I found a HIDDEN PARADISE in the mountains of GUATEMALA |S6-E69|

I found a HIDDEN PARADISE in the mountains of GUATEMALA |S6-E69|

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It was a little bit of a rough road to get  here. But so worth it, right? What a place Good morning Internet, it is 9:30 in the morning and welcome back to the channel. Welcome here in a   very noisy Nebaj, here in Guatemala. I spent the whole morning running around trying to find ATM 

to get some cash out because I didn't have any anymore. That's sorted so now I'm ready to hit the road I will quickly show you, what my plan is for  today on the map. So I'm now right here in Nebaj and my plan is to ride to Semuc Champey over here via this place called Cobán. Let's go I also need to fill up on petrol because I'm almost empty So the reason is, I'm going to make a quick stop in Cobán Is actually another one in the category.. logistical technical problems that I'm trying to solve   Again I have a problem with my laptop.  It's not charging so in Cobán there is a  

shop that I can go to. Hopefully, it's  just a matter of the charging cable   So let's see, I have to solve that because now I can't use my laptop again. So hopefully that's a   quick fix and then I can continue to Semuc Champey, which is a very beautiful part of   It's a place in Guatemala but it's in a  very beautiful part of Guatemala as well   So I'm quite looking forward to that. It's a  gorgeous day, let's hope it stays like that   Okay, let's quickly fill up Hello.. regular please, full

Okay, that's done Look at these views. I really, well I'm not even that high up at the moment, two thousand hundred The views are incredible, hey? He just told me that uh.. they were only open in 40 minutes. I have to wait 40 minutes here. So.. So well.. it's gonna take a while Oh, that was 40 minutes absolutely boiling, in the burning sun Finally, I can pass this stretch Still construction on the other side Oh no Oh, the next wait Oh, it's gonna be a long day Finally A pack of gravel. Look at this view though.. ah The views today are really.. wah, just spectacular, right? Alright, I'm now in Cobán. I just went  into this shopping mall with my laptop  

and it looks like it was the cable as I was  hoping, so I just bought another cable so..   .. That should be all good now again.. hopefully So I forgot my strap Off we go because the hardest part of  today, I think is yet to come I think it's gonna be a little bit of a rough  road Wow, it is so green here. Incredible Okay, there I'm leaving the tar Unpaved we go Alright, let's see how steep this will get Getting a.. a little rough up here, very narrow as well Where is this leading to? Oh, it's rough Turn around I missed a turn.. somewhere again It's difficult to look at my navigation  when I'm standing up on the pegs Wow, look at this view Amazing, right? Oh, this is a problem Can I pass? You see how they're pushing the truck Okay Here we go Look at this view. I keep on saying..  look at this view, look at this view  

What I mean, look at this view Let's go to Semuc Champey See if I can get back up this It's a very foggy misty morning but it will clear up in a little bit.. they told me Ah, look at that This morning mist makes everything look very mysterious, isn't it? Let's go bridge. Hey puppies Look at this. Wow, the color of the water is incredible, right? Welcome to Semuc Champey.. hello!

Alright, a little jungle walk and then I'll reach the Semuc Champey Welcome to paradise What a magical place, right? Absolute paradise, paradise, paradise And the water is just absolutely crystal  clear. It's unbelievable and in some places no   I can't stand here, it's quite deep. I can't stand in any of this I'm just gonna go a little bit to this waterfall here. Look Oh, the temperature of the water is.. it's amazing. I thought maybe early morning, it's gonna be cold but  

It's not cold at all, it's just super refreshing It was a little bit of a rough road to get  here but so worth it, right? What a place   I really can't believe, I'm the only one here. I came early morning   I was the first one here. And it paid off.  Wow, I can't believe nobody else here   It's unbelievable. I expected there to be  massive crowds here but I'm the only one  

I mean those hot baths in Xela were  amazing but I think I prefer this   This is even better and the place that I'm staying, is actually also right alongside this river   So I'll show you later um.. where I'm spending the night and you can see the river from there as well   But everywhere it has this kind of bluish kind of turquoise, turquoise, turquoise. I don't know how to   pronounce it.. color which is just so, so gorgeous and the water is so clear and clean. Just really  

happy to find places like this you know that  are not contaminated. I even see little fish here   Oh, there's loads of fish. I can't put the  camera under water now because I have an   external microphone attached.. but  there's little fish swimming here Amazing, amazing. Alright, let's go for another swim

That was totally amazing, totally amazing. Ah, absolutely love it. What a place, this area is   so beautiful. I'm actually already excited  about my next ride which I'm planning to   do in this area as well. I think, that's going  to be probably quite the adventure as well Let's head back towards the hostel Thank you! Bye You guys sell chocolate? - Yes, here! What do you have? - How many? How much for one? - 5 Quetzales You want? How many? Let's see I have 100 (Quetzales) - 100.. how many? 1..2..5 right? So that's 20..

How many do you want? - 100.. 100 chocolates This is 20 - 20 40 - 40 No, 40, 40 you are buying my friend Here is 80 from me 80 see 80 - This is 80 100 Thank you - Thank you too Goodbye Alright, I just bought.. wait 100 Quetzales that's like.. 15 dollars worth of chocolate   No one can never buy too much chocolate.  So I hope, it's going to be good   Because this region is quite famous for for the chocolate making, so I was already on the lookout   for.. for some artisanal chocolate and I think it's also nice for them when.. you know, when the day just  

starts and you've already sold out pretty much everything. That's such a good feeling, right?   No more pressure for that day to sell.. all  is good. It's so nice to ride without luggage   All of these steep hills.. are a lot easier  to tackle now. Now that Alaska is light Nothing is weighing me down. Oeh, watch out bird. See here, you can see the river again A little path going down So this is the exact same river as I was.. .. Swimming in just now See here, you can also see the amazing  color. It's kind of greenish here

I'm staying just a little bit further down the river This is a bit of a rough part This view just doesn't get boring.. at all What a magical place It's okay I am back at my little cabin next to the river.  You can probably hear the river from here   So I have a little porch with a hammock and then well.. just right between, I think you can see the   river over here. It's just right behind those  trees over there and I have a nice outdoor shower   as well, look at. That that's my shower. So I can shower outdoors. Really, really nice place to stay

I am just going to try out one of the chocolates   that I bought. See if it's any good.. homemade chocolate That is very nice. That's a very different taste   from yeah, how it's called? Factory produced chocolate. This homemade chocolate.. ah Very nice and strong flavor. So while I  am going to indulge in this chocolate   I'm gonna end this video now. That was it for today. I really hope you like this video and   that you like this beautiful place here in  Guatemala. And if you did, please give a big  

thumbs up. Subscribe down below and  then I'll see you in the next video

2022-05-13 08:17

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