How to Travel Like a Local in Japan | Naruto | Where Tourists Aren’t

How to Travel Like a Local in Japan | Naruto | Where Tourists Aren’t

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Where is the gate... Where are you going now? "On a plane." Where are you flying to? Dad is in Shikoku on a business trip, as usual. It's summer vacation, so we're going to see him. We're going to Tokushima prefecture. It's our first time there.

There's a place called Naruto City. "Naruto Kintoki?" Yes, Naruto City, famous for Naruto Kintoki Potato. I heard that it is just the season of Awaodori dance. And... hot springs, right? Yes, we'll go to the hot springs too.

Are you looking forward to the hot springs? Let's get started! Let's go, Sutan! "Is this pumpkin soup?" I wonder what it is. Maybe it's a pumpkin. Delicious, huh? Awaodori Airport You're doing great, Sutan.

You didn't throw up. You're a cool lady. You did a good job. We've arrived! We're going to see the Awaodori dance. That looks amazing! Can't wait to see it. Want to dance too, Sutan? I brought your yukata.

Do you want to dance with them? Then let's practice! Where is he? It's so close to Tokushima! Yeah. Look. Sutan, look at that. Let's take some pictures! They're doing the Awaodori dance! Well, it's a video though.

- It's been a week. - Yeah, it's been a while. She cried at preschool because she missed you. No way! Her daycare teacher said she cried in the morning because she missed her daddy. Really? Hey, Sutan, this is yours.

- Look. - "It's not mine." No, but... Daddy picked out a red one for you again.

No, no, no, no! Pick me up! Then give daddy a hug, and when you calm down, you'll come for a ride? When you calm down, come in the car. I'll wait for you here. She hasn't seen her daddy in a week, so I think she wants to be spoiled him. Daddy's trying to talk to her. She must have missed him. She's starting to smile.

She's smiling. That's good. Daddy was waiting alone, and Mommy and Sutan flew all the way here. He's trying to talk to her.

Daddy waited alone... Sutan and Mommy came together. Sutan, I heard there's a stuffed animal over there. Wanna go see? Shall we go see? Let's go see! They have all kinds of stuffed animals.

Many stuffed animals. Your teeth are going to hurt. Well, let's go! It's about to begin... Our Naruto trip! We didn't miss the bus like last time, so it was a smooth trip.

Where are we going? He said we're going to eat fish. Fish? That sounds great! He is Moto's ex-senior. He and Moto have known each other for 30 years. And he's going to help us navigate. I am too grateful because he knows this place pretty well. He lives in Naruto, and he knows everything about Naruto, so he'll be navigating for us today.

Today, or rather 4 days from today. He will take us to all kinds of places, right? So it's going to be a deep trip that only the locals know about. And now he's changing his clothes, so after that, we're going to have lunch with him. We're going to eat fish. He's here! What did you get? Oh, wow! Great! Here? Looks good! This is where we're going to eat. Nice! I don't know what they call it. Udon Tatsumiya.

It's called Ryugu. Hello. It's nice. It's lovely. Udon noodles and rice can be ordered here. I see... it's nice!

Wow! Look! They have oden, too. Amazing. Can I take it? - It's a system where you take it yourself. - I don't know which one to choose. The sashimi looks so glossy and delicious! Thank you very much. Looks delicious! Sudachi? You put sudachi on sashimi? We also put it on sashimi and in miso soup.

There is also an udon dish called "sudachi udon". - It is very tasty when you put a lot of sudachi. - Sounds delicious! I even put the leftover peel after squeezing the sudachi. - You put the peel in? - Yes, I do.

Tokushima is famous for sudachi, right? Thank you very much. This is a specialty. You squeeze it over the sashimi directly...? You can squeeze it over sashimi or add it to soy sauce. But I prefer to squeeze it over sashimi. That's interesting.

If you put it in soy sauce, it weakens the aroma of sudachi, so I prefer to squeeze it directly. I see... Let's squeeze it over then. Let's do it. It's udon from Tokushima. In the miso soup...

Looks good. - I haven't seen an arithmetic board in a long time. - Me too. - That too, right? - That's right. He got us lunch. That bathhouse has a quaint atmosphere...

There's even a slide inside. - Inside a public bath? - Yes, they do. I think there is one in the women's bath.

So that children can play. Wow, that's interesting. Let's go. I'm going to lie on my bed. Okay. My feet are really swollen because I've been sitting for a long time.

Hama-chan is going to take us to a friend of his who lives in an old house. We told him that we wanted to meet the locals, and he introduced us. I'm excited to see what kind of home it is. That's the place. It's becoming a very quaint town. The town looks different.

Turn right at that corner. This whole is Mr. Fukuda's house. Wow, that's amazing. - It's like a set for a mansion. - It really is! Like a film set. You can park your car in this vacant lot.

- So cute. - There's a cute car. It was so cute. Wow, it's really nice. Oh, this is a great house.

Wow, it's beautiful. What a great house! - Nice to meet you. - Excuse me for interrupting. This is a style of a farmhouse around here.

We've been here for 20 generations. 20 generations? I'm the 20th generation. Great. So there's a main house, two barns, a storehouse and a retirement house in the back, and a gate in the front. It's a complete farmhouse. This is a characteristic of this area.

There are many houses like this around here. - Please look at this. - What is it? This is called muna-fuda. If you open the attic of a house in Tokushima. Then, on the highest part of the building, called mune, there is a muna-fuda like this. This is usually found in every house to wish that the building will stand firmly.

It indicates the year the house was built, who the carpenter was, and who the head of the family was at that time. So you can usually tell what year a house is when you see this. Interesting! What is this place? Oh, it's the one from Totoro! Oh, wow! Old Bathroom? Amazing! Amazing.

This looks exactly the one from Totoro, isn't it? Is this still in use today? If you want to, you can use it. We don't use it anymore, though. Amazing! I'm surprised to see a real one like this. My grandfather went to the Yoshino River with a cart to get rocks and made it with those rocks. Wow, that's amazing! It looks just like the bath that Mei and Satsuki take. Just like the bath they used to take with their father.

We will borrow Mr. Fukuda's kitchen and will eat the famous somen noodles! Whenever one of us is using it, everyone gathers around to help. - This is a nice kitchen. - Yeah, I love it. It looks like we prepared it ourselves, but Mr. Fukuda did it all for us! Thank you very much!

And the sudachi too. Right, this is a specialty of Tokushima. Wow. - Is this available in supermarkets? - Yes.

Can I borrow your pot? You might want to cut the sudachi, so that you can prepare the toppings first. - Cut it up like this. - Like this. He is my classmate too...

You have a lot of classmates. Isn't sudachi common in Kyoto, too? Yes, it is. Most of Hamo fish in Kyoto are from Tokushima. Right. Great aroma is coming here. The smell of sudachi is so nice.

Are there children who don't like sudachi? I've never heard of a kid in Tokushima who doesn't like sudachi. That's great. - Do you want some noodles? - "Yes, I do." It's so shiny.

Is it good? It's delicious, huh? Good! Delicious. The sudachi aroma is really good. The aroma is amazing! What is your name? Iro.

Iro-chan? So cute! Do you think it'll open? Ta-da, the roof opens! There is an attic! That's so sweet. Did you go swimming? Yeah, it's nice because it's so hot. It felt good.

It feels good, doesn't it? Thanks for showing us your lovely home. She's pretty like a doll. So pretty. - Wow! - It's all green.

If you cut this up and eat it, it's like a scene from Totoro. That's right. Wow, it's a whole lotus root! Amazing! They are bigger than Sutan.

Which leaf do you want? Can you hold it? It might hurt a little. Wow! It's nice, Sutan. You're so lucky! You're just like Totoro! You're just like Mei-chan, Sutan. Just like Mei-chan.

You guys are about the same height difference as Mei and Satsuki. I'm gonna get you! Let's go home! What color is it? White and pink. There's pink, too. They have yellow. There's yellow, too! Good for you, Sutan.

So cute! We're still in Tokushima for a little while, right? We can go there after fishing. Or we can go early in the morning. That's right. Bye Thank you for playing with us.

Oh, I can't get my finger out. Say, "Let's play again." It's time for you to get in the car. Shall we go? Say "We'll see you again."

Thank you very much! There's no wind here, so let's just leave it here. Wow, this brings back memories. You want to hold it? Be careful. Wow, you could do it. Good, but let's point the fireworks down. Cute T-shirt! The alphabet reminds me of the manga Naruto.

I see. We used to collaborate with Naruto until about 5 years ago. So we were all dancing as the characters during the Awaodori here. - So you guys did it in cosplay. - People from overseas must be happy to see it.

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