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Hello family welcome back again, this is Mvlog  sofun and today we are visiting one of the largest   Coastline Bay called False Bay. So basically  what we're going to be doing, we're going to be   driving from Stellenbosch to Muizenberg side where  this cost is located. Okay guys subscribe Please,   Subscribe put on notification Bell so that you get  notified each time I upload a new video see you guys hey hey hey.

It takes around 51 minutes drive and 66 km via  Baden Powell drive. All right family welcome   back again on this amazing tour. I made this  travel for some reasons and some of them are:-   to experience the white sand on the false bay  Coastline and also also have a glance at the   Blue Sky of Muizenberg beach to have a look also  at Muizenberg mountains to around Muizenberg areas   which is in the next coming video and also to have  a stare at Muizenberg huts. Guys join me on this   journey subscribe, share, like and comment. Let us  have a drive, let us enjoy our journey, let us go guys.

When you get here you connect to Baden Powell  drive and this road will take you or will lead   you to Muizenberg Beach and along the  way of course we will be seeing False   bay Coastline and we will also experience the  white sand on the way. The mountainous hills,   all those things are on false Bay Coastline so  guys let us go. Please don't forget to subscribe,   subscribe and put on a notification Bell. Like,  share also let me know what you think of this   video uh and even this journey. Are you um  one of those people who who are interested  

in visiting Muizenberg and maybe to drive  along uh the coastline of False bay and   also to experience white sand? In fact it's not  just sand but white sand. Okay if you are one,   then let me know in the comment section  below what you think. Okay guys thank you. n oh business he down business I get to hey hey hey hey a oh Driving along this Coast Coast Line it  really gives me a pleasure and more of   understanding why South Africa is one of the most  beautiful countries we have in the entire world,   like for example False Bay is one of the largest  bays along the South African coast and also is   located on the Eastern side of the cape Peninsula  near Cape Town Force Bay stretches from Cape Point   in the South to the Helderberg mountains in  the north and it is also known for its scenic   Beauty and diverse marine life. So guys when you  are driving along this Coastline you can look at   the blue skies and even uh experience the sand the  white sand. The more I travel in South Africa the   more I appreciate the beauty of this country guys.  When you look at how beautiful this coastline  

looks like and the beauty of the sky that turns  the water into blue is its self guys you're Blown Away. oh no oh no. Driving to this place has always been  on my list and eventually I've made   it. I always wanted to come and  have a look at this white sand,   how beautiful it is. You know what guys let us  just experience this because now is the time you  

see how beautiful this place looks like. I mean  let us enjoy, let us drive through and we have a look. Let's go. Yo I'm like an addict do I got  to have it I ain't even playing got a really   bad habit If It Moves got to grab it fuse like  a magnet loses won't have it till I'm doomed in   a casket I ain't playing got a weird mind if  you work 8 hours I'mma work nine if the shoot   taste sour you should taste mine I'mma stay  in power for a long time get up now I ain't a   quitter toss me the ball I'm a really big hitter  big picture I'm a straight killer R in the song   to the highest bitter Got Juice got gas I'mma  move fast new shoes new tracks like who's that   I'm new come back better than last year it's a  new me never going to look back I'm never going   to look back cuz damn I was built to last you  move slow when I move fast and that's fact only   I can make a change slowly take a step today  I will never be the same cuz that's what it takes I take shots to the top I get it I got one  life I'mma do all the win it I do what's   right pushing till I fall I'm slipping to get  back up always St tall I'm grinning I got Cuts   real deep in Bru the squad I had to learn how to  think with my head not heart I've been chewed up   spit out torn apart from picking up all the  pieces is a form of art I'm never going to   look back cuz damn I was built to you move  slow and I move fast and that's fact only   I can make a change slowly take a step today  I will never be the same cuz that's what it takes m hey hey hey hey oh.

Yes family we've made it to Muizenberg. Thank  you so much for driving along with me and also   experiencing uh what I've experienced today and  hopefully you've enjoyed the experience. Uh also   I would kindly request you to subscribe  if you are new to the channel and put on   a notification Bell so that you get notified  each time I upload a new video. Also uh like   and comment. What do you think of this video?  And what was your experience? Is it fine? Is   it great? Is Muizenberg worth visiting? let  me know in the comment section below what you   think. Okay guys let us continue let us go and  look at this beautiful beach ahead of us see you.

e. Family thank you so much for joining me on  this journey. Thank you so much for supporting   me. Thank you so much for subscribing. The  new one subscribe and put on a notification   Bell so that you get notified each time  I upload a new video. In the next coming  

video I am going to be showing you how  beautiful and colorful Muizenberg looks   like. In fact the next coming video I will  be showing you different parts of Muizenberg,   this one was specifically to drive along  with you from Stellenbosch to Muizenberg   along experiencing the the white sand on False  Bay Coastline. So guys see you in the next   coming one. Also let me know what you think  of this video and what was your experience?   Uh how do you see the coastline? Did you enjoy  the journey? Let me know in the comment section below. All right family this is Muizenberg  Beach. Guys don't miss out the next coming   video because I am going to be taking a tour of  Muizenberg. We're going to be vlogging around  

this beach and even showing different parts of  Muizenberg. Okay guys see you in the next video   just put on the notification Bell. If you are  new here, kindly join the the family and put on   the notification Bell so that you get notified  every time I upload a new video. Okay see you then. hey

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