Hello Australia: Best of Week 1 in Sydney

Hello Australia: Best of Week 1 in Sydney

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I love it, I love it, I love it. I love the weather, I love the buildings, I love the sunset, I love the movement of the people in it, I love the work in it, I love the people, the food, the I love it, I love it a lot. 2 countries in the world, the first time I cover myself, I feel at home. Lebanon is something else, Lebanon is in my heart. But these 2 countries are Dubai, I cover myself and say, I feel at home, and Sydney. This is the 4th time in this amazing country, in this amazing city.

I will stay for a long time, a month passes like a day, I don't know how time passes and how happy will be. Our trip starts now, and this is the first video. We toured the country, the sunset, you will see the vibes at night, and we are walking to have at Six Heads. Six Heads, one of the most famous restaurants, no one doesn't know it, meat all the way, part of Michael Bradley group, I met him last time, he is a friend. He has more than 50 restaurants in the area, and among them in Dubai.

So Six Heads will be the first meat night, so we start the night. Welcome. Welcome. Anthony, my name is Sari, I am the restaurant manager here at Six Heads.

I have been in Sydney for 3 years, I met the guys here, and I started with them. Now I am running the store, Six Heads, one of the most beautiful restaurants in Sydney. Beautiful steak house, some of the best produce in the country here. It's buzzing, it's full of energy, it reminds me a lot of Lebanon. Relax, I am sitting outside, in front of the Opera House, but at the same time there is energy. I am happy to see you here, I missed you and smelled you, because you are still coming from So looking forward today, I will introduce you to the place, to the produce, to the chef, to the vending behind us.

There were old warehouses, they store goods and distribute them all over Sydney. Here was the old whore. So now we have the privilege to open a restaurant on this terrace here. So come on, let's go.

I have been working with the company for 3 or 4 years now. So Six Heads would be a modern Australian steak house. I have taken inspiration from local produce, and some of the best steak houses and steak purveyors Australia.

I have been working with the company for 3 or 4 years now. So Six Heads would be a modern Australian steak house. I have taken inspiration from local produce, and some of the best steak purveyors in Australia. So we try and find and source the best steaks that we possibly can in Australia, and work with some the best purveyors and producers in the country. Definitely Collinson & Co Tomahawk.

It has been on the menu since day one. They are a phenomenal Australian producer. We have been working with them since day one. And then from the new menu, I have just added on a really nice seasonal tomato salad. Nice and refreshing for nice warm nights like tonight, some blood orange heirloom tomatoes. And then I would probably go with some oysters.

Appalachian oysters. Sourced from estuaries all along the east coast of Australia. Probably some of the best oysters you can get in Australia.

We have had our own dry aging programme for 3 years probably now. 4 years since we have opened. We have experimented with so many different cuts with dry aging. We have dry aged without anything. We have coated with hay. We have coated with truffle.

And we are dry aging with chocolate now. Because why not? It gives a more complex, robust flavour to the steak. So many layers. We can have fun with our meat. We can experiment and the guests love it. They wait for us.

What are they doing today? What are they preparing for us today? We are pretty lucky. We are working with some of the best produce in Australia. We are working with some of the nicest steaks, most well fed, well looked after cattle. And we get to be creative and the chefs get to play around and see what am I doing today with this So we are quite lucky. My name is Vincent. I am the head sommelier here at Six Head Sydney.

So the wine list here at Six Head represents from 6 different countries including some of the producers in the world. First off we start with Australian wine. You see all here are Australian produced. Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Cabernet. We also have many French producers, Italian producers.

German wines and also Spanish wine. And you can see all of these are stored sideways. Just a very traditional way to store it. We have transitioned from the paper traditional menu into iPad.

It's very interactive. For cocktails we have this selection. And for cocktails we have this selection. For cocktails we have this selection. And for wines we have the image so you know what you are drinking. When you touch on the wine, there is an explanation to it.

So for example, Red Blanc de Blanc from Champagne. It will say to you it's only Chardonnay because it's Blanc de Blanc. And there is a favourite profile and there is also some ratings from wine critics. If you want a red wine for example, you can have this image of Cappuccino from Tuscany.

Tonight a little small journey. A few snacks, a few cured meats. And then we will do some seafood entrees. Some raw dishes and some signature cooked dishes. Stuff that have been on the menu since day one.

And then we will go for the beef. We got two different cuts. We are going to do a marvelous score. 7 to 9 Wagyu from Eurostation in South Australia.

450 days grain fed. And then they feed them with lollies and chocolate to finish. It's unbelievable. Some of the best Wagyu in the country if not the world. And then we will do some coleslaw, Victorian, grass fed, ribeye on the bone. We dry aged it in house in chocolate.

Because why not. So it's pretty cool. I'm sure you will enjoy it. This is what we are having tonight on the grill. Two very different kinds of cuts. Ribeye, 6 weeks dry aged in Wagyu fat and chocolate.

It's a grass fed steak. Although it's got nice marbling. And you've got the T-bone. From Eurostation in South Australia.

You can see the marbling on there. This is Wagyu. So we got two very different flavor profile cuts. It's a very different experience in both of them. But probably the best that the country offers. It's called Island Prawns from north of the country.

Some of the best prawns that you can find here. They've been on the menu since day one. That XO sauce with fermented chili has been a signature here at Six Head.

They are very popular. We tried to take them off the menu for one summer. People went crazy. We had to reprint five days later just to put them back on. They've been a staple. We love them.

Six Head. It's a very interesting story about Six Head. It is an actual true story. It goes back to the roots of the colonial history of Australia.

Legend says the first fleet HMS Sirius. They came to Australia with six head of cattle on the ship. They were the only cattle. Cattle is not native to Australia in any way. They were the only six head of cattle.

Two bulls and four cows. You see them upstairs. The convict that was supposed to look after those cattle lost them. They never saw them again.

Probably they haven't had steak for around eight years. Eight years later near the Nepean River. Benreth nowadays. They found hundreds of cattle grazing free. The governor that was on expedition.

you know probably thought that was going to be a good day for a steak and then word spread around colony that Australia is going to be a good country for cattle and it's true today for the biggest of beef around the world is Australia I remember I was working in Lebanon and if you know a with Australian beef or Australian Wagyu you know that's the best steak so true today and we're Australian grown beef at Six Heads so let's go! Before we get into the story of the beef and mix things up, I have to tell you what First of all, let's call it casual fine dining Beautiful flavors Did you notice we toured all the people? We toured the chef, we toured the sommelier, we toured the They're all working together, they all love each other, they all respect each other You really feel like you're in a restaurant This vibe of respect, I felt it on the table Even the staff is happy to work here, everyone is smiling And this is the atmosphere The light is beautiful, the music is beautiful The table, the wood Read the glass of wine and so on The cutlery is changing little by little And then comes the food Simple yet gourmet high-end ingredients Something light, clean, and delicious Close to the heart And everything has an amazing flavor Until now, what I ate was great The fresh salmon, the fresh fish, etc But I want to talk about this in particular I want to tell you about this dish Which is shrimp It's possible to have simple, normal shrimp The way it's separated The way it's cooked The way it's soft The sauce is a bit sour, a bit spicy Beautiful spices Unbelievable It's like you're eating it raw But it's cooked It's not dry at all I ate it this morning in the market It was a bit overcooked This is gently pampered with love The bread is amazing The ghee is top It's a steakhouse But when you say steakhouse It's a steakhouse with a character We haven't reached the meat yet Meanwhile, this is continuing Because it's amazing Did you notice the Wagyu in the first slices? And then comes the meat 3 cuts We're talking about Wagyu Super tender Super juicy Super Nicely textured But in the end The water inside is so soft It's not red at all The more they cooked it The more it's relaxed It's water is gone What's left is inside Very nicely marbled And very nicely seared It doesn't melt like butter It has texture But it's not chewy You feel like eating it with your hands You feel like The real deal Very nice meat Very nice Australian quality No mistake Cheers to that First of all, thank you for the food Thank you for the professionalism Thank you for the handling The joy and happiness Unbelievable We've known each other since 2016 From Lebanon He had to leave His brother who took care of us In the previous trip His sister was with him She was very nice We were talking about her We had a very nice interaction His brother is also here 4 members of the family They left their hearts in Lebanon They work for Lebanon I learned a lot from you today God bless you Thank you to Brady Michael He's originally Lebanese Now he's teaching his grandchildren Arabic An amazing story Amazing Australia I'm impressed by it I'm impressed by the way it welcomes people How they can come and do what they want They can do whatever they want God bless you Thank you so much You're welcome Thank you Welcome to Sydney Markets My name is Fadel Afyouni I've got my father Moser Afyouni and Paul Lahood We come in here every morning At about 1 o'clock in the morning To source the best produce Fruit and vegetables From all the growers around Sydney and Australia To redistribute to restaurants Cafes, catering companies Hospitals, hotels Anything we can do to give the best This is what we do We also grow some of our own produce At Wilberforce So the idea is to get everything as fresh as we can From the farm onto the plate Within 12 hours The freshest produce that can go out We try to do our best So welcome to the markets Good morning From the airport I got to the hotel at 12.30 I slept for 2 hours Now it's 4.30 and we're at the markets Every piece of vegetable That I ate in a restaurant Came from here I remember in Rangis In France What's it called? Rangis that feeds all of Europe Here we have vegetables On the road there's a traffic jam Here there's a traffic jam of forklifts Unbelievable traffic jam With all the noise And all the nice vibes With David of course We're here for dinner And getting the best produce And fresh produce You'll get to know the details in a bit The koussa, the batik And everything in between Where there's food, there's Lebanon And we came to meet the guys We're waiting But what are these vegetables? What are these? They were just picked They're still hot Delicious Crunchy cucumbers Hi Anthony, welcome back to Sydney Today We came to the markets to study Fruits and vegetables We're early But we have a full week of dinners We want to make sure Chef Alan Has the most freshest vegetables I came to eat a mankoushe From John Charvel What happened this week? Harkola made two amazing dinners The Lebanon Happening Chef Alan Jaam came from France Anthony Al Hail came from Lebanon And we're doing an amazing event Almost 100 people every night To revive the Lebanese culture And the Lebanese vibes And we're going to eat hummus Very upscale And fine dining French cuisine with a Lebanese touch To show The fine dining approach To Lebanese food And what we're doing I can't think of a better smell 4 kg Anthony Rahail It's like being in Lebanon Everything is fresh They call it Champignon de Paris They don't call it that here Fresh, amazing Rotary mushroom The best breakfast The best breakfast With the farmers and vegetables This is the fresh cabbage From the farm I'm Nicolas Srour We call him Srour in Arabic From Gazir He's an agricultural engineer He looks at the farmers To see what diseases they have And what production they have And we try to improve our products So we can sell them to the market So what we do is we come in the mornings, the restaurants order directly from us, we come in, we them some of the produce, what's available, what's in season, what's out of season, we prepare the we get all the produce from all the different growers ready for your restaurants and your kitchens, send it out so it's out there early in the morning. The best thing about this place is all the Lebanese that you see and you talk to and you with, slowly slowly we're trying to make this place all Lebanese. Taking over.

Slowly. Wow. Two Lebanese and one Italian.

We're winning over the Italians. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello.

Hello. Hello. Hello. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

Everyone knows themselves, where are they going, what are they going to do, what are they working I spend a day here. A dream for every chef. If you are here in Australia and you haven't been here before, you have to.

It is a must. After I toured markets in many countries, I can tell you that this is one of the cleanest and the organized. Of course. Riyad Khoury Harb from Wadi Tannourine. I came to Australia in 1970, I was 5-6 years old.

My son George Khoury Harb. They left it here. He loves food, I swear to God he loves food.

Thank God, after 45 years I was here in the market, I was working. I retired a bit. Semi-retired, but we still have the shop. We plant exotic mushrooms. We are planting vegetables in the shop in Wilberforce. Cabbage, spinach, lettuce, as much as we can plant, we plant.

Where are you from? From Fersgab, from the north. You know where I am from. We saw the Academia, but look at this size. Crazy.

Let's see what is inside, if it has a lot of water. Enjoy Anthony. 2 glasses of water. Thank you. This is a watermelon. Very juicy, very sweet.

The seeds are the same size as the small ones we know. They are filled inside, so it becomes thicker. This is the small one, to see a comparison.

I want to talk about these, many people throw them and don't know their value. In our country, we are used to take the small one, wait for it to grow, and throw it. This is more important than the small one. Can you imagine this stuffed with rice, or stuffed with Labneh, or a Tampoura made with flour and The flower of the small one, don't throw it, some people pay money for it. Anthony, I present to you Norm Moses, one of the biggest wholesalers of potatoes, onions, pumpkins, watermelons in Australia.

Norm Moses and his brother Moufid. We are not the biggest, but we are the best. He is the biggest, and he is the best. Now you are laughing at me. You are laughing at all of us. Why? He is the biggest, and he is the best.

He is the biggest, and he is the best. He is the biggest, and he is the best. Why? He said, I can tell by your accent, you are from Kfar Asghar. I haven't got an accent. I haven't got an accent at all. But I can speak Lebanese very well.

Where are you from? From any village. My family was living in Kfar Asghar. We were living in Kisbah. How many years have you been in Australia? Since 1960.

That's good. Since 1960, I can speak Arabic. That's the way.

Wow, what a man. All these onions you see here are for him. Murphys. Wow. Onions, garlic, and watermelon. I wish I could film everything he told me.

Lessons of life. He is a master. I should spend more time with him. We found what we wanted. Yes. It's done.

Falafel ready. We got him some mixed herbs. Michelin star quality. The light comes out like this. 6.5. What do you want? Jam.

Forklift. Traffic jam. Traffic jam. Traffic jam. Traffic jam. Traffic jam.

Traffic jam. Traffic jam. What happened? David, what happened? It's time for the Manoucheh.

It's time for the Manoucheh. Manoucheh challenge. It starts again in Australia.

One Manoucheh a day keeps the doctor away. It stops the Lebanese economy on its feet. Do you remember this place? Madjoun's place with the taste of the whole market. We are in the only restaurant in the whole market that you can see behind me. Madjoun has delicious Manoucheh and sandwiches.

I don't like the camera so much. So we will make a clip for him and introduce him to you. Him. This is him? You. His food is delicious. He will feed us an exceptional Manoucheh.

Also from Farsab? Also? From Farsab? Yes. All the north is here. I came back to Australia and what did I come back for? For Macchiato Almond Milk. Do you remember this famous drink which I think I drank 3 times a day? A lot of people told me that we started drinking the same thing. Which is espresso, macchiato, almond milk on top.

I love it. And then comes the Manoucheh. We will eat a lot of Manoucheh. I usually like it with Labneh and vegetables. What is this? Spinach, cheese, and thyme on top. Where should I start? Let's start here.

I am feeling its softness. Vegetables, cucumbers, and tomatoes which are here. Wow. I missed its taste.

And then, did you know Anthony's Manoucheh? They call it calzone, duplex, and so on. Are we taking a selfie? Yes. Put the Manoucheh. Beautiful. Thank you. This is upgraded.

Upgraded with fresh spinach. Thyme on top. Cheese. Wow.

Wow. Wow, amazing. The way they make it is Spanish, fresh, not cooked, not minced like we do it in small pieces. You can see each green piece next to each other. The thyme and cheese are amazing. Amazing cheese quality, the thyme gives it sourness from the top.

This is definitely my favorite. The cheese here is very delicious. Delicious to the extent that they made me eat it. The rest of the thyme, which is also delicious. I liked the dough and the thyme. I remember from the previous trip, I came here and ate a very delicious sandwich.

I still remember how delicious it was. This cheese with spinach is spot on. We should start stepping on it everywhere in the world.

Spot on. The smell of the dough is amazing. The thyme is delicious. Yes, finish this one. You made me eat it.

We are now at Uncle Tony's. This is where all the goods come and we distribute them to the restaurants. The trucks have already left, and now we are putting the extra goods in the fridges. Anthony, I didn't tell you that we also distribute to the Middle East. We source all the local produce from Australia and send it to Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia.

So if we can help anyone out there with some of the best Australian produce, please reach out to us the Fresh Fruit Team. Potatoes, pumpkins, watermelons, all the beautiful seasonal fruits, mangoes, papaya, all of it we source from here. This is our prep kitchen. We prepare all the produce to be washed, sanitized and ready to use in the kitchen. Now we are making some beautiful tabbouleh from the local parsley growers that we got out from Now we'll wash them, sanitize them, prepare them all, dry them and have them ready for the tables, lunch service and so on.

We prepare, we wash and have all the salads and the produce ready for you. So it's ready to go straight on the plate, a little bit of garnish, a bit of olive oil, a bit of and it's ready to go. Tomato Tomato Tomato Tomato Tabbouleh Tomato Wow, wow, look at this, it's amazing.

Alright Very tasty We brought you some beautiful finger limes as well. Yeah, yeah, yeah This is very nice Lime Lime caviar Citron caviar, very red, very nice this one. Beautiful Lemon, very important, citrus Smell very good Asparagus In season now In season Beautiful fresh Beautiful, beautiful These would have been cut last night on the farm Very fresh Lemon caviar Lemon caviar It crunches in the mouth, the acidity comes out We put it in the salad, we put it with the tomato, we put it with the fish Very, very tasty Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Amazing shine, amazing taste, quality, breakfast, lunch, dinner, it doesn't have time. Do you remember the market last weekend? the afternoon, people were on top of each other. Here, they are still opening. It is almost 8.45 Everything is super fresh.

I want to eat. This is how we started. A long trip. A month in Australia. It started from the sea. It started with fresh produce.

It started with life. It started with feelings. It started with the good guys. And this is one of my favorites. Thank you for your time.

That's okay. Anytime you're welcome. And thank you for the support.

We took pictures where the camera doesn't fit. We took pictures of the big door, media, and we will show you where the real produce is from here Australia and everywhere in the world. What an experience. The breakfast was delicious. We finished them all. All of them.

Yes. The whole table is empty. It wasn't just tasty. After we did the fish, we will go to the fish market. But there is a place that sells meat. To have a complete test.

Vegetables, fish, and now meat. We went to the fish market. And Anthony, good to see you back here. The reality is that we've got to always be positive, right? And how we develop that positive attitude is about being together, supporting each other through times as well as the good times.

So welcome to Australia. Welcome to the Arab Bank in Sydney. And it's lovely to have you all with us today to share in a bit of a meal. It's not as good as what we're accustomed to getting with the chef and so forth.

The circumstances is last year, September last year, Maureen and I were in Paris. So for some reason, we decided to ring Anthony. And he says, where are you? We said, we're in Paris. He says, I'm arriving there today.

So that's when we met the chef in Paris that day. And it was remarkable. What they've been able to do in parts of the world has been so inspiring, right? Because it's the awareness factor that's developed about what Anthony is doing and what the chef's So, you know, we've always got to take away from that, take away the blessings that that generates. So thank you for being with us today and enjoy the morning. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Because you told us, you know, this famous chef from France and you can bring him to Australia. And I love the idea. And then we got the pleasure of, of course, meeting Chef Alain in Lebanon that time.

And we were joking with the idea. And he said, yeah, I'll come. He said, yalla, you're coming.

So he panicked all the way up until last Thursday. Still wasn't sure what's going on. When reality hit. Anthony just found out he's coming. I think last Friday I rang you.

I said, are you coming or not? And you said, yeah, yalla, I'm going to come now. I'm going to leave. So, yeah, we've been planning this for a long time. And we really appreciate you taking the time out of your very busy schedule.

Because we tried to get you just to extend two more days so we could have two more functions. But you couldn't even do that for us. So we really appreciate how busy you are. And I've been following you now on Instagram.

So I know what you're doing. And I love it. Keep it up.

Keep up the shawarma, street food. Keep up the Michelin stars. Keep up the whole spectrum of, you know, showing Lebanese food in Paris with that French twist.

We love it. Welcome. And Anton, this is home now for you because you're a brother of ours. Thank you for you, David, and for everything that you do. But also I'd like to thank Raghida with what's been for this trip today and this week.

She's been also very busy. The emails are very active in preparing this week. So I'd like to thank Raghida. Thank you. Thank you very much. First of all, thank you very much.

Thank you for the hospitality here. The food is very nice. Thank you to Anthony.

Anthony is a friend and I love him very much. He told me, Alan, do you want to come with me to Australia, Sydney? I told him, okay. I really have a lot of time in France. It's a very difficult country. Everything is complicated. I'm trying, like her, I fight to grow up there in France.

Of course, you know my story. I left Lebanon in 1999. I carried a bag on my back. I don't speak French. I don't know anyone. I don't have a job.

I started from scratch. I worked a lot. I opened the first restaurant, the second restaurant. In 2018, I got a star in Michelin. She is the only Lebanese chef who has a Michelin star. Lebanon is back.

I had a lot of problems with Lebanon. I grew up. Lebanese people sent me a lot of messages. We are very proud, very proud, very proud. This affected me a lot.

They gave me strength to do a lot of things. In 2020, I started with this. In Louis Saint Martin, I opened my first restaurant.

My story is in Arabic. Lebanese food. We opened Shawarma after COVID-19. Manoucheh, Knafeh, etc.

When you go to the street, you see the smell of Lebanon. All the neighbors are petitioning me to close the restaurant. The smell of thyme is bad in the area. I don't want it to be like that.

The municipality and the police came to me. I am trying to keep the smell of thyme in the street. Anthony, I met him a few years ago. We have a lot in common.

He is Lebanese. I am a trained person. But Lebanon has a story.

I am a Lebanese food ambassador abroad. I am trying to raise his name as much as Anthony does. I love Lebanon.

I met David. When I came here, I didn't know where I was going. I didn't plan anything. I was in a truck. I didn't know where to go, what to do, etc.

I didn't have any information. I didn't have a plane. I didn't know where to sleep. A few days ago, he sent me all of them. I was very relaxed. Thank you.

This is the first feeling for me. Yesterday, I came. I still don't feel like Anthony when I came to his house. But when I saw my aunt, she made me a surprise at the airport. She was crying.

My cousin, etc. I felt like I came to Beirut airport. I am meeting a lot of people. I am meeting a lot of people. I am seeing all of you.

You are very nice. You always give hospitality. You are very generous.

There is a very delicious food. Thank you very much. Today I went to the market in the morning. Very nice product.

Fish. So I feel very good here, very happy. Thank you for your hospitality. You're welcome. It's not the same.

It's not the same. Let's go. Hello, I am Alain Njean. I am coming from France, to Australia to prepare two nights, two dinners here in a restaurant Alia. They have a Lebanese flavor from the Mediterranean sea. We traveled for 2 days to get here.

Now I am very happy and excited to wait for the Lebanese diaspora to come tonight and welcome them cook them and make them very nice things here. Anthony, today is the big day, Alia's dinner. People are coming tonight to prepare Hummus, but in a Lebanese way, with some French inventions.

We will make the octopus with Labneh and black sesame. Lebanese flavors, and of course with pomegranate molasses, we will put it on the barbecue and We will grill it. And the Frikeh, but the Frikeh is not done in the Lebanese way, it is done in the Israeli way. They have a lot of lobsters. I will do it with the lobsters.

The compote is the small lemon, a bit of spinach, a bit of spices and inventions. I am very excited for this dinner because it will be a mix between Lebanon, Europe, and Australia. We are very excited today. Alia's dinner Exciting, exciting. 4 hours until the customers come happy.

The last preparations, the last touch. Really, the dinner is amazing here in Alia. We are very happy.

Welcome to Alia. We have the joy of hosting Alan all the way from Paris. He is joining us here.

We are doing a collaborative menu. We are showcasing some amazing Middle Eastern products and two minds, creative minds coming and bringing a unique offering of his food and our food here at Alia to some very lucky guests and tomorrow. We started speaking together about the menu 2 months ago. We have been back and forth various things that we try and source for him. We have come up with a menu that showcases food from both of his venues sorry, a couple of his and we got to really play with some creativity on our side to sort of fit into his style of food.

We have some amazing rolled lamb belly. He is bringing his famous hummus cornet. We have his muhalabia lollipop as well and then the dessert is actually a bit of a mix of his mille-feuille with something that we used to do which is also a mille-feuille but we blended the desserts together.

It is time to tell you where I am, why I am here and all the details. The purpose of this trip is to come to this event. We have been working on this event for a long time. It was a dream to come to Australia. A Lebanese who left Lebanon more than 20 years ago went to France, worked in food, restaurant, fine French with a touch of Lebanese.

He won a Michelin star. Then he opened Kasti, Shawarma, Falafel, Manakish and then he continued with the Arabic sweets the Knafeh and he made a huge buzz everyone talks about in Rue Saint-Martin Now I am in Australia for only 2 nights, 100 people we wanted it to be more than that but it won't at all. We are at Alya, Maafoul and the most important thing to tell you about this event is that it is supported and organized by Harkola which they worked on and David did a lot of work and gathered together and made WhatsApp calls and got the ingredients and many more.

I tried to talk to David but he and the camera are not very friendly and humble so we have to say you so much if it wasn't for David and Harkola, all of this wouldn't have happened. We started with how it's made in the morning, yesterday we went to the market and looked for the and you will watch in the evening how the plates will be who are the people in need how the party be and I hope it will be repeated not only here but in all the countries of the world because I the Lebanon happening Lebanon is celebrating and another is celebrating and I hope they will tour everywhere to show our our food, our strength our restaurant which is much more than a table but it has touch, finesse upscale and this is how we like to introduce our Lebanese food it starts here, and let's go there are still 3 hours the kitchen is resting the waiters are arriving the living room is getting and we're good to go the chef fixed his clothes I am going to change the yellow ready, ready, ready we made a demonstration for the plates we showed them how, the guys are very the restaurant is ready it's going to be a big night alright guys, final touches we're getting ready to go for a busy service good stuff, let's do it let's go let's go all together, about Lebanon, about the culture of Lebanon, about the culture of Lebanon. Did you notice the pictures that you have seen until now? There are none of what we are used to in the Lebanese table. But there is the Lebanese passion, the Lebanese freak, the Lebanese sumac, the Lebanese thyme, the hummus, and all of it is put in a different, new, and developed way to show all the people that we really in Ferdinand. This event that we have been preparing for more than 6 months, it happened today. Many people came, I know them and I don't know them, and all these people I met in Sydney before. I feel like I am at home.

We meet again, we talk again, we laugh again, and we kiss each other again. The ambassador took 3 hours to come, and this is really important and I thank him from the bottom my heart. The consul also came to Sydney and prepared with us a very important thing. And all the important people that I will not be able to meet. I don't want to mention them one by but thank you. Alan J'aam, Eby, the owner of the place, David, Herkola, Chef Paul, and all the people who worked make this event successful.

And most importantly, Arab Bank, who was a sponsor and was able to do an event like this. It's very valuable. It starts with the tickets, shopping, the stuff, the food, and so on. And all the team you saw in the kitchen, more than 10 people, to make this night successful.

Our night starts now, we'll eat and taste these delicious things that I've been preparing for 2 The story is over, people enjoyed a lot, it lasted a long time, I sat all the way from 5.30 a.m. to a.m. It was a beautiful night, and people enjoyed a lot. I just want to thank the team, I'll try to run away from the music because of the copyright. I'm thanking the team, you saw how they cleaned the kitchen at the end of the night. They've been working since 8 a.m.

They didn't leave before 10 a.m. They finished cleaning the kitchen from the bottom to the top, as if it was a deep cleaning. This is something we learn a lot from, especially in the places where someone needs to clean them, someone takes care of them, and they don't come on time. I mean, it's what they are. I want to thank everyone, and I told you 10 minutes ago that there were more than 15 people in the Everyone was happy, the Arak was great, the drinks, and we'll meet you in another night, tomorrow, there are 2 nights this week, before he goes back to Lebanon and France, and we'll continue the in Australia.

Subscribe Like Share Comment Like Share Comment Like Share Comment Like Share Comment Like Share Like Share Comment Like Share Comment Like Share Comment Like Share Comment ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? and now we're walking again. Almost 15 minutes like this, a third of an hour back, and we're discovering Sydney, it's amazing! How beautiful! Must try, must experience, if you're watching us from outside here. And if you're watching us from here, walk more, enjoy more, appreciate more.

♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ But we've modernised it a little bit. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ My name's Turfik Buzuni. I was born here in Australia. My parents migrated from Lebanon, to Lebanon earlier on, I think in the 1970s.

And came to Australia not only to build a better life for themselves, but a better life for their mostly through education and discipline, as you can imagine, for Lebanese families. We started, that is my brother George and I, started New South Lawyers back in 2011. It was a big thing for George and I and our family. I've also got an older brother, Anthony Buzuni, who I'm sure you've interviewed before. He's got his own firm as well.

He does personal injury law and other types of areas of law. It's his birthday today, so we wish him a happy birthday. He's 49 years of age. Regrettably, he's not with us today. You're going to have to edit that bit. Basically, I'm the Managing Director, along with my brother George, of New South Lawyers.

Been around since 2011. Me personally, I deal with building and construction disputes, disputing between parties, trying to resolve those disputes, and complex development matters. I've been doing that since 2005. We really love what we do, and as you can see, it's grown because of our passion for what we do.

There's a number of reasons why we sponsored the events, in welcoming you and Chef Alan here. It's not really about food, in my mind. It's about what it took you and what you went through to do what you do. For example, I know you were a doctor in dentistry. I know it was because of your passion and vision, which ultimately is your dream, to the food blog.

To me, that's individualism and inspiration to people. Same with Chef Alan, where he, as I understand, left Lebanon with a backpack, no one, because he a vision and a dream and a purpose. As I understand, he's now in France, as one of the most prominent Lebanese chefs, all chefs around world, with a Michelin-starred hat. That's very inspirational, very inspirational to all communities, including the Lebanese community.

We're grateful for having you here, and we're grateful that you've come and joined us with our They're all excited that you're here, you and Chef Alan. We really appreciate it. We're all together today.

We're all helping, we're all working. What a beautiful word. New South Lawyers. I met them a long time ago, but I never thought that we'd meet and work together again.

They sponsored one of my two parties. You know, our presence here, Alan's presence here, coming from France, they have a very important in this. And their faith in the cause of Lebanon, in our love for Lebanon, in the marketing of Lebanon, that they were born here, and that's a great thing. New South Lawyers, if you have anything, I hope no one wants a lawyer, but they have a great job. I wasn't expecting the office to be this big, this many offices, more than 15 lawyers work here.

It's very neat, I love it. I'm taking a tour, and I see that each room is called something. How did they think to make the decor? So, New South Lawyers was established in 2011.

We were in a small office of approximately 100 square meters with about two staff. We knew that Parramatta and Western Sydney needed a dynamic law firm that brought top-tier services the relevant skills and capabilities to the area. What we decided to do is we needed to move out of our premises because we were rapidly expanding growing, and we needed to cater for the needs of our client and grow with our clients also. So what we did is we segmented our clients. We said we have clients that go through hardship, we have clients that are entrepreneurs, and we clients that are very successful.

So when we sat down, we engaged a designer, and when we engaged the designers, we told them, when were growing up, we used to enjoy going to the gym. We used to enjoy building muscle, and part of building muscle, we thought, involves dedication, work, and consistency. One person that we thought resembles our ambition and who went through their struggles and is very is a man called Arnold Schwarzenegger. So what we decided is one of our passions was a very strong and influential person called Arnold so we set up the Arnold Schwarzenegger Room, which is over there. After that, we said we have clients where we need to fight for clients' rights. And who is the main person in history that always fought for freedom of speech and clients' rights? Our man, our freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela.

Then we said we have one other class of clients, and they are the very successful entrepreneurs. One of those is Dr. Anthony Rahail, very successful entrepreneur. So we needed to segment the clients based on entrepreneurs, and we thought someone who has are very smart, they're risk-takers, intelligent with brains, and that is Mr. Albert Einstein.

Therefore, we established the Albert Einstein Room. So the success of New South Lawyers and the segmentation of the rooms was based on clients. So when a client comes into this firm, depending on whether they're going through a struggle, on whether they've got a start-up idea, or depending on whether or not they're there to fight for rights in litigation, we segment them and put them in different rooms to ensure that they are strong and ready for success.

New South Lawyers www.NewSouthLawyers.com

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