes. - It's okay. - After you are installed... - After I am installed, I will come to see you. - My office is just here. - Okay, okay. Thank you very much. See you then. - Okay, thank you. - This is the restaurant. - Ah, this is the restaurant. Okay. That's a fancy place. It's beautiful. - We have reached another room. The room is this. This is the toilet. This is the shower. - Very good.

There is hot water or...? - Yes, hot water. - Hot water. Fantastic. All my bags are here now. Fantastic. A lovely tiny room for $28. Very nice. With the bathroom. A very nice bathroom.

Hot shower. Fantastic. I'm happy to have this price because I was worried I... From the internet, it looked like a quite fancy place.

It's okay, it's okay. Oh, but... Did you see this welcome? Oh, man. That was... What a nice place! Look at that, guys. I guess I'm gonna spend a few days here, because I have a specific date to arrive in Burundi, because there is a date written on my visa. It's written "February 5" for the start of the visa for Burundi. So I'll try to arrive at the correct date to avoid any type of problems at the border with Burundi.

What a beautiful place, guys! That's the luxury tents they have. That's $50 per night. And my bike is stored here. Oh, they smell really good. Those ones.

Wow. Very, very nice. See you for the next adventure. Ciao, guys.

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