How many BALI WATERFALLS can we visit in 1 DAY?

How many BALI WATERFALLS can we visit in 1 DAY?

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Hey guys i'm Rob. And I'm Cheyne. And we're  the lost boys! Today we are here in beautiful   Bali, Indonesia. We're going to challenge  ourselves to see how many waterfalls we can visit   in one day. But in order for the waterfall  to truly count, either we gotta get under   it, swim in it, or get wet if it's just  too powerful. It's currently 8:16 on  

June 17th. Sunset is around 6:15 p.m so we've got  about 10 hours to get after it. We're starting our   adventure here in Munduk, which is in the center of  Bali. We're gonna be making our way across the   island by motorbike over the next 10 hours.  Let's see how many we can visit let's go! We're in the jungle. Tiny roads. Coming  through. Number one we're on our way to number   one. We are here in Munduk. As you saw,  some pretty crazy roads around this area. 

This area in Munduk has a high concentration  of waterfalls. So we're gonna hit a   bunch real quick. 8:36 June 17. Let's go!  It's gonna be so cold, look at that waterfall. It's so early, the sun has not hit  this part yet. Let's get in let's get in! That's how you wake up in the morning. I'm up! Bright eyed and bushy tailed. If you're wondering who's holding the camera for us it's Margarida. Thank  you. Let's go one down, on to the next one. Coming down the trail to our  second waterfall through the jungle.

It's gonna be a stairs day guys. Gonna be  a lot of stairs today. Stairs for days folks. Guys, it's Jesus. It's Jesus. I'm a mess. Number two it's only nine June 17th. Labuan Kebo. Two down. We're back on the move, let's go. We're making our way through the jungle, going to  the next one. This one is huge guys I don't know if   we're getting under it. But before we do that we'd like to introduce and thank

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Look at my hair guys it's flowing it's blowing. We are in the vortex! Guys that one was rocky! We got a little fog on  the lens. We hope it clears but   now we got a million stairs let's go let's go. So many stairs guys, so many  stairs. Give me an ice coconut.

Cheyne wants durian. I'm going to find durian today. Oh man that was a lot of stairs but we  made it to our bikes. Off to the next one. Parked the bikes. We had some crazy  roads before guys, I'm sure you saw.

But now we're back on the main highway.  We're heading to our fourth waterfall. Golden valley, golden hair, golden sunlight let's  go. I'm sure some of you are wondering how did we plan this. Have we been to some of these waterfalls? Well we've been in Indonesia   for two years. About a year in Bali. We have been to  some of these waterfall, but not all of them. We tried to look at all them on the map, plan a strategic route, figured out what route we were   going to take. It's also a process guys, we have  to walk to each waterfall, we got to get  

wet, we got to fly the drone to  get the shots. This is a mission. Look at this guys. Rainbow! Oh rainbow guys look at this! How do we get in? It is now 10:34 on June 17th. Number four, let's get wet. We're at golden valley about to take a golden shower! Four on the day.  How many more will we reach? We'll see.

We've been moving pretty quick guys. We're not running, but we're moving swiftly. You know every once in a while you have to stop.  There goes my sunglasses. And take in the nature and   the beauty of Bali, the beauty of Indonesia. The jungle, the nature. It's magnificent. We're making  our way to our fifth waterfall, Banyumala twin. For those of our viewers that have been following  us for a long time, you know that we're not really the instagram type. Well this is a very  popular Instagram waterfall here in Bali. There's  gonna be many people taking bougie pictures here.

This is probably gonna be one of the first  times that Cheyne and I. are in front of a bunch   of tourists. A bunch of bule tourists. Were  never around bules. So we're thinking we're   going to rip some bahasa Indonesia  when we're down there and see what people think.

Now we feel like proper influencers. We made it up the stairs. We're back on the  bikes to our sixth waterfall. We made it to our next stop. We all  got wizard staffs. Let's see the wizard staffs. Some serious trekking going on. We're making  our way down and man there's this beautiful   viewpoint. That's where we're going  down to, that is gorgeous.   Another couple hundred stairs. My knees guys my knees  are taking a beating. Just wait till the way up.

This is our first time here. Look how gorgeous  this is guys, it's amazing. We are 15 minutes   from Banyumala twin, the most famous  instagram spot that everyone's gotta go to.   You drive 15 minutes, you can come here. There's only two other people here, you can   have this place to yourself. Man Instagram.  All right guys here we go it is 12:26.  

We're at number six let's go 12:26 number six. Look at this thing! We're letting Margarida get in on the  action. Our camera woman. Get it get it! Guys I can't get over how beautiful this  place is. Behind me this way, this  

valley is gorgeous, it's picture perfect. There's  nobody here man. There's nobody here, we have this   place to ourselves! Everyone's going  to Banyumala twin. Guys come on this is   the spot. There's another waterfall over there  so we're going to hit that one next.   Number seven. Are you counting it? I'm  counting it. It's not not as powerful and wild but  it's beautiful. It's beautiful and that's a  waterfall. We're getting in.

Okay guys we're making our way out of the jungle. That was a two-for-one special guys they were   right next to each other, you're welcome. I hope  you guys don't knock us for counting two there   but we're counting two. We decided that   at the end of the video not only we're gonna  tell you how many waterfalls we've visited,   but how many steps we've taken. Cheyne's got his  step counter going and we're already at over   ten thousand steps already .

Okay guys we're here with the boys. They invited  us to try some arak. If you're a westerner and don't   know what arak is, it's the local spirits they make right here in Bali, and it's very   strong. Moonshine. So arak break mid waterfall day. Drove about 15 minutes to our next spot. Just a light drizzle so we're  gonna keep moving. Trying to crank out some waterfalls. Here we go. We got one right  here and we're gonna hop around the bend  

and there's another one  back there. So let's get in both of them. All right guys that's two down here. There's two  other ones on the other side of this area.   We're really trying to move now. It's almost two  o'clock. Got a little more than four hours left  

of sunlight. We're trying to crank them out guys. Of course there's some afternoon showers.  The waterfall's  right there, a beauty. I think we're going to   hop on the gopro, bring it down there, so we  don't break our cameras so let's go. Guys we've got three now in  this area it's about 2 p.m  

We've got a fourth one right here. I know we had  a two for one last time guys but this is a four for one all right. I hope you're not knocking us but  we're trying to get our numbers up all right. That's four here which brings our grand total to 11. It's time to trek out of the jungle, get  back on our bikes, and drive to the next spot. Can you  guys hear this jungle karaoke?  There's some guy doing "jungleoke" this guy's  killing the jungle karaoke right now yeah.  Git git twin waterfall. There's the time, bam. Three

I don't know what to say but I'm excited. Another one marked down. That was so  sick.That was one of my favorite ones today. Wish we could have gone off the  rope swing. We're in this big canyon. This is beautiful man. This is beautiful!

We got some heavy rain. We're hiding in this little awning  here, waiting for it to pass. Hopefully it's quick because it's going to delay us. We're trying to  get as many waterfalls as we can.   Let's wait it out and keep moving. It's been  raining for a while now. I took a little power nap. Cheyne' napping too.

We're wiped guys, we're tired. It's been a day but  the rain is slowing and we're gonna trek back   out here because we have three hours  and a little bit more daylight, so let's go.   We're still dealing with a little bit of rain. We trekked through the jungle over to this side. We're still close to the other waterfall but  now there's another one down there behind me. First we're gonna order.

We're going to go in the waterfall  first, come back and then eat it, and be ready  to go. 3:59 right before four o'clock. There's a  little bit of a trek down here but we're up in it. Let's do it. I'm gonna hug the coast. Oh the coast is deep. Alright screw it. I'm done. I can't get close it's pushing me out. It's pulling me backwards.

Look at those noodles guys. They've never tasted better. Now we are trekking back out of here. And again back on the bikes and again driving to  another place for another waterfall, let's do it. Back on the move. Look at all these chickens. What are you guys doing? Look at all these chickens. We're at our next waterfall. It's big. But guys we got a spicy photoshoot going on. There's a classic  Instagram bule. You see this operation behind us?

That guy's throwing out poses like he's  America's next top model, but he's clearly not. He's done nine takes already. We're about to one take this  wild boys lost boys style. You want to see this ? All right the pretty boys  have stopped shooting and now we've got a break   in the action. We are moving up towards the  waterfall. This is a big one, this is big one! Guys time on the day, Friday June 17th 5:30. Steps on the day. You ready for this? 19 505 steps 8.4 miles 13.5 km Waterfalls on the day? 14 guys! 14  waterfalls! That is crazy! You heard the stats. 14 waterfalls on the day, it's over. Wrap  it up. We hope you enjoyed the video. If you  

did, hit that like button. And also we're going  to be in Bali for the next couple months making  a bunch of content. So hit that subscribe  button and we'll see you in the next one.

2022-06-27 15:07

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