How to Deal with an Elephant in Your Room: A Survival Guide vA 109

How to Deal with an Elephant in Your Room: A Survival Guide  vA 109

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(Somewhere in Africa) - Quite a few birds. And this is the restaurant inside the park. Hi. - Hey. - Hello. - Hello. A small market. Hello, hello. - Hey, hey, hey. - Oh my god. Look at the river, guys. (Kazinga Channel) That's a beautiful river. Wow!

- Yes my friend. - How are you? - How are you today? - Good, good. I'm good. - Ah, you're suffering. - Yes, I'm suffering. Yeah. - If you need a boat cruise there, we will talk. - Yeah, yeah.

But it's okay. I don't need it. No. Songbird Safari Lodge. So I was told to be careful with the elephant dung, because it's full of acacia tree spines — thorns, which make a flat tire. Hello. Thank you. - Good? - Yes. - Yes, you are most welcome. - Thank you. Do you have accommodation here? - Yes, please. - Good. - Yes. - Do you have electricity?

- Yes, please. - Is it possible to pay by card? - Yes, please. - Okay, that's good. And how...? - You are most welcome home. - Thank you very much! - My name is Goretti. Nice to meet you. - How? - Goretti. - Goretti? - Yes. - I'm Yves. Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you, too. - Very nice to meet. - You are most welcome home. - Thank you very much!

- Please. - So how much is it for accommodation here? - For accommodation. Which one? Do you want a room? - Yes, if it's possible. - Like a full board I can give you at $50. - $50. - A full room. Yes, please. - I'll have a look, but that should be okay for me.

Yeah. - It's okay. Please. - That should be okay. - I can see you are still comfortable. - I'm still comfortable. It's very good because I just need to stop and... - Yes. - ...I can relax. - Yes, yes, yes. It's okay. - Very good. Okay. Can I see the room then? - Please. - And... Yeah.

So my only requirement is to pay by card. - Okay, please. - Wow, that's beautiful here. - This is very smart. - It's nice. - I'm telling you. - Good. - I want to show you this one and the other one. But first, see this. - Okay. - And enter. This one. We'll cover this to make it stay clean. - Okay.

- You can come and see. - Okay. Okay, there is hot water? - Hot water — no. - Hot. Ah? - You have cold. - Only cold? - Yes. - Okay. It's okay. - Yes. - But... - You are taking this one? - Yes, it's okay for me. Yeah. - Okay. So, can we give you a glass of welcome juice? - Yes.

Come have a seat. - Perfect. Thank you. - You can come in. - Hi. - Hi, hi. You came by bike? - Hi. - Sit anywhere.

- Ah? - You came by bike? - Yes. - Yes, you can... - Oh, bravo, bravo. - Thank you. - Very welcome. And have a glass of juice. - Great. - It can cool you down, at least. - Yes, thank you very much. Yes. - You are welcome.

- Yes, thank you very much. - Yeah. - It was very... - Wow. - I'll have one... - A nice welcome juice. And the beautiful green savanna. And this is my cave. My small cave with a small bed and a small cold shower.

Beautiful place here. These guys are everywhere, guys. Hopefully, he won't damage my bike. Oh my god. You can see my bike and this enormous animal on the same...

Oh my god, he's coming to me. Wow. This is mental. (Queen Elizabeth National Park, Game Drive & Boat Tour) - How to make them...? What a better way...? (Crested Crane (Uganda national bird)) (New day, new visitor) - Morning, my friends, from Uganda.

Oh, you're chasing him. There's a fight going on between a human there who's trying to cook breakfast and the elephant. The elephant has been chased.

Morning, my friends, from a lodge in a national park in Uganda. I'm ready. - You are ready? - Yes. - I can take a picture. - Take a picture? Okay. - A photo, photo, photo.

- Okay. - With my friend. - Yes. - Bye-bye. - Bye-bye. Thank you very much! - Safe journey. - Thank you very much! Yeah. - Bye. - Thank you. - Bye. - Okay, bye. - Have a nice time. - Bye-bye.

Thank you! - Thank you so much. - I will. - Good. - Let's go. Bye-bye. - Yeah. - Bye. - Bye-bye. - Bye-bye. - Such a lovely lodge here: Songbird Lodge in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Lovely people and... And they have... What the f***? (My shoelaces going through the chain...) They have elephants as friends here. Let's go to Ishaka today, guys.

55 kilometers with about... Quite a big climb. About 1,000 meters of elevation gain today. Some fresh elephant dung. And there are three elephants just there. Hello.

Hi. - Hi, man. - How are you? - I'm good. - How are you? - Bye. Bye. - Bye-bye. - Hi, mzungu. - Hello, hello. Hello. Hi. - Hi. - Hello. - Hi. - Hi. - Hey, man. - Hi. - Hey. - Just ahead, I have kids jumping around, waiting to see me.

Hey, how are you? - I'm fine. - You're fine? - Yeah. - Good. Hello. - You, give me money. - Ah, no, no. - Sir, where to? - I'm going to Ishaka today. - Ishaka? - Yes. - On that bicycle? - Yes. So you see the issue here.

It's... There is a national park nearby. So there is a lot of tourism. And of course, tourism in a country that is quite poor… Tourists give money, give free money to kids, and kids then beg. Please, tourists, don't give free money. It just... It's terrible for the education of these kids. You should teach them how to make a living on their own, and not give them money for free because then they become beggars.

And a big part of the reason why they become beggars is tourists giving them free money, because you saw when I crossed the area with no tourism in Uganda, nobody was begging, almost nobody was begging for money. And here they are begging again. Hello. Nyungu Crater Lake.

So, this area is very interesting, because it's actually very full of crater lakes — look at this. What did you say? Who said that? - Have gone. - Who said that? - I don't know. - We were just playing. We were just playing. - Ah? Yeah. But it's not a game. You don't say to people, "You are going to die today."

- Yes, yes. - This is a death threat. I can bring you to the police for that. You understand? - Yes. - So you don't say that to people. - Yeah. - This is very bad. You understand? - Yeah, we understand. - We understand you. Okay.

- No. Yeah, but it's not a joke. It's not a funny joke. - Yes. - If I tell you, "I'm gonna kill you," you're gonna be happy? - No. - It's not a joke. It's very bad. - Yeah, of course. - You understand? - Yes, forgive. - As I passed by, someone said like, "Oh, you're going to die today."

It's not the first time I heard that in Uganda. - Hey. Stop, stop. - No, I continue. So actually, in Fort Portal, I heard it. When I was walking to the city, I heard one guy telling me the same. As I passed by the guy, the guy told me, "You will die today." And I was like, "Did I really hear that properly? Or was he saying something in his language?" - Hello, mzungu.

- Hello, hello, hello. - Hello, mzungu. - "Or was he saying something in his language that sounded like that?" Well, I guess I heard it properly. Hello, hello. - Hello, hello. - Hello. Hi.

Hello, hello. Hello. I'm going straight. Very nice market here. - Hello. - Hello, hello. - How are you? - Good. How are you? - We are fine, fine. - Oh my god, all these bananas. Matoke. - Hey. - Hi. - Hello. - How are you? - We are fine. - Fine, fine. - Good, good, good.

- Hello, mzungu. - Hello. - Hello. - Look at this beautiful lake, guys. Wow! Hello. - Good. How are you? - I'm okay. - Good. - You are riding a bicycle. - Yes. - Yeah, yeah. - Ay. - Where?

- Ah? I'm going to Cape Town. - Town? - Cape Town. - Cape Town? - South Africa. - This is very far. - It's very far. Yes. - You are going to use that means?

- Ah? - You are going to use that means? - Yes, this thing. Yeah. - From here to South Africa. - Yes. - Ah, very far away. - Slowly, slowly. Hello. - Hey. - Yo. - How are you? - Good. How are you? - I'm good. And you? - Bye. - Bye-bye. - Bye.

- Hello, my friend. - Hi. - White man. - So I could not finish my snack because... Wow, the beautiful lake behind.

Yeah, because some guys came with dogs and... Hello, hello, hello. - Hey, stand up. - White man, wait. - And some guys came with dogs, and I don't like when people stare at me and when they have dogs, or knives or guns, which means, for some reason, if the interaction goes wrong, they can attack me, especially in an area where some people wish you death.

Hello. - Hello. - Hi. - Hi. - Hi. Hi. - Hello, man. - Hello, man. - Hey, man. - Stop. - Hi, man. - Putain. Oh, man. Oh, freaking... This flag is — shit — broken again.

Okay, I guess I'm gonna stop using this flag because it's breaking all the time. - I want to know about the tea. - You want to know about the tea? No, it's okay. I can see there is a lot of tea here. - We want to know the methods of harvesting tea. - The message of? - Harvesting it. - Harvesting tea? The message? - Methods.

- What do you mean? - Methods of harvesting tea. - The message of harvesting tea. I don't know what's the message of harvesting tea. - You don't know.

- No. - We have a plucking method. We have a stem-cutting method. Those are two methods. - Ah, okay. Okay. Okay, okay. Have a good day. I just did not understand what he was saying.

So here are some tea plantations. - Where are you going? - Cape Town. - Oh. - Yes. Did you hear that "Oh"? Hello. - Have water. - How are you? - Hello. - I'm fine.

- Look at all these bags with tea. Wow. Hello. - Hi. Welcome. - Hi. - Hello. Hey. - Happy to see a trike on this road. - Oh, yeah? You know me? - No, I don't know you, but... - Okay. - I crossed all of Africa with a trike. - You crossed all of Africa... - Yeah. - Wow. - Over eight years ago. Yeah.

- Oh, wow. - Yeah. - Nice. Mine is electric, so... - Ah, not mine. Wow. - How was it? - Good. It's good. It's nice. - Where did you start? - From France. - From France? - Yes. - Yes, like me. - I heard that you seemed French. - Yes, the accent. Ah, great. What's your name? - Yves. - Yves. Okay. Frédéric. - I'll give you my card in case you have issues. - Nice to meet you.

- Okay, in case... - So we can talk. - You live here? You live in Africa? - Yeah, yeah, I live... Actually, I crossed all the continent. All the continent. From Benin, I flew here.

Then I resumed from here all the way to Cape Town. - Okay. - It's funny because we have the same gear. And the same bicycle. - You had an AZUB as well? - Yeah, but not a...

This is the Ti-FON? - Yeah, the Ti-FLY. - Yeah, the Ti-FLY. At that time, it was brand new, so... - Oh, yeah. Okay. - Reliability. - So no front suspension? - Yeah, I had small front suspensions. - Ah, they had another version. Okay. - Front suspensions, rear suspension. Rohloff. - Rohloff as well. Yeah. - Yeah, yeah, almost the same gear, same luggage rack, same panniers.

- Yeah, I guess, it's classic stuff. - Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. - And how long to cross? - It took me 15 months. - 15 months. Okay. - I did about 16,000 kilometers. - 16,000. Okay. - But great, really. Well, you too... - It's pleasant.

Yeah. Yes. It's very pleasant. Most people are so friendly on the road. - Yeah, yeah. - And they are amazed when they see this.

- They have never seen this. Me, I added a roof. - Ah, yeah. Okay. - Yeah, the heat and all... - Me, I put a cap. - You will have another visit. - Other tourists.

- You'll have another visit. But no, it's great. You will see, really. But here, you come to Entebbe or not? - No, no, I'm going towards Kabale now. - You go to Kabale. - Yeah. - We too. And then... - Kabale, Rwanda. Burundi, Western Tanzania. Now, I am gonna try to go a bit faster.

- How much do you do per day? - 80 to 100 kilometers per day. - Yeah, yeah. I was doing 70 kilometers. - It depends. Because it's electric, it's easier. - And you charge easily?

- Yes. In Sudan, I struggled, but other than that... Apart from that, there is electricity almost everywhere. - Yeah, yeah. At that time, I hesitated. But after all... - In Nothern Kenya, I struggled in one place, but... Sorry. - In Nothern Kenya, there are some climbs.

- There were things and the wind! - Yeah. The wind — you are not done with it. - Oh yeah? - Botswana. Namibia. - It's windy. I imagine. - You can get some... Voila.

- Okay, so... - You contact me. - I will send you a WhatsApp message. - Enjoy. - Safe trip. Hi. - Hi. Can I just say "hi"? - Yeah. No problem. - I follow you. - How are you? - I'm good. I'm Simone. - Simone? - Yes. - Nice to meet you. I'm Yves.

- And Simon. - Simon. - Simon. Simone and Simon. - Simone and Simon. Simone square. - Yes. - Yeah. - I'm Yves. - And Simon's like, "Is that him? Or is that...?" - Okay, you know me. - Yeah, I know you. Yeah, that's why he was like [mimicking]. I didn't know you were here, so...

- And we've been watching your videos for a while. - Yeah. - Okay. - Before coming. So yeah. We're currently overlanding. - Okay. Oh, you're overlanding. Okay. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - I saw the flags. I thought, "Okay, you might..." So you're going north?

- Yes. - South. - No, sorry. - Oh, south. - We're doing... We're doing a loop... - Okay. - ...and come back to South Africa. - Okay. - So yeah. Do you mind if I just quick...? - Yeah, no problem. - ...selfie? And then I'll let you continue. - That's okay. No problem.

Usually, it's the locals who stop me. And now, it's like... - And now, it's... - It's the tourists who stop me. - And we're here with the legend. - Yeah. Hello. - Anyway, safe journey. - It was lovely to meet you. - Nice meeting you. Yeah. - Safe journey. - Good luck. Yeah, good luck to you. - Yeah. - Cheers. - Good luck. Bye. - Bye.

- Some fellow travelers. Bye-bye. - Yeah. - Actually, I don't say it to you often, but if I succeed in doing this journey, it's probably thanks to you also because you're pushing me to continue. With all the issues I had previously in my journey, if I was not doing YouTube, I would have stopped probably before. So you're definitely part of this adventure. Hi. - Hi. - Hi, hi, hi. - Hey, hey, hey. - Hi.

- Because without you, I would probably not have made it this far, and I would probably not make it to Cape Town. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Yeah. I have won. - It's really funny how the behavior... I don't know if it's my behavior that changes or if it's the people that change so fast, but at the beginning of the day, people were so friendly, then, I would say, quite cold.

And now, they're friendly again. - Hello. - Maybe, it's just me who is changing my behavior and they just react to what I do.

- Hey. - Hello, hello. - Stop there. - How are you? - Stop there. - No, no, I need to continue. - Stop there and stay. - So, guys, I am arriving in Ishaka. See you for the next adventures. Ciao, guys. Hi. - Hi. - Hi. - Hi, hi, hi.

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