Hello Adelaide: Another Level of Lebanese Food, Friends Gathering, Best Gelato Ever, Success Stories

Hello Adelaide: Another Level of Lebanese Food, Friends Gathering, Best Gelato Ever, Success Stories

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I arrived to Adelaide, the airport smell is very nice, it looks like someone is cooking eggs I don't have a bag I will walk around Duty Free and other places before I go back. I am waiting for David, he should be here in 30 minutes. We will meet him again and spend 2 days together. This is the smell of McDonald's. Okay. A new day starts now.

To tell you the truth, I am very hungry. Yesterday, I ate only pasta. But I don't know how to eat alone. I don't like to eat alone. I told David that I have breakfast alone before you come, but it's not happening. Now, he will arrive. We will have breakfast together.

We have nice stops today. Almost 48 hours in Adelaide. A gathering in the evening. This is the first time I come to this city.

There is still Perth, I didn't discover it in the next trip. A big airport, nice, Qatar Airways covers here, Singapore Airlines covers here, International Terminal, there are 2 planes coming from Sydney. Tower 1 airport. I didn't go out.

There is one that is a third of an hour away. I went to the gate, and I'm waiting. It comes to this, it doesn't come to that.

I forgot to ask for the next plane. These are the ones I bought at the airport before I came, dark chocolate. 100% Australian macadamia.

They contain 79% dark chocolate. 34 0:01:22,105 --> 0:01:22,000 Amazing! You Amazing, super good quality dark chocolate you feel in it, macadamia in the middle. I already commended. We still have a long way to go. You Welcome to Adelaide! Have a blessed day.

Enjoy your day. We make someone happy. blade and fork. My name is Hefa. I was born in Australia. My parents are both from Lebanon.

They met in Australia but my dad is from Buffalo Eads. My mum is from Barnsway. Hello, my name is Rose. I am from the Middle Store in Adelaide, South Australia. We have been here for a very long time now, so we are parents, our parents are migrants.

Mum and Dad moved both here from Lebanon, but Adelaide and Bustlewit. They met here, which was really beautiful, through mum's brother. And it's very sweet because they didn't like each other, but then they did and then they got married. They came from Melbourne to Adelaide and they started a fruit and veg business, which is where our love for food started. You know, going to the markets with Dad, learning all about fruit and veg, understanding how things grew and where they came from. It was really beautiful for us and we, yeah, we really enjoyed that part of life with them.

And then, unfortunately, when we were quite young, I think when I was six, we lost our father very suddenly, which was really devastating. But our mother, who is a beautiful, strong Lebanese woman, you know, rose to the challenge. She bought a small business, a little deli, delicatessen, and she ran that by herself with us, helping her. And we did that for about 30 years.

And it was a really beautiful, beautiful family business. We learnt a lot about hospitality. We learnt a lot about how to run a business, how to be, you know, generous with your food and your love of food.

Mum always was. Everyone in the area loved her. There was a really beautiful community spirit. We stayed there for a really long time until, unfortunately, we lost our older brother, who was running the business with her. Again, very unexpectedly. After that, we closed the business or we sold it.

We decided it was time for a change. And then I took a little sidestep and went on a little TV show here in Australia called Masterchef. And that was very exciting.

Had a really fun time with that. Had the opportunity to show some of my Lebanese heritage. Not much, but a little bit, which was good.

And then after Masterchef, we opened The Middle Store. So it's been a long time coming. We planned it for a really long time. It's very much a family business. My brother and my sister and I opened this business together.

We've been here now for eight years and it's been really amazing. I think the most amazing thing about The Middle Store is that we get to showcase the Lebanese food that we grew up eating. Not for lunch, not for dinner, but for breakfast. You know, our favorite memories are man'oushe with labneh and eggs and zeytoun.

And we really wanted to show people that that's a beautiful Lebanese brunch. It's not just the big haflis with the parties and the big plates of food. It can be really refined and really elegant. And there's a real simplicity to Lebanese breakfasts. And I think it's a really beautiful, beautiful thing to share with people.

And we wanted to really show people that. And it's been really lovely to be here and to share that with people. So at The Middle Store, we serve beautiful Middle Eastern inspired brunch. It's not the big maize esprit that you would get in the village.

It's a little different. We've refined it a little bit. We've made it a bit more modern. You know, we've taken man'oushe and we put it with some labneh and some scrambled eggs. And, you know, we have our maize breakfast, which is really beautiful. It's a little bit of sausage, a bit of tomato, a bit of cucumber, a bit of olives, some labneh.

So all the things that you know about Lebanese food, we've just done them a little bit different. And we also really love to serve a dessert here. So we have a really beautiful one at the moment, which is inspired by znoudesit, but it's not really. It's my favorite thing, which is kinefa, rolled up in filo, deep fried with a really interesting thing called raspberry zaatar, which is something we've created here with a raspberry ator. So we'll send that out for you guys today as well.

You And I guess the beautiful thing about our little cafe is that most of our customers are Australian or from different cultural backgrounds. And it's really beautiful to educate them about Lebanese food, to share that with them and to get them excited. There are so many people in the area that had never tasted labneh before.

But now it's their favorite thing. So, yeah, it's a really beautiful thing to do that for them. Amazed, amazed, amazed.

First of all, the idea is nice, the words are nice. It's correct in English because we were born here, but the words are amazing. You are telling me that you want to show the world our Lebanese culture, even if we weren't born in Lebanon, and how much we are attached to our Lebanese culture.

One, two, I told her in the end, I apologize, I know it's breakfast, and maybe Foul and Hummus, but without garlic. I told her that I don't use garlic anyway, because the people that come to me don't eat garlic and onions, so don't worry, I will feed you the food that I make and I won't change anything. Wow, check.

and the excitement they have, and I feel good. Their story, the story of their mother, their father, their brother, and Masterchef. May God protect you and be with you. She's the mom, she's the mother, she's the foundation, she's everything. you Thank you for watching and I'll see you next time. 165 0:07:23,315 --> 0:07:21,847 You

Okay, this is our version of fasulia with slit, but it's not really fasulia with slit. So, on there, fasulia, man'oushi, and this is our sautéed greens. And on there is a za'atar chilli salt, so za'atar, but imagine with some chilli and a bit salty, which is beautiful. This is our mezze breakfast, so eggs, labneh, zeitoun, cucumber, man'oushi, all the nice things, and a bit of labneh to mop it all up. And this is our breakfast man'oushi, this is our most popular breakfast here at the Middle Store, and it's just a man'oushi, labneh, fresh baby spinach, some soft scrambled eggs and tomato. It's very simple, very refined, very us.

Another story! We have breakfast every day, we eat Lebanese food every day. But to be able to look at the Lebanese, the neatness, the beauty, and think that this Lebanese can be eaten by anyone from all around the world, and look and say, you Lebanese eat properly, yes. To look at, for example, the English, sausage, muffin, beans, and all these details, and think that this is the main breakfast, but forget that we have a breakfast like this, without having many plates, it is assembled in a beautiful way. The eggs are amazing, but instead of wrapping it in a pancake or putting it on a waffle, they put it in a Manoucheh.

Lebanese food, our food, our food, the most important food in the world which is half vegan, fresh ingredients natural, nothing fried, nothing fried, nothing trans fat, we put it in a very nice way and we tasted it for the whole world and we showed them who we are We can make our food something neat and crazy. It's not necessary to wrap everything together and take the bread and put it with Labneh and Hummus. Amazing, we show people who we are, without feeding them the way they want, we feed them what they need to eat, to show them our culture. And this is The Middle Store.

What an amazing discovery. And I haven't tasted all of these yet. We're going to taste it and we're going to take the soft Manoucheh, it's clear, it's clear, it's clear, it's a big deal.

I'm going to put it. Is that you? An egg with a special yolk. And I will add Labneh because I need some cream and acidity and coldness. I will pick the thin tomato and put it on top. As I always say, I invented something, as it's done here.

I'm going to enjoy it. I kid you you I don't know what to tell you, the thyme, the dough, the eggs are perfect, super refreshing tomatoes. The saffron is still here and we have to get rid of it. I'm going to eat ketchup.

Thank you. One amazing wrap. Manoucheh, home-made manoucheh, home-baked manoucheh. The manoucheh reminds me of how my grandma used to make it.

The dough is clear, it's soaked in olive oil. It's shiny from the bottom. It's comfortable. The thyme is just right, without being too much or too acidic.

We were told that the foreigners, the way they accept our food, we can't give them too much sumac or too much sourness. I will cut it in the middle. We can go straight to the point, spinach, super, super, super. Moist eggs, bavouz, labneh. award-winning sandwich Very tasty! Bus. Labneh, spinach, thyme, eggs, Manoucheh, everything Lebanese in one bite.

Stop! I'm loving it. And then, thyme and some spinach. Beans you That's me Top.

Boom! My tummy's so good! Welcome, friends What are you doing here? I liked this one. What the hell! What are you doing here? Homemade baklava. It only has cashew in it. I am thinking if they take the edge to make it crunchier or they take the middle to make the cashew crunchier, why don't we make both together? Homemade, light sugar syrup, it looks like it's going to crunch and shake the world, it's earthy. God love. Mmm.

Super moist, super, super watery. Thank you. There is a river flowing in my mouth, but it doesn't burn my throat, it's not a disturbing sugar.

It's not sticky on the inside, it's flaky, maybe 10-12 layers. And the cashew... unenjoyably buttery.

It doesn't peel off from the teeth, and it doesn't stick to the teeth. Just done right! How do you do everything right in this place? And then... I think it's best for last.

Raspberry Atter. Decoration, you see it in fine dining restaurants. Fingers. They look like women's nails. But inside, there is something hidden.

Inside there is knafeh. You feel sick? you Malaloon! What the heck? Wow, wait for another scene. Oh my goodness, I am in tears. What is this? Uh, oof. Oof.

Swag. What is this? You Um... Wow, I don't know what to say.

Can I say them in Arabic or should I say them in English? You can do in Araba, I'll do in India. Okay, so there is science, there is knowledge, there is... There is technique, know-how, intelligence, ingredients. They make a very tasty bite and bravo, wow. But, they have something very important to add, which is the love that comes from here.

You come as we say, cherry on top. You are the last base that you make from these plates and from this place and you give it a blessing. I tasted it and felt it in every bite. Thank you very, very much. May God protect you, O Lord. God bless you.

May God protect you. I'm showing it to you because I liked it a lot, I found it on Google. It's like any hotel, but I can tell you that the details are nice.

The tablet, the pillow and how it's made, the table, the light is on, clean, neat. The decor is nice, look at this on the bed how nice it is. I told you a story that says that the minibar is complimentary.

Completely, all together, what's inside it, we'll see together. Great! Feeble ish And maybe there is a wine glass, look there is a wine glass in the 2nd room. Nice sofas, very nice bathrooms.

Beautiful. I recommend it. Makanet Kahwe, Nespresso. I like it.

Maybe in the evening, we'll jump on the bed. Wow, super morir! First impression, let's start by saying that we started from the wrong foot. Because we started in an industrial area, and look at the iron, it's iron and metal. And then you go down to the city, it's very beautiful. They call it the city of bells, old buildings.

It's crowded, it's moving, it's moving, it's moving. Any clue? I don't think we are in the downtown or in the center, where there are all the places and all the international brands. It's beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

A walk, discoveries, a tour, music, drone. and we will continue with the food places that we planned. Do you know what happened? We stopped because the smell is so nice, another customer stopped behind us. I told him that I want a smaller can, he said that he wants a bigger can. The smell is so nice, the popcorn piece is this much. Delicious, delicious, delicious, delicious! Popcorn shop. Wait, from the beginning.

Popcorn shop. The smell is nice. We stopped, the next customer stopped. The next one is still moving. But let me tell you the details. The caramel machine.

You enter a place, the air dries it. Then he takes a special spoon for him. He puts it, he presses it, it goes down from below. He doesn't fill them, he presses them and he fixes them. The work started to grow.

It started to grow. Show them, show them. It started to grow.

Popcorn, the smell of the street. Popcorn without syrup. A big piece. It doesn't stick.

Very fluffy and fresh and empty on the inside. I can't believe that I wasted 3 minutes of your YouTube video to tell you about the popcorn place. It's that good.

It doesn't have any other place. This is more Johnny's. I don't know where they're from. Amazing, amazing, amazing! Super recommended! This episode is starting. We're on fire Adelaide, we're on fire! We came back to the same thing we did in Brisbane, we googled the tallest building to see if there is a downtown city center.

Lights, voila. And then, we will continue our walk. There is a crowd, there are people.

What day is it today? It is Friday. There are people. We haven't reached Friday yet. There is a lot of movement, the streets are full. There are people, no matter how you turn.

Churches are everywhere. We passed in front of the university. The vibe of the city is very nice. The energy is very very nice. We are walking around the hotel, which has an amazing location.

Hello, I'm on the streets, I heard it ringing and I'm answering, where are you from? This is in Adelaide, where are you calling from? yeah so i'm on the streets and i'm happy i heard your voice have 405 0:21:07,824 --> 0:21:03,237 a great day Yeah. Adelaide, yes. Which street? Hard question. 231 North, TCE Adelaide.

in front of churches okay anyway it's the city of churches uh in front of uh uni supper I'm trying to help, but I'm not trying to help. I'm here. You can't know how hungry I am, I am hungry, hungry, hungry. We reached a very nice street, Yannis Hellenikyros, he is spitting his smoke everywhere. The smell of the street, garlic. and I don't know if it's allowed to smoke in here.

Anyway, we arrived to Marcelino, they say it's the oldest pizza bar in the area, and it's owned by Lebanese people. This is an exceptional pizza. Shut the- I came in 1969.

We came here in 1969. What can I do? I don't know anything. I don't know how to cook.

I know how to cook a lot, because my mother is the best. I mean, my sister cooks, but I don't cook, I eat. So when I came here, what did I know? I knew hairdressing. Anyway, we tried hairdressing. We opened a hairdressing salon.

After a few months, we also found something new at the time. His and hers hair boutique. Brian and Sonia. Brian and Sonia. Sonia is my existing wife. And therefore...

I'm in a his and hers hair boutique. About a year, a year and a half ago, I was at my uncle's house and he told me that I had to arrange something, to do something, I don't know what. He has a friend in real estate, I did real estate with him, about a year ago, there was a boom in real estate.

And I haven't been here for a year, a year, a year and a half. Bye. We are meeting with one of my brothers, Orel Yass And this is the agent, I met him and he said, look, we are looking for someone who wants to be a salesperson.

If you want to be in real estate, come. I've only been here one year and my English is not 100 percent. They did it in school, but it was different, especially in Australia and so on. He said, no, no, no, that's very good, it's even better. Because we have a lot of Italians, Greeks, and so on. English, of course, is not very good.

But we also have more work to do. Because people who don't know English 100%, like me, they bring them too. So I did the real estate for about 10 years. We made good money with it, because there was a boom. Now my uncle Antoine, my uncle here, his friends were two Italians who started this place here, Marcellina. They started Marcellina because they were from Italy, both of them from the same area, from Sicily.

They went to Melbourne in 1966 or 1965, something like that. They saw the rice, the Melbourne Cup. After the Melbourne Cup, they went to a place called Toto Pizzeria. Now, this pizzeria is not found anywhere in all of Australia.

What is a pizzeria? It's a place that only sells pizza. Let your line out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. 476 0:25:58,373 --> 0:25:57,470 Yeah. Hello, my name is Marina. Marina Aguilera. Hello, hello. 478 0:26:02,363 --> 0:25:58,702 Hello? No, we are not going to make money. They all want to eat pizza. You may wish why it's spaghetti, I'll see.

They said, okay, we'll go back to Adelaide and see what we can do. They came to Adelaide, and this was the place, the building was just this room. There was also a deli here, they took it, and originally it was also, what was it called? Carriad, no, not Carriad, I mean, Fiat showroom. And here was the garage. So someone took it from Delhi and brought it to him and told him it was Landlord Napoli, from Italy as well.

He told him he took it and whatever. Anyway, they rented it, took it and made a pizzeria. And to call the pizzeria Marcellina, Antonio Giovanni told him, he said, what are we going to call this pizzeria now? He said, look, my wife loves me now and in a few months I want to get the baby. If a girl comes, we call her Marcella or Marcellina. And if a boy comes, we call him Marcel or Marcelo.

So... David Bennett. So I learned Marcella, no, Marcellina. So I had some more Marcellina, and that's it.

So that's the Marcellina. From Bayt Awkar, a village called Bayt Awkar, did you hear that? This place here has been open since 1966 as a pizza bar. When I first started in Marcellina, it was known as a pizzeria. They have a lineup and stuff. When they opened here, the back room was opened to expand the menu.

They make a big menu, not just pizza, lasagna, and a few things. So a big menu, very very intensive, big menu. Okay, now the lineup used to be, sometimes, you know, when this place was opened, there was a capacity for about 300 people here. For example, on Fridays and Saturdays, mostly on Fridays and Saturdays, after 9 or 8 or 9 o'clock, the lineup. Why? Because the bookings here were completely full.

The front, there was no booking because it was walk-in and out. But the front room was always about 5 or 6 seatings. I mean, people come in, people go out, people come in, people go out. Here, it's the same thing, but here you have to book on Fridays and Saturdays. The bookings are full house every night on Fridays and Saturdays.

And on the weekends, it's about half to three people. Now, the lineup that is here, for example, when I came and started working with them, there was a lineup of about 100 to 150 meters outside the store. Lining up, one bouncer on the front door, and another bouncer on the other door of this room.

And I worked with the band for about 45 to 50 minutes. Now, there are waiters here, about 11 or 12 waiters, 3 or 4 in the bar, 2 or 3 in the coffee, 5 or 6 in the pizza, 5 or 6 in the kitchen, and 2 or 3 waiters in the front room, and the bouncers, and the managers, and the owners. So, it's really hectic. And then, the building was just, this building here, the pizza area and the kitchen and everything. Now, the lineup is here, for example, if it was fully booked, it would take about... from two to two and a half hours for the world to be completely average.

Now the line-up, why the line-up? Because people who come early and are not taking 5 course meals for example, 2 or 3 course meals, they go out and others come in. That's why the line-up. We don't let anyone in when there is a table. The bank starts at 8 a.m. and closes at 1 or 2 p.m. The band, the musicians, the people, the atmosphere here, it's out of this world. This is the reason I came to being where I'm doing now.

I was doing for a while, but now I'm retired. In any case, it used to be... I mean, if it wasn't for my wife, who she is and what she did. with the kids and everything.

I used to get up at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. And until 6, 7, some of the weekends, 8 o'clock in the morning. Daytime and everything, and people are having breakfast, and we're closing, and we go to sleep. And we sleep until 9.30 in the afternoon. That's life. Now, my kids, when they were young, okay, I'd see them a few times.

Then, I'd see them at home, walk this road, because when I was there, they were coming from school. Hello, bye-bye. Hello, bye-bye, I mean. because the business that was at the top of my head You can't commit to anything else. Even weddings in the family, I used to never go to the wedding.

Rarely go to a wedding. Simply because Saturday or Friday or Sunday, I can't go to a wedding because the weekend is like this here. We couldn't accept the check because the check bounced.

There was no credit card at first. There was no online or anything at all. All the money was cash.

Now you have a business and you have 40 or 45 employees. My father is Brian Alker. He started Marcelino. and I'm just cooking some spaghetti marinara.

High quality, simple ingredients. Everything is simple, high quality, we don't try to be too fancy. And consistency is the main thing. And whatever ingredients they could get in Australia at the time, that's how they made.

For example, now you can say, carbonara shouldn't have cream. But in those days in Australia, when they made carbonara for the Australian people, they put cream in it. After the same recipes from 1969. Exactly. And you know, it's traditional to those people, maybe not traditional to what's now.

You Yeah, this is Napoletana sauce, so this is the main sauce that we have as our base for a lot of our pasta dishes. It's really made with peeled tomatoes, onion, carrots, a bit of white wine, oregano, basil, salt, pepper, those sort of things. It's a very simple recipe, it's been around for over 50 years we've been doing it this way. And it's a mixture of peeled tomato and tomato puree.

And we cook it for about four hours, and then that's enough. And then that's used for the base of all our red sauces, so all our pasta sauces like the marinara, napoletana. We also make a bolognese, very similar, but it has beef mince.

That's the worst. Now, at the moment, from 1994, we started opening our own shops in the region, in the metropolitan areas. So about 10 kilometers from here, towards the east, we have one, south one, when there were about four or five of them. And because I was in real estate and I already had the idea in the back of my mind to create franchises, that means instead of myself operating all those shops, and because it was just becoming just too much, so therefore we started franchising them.

So anyone who was managing a shop, we gave them the option to be a franchisee, and then we created the franchise system that we have. Of course, lawyers and managers to create the system. And by then, my partners had already sold their shares, and it was only myself and my son. And in 2017, we were 50 years old, we had about 11 franchises, and I retired when I was 72, 73, and my son became the CEO of the business, and from now on you can talk to him if you like. Who is the first Lebanese to come to Adelaide? I asked a question. And the answer is, we don't know, but there is an immigration or migration museum.

Let's go see who is the first Lebanese to come to Adelaide and in which year. I'm looking for my grandfather, Antoine Nemr, he came in about 1948. But his in-laws were here way earlier, like in the 20s. Try to find him before it gets dark. 641 0:38:22,443 --> 0:38:22,012 We'll try to find it before it gets dark. Maybe, we'll see.

The first Lebanese to arrive to Australia in 1854. Ottoman Empire, problems in the mountain, they started to fight each other, and they didn't start with peace. The Fakhri brothers came from the village of Bcharre. They boarded the ship in Beirut to go to America. We went to America, and they became just like they discovered America a long time ago. Christopher Columbus.

Hey. you And then, we continue the story. 1877, Salomon Saliba arrived in Adelaide.

So we are mainly talking about Adelaide. And the story continues. I have 10 nice papers. I will read them slowly again.

I think they are online. They talk about Graham Brothers, they talk about Birre, Birre, oh ok wait a minute. And then, particularly from the village of Beit Mary, Alaa, Abadiyeh, details, details, details.

We will sit for tomorrow and not waste your time. Let me read them slowly, and then I will tell you about them. But anyway, we can see what I wanted to know is which year is the first one. And and the family. The family that came from Bcharre. I thought Bcharre University is only in Sydney.

They went everywhere. You We left the first room and we're going back to the second room, we're not done yet. Maybe, maybe we'll find the second room. Well, I don't know. That was a good laugh. Now one toe, you go up, slide, slide.

It's very self-righteous. You That doesn't matter, does it? From the city, it takes a third of an hour to get to the sea. Oh, the view is amazing.

Rio de Janeiro Now, what are we going to do? Now, it's needed. Ice cream, of course! I need a good ice cream because I didn't have a good ice cream yesterday. I was disappointed and I didn't catch up. Let's gelato! I felt it when I entered, I felt it, I felt it, I felt it. I haven't eaten yet but I felt it. I felt the vibe, the music, the description, slow food, farm to table, the smile, the reception, the quantity, the generosity, and then the flavors.

We will start with the flavors. California pistachio. Thanks, whoa. This is amazing, on me. Wow, oh, wait a minute, the pistachio, first of all, oh, their taste in the mouth is amazing.

There is no taste of ice cream, there is no taste of pistachio, there is no, there is no, There is no snow, no sugar, no pistachio. They come in, okay, smoothness, creaminess, and then boom! It's as if you're sitting in front of the TV watching this pistachio. For Maple Maple and pecan Oh my goodness.

Confirmed confirmed Confirm, confirm, confirm. from 3 yeasters ago. And all the ice cream places, probably, probably, this is the best. They win in the texture, in the taste, in the...

Experience in the mouth, the richness of natural flavors and ingredients. I can't find the words, they deserve 2 others. Come and fill your stomach because you won't be satisfied with 2 flavors only. And then one more, look how beautiful it looks, how beautiful is its texture, how beautiful is its stop, how beautiful is its texture. The smell of the place is so nice.

Dutch, Deutsch chocolate. I have never eaten such chocolate in an ice cream before. you Not at all, never ever. You Piedmonte? Hazelnuts You It's like you're standing in front of a pistachio fridge and you're putting them in your mouth.

If I close my eyes, I don't know if I am eating ice cream or not. It is that rich. Show me the bag inside. Real hazelnuts. There is no flavoring. Confirmed we have a winner Bottega Gelateria. My personal favorite, best ice cream, Orgelato, in Australia, after 3 trips.

And minimum, minimum, minimum, minimum, around 50 places in Zirton. He wins without a dispute. Look at the laboratory, look at the small, little, tiny lab. How much passion, love, fun, and light it has. The cleaning, look at the cleanliness. The machine, they didn't invent the gun, 3 machines are destroyed.

Another machine, here, explain to us about them. Thermomix, which we use at home in cooking. They are preparing beautiful things. Let's get to know the owner.

Rose water from Lebanon? Here? The first time I see it. What are they putting? Hello, how are you? My name is Paolo and I come from Italy, and I've been working for Gelateria Bottega Gelato for two years now, and we are really proud of our product and our way of doing the ice cream, gelato. As the perfect word to say is gelato, not ice cream, so it's a traditional way, artisan way, and a lot of love we put on it. So today we are going to do a small batch of akbar mashti, which is a Persian recipe of an ice cream, which we are going to use some traditional rose water, saffron, Persian saffron, really good quality. I made already in the small infusion of cardamom seeds with our meal base.

And we are going to make this recipe and to try it fresh as we are extracting directly from the machine. Then with cardamom seeds, we toast them and we made a powder and after we warm it and we leave it overnight to give the maximum of it. And after just we add our rose water and saffron. Everything is homemade. Everything what you see is cooked.

prepared roasted Thermomix, go! and then voila! Wow, what a smell! tostada so they arrive directly from Italy and what we do just we toasted them in the oven and we blend it and we have a pure paste which you can see the flavor you can have it and the texture is no additives no colors nothing just natural. So now I understand the richness of flavor. Now I understand why it's honestly one of the best ice cream I've had in my life.

And now I understand why every single spoon is a journey of rich flavors. You close your eyes, you just travel to Piemonte without even knowing. sometimes what you have to do is just to keep it simple and to do that to respect the ingredients and to have love for them so you don't have to do that much to 807 0:50:03,074 --> 0:50:02,122 have a really good product and you And you're, you have. And you handle ice cream as if you're cooking a nice dish for 810 0:50:06,811 --> 0:50:04,958 your family at home. handle ice cream It has to be like that.

Every customer is special for us. And you're the best. 815 0:50:11,840 --> 0:50:11,200 You Thank you. 817 0:50:13,160 --> 0:50:13,000 That's the secret. Pistachio, the first layer. Saffron, rose water, and pistachio together.

Ohhh. Yep, in that gross water. That rose water just disappeared. I put a lot of rose water, I was scared.

I was like, what is he putting in the bottle? I put that much rose water. Amazing! The pistachio, great! And then the saffron, it fills the nose. You feel the cardamom as well? I just feel like a three-star Michelin experience in an ice cream 832 0:51:03,137 --> 0:50:59,952 shop, in a gelato shop. It's the infusion of the cardamom. You I need time to understand what happened, the flavors, what I learned in the kitchen, the machines I saw, I need time to understand how much a person can make an amazing ice cream and how much eating ice cream in the world is useless. The ice cream is a story, they call it ice cream, gelato, ice cream, and everything.

It is a story of imagination, taste, and feeling. It is not something cold like we used to think or they taught us when we were young in the village. What? Ice cream to be cold? It is not cold. It is a big story, it is taste, it is feeling. They moved all my emotions.

Great job. For more UN videos visit www.un.org Their coldness is hurtful.

Their coldness is hurtful, they enter from here and get cold from the inside. Their coldness is hurtful. We still have 2 hours before the gathering which we are invited to, or we are inviting everyone who wants to meet us in Adelaide, to meet us at 7.30 a.m. We still have 2 hours. Google, where do we want to go? Google tells us to go to a place called Zayt and Zaatar. Zayt and Zaatar, I thought it would be a small bakery. It turned out, I just stood in front of it, a bakery, a bar, a canteen.

Lighting Nice place. 866 0:53:24,652 --> 0:53:24,447 myspace. See you tomorrow! All my life, I was born in Saudi Arabia and I came here when I was one. My name is Nidal Shajar. I am from Adelaide, originated from

Adelaide, Lebanese background. And we established Zayt al Zatar in 2016 here in Adelaide, South Australia with a 19 seater and we ended up taking off and we blossomed and we grew and we turned it into a magical restaurant. My name is Imad Shujaam from Ain Anour village in the mountain of Lebanon. I've been here for 40 years. I came to Lebanon later.

Nein, die Frage ist zu höhl. 881 0:54:24,270 --> 0:54:23,448 That's true. 882 0:54:24,271 --> 0:54:24,270 And we'll get out of the van. The most important thing is that everything is Lebanese, we don't have anything foreign at all, and we're very proud of that. She told me that eggs are made with lollipops and all that.

This is the first one that we opened and we've been here for a year me and my son Menesteen Park, the Campbell Hotel. 8 years in the Campbell Hotel That's how we decided I'm going to make Lebanese cheesy garlic bread. Mmm! My name is Abi Elhani Bouhatoum, I got married in Abit Bouhatoum, I've been here for 18 years.

I work with these beautiful people who are exceptional. They make exceptional food that is very delicious. I am married of course and I have 3 children from Gharchar. Welcome and we always follow your show. Thank you for coming here to have a look at this exceptional restaurant.

They used to kick me out of the kitchen when I was a kid. I went out because I love my stomach and I've been cooking for 40-50 years. But when I went out commercially cooking, except 8 years ago when I had a bypass, I got bored.

I said I better do something because I made a small shop and people destroyed me. Now, it became a bigger shop than this one. I bought more and more. In 2 years, I expanded and now I have 120 chairs.

I used to have 20 chairs. and now, God willing, the place is getting full. But they want me to enter the kitchen and I am not entering a lot. I have a very nice team.

They cook like me, but they still want me to come. Thank God, we're doing alright so far. Now we are making the hot potato Thank you very much for watching. Mon, mon, mon. 923 0:56:41,847 --> 0:56:36,490 Mon, mon, mon. 924 0:56:48,867 --> 0:56:36,490 Mon, mon, mon. This bakery does everything, everything you want it to do. We do here Lebanese cheesy garlic bread, we do garlic bread the Lebanese way, we do fresh bread.

We do everything you want, Manakish, Lebanese pizza, Shawarma, Tawouk. We do everything here. Very strong people, very very strong. First of all, the place is very nice, it reminds you of Lebanon. You can see it in the pictures behind me, but without having signs everywhere and a crowd. The people here are not Lebanese at all.

They are all foreigners in Australia. The oven, the Manakish. What is this bite inside? What are these scenes? What is this meat? What is this Hummus? What is this atmosphere inside the kitchen? Then we enter for example one meter Lebanese Pizza. Can you imagine a meter?

The menu is amazing. They have Lebanese wine, Lebanese Arak, Labneh, Sujuk, oil and thyme. I thought it was a pub.

I thought it was a bar. I was shocked. You And then, wow! 952 0:58:03,368 --> 0:58:02,941 Mmm, wow. You want to come and eat Lebanese food, you want to come and eat healthy food, you want to come and meet an amazing family. And its name is clear, oil and thyme. It's clear.

The plates are starting to arrive. This is our table. That's awesome.

The smell of the table breaks my heart. From the top, the smell of the table is great. Look here, look at the precision, look at the work. Look at the flakiness.

Unbelievable! Hummus Biscuit Mmm. Light, fluffy, and top quality meat. Kebbeh. Look how beautiful! A plate of Labneh with olive oil.

Thank you. It has a nice thickness, it has a delicious thickness, the meat is of an amazing quality. It breaks like cornflakes from the outside.

I'm going to go in and take a dip. Bitabulli. Maqsusa Mayim. Hamood bitch Hummus with meat and cashew.

You eat it with a spoon. Amazing hummus quality. The meat is tender.

In the end, the fresh bread comes out of the oven. We'll make it 70 Lachek. Now you. with olive oil It's really good. Get it? At this moment, a customer came, maybe a Pakistani or an Indian, and they are saying bravo bravo! I don't know.

Vegetarian samosa. with cheese Salty. When there are 4 Lebanese people coming from the village in Lebanon. I am so hungry Their smile doesn't go away from their faces. The son who smiles, the father who smiles, the mother who smiles. The vibe and the positive energy that is nice, turns out to be like this.

No Cutting Corners, food from the village, they bring it here. And all their customers are non-Lebanese. And hopefully, half of their customers will be Lebanese. When we all meet them, we support them, we stand together, and bring your friends. Wow. A strange color, look! But in a month...

Eggplant, maybe. Passion fruit, pumpkin. Cooked on fire, mixed with pomegranate molasses, he changed its color, and its color became like this. Look how beautiful. Texture, consistency.

The pomegranates are amazing, the taste from the inside is sharp, you know it when the eggplants prick the tip of the tongue. And the sweetness in the pomegranate molasses. That's a good one. That's a very good one. What a man you are. What a man you are! The food is amazing. 1027 1:02:06,862 --> 1:02:06,110 Wish you all a good week.

The food is amazing. This is his mother. This is my brother's mother. All of you are amazing. I'm just helping her, that's all. I am helping her.

The food, the hummus, Close enough, probably. the eggplants, the kibbeh, God bless you. Thank you, thank you. You've done a great job. You've done a great job.

And it's a pleasure having you. Thank you. Wow, every bite I ate was full of love, passion, and generosity. Love for the country and some ingredients. That's right, you're right. You're right.

Yeah. I can see. If there is no love, there is nothing. I met someone who left Lebanon 4 years ago, his kids were born outside of Lebanon and he loves Lebanon so much. I love Lebanon. I don't like it. I love Lebanon. 1055 1:02:48,510 --> 1:02:47,995 I love Lebanon, I don't hate it. I go to Lebanon every year.

I haven't been to Lebanon for 4 years. But Lebanon is waiting for me. For everyone to think that he left Lebanon and came here. I am a foreigner, what can I say? You can't go to Lebanon, my love.

Wherever you go, your soul stays and your body travels. I just want to live abroad. I left it when I was 4 years old, but my soul is still down there. In a small village, modest, beautiful, organized, Ayn Anoub is organized, all the sects are in it. My parents live with us. I mean, without exaggeration, the people wait for me before the Druze.

And the Romans as well, where are you? When I go down, I find my soul, I put my body and soul back to the way it was before. Thank you very much. And that means it's Charlie's Day. She calls you, and we do... I drink a glass, okay? The food, it will never be done without a cup.

This food can't be done without a glass of Arak. Of course. In the end, I drink a glass, and I sing, and I dance, and I make people dance. This is how it is. If you don't go out, you'll be in the village, and people will be sad. Of course people will be sad.

It's better to sit, I want to sit on the eye of the plate. We have an exceptional eye down there. It's not for us, we make it for the guys. 1092 1:04:11,908 --> 1:04:10,664 Hey! Yes. Oh yeah, exceptional.

Even though I don't have anything to do with it. God bless you. God bless me.

You I Jabal Lebanon Banquet or something, that comes with everything. We've got the fish, the meat, the chicken, the Kafta, and we have also Jajam Sahab, whatever you call it. Boneless chicken.

And the main ingredients are the garlic and the stuff. For you, we don't do what we should do. But as long as you like it, that's what I care about at the end of the day.

Welcome. You light up the olive oil. Leave it like that, Anthony. I called you Anthony, I won't change it. I called you differently. Because you're Lebanese, Anthony. This is a Lebanese name.

Neither Tony nor Anthony. Anthony is here. Okay, it's fine. Okay? Agreed? I don't know. You know? My love, I love you. 1120 1:05:02,332 --> 1:05:02,190 I love you. Amazing. Sit down, sit down.

Sit down and relax. everything here, like from sea to mountains is found here fish from Zri It took me to the sea of Lebanon, it took me to Batroun. so-so You Top. The meat. Tender, beautifully textured meat. David Good man.

Jeez. Grilled tomatoes. Look, now from the grill. Mmm.

A sprinkle of salt from everywhere, and spices from everywhere. The Lebanese village is following us everywhere. What kind of work is this? Albert Downie took me. Take me to Batroun. Indeed, He has made the way for me to the moon. Come closer. God bless you, I hope you stay healthy.

Welcome. Come closer. Yes. This one has cooked onions, but with the meat, it's perfect. 1149 1:06:26,053 --> 1:06:23,960 I'd be being a bus

The hot bread with the... I'm back to normal. This is what I'm talking about. God willing, you will stay together.

God bless you! You From here From here to here, an hour by plane from Melbourne, the visit is worth it, this much. God bless you. you Inshallah, we do what we believe in and anything that comes from the heart is always perfect. Everything your heart does is perfect.

Everything your mind does is not perfect. Because the whole world loves you. my daughter won't like that I felt it when I opened the door. Allah khaliq. Welcome. We love you a lot. You too.

I say bye before I leave. This is the eggplant that I haven't eaten in Australia yet. Half a potato. We continue our trip. 1175 1:07:22,622 --> 1:07:21,942 We'll be right back. Oh yeah.

Oh yeah. and of course I will come back, I will come back, I will come back, I will come back. And this meat is not the fillet of the whale, right? But from the neck, it becomes like the fillet. It's time for the gathering, we're late the place is full, we're going to have fun What should we tell them? They're not going to watch the video tomorrow! oops okay one two three let's go I feel like that, dude.

I'm a fan of the duck as well. Thank you very much. Welcome to Mauritius. From Hasroun Very good.

You Nice. Hello. Nice to meet you. Mazel. And what's that? Good, yeah? Johnny Hello Yes, good. There you go.

Thank you. Thank you. Let's have a dance battle, let's have a dance battle! Don't lie! Sorry, people behind me told me that I was not a legal immigrant I am from Australia and I am a young man Why didn't you tell that to me before? let's go, let's go somewhere bussy I'm going to sleep here. But Anthony, every time we go to Amjid...

We are going to the Angel's place, by the way. Every time I go, I notice something. Move! All of us, all good.

What do you think about my style? Have you met himpi? 1220 1:08:53,076 --> 1:08:51,312 Oh Our lives are burning everyday 24 hours up to 126 we really really love you Thank you Thank you for coming. Hey, what's your name? 1228 1:09:09,183 --> 1:09:03,158 Yeah. What's your name? Stephanie, and you? 1230 1:09:12,183 --> 1:09:10,988 You Wow, you're so cute! Very very good Hi You Hi 1236 1:09:18,443 --> 1:09:17,941 You How are you? Good man I'm afraid I don't want Hi I'm so beautiful 1243 1:09:24,443 --> 1:09:23,999 You I remember you 1245 1:09:26,007 --> 1:09:25,443 Hi It's a fact i'll remember from this day on I don't know 1248 1:09:29,450 --> 1:09:29,443 What is your name? 1249 1:09:30,443 --> 1:09:29,905 I love it.

I'm afraid I'm here to celebrate independence in Australia. This is a bank that's more independent of the life of the ones that we got right here. What a small world. We are in Baghdad. Small world. We are in Baghdad. Welcome. Welcome to Australia. Welcome to Adelaide.

Welcome to Adelaide. 1258 1:09:54,796 --> 1:09:52,687 That was good. 1259 1:09:55,783 --> 1:09:55,296 Yeah. Tara, nice to meet you. Thank you, Stephanie. Welcome to Edmunds! The name is beautiful and strange. Before we start, let me introduce the place. C Taxi Park.

The whole country is talking about it. We start with... Where are you from? I was born here in Sydney, Australia.

My parents are from Lebanon. My father is from Rashiqin, Zgharta. My mother is from Batroun. I've been living here for 40 years. What a restaurant, what a name, what an idea.

The idea and concept of the restaurant is that I always wanted to make something like the food we eat at home. I wanted people to know how we live, how we eat, our hospitality. As you can see, most of the foreigners come here. They love it in Australia.

When I first started, 8 years ago, a lot of people told me I was crazy. You're crazy. They said Lebanese food won't work, you'll go broke. There are a lot of people who tried, but they didn't succeed. We've been here for 8 years, and thank God it's been very successful. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Get to me I'm at a band! It's so exciting! He's filming! Positive, vibrant, calm, no traffic. I've been following you I've been following you here from Al-Aidon in Maine, so yeah, very excited to actually see you and meet you. It's good. you will learn that this group is a loving community you Subhanallah! I'm sorry You can taste the food he's tasting, Anthony. You stay at home and I stay at home, I travel and pay for my expenses. Enjoy! Thank you so much for having me.

I said my mother's made a special Samkehara, Batroun style, for 1305 1:12:22,756 --> 1:12:19,448 Tony, where is the name? I said my Ahla Salah Good food, good vibes, I'm loving it. Can we go for the rice? I came to eat rice and I arrived wrong Oh 1312 1:12:35,598 --> 1:12:35,494 I added a piece of cinnamon instead of... Thank you Hi Good? How are you? Good Me? Finisillar And you? 1321 1:12:45,598 --> 1:12:44,963 Oh Finisillar Finisillar Finisillar This is the maker this is auntie Padilla 1326 1:12:49,598 --> 1:12:48,355 Finisillar 1327 1:12:50,598 --> 1:12:48,355 Finisillar deep idea 1329 1:12:51,675 --> 1:12:48,355 Finisillar 1330 1:12:52,000 --> 1:12:48,355 Finisillar She's behind this with her son, yeah. 1332 1:12:53,598 --> 1:12:48,355 Finisillar 1333 1:12:54,598 --> 1:12:48,355 Finisillar 1334 1:12:55,598 --> 1:12:48,355 Finisillar 1335 1:12:56,598 --> 1:12:48,355 Finisillar 1336 1:12:57,000 --> 1:12:48,355 Finisillar 54 years. 1338 1:12:58,683 --> 1:12:48,355 Finisillar Yes, I open before snacks.

In the beginning, we opened a snack bar. Then we opened a snack bar again. Then we opened a restaurant.

Then we opened a restaurant in the city of Portofino. Now, we are open here. Now, we have one downstairs and one upstairs.

Everything. Arish leaves, stuffed cabbage, Sambusa, Kebbeh, Eh... You see now? Beans, beans, hot fish, lentil soup, lentil soup. Sharbat, sharbat azeem! Yes. 1354 1:13:37,868 --> 1:13:34,660 You Are you from Batroun? My husband is from Raqqa. Thank you for watching.

and she still speaks Lebanese because English is half and half on the road It's on the way. Don't you want to talk to me? I think I got it. 1362 1:13:49,949 --> 1:13:48,548 Of course! Do you have anything to feed your kids? Thank you. You're welcome.

That's it? That's it. God bless you. 1368 1:13:56,784 --> 1:13:56,560 God bless you. And how are the 7 goats? No, I slammed him. 1371 1:14:00,285 --> 1:13:59,933 That's the

We are the original family of Dubai But I'm not Lebanese. Do you know who I am? You 1376 1:14:19,852 --> 1:14:19,447 You know I am. Yes. How do you know who I am? I don't know. I found you on Instagram.

a couple of years ago, and I followed you! 1381 1:14:24,450 --> 1:14:23,733 and I'm probably The atmosphere in the kitchen is amazing. We're going to have some fun and eat a very nice Sambuski. The presentation is nice, all the Sambuskis and the Hummus in the middle, as much as it should be eaten.

For the foreigners who don't know that Sambuski is with Hummus, we finally understood that Sambuski is with Hummus. Because the plate is like this. Wow. Nicely, nicely, crispy, biscuit! We are bound with sweetness! It's sweetness Sheikh Al Mahshir! I loved it. I loved the kitchen, it's open and people are seeing it. All these people who came to see us today, they are amazing. Thank you so much.

So much. So much. Love kills. Really. Really. Love is on another level. What is this adelaide? It's unbelievable. I don't know how to explain it. Anyway, the kitchen is open.

All the action that is happening outside. The chefs are working together. Very casual. Decontracted. Cool. The small Samosas. Most importantly, let's talk about the oven. The oven is not only for Manakish and bread.

It's the oven that makes meat. I felt like I am in a village, I felt like I am in Zgharta. Kibbeh Qiras. The eggplants are not hidden. It's grilled.

I can't find the words. Before I go back to the market and taste the food, let me say thank you to each person who came. You are more than 50 people who came in Adelaide, all of you together, and from wherever you gathered. I was thinking that it doesn't have a lot of Lebanese people, but it has a lot. You told us that there are around 20,000 Lebanese people.

There are people I met here since 1870, 1890. We took pictures. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

and the lady here is making for me Mekane and a hot fish, Petronia, without garlic. See you 1433 1:17:08,905 --> 1:17:06,492 You Look how beautiful. The girl we saw here... Greek, Aboriginal, doesn't know Arabic, doesn't belong to Lebanon. She came to the gathering because she wants to know what I am doing, and this is really important. I don't know how to explain, how much we are able to reach all the people all around the world, and show them who we are with a smile and spreading happiness. Show them to them.

Back to Atme, Dajje, Ajqa, and all the people around me. I have to tell you about the food. We will start with... What did I tell you? I didn't tell you that when I arrived to Australia, it was following me. Cauliflower, cauliflower, it is following me from one place to another. Tarator, fried cauliflower, not soaked in oil.

Thanks for watching and please subscribe to my channel. I eat this all night long. I eat this all night long. The tarator or tahini is amazing. It's crispiness is nice, it's not oily. It's just good. You know that in the end, it's a rabbit.

No, there are people who make it black, not tasty. This one is very good. Check. We always eat Sambusak with Hummus. When someone comes and has never eaten Sambusak, for the first time, they see Sambusak and put Hummus next to it.

How do they know that they will put them together? Look how nice is the idea. Hummus in the middle and Sambusak next to it. So naturally, you will do this. What do I sambuscate? Sambuscate? Their dough has a nice sweetness, like a biscuit. They break, the meat inside is very soft.

Their oils are sweet. 1471 1:18:58,154 --> 1:18:57,990 The oils are sweet Check! Look, the breads are coming out of the oven. 1474 1:19:05,765 --> 1:19:04,870 That's it. What do you think? 1476 1:19:09,489 --> 1:19:09,443 Huh? Look at the meat! Let's go! Let's go! 1480 1:19:19,485 --> 1:19:18,843 Alhamdulillah. You It's beautiful. Did you notice?

There is no Lebanese except those who come and see us. What you noticed in Adelaide, this is the 3rd, 4th, 5th time today. Restaurants are bringing foreigners from everywhere. are not Lebanese at all. They are seeing our culture and our culture. They are seeing who we are.

They are eating what we are eating. Their vibes are very nice. These Lebanese are not many but they are good for each other. For all the nationalities of the world, in a calm city, beautiful, old, old, historical, there is no crowd. and the Lebanese food is making a very nice noise.

It was delicious. The hummus is nice. Nice nice nice. Can you imagine? An Australian eating this. How beautiful! You Whoa.

Look at the spices, look at the hummus, look at the bread 1506 1:20:24,032 --> 1:20:22,613 You Hakuna Matata. Yeah Can you imagine? Spicy fish. Special. Special edition. Without garlic. Spicy fish, a piece of fish fillet, exceptional.

with the sauce on top and pine nuts on top. Oh my gosh! 1517 1:20:44,010 --> 1:20:43,931 Oh my gosh. Fish and chips in Turkey are amazing, just like the fish and chips.

A piece of truffle with its skin in oil. The skin is crispy like salmon skin. Let's go back to the beginning. 1523 1:20:56,178 --> 1:20:56,064 We'll be back.

The tahini on top is amazing! Amazing! A little bit of hotness, delicious. Did you notice? This is the toasted one. Golden skin.

Again. Thank you very much. Thank you. 1533 1:21:12,049 --> 1:21:11,990 It was a pleasure. 1534 1:21:13,049 --> 1:21:11,990 Thank you.

award-winning plate 1536 1:21:15,154 --> 1:21:11,990 Thank you. you Yeah, I was a little worried about how it was going to be. Yeah. 1540 1:21:20,373 --> 1:21:19,786 You The food has taste and passion, even the bread. and a different crunch Jizz.

In the oven. as they do it in Zgharta. Oh my God. It's so hot! 1548 1:21:45,200 --> 1:21:43,951 Okay. Juicyness is amazing! Look, it's full of pieces, look, it's full of pieces, look, oh my God.

I feel like jumping in this thing. I will put the fish here on the side because I am not sharing They passed the chicken test, and I don't eat a lot of chicken. I can't eat it because there is always a clove of garlic. Maybe this is the most important Tawouk I've ever eaten.

The salad is great, the Sambuskete, the idea of the Hummus in the middle, the hot fish is mind-blowing. And there's the last Fahs, the Manoucheh Fahs. The Manoucheh Fahs is thin, look how thin and soft it is. It's clear that I took a work that is relaxed and drunk.

Go ahead. You Soft, spongy... Yeah.

Wow Wow, really, what is this? I haven't eaten a Man'oush like this in Lebanon. I haven't eaten a man'oushe in 2 days, what is this? Go ahead. Look at this Manoucheh, it's like bread. We'll put it up over here.

It's fluffy and relaxed, super soft, the thyme is strong, the vegetables are chopped very small. A bit of light Labneh just to decorate it. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, two thumbs up, two thumbs up, two thumbs up. Are we really going back now? 1581 1:23:25,952 --> 1:23:24,998 Hello We'll be back in two weeks.

We'll be back. Come back, come back. You and your family are moving to Lebanon. We are moving to Lebanon for good. We are moving to Lebanon for good. We are going back to Lebanon. So one can move. 1589 1:23:36,508 --> 1:23:36,132 We are going back to Lebanon.

So one can move. One can convince to move. 1592 1:23:38,508 --> 1:23:38,132 Of course. Of course. 1594 1:23:40,132 --> 1:23:39,545 You One can find a job and a future in Lebanon. You played a big role in this. You reminded us of Lebanon. You reminded us of Lebanon. You reminded us of Lebanon. 1598 1:23:50,143 --> 1:23:47,493 Thank you very much.

I was born and raised here, in Sydney. 1600 1:23:55,143 --> 1:23:51,830 I was born and raised here. I was born in Syria. And you want to leave Australia and go back to Lebanon. Madrasa, this is Madrasa, the family is Madrasa.

Madrasa. Yep. You 1606 1:24:07,169 --> 1:24:07,135 Wow. We will meet in Lebanon and we will show them how happy they will be.

I'm going to cook you a very, very nice dinner. I don't like food a lot, but don't torture me. I don't like food a lot, but don&#

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