I Didn't Expect Korea's Emptiest Region to be like THIS... [자막포함]

I Didn't Expect Korea's Emptiest Region to be like THIS...  [자막포함]

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so today hosan is gonna show us around some of the places here in gangwangdo we're gonna try some cold noodles at the the favorite makotsu place and it seems to be a pretty popular place because we couldn't even find parking everybody's here yeah yeah everybody everybody and this guy's directing traffic with the with the lightsaber will we eat inside or outside [Music] nice this place is really cute but what do we do here so we can either have it with water or without water water okay uh which one's better water okay let's I want the one with water yeah you too um yeah I definitely want that so we're gonna have some cold noodles and some potato pancakes on this rainy cold day nice the manager thank you so this is a potato pancake um which is a pancake in Korea they make a bunch of different kinds of chunks and this is the potato kind Le it smells good yeah this is the sauce oh it's like a slushie water is Frozen that's right you can drink it is it good yeah it's a good broth oh I'm at least figuring that out check out the ingredients okay I'm ready dunking it in the sauce [Music] yeah I like it a lot wow so if you called him before we came [Music] famous oh this place is famous I don't know this guy's just uh threw in an extra cook for us yeah what do you know him my brother friend your brother's friend thank you guys [Music] okay some nice Hospitality in the middle of in the middle of Korea [Music] yeah so where are we going next nice yeah sounds good let's go so he told us that there's two types of water at this Mineral Spring there's regular water and sparkling water which I'm kind of surprised about I was not expecting sparkling water so the sparkling water it just comes out of the ground sparkling yeah sparkling wow all right let's go let's enjoy okay so Speedy on it's okay nicer okay okay nice we ended up taking a little detour on our way to the mineral spring to check out nj's speedium which is the Region's F1 racing track oh motorcycle yeah yeah I guess they decided to put a racetrack in the middle of the mountains Mundo kind of random I mean the views are bound to be epic though maybe that's why they did it wow oh my God it's pretty crazy I thought it was gonna be like downtown in Jay I wasn't expecting it to be like in the middle of the mountains in the middle of nowhere and we were also kind of surprised that um that they'd be racing today because it's been raining all day and usually rainy conditions aren't great you know for racing or be dangerous I guess these guys are not deterred it's pretty dangerous though especially on the motorcycle [Music] foreign [Music] oh that's an ATV course over there oh hey hold on it's these kind of random right it's random yeah bouncing I actually can't build this in the middle of the city right yeah yeah I didn't think about that but you wouldn't want something like this in the middle of like NJ marijuana okay [Applause] let's go let's go to the mineral water we go [Music] we go yeah yeah let's go without him [Music] just just go down there what are we gonna do suncha [Music] oh no yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah let's hide let's hide yeah he won't look here so messed up yeah let's go let's go yeah yeah let's go yeah there yeah yeah no oh yeah yeah he can he can call yeah okay if he gets really scared yeah [Music] oh did he find us you ruined it I was like wait is this our car or no I was like I don't know I was like I wonder how long he's gonna realize that for them this is like a little too long come on Jose we gotta do better next time okay okay um how long were you looking for it us the whole time how long how many minutes five minutes five minutes no then we got him yeah all right gonna bring my water bottle because we're here at the piliate mineral water oh it's not too far of a walk wow wow [Music] everything I've seen around these small villages has just been absolutely gorgeous every single view breathtaking okay looks like we're here but inside okay oh it smells weird did somebody farted you farted oh oh that's a boutique oh it's really dirty then yeah right do you okay all right oh it's good it's got like a a certain flavor to it kind of sulfuric why it's not the best I like sulfuric I guess yeah it's sulfuric yeah what do you think no sparkling yeah it's like a little sparkling it's a little bit it's supposed to be sparkling this one was it supposed to Sparkle okay sparkling is sparkling water this is sparkling but nothing like sparkling no it's a little bit sparkling I can taste the sparkle yeah yeah a little bit Yeah but not enough where it's like clearly yeah it's for I can taste the sparkle it's rice cooking rice water good oh really oh let's see nice the more I drink it the more the more fat it is it so versus water I like how it just collected one shot oh yeah you know what the if you drink more of it you can taste the sparkling I can taste a little bit a little bit Yeah the sparkling you want more yeah I won't I want to do a full sip okay one shot like one shot yeah oh that's good yeah that's cool more nope no no no no I'm okay I'm okay thank you though well thanks that was cool though sparkling water in the ground yeah just straight out of the ground yeah like that did not want to fill up my water bottle with it though I I didn't want to put uh put it in here no no no no no so let's see yeah it's healthy right yeah so they also have some hot springs foreign we just have to find them Hot Springs Yogi and I don't know you don't know okay we're going and on an adventure I'm first time still oh you've never walked over here before fourth time yeah oh yeah yeah we he didn't even know there were hot springs but at the entrance to this road I saw that there was mineral water and Hot Springs so I was like I guess they haven't and he was like what no these Buddha heads though oh hands up handsome let's go see if we can find these Hot Springs Hot Springs oh okay okay ridiculous 200 meters 200 meters working oh okay [Applause] um this this oh right nuts eating yeah it was terrible he didn't like it thank you he's washing his hand up because it smelled so bad what is it oh peace Walnut eating aren't those walnuts aren't those walnuts eating delicious oh so they smell you just have to get past the smell [Music] you have to eat the skin I'll peel the skin oh open the skin and eat inside yeah eat it yeah yeah yeah yeah but why they smell like that why they yeah it smells like dong it's not like it smells like food yeah it smells like spinach why oh I like this smell though yeah it smells like fire mix maybe sauce mix so yeah yeah they mix it with the sauce [Laughter] working oh walking walking yeah we're already we already made it this far I'm not gonna go back for the car just to come all the way back here it's fine it's fine hot spring yeah yeah yeah they've got like a whole thing convenience store wood oh what is that well I'm shooting oh gun oh no they're archery oh archery I want to do that yeah I'll be down actually okay for that they've got a pond but I think I think our hot springs are in this building over here inside no foreign all right you go to the men's side now okay that's that's for you men go that way women go this way have a great time bye guys have a good time [Music] I came back to this is this how you guys have been waiting oh my God can you get out oh my God okay can you is it free yeah [Music] good yeah oh nice so that was a real sauna that was like the traditional sauna experience you know an actual hot spring wow not just hot water in the middle of Seoul and you look out into these like into the trees from the stools yeah yeah the cool the other cool thing beside it being like a natural Hot Spring sauna experience you know like a real sauna was the fact that you know there's an outdoor pool there's like an outdoor hot hot sauna pool where you can just look out into the forest and uh yeah everyone's naked men and women are separated pretty authentic experience you know I I had really been wanting to do an actual sauna in a real hot spring here in Korea while we were here so glad we finally got to do that and got to look out at a beautiful Forest while it was raining nonetheless pretty cool experience I'd say and now we're gonna shoot some arrows oh so they have guns and they have bow and arrows yeah which one do you want to do you want to do the gun if you want to do both yeah all right I'm down [Music] thank you same sorry well you're because you're you're thinking advantages wow whoa okay how about this dude you have to say ready Aim Fire okay yeah okay bloody a a fire yellow I got the yellow yellow okay yeah you're a good captain [Laughter] oh my God that's so funny he was like oh gosh I think I scared the crap out of it hold on you're like what does that mean hahaha you sell surprise surprise these were the results oh yeah yeah we did the shooting as well whose do you think was who in the comments below yeah yeah me me versus Valentine side a and then this side B it's me and that's it it's me that's that's that's really that's really badass too Korean military [Laughter] no no well there you have it guys province in fact does have a ton of things to do and I would say it's probably one of the most beautiful parts of Korea with some of the friendliest people that we've met so far probably because they don't get a lot of foreign tourists and I would say that we only scratched the surface of this place I wish we had time to see more here but we've got a temple staple tomorrow where we're going to stay in a real Buddhist temple amongst real monks and uh just live side by side with them in their daily life which should be pretty exciting so stay tuned for that guys thank you so much for watching don't forget to like this video subscribe if you haven't already and donate to my patreon to support me showing more undiscovered parts of Korea like this one alright guys I'll see you in the next one [Music] foreign

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