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Hello, Namaste. Welcome to this new video. My name is Garima. I make videos related to travelling.

I am on my Southeast Asia trip now. And I am finally in Vietnam. So, right now, guys, you can see, I am in the mountain region of Vietnam. And we have come here to eat some food and start the trip. So, before we start this video, before we start this video, let me explain about this place because it can be a little bit confusing, but it's a very famous place. So, guys, I am in the Ha giang Loop area.

So, this is a round route, as you can see on the map, there is a loop on the mountain road which mostly travels cover on a tourist bike or is booked in a group tour car. But I am touring by bus. So, welcome to the Ha Giang Loop tour. And this is the last point.

for tourist. And this is one of the main points. Because people exit from here and go back to Ha Giang. But I came from Cao Bang. So, it's like my entry point, not the exit point.

So, welcome to Don Vang, guys. This town name is Don Vang. And I came here by bus.

But then I rented this bike. And in Bagan, 2 rent an e-bike was so cheap, guys. I miss Myanmar. And here it's expensive. Actually, I am paying with And 200,000.

So, in dollar, I don't know, but it's more than 6 dollars, I think. And here is my food. So, I got this. It's a noodle soup, vegetarian. And it's good. So, let's start this video.

She is also vegetarian. Mama, are you vegan? I am vegan. Yeah? Okay, nice. Wow.

It's very rare to find someone vegetarian or vegan in Vietnam. But she is. Yes. He is vegan.

Vegan? Vegan. Oh! Your kid is also vegan. Vegan. Yeah, too vegan.

Hey, good. Nice. Thank you. Even a small child is vegan in Vietnam.

It's amazing. So, it's a rare sight to see in Vietnam or in these Asian countries, actually. I am filming a video on the road of the mountains. Oh, my God.

And I haven't been driving like this for many years. Look at the scenery. It's so beautiful. It's amazing.

And it feels like Java, Indonesia the village I went. Absolutely. I will show you the mountain farming in a while.

I will show you. People are farming. So, we have parked the bike here. And... I can see a view of the village from here. So, I decided to stop.

This is a Don Vang town. It's the last one. The town I told you about for tourists.

And... Do you know what happens here? In the evening, tourists ride the bike. And... They leave in the morning.

So, this time, the rush of tourists is very less. But in the evening, they start coming at 5-6 pm. So, it's like one day stop.

Or maximum two days. So, yeah, that's it. But, look at this. This is the town down here. Where we stopped, it's on the other side.

The next town. So, beautiful views of the mountain. And... Even though it's high in tourism, But... There are good vibes.

You can do some bike ride. For one day or two days. Nice. And while riding, I was telling That I feel vibes of Indonesia. So...

In Indonesia, in Jakarta, in Java Island, I went a little far from Jakarta, in a village. There was this type of vibe. So, yeah.

Today, we took the bike rent. And in these countries, It's good to have a group or a couple. Because if there are two people, The price is shared.

And then it's very cheap. To travel here. If I am one person, then I am just paying. Like for two people and like so much money. If there are two people, The price will be divided into 400-400 rupees. But...

If there is one person, then I will have to pay $10 directly. But anyways, Solo is YOLO. Whatever happens It's fun to ride alone. So, yeah. And I hope you guys are enjoying this video. I am trying to make this vlog actually long.

So... It's a request. Make sure to watch till the end.

It means a lot. And let's go to the view point. So, we are about 5 kilometers away. Oh my God! the kid ran away from me? Oh my God! He is running so fast. All three of them. Oh my God! So, what did I say? I think we are 5 kilometers away from the view point.

And... But... We have seen a very interesting thing on the way. Local, traditional village. So... Because I am not going into the village.

I will show you in a minute. So, you guys watch this. The view. It's so beautiful.

And... This house is a bit modern. But look at that side.

Those are traditional houses. Mountain lifestyle of Vietnam. And it's really quite amazing.

And... The mountains of this type. They are actually reminding me of Timor, Leste and Angola. I have seen some views of this type over there. And look here. They are farming.

So... On the mountain. And this side too. So, nice. They are farming too. And traditionally...

They are continuing their lifestyle. So, I thought I will show you this view. So, I stopped for a minute on the way. So, yeah. We have stopped at another view point area.

And here you can see the statue being made. And... Look at this.

It's not written in the description. Who are these people? But... The story is here. I will tell you the story in a minute. So...

Look at this. They are taking pictures first. These are the traditional people here. You can see their costumes. And...

They are Tay people. This is their name. And... In this, it is written that... When this road was being built...

The loop... On which we are travelling... How many people worked in it. And how many people were sacrificed. Almost... 14 youth volunteers were sacrificed.

So, I don't know why they were sacrificed actually. But, it is not written that... Which officer did the work or what happened. It is written that... People worked here. Tribal people were here.

And 14 people were sacrificed. So, there is no more information in it. Only this thing is made a view point area. So, I stopped for a minute. And...

This is a cafe here. So, we have finally reached the view point. And... You can see it.

It is very beautiful. And... They have made a dam in front of this river. And actually, I came through this road yesterday.

We covered this whole road. You can see the loop. And... This is the river. And...

Look at this. There is a village on the hill. And...

There is another village. You can see it from the side. It is made from the bottom. I will go down and show you the view.

And... Everything is nice. Do you know how I feel? I am doing tourist activities like the foreigners mostly Muzungu. Their travelling style.

Every day they get up. And they see the map. And...

In that... In this place... This...

This... And not just Muzungu. Modern Indians who travel. Also in this way. But the travelling in India in the olden days... Was more of a local lifestyle experience.

Which Guru Nanak Dev Ji did. And a lot of great people who have travelled. They used to enjoy walking.

But today it is a modern tourism. I think I am doing that today. Viewpoint tick. This tick.

Village life tick. So... I feel like that. But... Nice. And if you Google Ha Gang...

You will see a lot of photos of this area. And this is the famous area. So...

Everything is great. Nice views. Look behind So if you coming Vietnam I think it will be interesting to take a bike tour. To Ha Giang.

This place is very close to Hanoi. And... Pretty nice.

Your 2-3 days will be a little adventure. Tourist type. How will you go. And...

Amazing. And... I think if you are coming with family...

You can do this adventure too... Because in family... Dad knows how to drive.

And brothers also know. So I think it is even good for family. And... The most famous place I am going to skip... Ha Long Bay I am going to skip that. So maybe I am not going there.

You can also find the same location in New Zealand... Or in Papua New Guniea. So I think I will finish that kind of place in Papua New Genie... One day. But not in Vietnam.

If I ever meet my husband or boyfriend... Then I will go here too. But now I don't feel like going there alone.

So nice. Very nice. And... If you liked the video... Like, share and subscribe. And comment too.

And can bike rent anywhere... You don't have any problems. It is available in every town.

Per day's price is almost... 200K for Vietnam. 200...

2 lakh rupees. For Vietnam. And the lifestyle of the same village... Farming...

All this. And... Now we are going to the Scooty.

To a cultural village. And... The way I see the location in the map... I think it is again for tourists.

So... Let's go and see. It is near. Because it is not too far. So...

I have been in Vietnam for a long time. I have seen one thing of Bamboo. Let me show you. This is a traditional hookah. They smoke it.

Yes. Vietnam. Okay. Bamboo. Yes.

I thought I will show you. And they drink tea and smoke together. Okay. This is a hookah of Vietnam. So... Good.

Thank you. From here... Just a mountain road. And... We have 3 more hours to go.

And we have seen a meat shop on the way. And... Vietnam. Look at this. Traditional. Pork's head is sold here.

So... Oh. You can see, guys. And... This is Uncle's shop. So...

Pork. Pork. Pork head. They sell it here. And it has legs too.

Good. Guys. We got a very nice thing here. And... You can see it in the city too. But I thought, let me film it.

So... It's a beautiful view. Actually... It's nice. Fresh fresh air. I am alone.

So... Wow. Nice. Hi.

Hi. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah.

Name, name, name. Huh? Name. No. Berries. Thanks. Do you...

Come. Bye. Give your bellies to him.

No Money. What are you doing here? What are you doing here? No Money. Finish. No money Bye bye Next tourist spot is cultural village I don't understand one logic that every place is a cultural village as I am seeing every place people are following their culture but this is a special place they arranged and this place is called cultural village and while going I will show you the market traditional spices they have market and wow let's go and see entrance here I can see clothes something like this and one difference is that all the houses I have seen they are traditional but they are fixed houses so here they have made houses of old age so but it is good so here are things there are almonds in villages interesting turmeric turmeric people of Vietnam use turmeric what is this it looks interesting but I don't know and this is a very unique thing I have seen this people don't speak English what is this it looks amazing look they have market and here people are living they have made houses and they are family family wow life people are living literally and they are playing outside and husband and wife fight so I came out look here and here they have dried fruits, nuts all these things are organic which will grow on mountains and everything is good and these people wear suits you can see aunty has worn suit and one thing I noticed that people here are very lowkey they don't care to talk to anyone but whatever is good here people have kept almost the same things and there is no big difference here is our car and now let's go aunty is here she is cutting wild flowers and aunty has also worn traditional clothes and work is going on here and the whole area is for tourism specially made but nice it's good let's go but there is not much interaction with people here and where i don't talk to people I have less fun there but as a nature beauty the place is very good it's good I am going towards Don Vang because after 1.5 hours I have a bus the view behind us looks so good just imagine guys so beautiful there are so many different formations of mountains these mountains are quite famous around China and Vietnam and I think more or less in Indonesia too also have in some areas such unique structure very beautiful actually so nice wow I have reached Don Wang and I have ordered hot chocolate this area is called old town and it's totally for tourism how is it do you know this is our first bus so I was planning to go to Sapa from Ha Gang but I think I want to go to Hanoi to get my visa and to travel further so we are going to skip Sapa so they told me that going to Sapa is very difficult and there are very few buses so whatever I was sitting in the bus I went directly to Hanoi so I thought if I will come again then I will go to Sapa so we are directly to Hanoi so we are going directly to Hanoi and everything is good and now it's night people are waiting to eat in the restaurant so little bit change in plan directly to Hanoi no Sapa this time the culture of Sapa is a bit similar from this place that's why I skipped and that is also a very famous tourist place there is nothing special like that I am missing something special so next time so okay for the first time I am looking at the food of Vietnam this closely which is a traditional food so this is the food of Vietnam it's like a pre-cooked with meat so first of all there is meat in it there can't be any adjustment that's why I am not able to eat but pho I am not able to eat I am not able to eat people don't speak English but this is the food it's good

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