Hermitcraft 9: Episode 14 - THE BROKEN BRIDGE

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 14 - THE BROKEN BRIDGE

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I've got an overwhelming amount of things that I need to do on the Hermitcraft server which means I've done none of them and continued to put them off as if I've got nothing to do. And what else did I do? I- Oh my. I went ahead and started three more projects as if I didn't have enough to do. So, what I've got here is the very humble beginnings of a different way to go forward with the giant bridge across the big rock of Dwayne and the big rock of Mumbo Jumbolio.

But then I realised it wasn't going how I expected it to. It's just complete shambles of stone placement. I also started detailing under here and stopped halfway through and I've still got some farm work to do up there AND I started a cave entrance over here! I think I've got a problem. Well, how do we tackle multiple things to do and being unable to complete them? One at a time. That's what.

Now the reason I'm doing this is because there's some strange noises coming out of this hear hole down at The Rift. You hear that? [strange noises] Yeah, that's because The Rift is down there and it has been mostly forgotten. And I want to change that. Now a few episodes ago I did say what I was planning to do, was fly down this here tomb and fly all the way down into The Rift. Well, I started doing that and realised that this is a extremely, impractical way of getting to The Rift.

And it's probably gonna result in many, many flight deaths. It's quite a bit further than I expected. So I went for the easier option and that's: build a cave and dig a hole straight down. But as with everything lately I've not been able to finish it.

So, we are definitely going to do some work today and we're gonna finish some of these projects. Take a look at this here bridge and you may not even know what I was trying to go for. Let me show you what it was originally supposed to look like. This is the original design.

It's sort of a traditional, multi-tiered, multi-arched bridge. Actually it looks quite nice. If it doesn't work out, this is what I'm gonna backtrack to. However I did want to make a bridge that more matched the theme of Dwayne the Rocks and the floating rocks.

So, prepare to be amazed by my fantastic art skills, you guys have seen this before. I can build in Minecraft but I can't draw in MS Paint. However, it is really, really useful for visualizing what I want to get.

So this is the attempt and this is what I'm going to try and do. Create multiple floating rocks that make up a multiple floating rock bridge with one big arch either side. This should fit a bit better into the theming and then from there gonna make the big old cave right here. We're kicking off with some determination to stop procrastinating. I literally just got distracted by the fact that there was copper here. It is not going well.

So what I think we should do is actually crack on with some of this stuff because The Rift down there is making some noise and I would like to actually put some attention into that area. I've got a very specific plan and it's kind of out of side and out of mind at the moment. So we're going to fix that very steadily by working on this part. We're gonna do some structural stuff a little later on once I've got more of a firm plan. I've got some basic ideas but not enough to actually feel confident to get started.

So, we're gonna turn our attention back over to The Rift. Let's hop into a very quick timelapse of me making a real mess of things. Let's go! [MUSIC] As always I've done a little bit more than the timelapse suggests.

And I've added some texture to this design. I've got to say this might be a little bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it. I don't mind it, if I'm honest.

Like I actually think that the other design that I showed you earlier is cleaner. However I prefer this from a creative standpoint because the other one, I have build that kind of bridge before so I know what I'm doing. This one took me a little bit more out of my comfort zone. This is more organic and slightly harder to build with all the broken up parts. There's someone above me there.

So, what else have I done? I have created an enormous, gigantic hole down to The Rift here. So and you can hear the noise spewing at- Hey! Oh goodness. I've just been thwarted by a wooden stick. [ISKALL] Hello. [GRIAN] Hello. [ISKALL] Hello there, did I scare you? [GRIAN] OH! It's the dare stick.

[GRIAN] It's the dare stick. [ISKALL laughs] Yeap! [GRIAN] I completely forgot about the dare stick. [ISKALL] I gotta be honest, I tried to get like the perfect punch down in this hole. [GRIAN] Oh I was- Okay. Yeah, I see- I see what you were up to. How does the dare stick work again? [ISKALL] Ehm. It's pretty straight forward.

[ISKALL] I slap you [GRIAN] Yeah. [ISKALL] and then I will give you a dare which you have to accept and then you carry out the dare and then once you've done that, this dare stick is yours [ISKALL] to do it on someone else. [GRIAN] So it's not mine until I've done the dare? [ISKALL] Exactly. Yeap. [GRIAN] Okay. [GRIAN] What's the dare? [ISKALL] You gotta be a bit creative with this one but I think it suits you. You are to invent a word with at least three syllables.

For example: Babomba. [GRIAN] Okay. [ISKALL] But your own word. [GRIAN] Yeah. [ISKALL] And then you have to use it in conversation written or spoken, or both, with at least three other Hermits in the next episode. [GRIAN] Okay.

[ISKALL] And you should use it as a descriptive word for example: this base looks babomba. [GRIAN] Okay, yeah alright I can do that. [ISKALL] Yeah yeah, okay okay. [ISKALL] It can be negative as well. Like: wow this base is quite babomba, isn't it? [GRIAN] Alright, I'll just convince them it's one of our British words. It'll go down a treat.

[ISKALL] This is perfect because the next part of this dare is bonus points or try and use it to an extend where you convince them that it means something from like ancient English or whatever you want. [ISKALL] Okay? [GRIAN] Okay! [GRIAN] Alright okay, I'll try and think of a word. All of the sudden I've forgotten all the words that exist forever so I don't know how I'm gonna make one up.

[ISKALL] You don't have to tell me, you don't have to think on the spot. You can be creative, you can take your time. Don't worry. And then once you're done,

let me know and I'll pass the dare stick over. [GRIAN] Okay. Alright, I'll give that a go.

Babomba. [ISKALL] Babomba- Make up your own word tough! [GRIAN laughs] [ISKALL] Make up your own word! [ISKALL] [laughs] Okay, see you around! [GRIAN] Bye! Words. I need to think of a word to describe something. Hmm... I have to sit on this one.

Okay so, let's actually go down and take a look at what this hole has done to the good old riftaroony. So we've got a giganti- You can actually see the base from in here which is super cool. Now the plan is to try and create a lab in this space and create a transition where you can fly in.

Obviously maintaining the integrity of the giant rift which I've got to say is looking pretty cool. The things that are gonna get out of this are gonna hit - I don't know - the nostalgia buttons. The idea here is that this is a rift in time and space.

So this is gonna bring forth everything we're gonna need and keep in kind of like a batman style at the batcave you know where batman kind of keeps all of his trophies from his past victories. Well, The Rift is going to create the lab around it - well actually no, I'm gonna create it - but we're gonna act like The Rift has done it. And then we are going to have this space.

It's feeling more connected than ever and I've got to say I love The Rift. The Rift is so cool. It's maybe a bit flat but it's just the fog effect. Right so, obviously this is very unclean at the moment but it took quite a while just to dig the hole.

And I've got a smidge more texturing that I want to do to the bridge while I think of a word that's as good as "babomba". Is jibbity a word? Could I use jibbity? That sounds like it could be a word. But that's what I need to look for.

I need to look for that sounds like it could be a word but isn't a word. Jibbity. Ji-bit-ty. Let me get my pocket dictionary out and check this one out. Jibbity is not a word and in the time I took to find out whether it was a word I have textured some stuff. But I also came up with another word that I think is better but it's slightly more against what Iskall said. So Iskall said: at least three syllables which means my jibbity word that works but I prefer the word: chobble.

Which is not a word but it is chob-ble, it is only two syllables. So what if I use chobble but in slightly extended words so chobblesome or chobble worthy. That may not be one word. Do you know what, it really doesn't matter.

Chobblesome, I'm gonna call it chobblesome and my fake definition is that it's like "talk worthy". So if you've got something that's chobblesome, it's not troublesome, it's chobblesome. It means that it's worth talking about. For I think positive reasons. So this is pretty chobblesome. Gotta say, I could talk about this for a while.

Remember this is a made up word, Impulse is actually streaming right now which means he's probably more up for a chat than most people so why don't we try out our new chobbly word and see how that goes down. But before we head off, I wanna show you in the big old rock up here, the tall rock. I went and did some work to the bamboo and the kelp farm.

I managed to make it functional. Now I did go into the kelp science and I did adapt the design for my own purposes. I tried really hard, I was getting frustrated and the key was using these fence gates to make sure that the actual block hits- you know what I- I keep forcing this kelp content on you and no one's interested. Not a single person cares about my kelp science and my kelp rock.

No one cares except me! I just want to share this little project. Right, we're gonna go use the word "chobblesome" with Impulse. I really hope this isn't spoilers but oh my goodness, this is an incredible build. It's so spooky! Alright, I believe Impulse's industrial district is this- You know what, I actually haven't been touring much of the server.

Ohh... I am so far behind. Look at this trio of bases. This is the equivalent of a Hermitcraft trifle. You got your jelly, you got your cream and you got your custard.

Ah! You know, it doesn't matter which one is which but look at this! So this is obviously Pearl's base looking phenomenally alien. You've got Gem's base looking phenomenally castle-y. And the whole lot of it is chobblesome.

And then you got Impulse's wonderful dwarven thing. The whole thing is incredibly chobblesome. We should all be talking about this. Alright, I think it's just over here. He's got big plans, big layouts. [GRIAN] The wings gave it away.

The wings gave me away. [laughs] [IMPULSE] You kinda came in hot there, you hit the ground pretty hard. [GRIAN] Yeah, I was just flying over here and I- I actually haven't done much of a sort of look around lately and I passed over the the trio of bases that you, Gem and Pearl and I- yeah, it's absolutely incredible. It's a very chobblesome base, you've got going on there I described it as a trifle.

[IMPULSE] A trifle? [GRIAN] Yeah. [IMPULSE] That's a good word for it, I like that. Yeah I mean they're- Pfff they're doing amazing things over there. I can't keep up with them. I had to dig out a mountain first.

So there is that. [GRIAN] No, yours is just as chobblesome as Pearl's and Gem's. [GRIAN] It's amazing. [IMPULSE] Ah thanks man.

[IMPULSE] Yeah, so this is my industrial district and I'm slowly but surely propping up farms here. [GRIAN] What is that? [IMPULSE] Shulker farm. [IMPULSE] Yeah, it's a shulker farm. It's turned off right now because I'm trying to make it look good. [GRIAN] I'm glad I know where this is now, if I'm honest.

[IMPULSE] Yeah, yeah, yeah. [laughs] You know I got so many I probably wouldn't even notice any missing, wink wink. [GRIAN] The most valuable stuff that you can get is knowing where people's industrial district is. It's the most valuable information on the server is just knowing where things are.

Very cool. [IMPULSE] Go ahead, I know you wanna press a button. [IMPULSE] It's fine. [GRIAN] Am I allowed?

[IMPULSE] You're allowed, I think. [IMPULSE] OH! NOT ALL THE BUTTONS GRIAN! OH JEEZ! [GRIAN] What do you mean?! [GRIAN] YOU SAID I COULD PRESS THE BUTTONS! [IMPULSE] I said A button. A button. [laughs]

Actually, this is a good stress test. [GRIAN] What- [IMPULSE] I don't know what's gonna happen. [GRIAN laughs] [IMPULSE laughs] Oh man. [GRIAN] If you say I can press the button, you know I'm gonna press the button. [GRIAN] I think things are broken. [IMPULSE] I'm sure they're fine. [GRIAN] They're not coming back.

Are they meant to come back as zombies? [IMPULSE] There's still two M.I.A. I'm sure they're somewhere. [GRIAN] Are they lost in the system? [IMPULSE] [laughs] They might be.

[GRIAN] I'll be honest, when you said press the button I didn't know what the buttons did and that's why I pressed them all. It was much more exciting- oh no. They're here! [GRIAN] Ah okay. [IMPULSE] That's all, they're gonna be fine. [GRIAN] Oof! [IMPULSE] You're good, you're good. [IMPULSE] I was told, I was told this system was Grian proof so... [GRIAN] [laughs] They all- They lied.

[GRIAN] There's no such thing as a Grian proof project. [IMPULSE] It can't be done. [IMPULSE] It can't be do- oh watch your step by the way watch your step, there's a... It's sadness down in there. [GRIAN] That was exceptionally close. [IMPULSE] And, aha off he goes. [GRIAN] Wow, that's quick.

[GRIAN] Wow! [IMPULSE] Yeah. [GRIAN] That's efficient. I have to do this sort of stuff manually.

[IMPULSE] What's surprised me the most is this is an area that like nobody really knows exists so to have a visitor here but you actually aren't the first. Scar visited me a few weeks ago. [GRIAN] Ah you see, Scar and I we both know the trick of finding out where everyone else's industrial districts are. We both learned that trick very early on. The locations of everyone's industrial district.

You're not always here, you're never gonna know. You never gonna- How you gonna know? You're not gonna know. [GRIAN] You're not gonna know if we visited or not. [IMPULSE] Wait till 1.19 comes- [IMPULSE] I'm putting sculk sensors in- [GRIAN] The security- yeah.

You can try, I just broke your thing with four buttons. [IMPULSE] That's true. [laughs] That's true, I'm thinking you might pass it. [GRIAN] Okay, right well thank you very much for the little tour. I shall be back when you're not here. Aandd... Good day!

That was hilarious, I said chobblesome twice and he clearly didn't know what it meant but didn't ask me either which is so funny. So it must sound like a word enough to not even request a definition. And I accidentally broke his thing.

He did say I could press the button. Well, let's head back. We've got to use chobblesome two more times. We need to go and say chobblesome to two more people and then we can get ourselves a good old dare stick to dare someone else. And our neighbour with a big old love heart maybe getting a dare stick coming his way.

I mean, what's stopping you just being like He he Scar, I dare you to make my entire base he he he. We don't wanna burden Scar with that kind of thing. I'm sure we can think of a few dares.

Right, there is a Beef online and there is a dog online. Can we find either of them hanging out. We're taking a slightly different approach this time and I've had to actually find out where Beef even is. He's like 6000 blocks out where all the maps are. This time I'm gonna give absolutely zero context to the word. I'm just gonna get all up in his grill and I'm gonna type it.

I have no idea what this is but it looks cool. Chobblesome. Very chobblesome. Hmm? Hmm? Anything? Anything? [laughs] I will need a reaction, Beef! Give me something. "Chobblesome is a good word".

I agree! I agree. "How does one chobble?" How does- How does one chobble? How did the creeper get here? Is that a real creeper? Is it- is it real? What? Ey?! It's like he's frozen in time. Is it an ar- it might be- It must be an armor stand. Well, that's weird.

Wow. This is my first time inside of the new nether hub with it completely finished. And this starry effect is very, very cool. The only thing is, I don't actually know where my portal is.

I've come all this way and I don't know what- Ohh. I don't see a single portal. Well, there's only one person left on the server and that's Ren so we'll go and do the same thing to him. Ah he's here. [GRIAN] Hello.

[REN] Hello! [GRIAN] Ah I was gonna say looking very chobblesome in that lovely blue and pink shirt, it looks good. [REN] What does chobblesome mean? What is this word? [GRIAN] You know what it means. You neve- You haven't heard of chobblesome? Chobble. Two chobble. [REN] Does one chob? [GRIAN] No, you are chobble- you're chobblesome. [REN laughs] [GRIAN] No? [REN] I've never heard of this word before. [GRIAN] Nah, I don't- [REN] Is it an actual word? [GRIAN] It's an actual wo- really?! [REN] Wait, hold on.

[GRIAN] Bye now. Don't look it up! [laughs] It all falls apart if they look the word up. If they look it up it all falls apart. There's nothing on there. If you type in chobblesome there's nothing it says: do- it doesn't even come up with like "did you mean this?". It was just like nothing.

[laughs] Oh no. Woo, we got out of there before we got rumbled. That is it, we have done it. We've done the dare.

We've done the dare, we used chobblesome three times. It is a three syllable word with three different Hermits and we got away with it in in most cases. We got away, Ren almost rumbled us but don't worry, we skadaddled out of there. And that's a pro tip everyone, if you're ever in trouble, you run.

You run, if you're about to get rumbled just run away, never fails. Never fails! All we got left now is to collect the stick from Iskall and we will be done and we can start thinking about what we want to dare one of our neighbours. Well we got Scar nearby, we got Doc over here and we got Zedaph and although we don't cross paths very often Zedaph lives just over here in the beacon circle. Now obviously a dare needs to be - you know I'm gonna twiddle my moustache - it needs to be devious, it needs to be bold. And most importantly it needs to create some very fun content. So, I'm gonna have a little think about what I'm going to dare someone else to do.

But in the meantime that is the end of the episode. I think right now I'm gonna turn my attention to improving this entrance to the cave and try and make a bit more progress. It may not feel like it but I actually got quite a lot done. I didn't like timelapse it or anything but I did spend quite a long time perfecting my kelp farm up here but no one's interested in my kelp farm. And I also did some texturing and I dug a big old hole. So that is it for today's episode.

I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoyed this kelp content. and I shall see you in the next episode. Good-bye!

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