HOORN (Live Walk In The 17th Century Dutch Town)

HOORN  (Live Walk In The 17th Century Dutch Town)

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hello good morning good afternoon welcome to  the netherlands this is murat we are in horn   it's a beautiful cute dutch town in the province  of north holland and it's inside west frisland   region and this is west freeze museum i visited  there today it's a beautiful building already   not only inside but also outside architecture  is so beautiful i will show you this building   from the other side so you will see the details  clearly this direction is not good for that and   there are a lot of monuments and old  houses in this town from seventeen and   sixteenth century even this is best prison  museum another building and we are at   rhodes stan rhodes stan that means redstone its  name of the square central square is surrounded   with bars and restaurants nowadays but the names  redstone is coming from a bloody history actually   this is the square where the convicted  persons were executed or punished   in public so there is a dark history behind  of it nowadays people drink and eat here   but in the past this is the place where the  guilty people were convicted and in the best case   in the best scenario some of their organs were cut  off unfortunately and this is the bronze that you   belong to former uh general director of dutch  east india company is considered as a hero because   he brought prosperity and wellness to  this town but he is also responsible   to kill more thousands of people in indonesia  in that ages it was called dutch ift india   so he is the person behind of dutch  trading monopoly in dutch golden age he   brought prosperity he planted the root he is the  architecture of that but he is also responsible   for killing at least fourteen thousand people in  bandai island islands in nearby indonesia he is   founder of jakarta island in indonesia also and  he was he has died in batafia i mean in jakarta   his famous word is written there let me show  you closer despair needs do not despair do not   despair is his famous word also another statue  this one is from 19th century this bronze statue   another one is in amsterdam nearby  uh the former stock exchange i think currently in event central but this is uh let's  talk about the good things and this is a bit full   square a lot of national monuments around the  square and this is the former dawah building the   place where traders come together and calculating  tanks and paying and then executing the trades   currently it's a restaurant just like the walk  in new market amsterdam and i've been there it's   a beautiful building and here there was another  another nation monument but some hundred years ago   it was demolished this the former city hall was  there i think uh the only building did not survive   at this crash hi everyone hope you're having a  good day great weekend and it's 17 celsius here   it's a pretty good day by the way there is  a little information here uh the name of the   hero is young peterson is not hero for indonesian  people because he is responsible for a massacre but he achieved something in dutch golden age  for trade purposes i mean what we're gonna do   is we are walking through the cities and we will  visit the ports and i'm going to show you some   historical buildings and at the end we will see  the local market there's a local market here today   and we will see that list start our walking tour  from here before going to the way of the port   harbor i'm gonna show you this west freeze museum  building again inside i visited west phrase museum   with my museum card so it's free i mean once  a year i pay 65 euro for that museum card but   you can visit more than 500 museums  all over the netherlands with that card   it's for locals and this is the other  architecture of west freeze museum   it's a town it's a touchdown from 14th  century but the most prosperous time of   horror town is 17th century in dutch  golden age before surpassed by amsterdam inside of the museum you  can see some paintings from   dutch golden age also the lifestyle dinner room samples and ships that ships also some bedrooms  dinner rooms living rooms etc let's continue to   our walk towards the harbour there are some also  beautiful buildings around the harbor and the   one of the most important moments of the town  it's it's half thorn hopefully we will see that hello by the way the connection is not really strong internet connection because it's a windy day today  today is really windy the wind level is five today   this part is a good weather 17 celsius i'm still  wearing my warm sweatshirt because polar because   it's too windy so you cannot just walk around  with your t-shirts just like a normal day this   is a less touristic town by the way it's away from  mass tourism not like atma or amsterdam or harlem   usually the only tourists  visit here they are locals it's peaceful serene atmosphere no orange not yet margaret hello we again northern  pattern mulder terry adams david's nigora kasimova   by the way i shared my real-time map location so  you can follow the streets i'm walking through   also you can see the location uh of horn  we are in the north northwest miriam hello   zahara hello have a good day ahmed thanks so  much dimiji our moderator here thanks so much   ah uh i will send a message to discord server  and i'm gonna ask your recommendation about sound   sound recording i'm sure you will help me thank  you much hello toilet brush stefan so many   friends here thanks so much for coming just a five  minute walk we are we will arrive to horn harbor thank you this is our first live stream today also it's the  first live stream in holland i have been here a   few times at least and i have at least two videos  on this channel but this is our first live stream   and enough in the evening  i'll have another live stream   oh look at that buildings  the zone that means the sun that represent the the love of sun for the netherlands which  is rare it's from 1874 as we see another   one is london there is a london building  and we see the stone tablets on the wall   probably it represents the business in the past let's see uh i'm gonna walk  through this back alley so this harbor is famous for uh becoming  a base of dutch east india company   uh before offside like a slot like is a  dyke splitting the sea to two parts after   1930-something after a big float in the  netherlands there are thousands of people   died they began a project off slot dike so  they split it to sea to two parts and the   south side became a lake in a lake or inner  city let's say after that horn lost its uh famous statue let's say and also before that  amsterdam became trading routes so trading   moved to amsterdam but in the 17th century  it was the most prosperous time for this town share the map location let's see i think  i i will i can manage this time let's see i can see the map but no okay give me a sec yes this is the place where we are the  blue circle and the red pointer it's horn   from amsterdam it's only 34 minutes train  journey but it's cost uh more than 18 euros   yes the public transportation especially  the train is expensive in the netherlands   so round trip to holland from amsterdam central  station it costs 19 euro but i think it works it's   a less touristic town you can see a lot of things  and there are some also tourist attractions some   museums and there is a cheese market like alakmar  in some days in some paris uh but not today   there is a big local market on saturday there are  restaurant terraces like this nearby the canals and then almost everywhere you look you can see  national monuments this way goes to the harbor the weather is perfect except the  wind oh now i can see the hop tolerant that one is of toronto as i remember  it's from 17th century also or 16.   we'll see when we get closer after the harbor we will be  heading to the local market   i'll show you some stalls  and some crazy streets and around the harbour there are many   proof locales which means brewery breweries and  some nice restaurants this house is from 1792 this town is close to end housing another   city in west prison prison region also close  to zandam al-akmar not far away from harlem let me show you around slow in slow pace the last time i was here it's a  year ago by the way in the evening in the evening i will be following flower  parades today is a special day every year   on this day uh during tulip season there is a  flower parade starting from northern white halt   until harlem so there is a parade convoy and  during the day they start from the morning and   now around this time they should be  around lisse so they are heading to   uh harlem in the evening they will be in harlem  but i will catch up them in hempstead around 7   30 i will have another livestream so i'm going to  show you the flower parades in dutch it's called   volume straight once a year so it's an important  one i will catch it from here i will travel to   hemsteader i will not catch up them in  highland because they are arriving to harlem   after sunset so in hampstead i think we will have  light we will have sun so that will be better   i think this is an important one let  me see oh for isis talk ahead for trial   for trauma i think it's the meaning  is trust it's an original ship i think i didn't read all the things read all things   but this looks like an original  ships hello martin b welcome let's continue to walk we have limited time because we  have to also visit local markets this building you see in front of us is hawthorne i think it's from oh it's  from 16th century as i see   uh i'm gonna show you from a different point this  is an important brown bar this is a good brown bar   in harbor the slippers house the the house of  shippers it's a very old one and this is the most   important monument in horror you can see around  harbor and as you see it's written it's from   1532 is still alive it's from 16th century i  think the clock is from 18th century it's older but it's correct it's working all right and like many other government monuments  this one is also a restaurant now okay let's see the other side there  should be another entrance from here there's a port street there is a place called birkate  here beer kade is a funny name i think it's   you can translate it like beer  street or biraale something   usually around the seaside or canal side there  are beer cadets also in amsterdam there is one   it's from 1677 this building how about this 1674   they are residential they are still in use some  people live inside and those are rental bikes   it's a good idea to rent bicycles when you  visit a new town or city in the netherlands all right another real ship is here  is from 1885 for 18 person and we are right next to another beautiful  building look at that wheel wow sun is just   at the right uh spot now wow that's so realistic look at that they are watching to see so before amsterdam is becoming was became an important traits porch harbor the all the  sea trades and journeys was starting from porn that's why it's the base of uh dutch india  company if you don't know about dutch if   india company that's how to say and it's  a company funded for trades but at the end   it's responsible for slavery trading so it's that  brings fortune wealth and money to the netherlands   but not only for trading so they they  captured some slaves from africa or in   the dutch indies indonesia and they brought  them they make them work in some fields   and they took the products and they sell to  they sold to other countries or in the country   so that is called dutch coordination so dutch  golden age is not golden age for everyone only for some people however there are  some important things about dutch east   india company is considered that one of  the biggest companies in the world history   its market value was more than apple apple  google microsoft together something like that   if you convert money from to the this century  and also it's the first company who issued bonds   and shares open to the public so that's how  they got the money in the first place they   issued bonds and shares in the first time in the  world history they issued bonds and shares so they   received the money from the people from ordinary  people and they arranged the ships they went   to see journeys to do to exploring some new  places and at the end not only dutch eastern   dutch if india company managers became rich but  also individual peoples who bought the shares that's how some part of amsterdam canal bath  was funded actually so as you see i'm   not only talking about the good things and sweet  things about the netherlands i'm also trying to give some information about the real dutch history i see there is a cinema museum over  there the building on the corner hello paulo i'm going to follow  all the chat conversations again thank you for the information  stefan thompson htc thank you so we are leaving the harbor slowly i'll be heading to the local  market it's only 23 minutes and   i'll try to finish it in 15 minutes lately there  are a lot of things to see in this beautiful   town but i will leave some other things for you  for your own exploration that's a good place for   drinking your beaches is accessible  here those stairs and there's an   old plate here there are some information  there are some interesting things i think you can take a picture with um when you come here   if you want okay that's what  they're chilling at under the sun sorry for the zoom all right this is a bicycle renting area it's  a relatively big town actually so it's a good   idea to rent a bicycle to see all the narrow  streets and university today i'm skipping the main   shopping streets it's a similar one you can see in  all other dutch cities and towns similar brands so   instead i'm gonna show you some  small streets and the local markets the other here this one thanks margus for the info hello pablo just a reminder after 7 30 i will have another  live stream in hampstead flower parades and   in king's style king's night tuesday in the  evening i will have another live stream in   king's day i will have at least three livestream  so i will be busy upcoming days i see a call or wow it's a good one there is a fabo in the town i think as i remember around local market there should be  a fable if there is one i will try by the way in the late evening i will meet sonar   you know sana alright there is a special emoji  for sonar on our channel i will meet with him   and his friends our friends uh for a couple of [  __ ] maybe maybe we will make a live stream like   30 minutes while we are drinking i don't know if  you would like to join our tables beauty table   let me know if you want maybe we can make  a short but sweet beer cheer livestream from here horn train station is  like 10 minutes by walking 10 or 15. thanks milan have a good day yes martin i will be in hampstead at 7 30 there i'm going to i check the route and  the plan the flower plate arriving at harlem   after 9 30 almost so it's after sunset   instead of harlem i will visit him stay  there so we will see it on a daylight almost but maybe tomorrow i will visit  ireland because the flower party   trucks and vegans will be on  exhibition like an exhibition in the center of harlem so  during sunday the whole day   we can see the flower pride  wagons in the city central we are slowly walking towards  to the local market area i hope   this is my third time in jordan yes i see  the great church so we are on the right way this is a town not only famous with  its sea journeys but also famous   with its cheese market and farm countryside  goods just like fallen down for example   it is let's walk through this little nice street  i hope it will bring us to the lookout bacteria what a beautiful small street look at that ciao bill mcmahon i think that's the great church the herota kirk   look at the beauty of this house or building  there's a bright flake on hives it's beautiful that building should be that church  will be the great church to herod oh yeah i saw the streets  where local market is located   a lot of smart5 studio in a national monument nice  there's a cozy empty bar terrace barlow restaurant look at a small house in the  corner i love those kind of   places this is a barber shop this cute little  building is belong to a and hairdresser and another small alley like many others  in horn so it's a good idea to explore city   by foot or bicycle you can see a lot of small  and narrow streets like that another beautiful   terrace is here in front of another probably  nation monument it's a bicycle parking area another restaurant is here inside there  is a small garden where you can sit   and enjoy the beautiful weather this red one in front of us is from  1563 as i see i see some religious   figures in front of that let me show you it's from 1563 yes 16th century wow nice maybe the same museum i don't know and around this area i saw  a nice risky distillery shop   i think this one i'm gonna show you some  nice whiskey bottles there are some unique   things maybe you will be interested for  example they have japanese whiskey's taguchi and hakusho single mouth japanese risky  oh this one has nice colors singapore there are many interesting japanese malt  whiskeys also there's a special one the bottle of   magellan enigma version 200 euro more than 200 there are thousands of them probably okay let's   go to the local market last part  of our video the local market this is the herota kirk the great church probably  the best i mean the biggest church in town if you ever visit foreign i strongly  recommend you to visit the west price museum   so you can see the history and prosperity  not only hall but also the netherlands that's the entrance of the local market okay now i can get slower yes that's a great weather only a bit windy but  that's fine tomorrow will be the same i think oh yes peter i noticed that and for  example those are also leaning to the front but i saw the same type of architect in  the buildings in many other cities towns the typical bakery telecaster holland's products i think maybe you can try a  sweet let's see what they have cinnamon rolls one tree oh this is apple tarts apple tarts one euro and 50 cent  one if you buy four or five euro cinnamon rolls looks nice  one you're right 50 cents the other things are similar  i'll get a cinnamon rolls and a brownie or apple let's see yes nice so three of them two of them something special so this is our time okay i got some energy energy stuff uh soon i'm gonna destroy them  just i'm looking for a nice spot oh look at   that i i just found the best spots i don't  know there is a there is a gate like this i just noticed that it's from 1603 these  old gate and building look at that wow   i didn't notice here on my previous visits okay let's destroy one of the one of the snacks here first thing we destroy is apple tarts oops it's already two parts okay this is more   netherlands appletace in every cafe and  restaurant you can find an apple tart nice soft not too much sugar  only organic sugar right here there are some grapes inside apple apple grape and a little bit of sugar only that one it's a good price i think one year and 50  cents in this centrum local market not bad oh martin me thank you thanks for the super chat you  just paid my dessert thank you happy that you love this town we have also cinnamon roll but   i will eat it later at the end of  the tour maybe i will keep it with me so now we are continue i'll just take a look  what is at the end of this little state channel   i'm glad that you love this town because i wanna  visit a smaller nonsense is like this more often more than big cities you can understand  that i live in waste it's also a small   town i think it's it goes to the residential  area so we can go back to the local market yes prizes thank you magnets actually i  couldn't remember that so i just said great wherever you look you can  see something interesting   and something historic for example look at  that top of the building wow that's awesome oh yeah martin i couldn't see that  let's take a look yes we are right clustered board here it is from 1607.   house the old woman house that's the entrance  to access to autumn house well i couldn't   understand everything but maybe martin can  tell us later everything about the plate another interesting i saw  on the top of the building just a few meters from here look at that  there's a superman from 17th century here superman or he is doing some home exercise  superman position for bodybuilding   let's take a look closer actually  local market is on the other side but   i cannot continue to there because there are  so many things oh this is the shuttle mariah for through the blood this crosses the crosses all touch i think wow tick tock trend first time i'm walking through this street  another beautiful one i will also check the plate   on the right side there is a  brown plate twice heist push oh wow interesting sculpture from 1620 let's see what's written what  is written in dutch of course i'm checking that i can't understand everything  here i think it was a church in the past but we can translate it later on google translate yes from that place also we can  understand this is not a touristic town   this is a touristic town for locals oops sorry  i did something about the camera the lens wow we have a technical difficulties okay yeah the brown plates are also indexed so you can  understand that there are not many foreigners here but it's better it's less touristic it's better  for you you don't have to wait in the course   you can visit museums in cheaper prices etc  and everything is cheaper than amsterdam i saw another brown plate let's see starting porch it was also sharple from 1472.

all right oh yeah yes we are right maybe by checking the qr code we  can see something i'll try it let's see oops didn't work why i don't know why it's work it's not  working oh now it's work all right escadance again in dutch but at least after  scaling the qr code you can copy   and paste to google translate so you  can check the english translation and of course there's a hammer here nice this is a nice hema because there's a  resonant on the upper floor face tall suriname sephora straw for the local market is on  this street only till the end of course there's a fist a cheese  stall sorry this is spicy one picante those are traditional packages bamsters i'm gonna put this to my back just a second give me a second more comfortable with the vegetable on through section is in the middle the little kraken office here former market oh we have so far here sparse  supermarket is cheaper than alberta   is a moroccan supermarket maybe let's check the price the hats are 10 euro sunglasses are 10 also another cheese stall you know this is on not only for shopping  this is also a place for socializing for the   netherlands people this is a strip waffle stall  we already got our dessert so i will not try it but there is also fresh stuff waffle here yes last year we were almost uh losing our hats   cap in the last second i saw the guy who  took it so we got it back as i remember oh you know do you know action action is a  very cheap kind of supermarket but not for   foods for other things this is like  a national monument action building kiosk turkish snack i think i have seen a fair boy here but it turns  out there is no favor at all i couldn't see yet chocolates 200 grams five year on 25  cents some little desserts sugar balls oh yes there is a pebble here now you can travel to horn there is a fable here and it's not a small one it's like a restaurant  there are sitting tables inside here it is they have also milkshake ice cream as i see not really cheap but which way to go from  here i'm gonna turn left and   i'll try to find that nice small streets  and our last 10 or 15 minutes together this is just a normal street the local  market contains like 20 or 30 meters more   till the corner and from there train  station is just five minutes by walking i'll try to find my favorite coffee place actually   and as you can guess there is also one  here another favorite of mine is here i have saved it just a reminder you can see my real-time  location from the link on the top of the chat oh yeah here is the call for strato for that one i can already hear drive oracle music let me see if i have change let's say  if i have let's support local business   local drive local business  here i have two euro for them this is called frustrated foreign town  thanks paolo luciana and pablo thanks so much oh wow it's from 1912. and it's quite  it's customized for horror this is the   tower we saw in the parks this is in the  background so this is produced only for whole so it's a big town there is also a seaside  area i haven't walked around there at the   end of the street there's a way it goes  to the seaside we haven't walked there   also so you can spend the whole day in this town but on sunday it's like empty there  are not much vibrance and the energy   not really crowded if you are planning to  visit saturday is the best if you want more   people around i mean more energy or  to see the local market for example this is a typical shopping space you  can see every town in the netherlands   like amsterdam neighborhood california of course less crowded and less  touristic sandwich restaurants well if i can't find the coffee place   i will order an espresso espresso and i'll  finish the video after that happy ending i hope   look at this restaurant it's so nice another  monument and i think inside is beautiful not really crowded that's uh the  best thing about last touristic towns   in amsterdam in the beautiful weathers it's  not easy to find a place especially all   sides in terraces but in small towns like my place  wasp there is always a seat that you can enjoy all   right should we go until end of the street let's  go we already walk a lot let's see the end of the   street and then i'll come back to the coffee place  because i think the coffee place is on the left i will start the live location now  because i'm gonna finish already in   5-10 minutes because i wanna see  the location of the cup place all right at coffee locale what a  great name for a coffee place local is usually used for breweries  in the netherlands like proof local   and this is coffee local like coffee tasting place that's good we walk towards  here because i just saw another monument visible one with some netherlands lines  yes maybe and the windows are   looking great the less the on the  left there is another one from 1698. oh yeah i think we arrived to the same place   we started at the beginning of the video this  is the road stain the red stone execution square okay if you haven't watched  the beginning of the video   i already talked a lot of things about this square  you can check it back later now i'm gonna turn   back to the coffee place on the next corner right  side our coffee place is there hopefully it's open on the internet i read that there  is also a working steam engine train   it departures from horn train station and you  can see two or three towns nearby with that steam   engine train experience maybe i will try it later  i couldn't check the timetable and the schedule   but the one i saw in apple dawn it was working  only on weekends three times have you guide him local means place thanks a lot yes paula  i have a favorite coffee place here   on my first visit i had saved it to my  google maps now i'm walking towards there   and i think from here yes this  little cute street goes to there and on the next corner left side  is copy local let's see that the nostalgia tram in amsterdam  is also managed by volunteers   i know that this is at coffee locale  my favorite coffee place here in horn double espresso nice they have their own coffee bones so  it's bonen so coffee seeds so it's good hmm thank you i'm christine euro and coffee present oh paulo are you here yes this is 11 year old president can  you send me with a cheaper price m1 friendly cup okay it's a long church street longer kirk oh look at that look at this spot actually you know what i will sit here for a while and there is an old-fashioned phone here yeah oh extra thanks so much copy and this is gift from the camp this is vegan canary nice beautiful spot cheers guys coffee looks really nice hello guys hello and this evening when  i meet with sonar while we are drinking   maybe i will open a livestream for 30 minutes  and i will leave the camera like that just   see the environment and the conversation  that's all for today i mean until the evening i'll just sit five minutes  until finishing to coffee so see you another time in the  afternoon or in the evening   have a great day hydrothelon thank  you at the end of the video sorry don't forget at 7 30 now time i will be  following flower parade flower parades   see you on fallout flower parade bowl  and straight at 7 30 in l time bye

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