HOW Is This Spanish Town Unknown: Chelva

HOW Is This Spanish Town Unknown: Chelva

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Oh look at that. We've got to try and get up there. We have to. Good morning. Today is Alison's birthday, so today is Alison's choice, wife's choice. I, myself and you guys we're just tagging along and what have we chosen for today? We're in a village called Chelva. And as you can see I got lot of little spaces bookmarked in the village of places that we want to go.

Theres a lot to see. It might take us more than one day we might have to do a two-day. On the way in today we were just like, oh look at that, oh look at that and Alison has got as you see a lot of things bookmarked. We are going to try and get as much done as we can today. What we fail to do we will have to come back another day and and give it a shot. Yeah. First port of call.

Tourist office. Yeah we're actually going to visit a tourist office for a change. Rather than just winging it with Google Maps. Lets go. We're wandering down the road and Alison's stomping off her head to get to the first location. I didn't know what to expect but. We've just got here and in true Alison form. Where are we darling? It's a cake shop. It's a cake shop. But they also do frappes so we can have a cake and a frappe to fuel us for our walk. Okay let's go and get fueled.

What did we get in the end? We got some frappes. To start the day of. I got like a... basically a sausage cooked into bread? I think so. and you got like a pizza thing and a chocolate muffin. Indeed and some M&M's

Gotta have some M&M's for later. So we found somewhere to eat and that is in the the main Square, Plaza Mayor. Right by, that's... so old. That is the Church of Our Lady of Los Angeles. Of Los Angeles? Yeah, Our Lady of the Angels. But isn't it amazing? I mean look at the painting round the side. On the corner there. I mean it's worn off. But you can imagine how it would have looked. So we've got the church, this beautiful fountain just here and I think we're going to grab a seat on this park bench beneath the wreath thing. How twee..! and have a quick bite to eat. Not a

bad way to start a day. Not a bad way to start your birthday. By the way, I owe you an apology. Why? I didn't say happy birthday on camera earlier did I? So happy birthday..! Food done and we're now trying to work our way around this Village. First disappointment of the day. We can't unfortunately get into the church which is absolutely spectacular inside.

We've seen photos online. They are just something else, Yeah, but doors are all closed. Apparently, not every church or every spectacular building in the world Which way are we going? How do you chose which way to go..? I wasn't expecting this, you can't see this on Google Maps. I mean these paths these I don't even know what you call them. It's like the yellow brick road or whatever, just weaves off in all directions. The gate the the arch gate thing that I was expecting to come through is up there, so if we kind of go up there and then come back, we'll head up this way and and then we'll go back down along and round and up. Like I said you're in

charge today. I am, this is nice. We're just following. So this, this is the gate. This is steep! It's very steep. To be fair, the others were, but we were going downhill. This is the gate that Alison was talking about which is the entrance to the Jewish quarter this one? Yeah. This is the Jewish Quarter. "Barrio Judio". That's gorgeous. I like that. It's a proper little um maze around here. If you don't see us for two weeks on YouTube just... What was that? Was there a cat bottom just vanished off into that hole. Yeah, one of the little black and white ones just went through the hole [LAUGHS]

His little mate is here. Bless. Yeah, if you don't see this for a couple of weeks, We're lost somewhere in Chelva. You're only lost if you've got somewhere to be at a specific time and we don't. So we've just come past this garden and the lady here who speaks quite good English. Very good English. Lived in Leicester. No, no, no. Oh it is good English..! Well, she's invited us in. And the reason is, we were staring, being blunt. Because

what she was doing is you've got a natural waterway here and she was using like a pan thing to shift the water in and this whole landscape is done so the water flows down and waters all of her crops and plants. This is Laurel, for cooking. Ah yes, Laurel. This is Sabia? Salvia..! [LAUGHS] Yes. Thank you so much for showing us your garden it's an absolute treat. It's beautiful. For me is a pleasure? Pleasure yes. What is your name? Maria. And you?

Alison and I'm Darren. Darren. And you? Alison. Ali-son. Yes ok, because my English Thank-you so much. No, you're welcome. Bienvenidos. No worries open the gate and pop in yeah. I don't do this no, because if people want to take something If I put here it is the same they want, broke this is "PEOR" - Worse. Yeah [NODS] [LAUGHS] No, anytime you come back. You're welcome. Okay? Thank you so much Maria.

Thank you, take care, have a good day. Bye. She was lovely. And this is Maria's house. This here? So that's her house there. Yep, this blue and white piece. Gorgeous and then she's got a little garden just over here. Two years, that's all she's had it. Two years and it was overgrown she took everything down and she turned into that already turned It's stunning. yeah Little things like that like our day doesn't it? Yes. Yes, they do. Right. Right now where? Somewhere with stars and a Mr doggo. Hello, Hi sweetheart.

Come on then, we don't bite. There's a good girl. Oh there we go. There are so many doggos, just sitting outside their houses. You're so lovely. Most of them looking for attention bless them. [DOG BARKS] Hello well hi. You're touching my friend. Hello, oh you need kisses. And another Mr Doggo. Mrs Doggo. Hi sweetheart. I've done it again haven't i? male female [SIGHS] What is it like a square isn't it? Well yeah. With houses up here and hopefully these two gentlemen don't mind but then a well... Hello. Tucked in here. Hola, Hello.

So what we're getting told by the locals is the water around here is apparently some of the best water you can get and um yeah this this is the font where they all come and fill up. We need to empty our bottle out and refill it. Yeah. We're going to we're going to empty out our water bottle and I think fill it with "the best water in Spain". You going to try it? Oh. That is actually really nice. I was like it's water, how good can it be but it's lovely. Just, there's no taste....

Does that get a thumbs up? Mmmm. [PUTS THUMB UP] [LAUGHS] Top it up again. You don't get that mineral, horrid taste. That's really good. Bye. I've got to say do you know what complete transparency here. When they told me this was the best drinking water in Spain, I think he even said at one point in the world. I was like Yeah okay but it's water, how good can it be? But everybody says that though don't they? It's actually really good. There's just no

mineral taste or aftertaste, No fluoride, No chlorine, it just tastes like pure water. it's gorgeous and these sources of water are literally dotted all over this, how many six? Six. That's six so far we've seen free water. We have made our way back into the I'm going to say the slightly more modern part the the village we're going to make our way back to the car now. I'm out of breath. You're out of breath? Yeah, it's very steep coming out of there. So yeah, going to get back to the car and we're going to move down to, there's a parking area quite close to the start of the hike and then we're going to go and do this hike Maybe starting with the wet bit. yeah it got very warm we need to cool off.

So we're here this is the route of the Agua at Chella. Chelva. I keep saying that wrong there is a place called Chella, but this is Chelva. This is a lot more organized and I thought for starters, unlike normally, there is actually an official car park, that's not a Darren and Alison car park but there's also here, a picnic area. I believe there's a bar over here as well. Yep. What we've got now I think it's about, only about a kilometre and a half two kilometres short walk to the bathing area and then about another a couple of kilometres onto a couple of other bits but, we don't know let's go and see what we think. Oh we've changed, we're now in swimwear. We did an in the car, change into swimwear, ready to go and cool off because it's really hot now. Last week we did Valencia and we went there with the intention of trying to work out what all the fuss was about.

This is kind of the polar opposite for me, because it's, I don't understand why there's no fuss about this place. The village is absolutely incredible and this location... is, I mean it's beautiful.

Oh look at that. We've got to try to get up there. We have to. So according to the sign back up there, it's dangerous to swim We're going to go with it's okay to walk. It's not actually all that deep to be fair and we have removed socks and I'm going to see if we can walk down, let's have a look. Ooh yeah, that's lovely and cool on the legs...that's for sure.

Oh look at that Ooh that's nice. It cools your feet off doesn't it. These [______] mosquitoes though that's lovely Right so I've taken the shirt off, don't know if this is completely permitted, but I'm going to try and at least make my way a bit further down. I wonder if I can get up onto these rocks over here, without officially swimming. I have taken the watch off, glasses off, shirt off, just in case I fall in. Okay so I've made it round. It took a bit of messing about to get here, because the rocks are actually really slippy and trying to do it with the GoPro in one hand, is a bit of fun so, I'm here on this piece of Rock, Alison is still over there I mean it's a bit closer.

The rock formations they are beautiful. It's difficult you see Alison said it a little while ago we could just sit here for hours. Particularly with the sound of that water. [WIT WOO] This is uh going to be fun. I don't know if my legs are long enough. Yep. [LAUGHS] Oh look at the strength I'm not 21 anymore that's for sure. [LAUGHS]

Oh this is fresh. [LAUGHS] Bonjour..! Au Revoir..! Adios..! Arrivederci..! And all that. Oh wow..! Swim back to the wife. Hi wife. Hello husband. That was really nice. I've got to say though I'm a relatively good-ish swimmer and there is quite a current through there I can see why it's dangerous. If you're not a strong swimmer or you've got young children I seriously wouldn't recommend that as a place to go swimming, but again.

Hello wife, Happy Birthday. Thanks. What a location. Well, this is a perfect birthday for me. Isn't it? Yeah going around an old village. Having a frappe and then coming to a place where I can feed enormous fish like this and just stand there. Yeah, stand in water. So that was lovely. We are now going to move on. We believe the next thing we're going to come across, is a

tunnel. We think. Should be two I think. Yeah. We'll see. Let's get there. We're going up there aren't we. Looks like a tunnel up there. Yeah that's what I think we're heading. and upsky Oh that's interesting. So I'm crouched down because what we've got to do now, is we've got to get through this tunnel and it's not particularly high and I don't know if you can just make out down there is the end. Oh my Lord..!! So it's a little way to go. Now.. It

is a little smaller than I was expecting. I'm going to say something... and longer. So, a few weeks back I tested my fear of heights and today it will be my claustrophobia. This one i s going to test. Yeah. What do you reckon It's smaller than I expected and longer than I expected. Yeah. Your call. Let's get a phone

and get some light on the situation. What do you reckon? Well we've got to do it. I can't I can't not. Is that what you were going to say? Okay we're going to go for it. Let's see if we get to the other end Okay. Got torch on, do the best we can but like I said I'll show you the height of this thing to me.

Okay let's go and do this and we're off. Wowsers. Actually it's not quite as shallow as I thought. Well, The phone light is really not very good. Just get on with it.

You're alright. Wow. Okay, Okay. One done. Well done. Sorry for leaving you. That was all right, yeah. Alison just went "I'm just getting through this, just get it done" Well, I mean it looks better from here, because you've got double height there, but then it drops from where it comes in, yeah and you think it's kind of like this it then gets really narrow and really short before getting taller.

It got to a point in the middle where it is kind of shoulder width and... Yes. I was bent right down and the rucksack was still scraping on the ceiling and it's a good job the camera wasn't on because the language was a little ripe. My mother would have complained. Let's move along. So they are doing a bit of work around here and we see this quite a bit. It's... at this point in time this black stuff looks relatively

ugly but they do it to shore up all of this, this edge here but what will happen is over time all the plants and trees and everything will grow back through it so you won't even see it. Careful, there's a big rock there. Big old rock. A big old stone that was almost a wet bottom. If you saw the Via Verde hike

Yeah, me stepping on rocks don't always end up with a happy husband.. [LAUGHS] No, it ends up with broken husband. Damaged husband. Right, we're going to head back. So we've now got back to the crossing. Oh. Sorry and we're going this way to hopefully walk back along the river. So the gymnast made it over okay. What about the clumsy git..? Made it. Now, unfortunately for Alison we've got to go back in the tunnel. Hey..! [SIGHS]

We've made it back to the car. We've actually come down to this old bridge here and the day has got past us to be fair. It's getting very late, so we're actually going to call it for today. We're not going to do the other hike, but we do have to come back up here in the future, or in this neck of the woods because there are a number of things that we want to do around here. Yeah. So we'll save that for another video. Now the one thing I've got to say before we go. I'm shocked and I do not understand why Chelva is not a massive tourist location. I'm going to say this, I think this is one of, if not the most beautiful locations

we've ever been to. Yeah that old town part was just amazing It was very nicely kept wasn't it? And as for the hike... that was lovely and like I said that's one of many stunning hikes around here. But look

with that said, Thank you so much for watching and Thanks for joining me on my birthday..! Yeah, Happy Birthday to you..! Thank you. And we'll see you all next week. Take care. Bye. Bye for now.

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