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wow what a job good effort boys yeah have you got  oxygen just have a go at the himan 450 would you   just getting it done in its sisterland I guess  you could call it Nepal [Music] [Applause] you   won't Truly find your place in this  world without traveling a great [Music] distance 12 years ago I came to the Himalayas   with my dad a journey meant to bring  us back together as father and son dad always wanted to backpack through India but I   turned it into a motorcycle Adventure I led  a complete novice into the wildest terrain on Earth I dragged my dad 42,000 km through the  Himalayas it was the hardest thing he'd ever   done and the most challenging time we'd ever  spent together as a kid my dad was my hero   but time changed that I was hard on dad in  the Himalayas he was patient with me even   with altitude sickness you will never recover  lost time especially time spent with a child I   wanted my hero back I wanted to see Dad the  way I did as a child our story of father and   son was no fairy tale and even the most most  epic journey on Earth could not heal our past   6 months after our ride through the Himalayas dad  was diagnosed with misoa and 2 years later he was [Music] gone you can't change your perspective  on life when you keep looking at it from   the same angle the further I travel away  from what I know the clearer I see what   I must change find patience with and what I  must be grateful for I have returned to the   Himalayas alone only now I am a father with  two children of my own I hope to make sense   of it all make peace with the relationship  I never had with my father and understand   what it really means to be the hero and  seal a lifetime bond with my children let's do this it's fairly Relentless all this  traffic it's coming at you from all directions from scooters to trucks  how you going on mate just chill I mean like people just walking  down the road among the cars the   trucks Catman do Hy Catman do look at  these things they're so awesome what a weapon Junior's on board here Nepali life finally turned off that Main Highway  out of catm do it's got a lot more intense   since I was here last and all the more credit  to the old boy the complete novice he was just   riding through all that [ __ ] especially  straight out of Delhi when we started Ah that's a S for S eyes look  at that we're heading in the   right direction a bit of glacier water right there could almost go a swim  but I won't I'll just get moving I'm still on track all right it seems I'm not jungle uh I see it I'm not sure where I got off track  there but this is kind of where I need to be yeah okay I'm back on track I like this kind of Nepal it's not quite the seething  Humanity of India but it's um just   got a nice feel to it look at those Fresh Veggies chickens just cruising The Joint welcome to aat rural municipality hello how are you are fine where are you from  Australia Australia yeah okay go thank you is this uh what is the [Music] octane me octane 90   octane unleaded octane 100 100  it's rice fuel nicely ricing fuel for going fast now today where will go from here to  the mountain oh my God Alone yes alone I'm   not alone I have my himal himan yeah  have you got oxygen no but it needs   you know I know where is it gone what's  with all the smoke no occasionally if   you keep oxygen yourself then if you  go high altitude no I'm not I'm not walking and then to Mustang upper Mustang L  yes I know lighter you know oh my God you're   a fit strong man but you have a stick  oh because you know my uh this leg is   operated before operation were you very  weak were you a soldier got Warrior yeah yeah and mirrors honestly  mirrors just need to go in the bin I'm transitioning into the foothills of  the Himalayas leaving behind the chaos of   the the urban sprawl life is simpler  up here more peaceful and [Music] calming that was a big day on  the bike but what an epic day one   far out It's All Coming Back to Me Now [Music] [Music] I've ridden solo all over the world  since Dad passed and rarely does he pop into   my thoughts during these Adventures but coming  back to the Himalayas is different for the last   time I was here we were together and now  it feels strangely obvious that I'm alone [Music] [Applause] wow what a job good effic  [Applause] boys holy [ __ ] [Music] [Applause] [Music] on what a life Hy protected and exposed all at the same  time I noticed these Villages are like   at a minimum of 100 m or so up from the  riverbed cuz you can just imagine in the   real torrent anyone who builds their house  too close is just going to get washed away deleted the hikers a lot of people walking this track  that's what they do this is what I do just chilling now I'm starting to see   the altitude I'll check in in a bit see  exactly what we've climbed up to cuz I can   see the snow caps and it is getting colder  we're going to start climbing okay I want elevation wow yep I knew it I could feel it 2,300 M all right traffic bit of a traffic  jam should I take the boys on the inside sorry stay to the right please I'm coming past yeah the boys Legends [Music] manang Valley the town itself  is a popular acclimatization   point for tracking the famous anaer circle [Music] [Applause] situated less than 40 kilometers from the border   of China this whole valley  seems influenced by Tibetan culture fascinating [Music] [Music]   yeah I'm feeling okay 3,600 M feeling  a little bit Spacey to be honest but   um heart rate's good in fact the only time I  get little spikes is when I'm messing around   setting up cameras but as far as riding goes  in a flow heart rate's sitting pretty so it's   good and the bike speaks for itself getting the  job done that's for the bike look Royal Enfield   I'll be honest about 2 years ago they actually  contacted me one of the Legends in there he's   quite high up in marketing has been following  myology for quite some time and they track me   down and look it's just taken a couple of years  for it to come to reality but um I've effectively   dropped Tools in Australia and landed here in the  Himalayas in c m do and just whack my tires on as   you saw they've supplied me the bike pieced  together a route that they think I should do   and um yeah I'm on solo Mission look it's  the sort of thing that it would be epic to   do with a friend with another professional  Rider with a group but when Dad he he passed   away like 3 years after our ride here and uh  um it just felt like the right thing to do to   continue this story solo I feel like he's here  in spirit you know I've I've been getting some   nice memories come back despite a lot of our  trip it was a bit of a SLO with the old boy and   yeah I don't know this Journey's a like time  to reflect on that [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]   h [Music] [Music] [Music] for me some of the most fascinating things  and places when traveling the world are just   the Lesser known little places of the  world that just you see the real life   just bubbling away it's fascinating you know  you don't have to be wowed by all the stuff   that you're chasing money paying tickets  lining up all this so-called bucket list   must see traveling the world is exactly that  is seeing the world as raw beautiful [Music] [Music] [Music]   unless you're hiking the road to manang  is a oneway in and backtrack out it's   been a short and sweet visit but to  continue my route I must drop back   down the mountain and start heading  across to POA gateway to the upper must just have a go at the himan 450  would you just getting it done in its   sisterland I guess you could call  it Nepal I'll get around him here look at this joint back on the black top the garden indeed at this time of year Farmers across India  are burning crop stalks to clear their land it's   just getting worse adding to that forest fires  across all of Nepal due to low rainfall has   trapped a blanket of smoke up against the  foothills of the Himalayas it seems Royal   Enfield have anticipated the conditions of this  leg and treated me to a rockstar pit stop in [Applause] POA suspension Ridge walk pretty windy so because I don't have a guide police  are just like what's this guy doing solo   Adventure do you need a husband yeah yeah  yeah yeah that's true that's true I don't   need she has boyfriend but she needs  she has many boyfriends I don't have   it's still looking for a good work yeah  yeah yeah yeah yeah it's true it's true sh

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