Honda CB500X Holiday Trip 2022 Day 7

Honda CB500X   Holiday Trip 2022   Day 7

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the 7th and last day of our trip. We slept excellently and breakfast is already finished. That was a buffet with the possibility to prepare a packed lunch.

We have not made use of that. Let's go to the motorcycles, waiting in the garage. Well slept in the garage today and all fully packed and loaded again On top bags The case is full again Yep... and... that one from Henri is also completely... packed and loaded...full. By the time we get back, then the motorbikes can go back in for a service and new tyres Well, the profile is still acceptable, frontside But at the back...yeah... it's getting pretty worn out now

But yeah, we've covered quite a few kilometers already, so... we can't complain. They did a good job! Isn't it Panda? You are still there? .... Yep! Well, just a little while longer Panda and we are at home and then you can be washed because your butt is dirty Can you see that! Hah..oooooohhhh... Panda has a dirty butt from the rain You will get a bath, allright? Bye bye! We are here at our 4th travel destination: Manderscheid is a small busy town in the Volcano Eifel.

It is very famous because of the 2 castles that are right opposite each other the Oberburg and the Niederburg. Both of these fortresses were dominated by 2 different power blocs: The Oberburg belonged to the Electorate of Trier, while the Niederburg and the surrounding municipalities belonged to Luxembourg. In fact they were the easternmost point of the Southern Netherlands. The Niederburg was the family castle of the Counts of Manderscheid.

In 1815 these areas were assigned to Prussia. There is our sticker... Old Boots On Tour And eh, the castles of Manderscheid, the fortresses the fortresses of Manderscheid and... we're going home now! Old boots are back on tour! Yep, here... here was our hotel, on the corner Bye! Near the fuelstation Sorry! Look here, hotel-café, ah, there are enough hotels. But I slept well But this one is closed! Yeah! Yep... and after that another hairpin.

Pelm? That is quite a beautiful ruin over there! Wow! Ahh, that is beautiful! Awesome! Oh, how beautiful! Near Pelm, a village in the municipality of Gerolstein in the Volcanic Eifel, the Kasselburg stands on a high hill and is located in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Not much is known about the early years of the Kasselburg. The name would be derived from the builders, the counts of Castel from the 13th century, but the first known owners were the Lords of Blankenheim. There have been some struggles for possession as a result that the castle often changed of owner.

The last former owners were the Dukes of Aremberg, who acquired the castle in undisputed ownership in 1674. But shortly afterwards, the decline began and the Kasselburg became an impressive ruin. The Kasselburg is one of the few German castles with a double tower. It is one of the most famous castles in Germany, because for decades demonstrations with birds of prey have been given here almost daily.

A part of the park, deep below the castle, has been cordoned off; a large number of wolves roam in this wilderness. Every day at 4 p.m., these wolves are fed in a special part of the park. And the public can experience this. Welcome back in.... Belgium!

We just had eh... a nice piece of cake and a cola for the energy no coffee! and now we have just crossed the border. Malmédy, 23 kilometers.

Well?? Sankt-Vith Also a nice little road with all those flower pots and roses... Bütgenbach! Bütgenbach, Bütgenbach, Bütgenbach, where have we been then, haven't we been there before? Oh yes! Yes, so we are in a familiar area! Ohhhh... Look in the distance that depth That was the highest spot, we are going down again! This is also Belgium! What a view! And how windy it is! Oh, I'm going to sit behind my windshield Yes beautiful! It looks like a coal mine environment here? Old mines, yes! I thought I had seen such a mine cart before! Well, we are now almost almost almost at home. Everywhere signs: the government can talk nicely, but won't fill our bellies later No, that's correct. The snackbar is open! We're almost there, we're almost there, we're almost almost almost there Yessssss! No, Karel trimmed the hedge, oh yes! We are at home! And Jer is not at home. Hello Karel! Ahhh.... look!

Home sweet home, ahhh Everything is dry. And the grass is dry... and high Panda! We've made it! Unfortunately, our 7 day trip has come to an end.

The daily grind is about to start and we are already eager to grab the motorbikes and leave. We hope you enjoyed our trip. You know: thumbs up, leave a comment and support us by subscribing.

Bye and see you on our next trip!

2022-09-03 08:10

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