Hotelbewertung: Hotel Relaxia Beverly Park, Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria

Hotelbewertung: Hotel Relaxia Beverly Park, Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria - a perfect place for holidays. Pleasant climate all year round, varied landscapes, sights and a variety of possible activities. If you want to go here but don't know which hotel yet, we would like to introduce you to the Relaxia Group's Hotel Beverly Park today. The Hotel Relaxia Beverly Park is a family-friendly 3-star hotel with a beautiful pool area in a tropical garden in Playa del Ingles. The hotel is located 2-3 minutes walk from the beach in the second row. The section of beach directly in front of the hotel is less suitable for Bathe. But the famous fine sandy beach of Playa del Ingles begins in the neighboring section and stretches all the way to the dunes of Maspalomas.

Heaped up stones protect the section of beach in front of the hotel, but also make it difficult to enter the ocean. There are no more stones behind the breakwater and the kilometer-long, gently sloping sandy beach begins. Since the access is between the two beach areas, it is the same distance from the hotel to both - just 2-3 minutes on foot. On the land side, the hotel is located on the busy road that leads directly into the town and leads to San Agustin.

There is also a stop there called “Beverly Park” that is served by several bus lines. The highway from Las Palmas to Playa de Mogan runs a little further north. A departure directly from the hotel makes the hotel's location convenient for transport. Between the street and the hotel is the driveway with several parking spaces, but unfortunately there are not enough, so you often have to look for a parking space in the surrounding streets. The hotel has 469 rooms, which are divided into double rooms with 22 sqm (also for single use), family rooms (38 sqm) and large double rooms (44 sqm).

All rooms offer air conditioning, TV, telephone, bath/WC, hairdryer and balcony. The family rooms have a living room with a sofa bed and a separate bedroom. The rooms can be booked with classic half board (breakfast/dinner) or all-inclusive. Later more.

There is also parking for motorcycles and bicycles . As the flags suggest, guests come from many countries: Spain, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland, among others. The reception is open 24 hours a day. But now about our room . We had a double room -Large, which means 2 double rooms connected with a connecting door. These rooms are only available on the 1st floor. Of the two doors to the hallway, one was tightly closed. Both rooms were furnished the same... ...and had separate balconies with a view of the hotel garden. Each room had a large wardrobe.

Each balcony had a clothes hanger, a table and 2 chairs. The bathrooms were quite large and offered enough storage space. Towels were changed every 2 days, bed linen every 3 days . Since we also had 2 bathrooms, we were able to "handle off" both children at the same time in the evening. Once a cleaning lady forgot to make our children's beds. After our telephone complaint in the evening, someone from room service came within 5 minutes and made up the beds. However, you could tell that the hotel wasn't the newest. The shower curtain rod also fell down several times.

Here's the view from the 7th floor to the sea... ...and inland. However, we cannot judge how disturbing the street noise was in the rooms on the land side. Lounge between reception and restaurant. Gift shop opposite the reception There was a car rental counter opposite the 3 elevators. Access to the hotel garden was via stairs or, for disabled people, via a ramp.

In the garden under the palm trees there was a bar that often offered shows for children and adults in the evenings. However, the quality of the program was often not the best. It lasted until 11 p.m. and then the bar closed. The bar's drinks were included for all-inclusive drinks, half-board guests could write to us or pay by credit card. Dishes were also offered here, such as nachos, French fries, hamburgers, etc. We now come to Pool 1. The official opening time of all 3 pools is from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., as there are several lifeguards present at that time.

The pictures were taken in the evening, hence the many free loungers. In the morning all the loungers were quickly occupied. Pool 1, like Pool 3, is 25m long, Pool 2 is 15m long. However, the depth information on the edge was not entirely true. I suspect they were each 15-20cm deeper. If you have any questions, please leave them in a comment below.

Towels for the sun loungers can be rented from reception for a deposit. There are showers at every pool. While pools 1 and 2 are right next to each other, pool 3 is on the opposite side of the hotel garden.

In the basement there is a material store for the animation team, a massage shop and an arcade as well as toilets. If you have liked the video so far, I would be very happy about a like and possibly a subscription, as it will encourage YouTube to suggest this video to more users. The rear exit on the left is the quickest way to the beach. Food could also be eaten on the terrace on the right. However, all the smokers were sitting here... At pool 3 there is also a sunbathing area with artificial turf. Just like at pool 1, there was also a toddler pool...

and at pool 3 there were also 2 whirlpools. Overview of the daily changing entertainment on offer There was sometimes very loud music playing during pool games and aqua aerobics, but in between it was quiet and relaxing. On the ground floor there is a large lounge ... ... with the tour operator's contact desks. Behind the lounge is the fitness room.

On the ground floor there is also a bar with a show stage for special shows or in bad weather. Evening entertainment "Dances of the World" on the indoor show stage Now to the restaurant... Breakfast, lunch and dinner were offered here in buffet form with free seating. The atmosphere here was relatively simple. The half board included water, orange, pineapple and apple juice, as well as coffee and tea for breakfast. With all-inclusive there were also soft drinks and some alcoholic beverages.

The dishes changed daily, but were mostly a bit bland. You can certainly eat them, but they are not necessarily for connoisseurs. But it's a 3-star and not a 5-star hotel and you save a lot of money. If you can't make dinner with half board, you can get a voucher for lunch in advance at reception. What are the decisive criteria for you for a holiday hotel? Let me know in the comments. Thanks in advance. Food was freshly prepared at the grill station... and frozen pizzas were warmed up.

Most evenings there was paella... ...however, new dishes were only prepared when the previous ones were gone, which often led to long waiting times. Dessert buffet Opposite the main entrance there is a free children's playground and a mini golf course. Mini golf was also free, but the holes were in poor condition. You couldn't play seriously here, but the children had fun. Arcade in the basement, all games cost 1 euro. Now I'm going out the back door to the beach. You needed your room key card to open it.

Hard to believe: But even with the large number of parking spaces in the surrounding streets, it was difficult to find a place for the rental car. But that applied to the whole town, so it's best to get around town on foot or take the inexpensive taxis. It was about 2-3 minutes to the beach.

Access to the beach is also via stairs or ramp. There are washing stations for feet and showers. To the south, the beach promenade led up a hill to a shopping center. Since eating out on Gran Canaria is cheaper than in Germany, we skipped our hotel meal and ate here with a view of the ocean. If you found the report helpful or liked it, I would be very happy about a “thumbs up” and if you want, please register for this channel.

By the way, it's about a 20-25 minute walk to the dunes of Maspalomas from the Beverly Park Hotel - more with children.

2023-11-26 10:03

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