Hè về | Đạp xe, cắm trại, du lịch Nauy | Short ride to Bogen Norway | Biking | Camping | English-sub

Hè về | Đạp xe, cắm trại, du lịch Nauy | Short ride to Bogen Norway | Biking | Camping | English-sub

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Hello it's me again! Another day off another biking day. Today Im biking to a place called Bogen. It's about 30km from home. It's gonna be a bit steep so It will make me tired. But Im feeling good today! Therefore LET'S GO! See you guys later on the road! Previously I forgot to introduce this neighborhood.

This is a very old neighborhood. If you want to remodel any house here you will need a permit. Because it's a protected area. Ding dong mtfk! This is the same road as last time, but instead of turning right, We will be going straight this time.

This road's quite long. Keep padlling forward to the next city. I won't film this road.What lovely weather today, breezy, many people outside, I like it like this. I'll keep pedalling, see you guys in the next city. keep going forward to the next city.

Over there's the ocean, my house is on other side of the ocean. It's about 10km to get here. Just an ocean in between. Therefore I had to go around. But there is a brigde which make it quite fast. I'll keep peldalling to the next city, It's very hot today, gonna be thirsty and tired. Let's go. I will keep filming if anything interesting happen. See ya! The vehicle in front of me it's ski. It's kinda like traditional ski but with wheels.Much like roller-skating. Going quite fast, but can't carry heavy stuff.

It's very tiring to ski like this. Have to push all the time. And keep the balance. I'll turn left over there. Can I make the turn here? Playtime is over! back to the cycle track, That was enough fun.

Few cars passed me quite fast. I will film later, nothing special here. Cya. Luckily there are some shades. This road is very beautiful in the winter. Snow on both side and on the trees. I'll film it if i have a chance. Really beautiful road. It's a bit chilly in here. I have a friend who live in this town, can come over and hang around a bit, still early tho. From the day I made my first video until now I didn't have any chance to make a new video. I've been really busy.

I try my best to be able to cycle and make video, First of all for you guys, and training for the Bergen-trip. Im gonna be exhausted on that trip. about x10000 times than this. Ohhhh! There is a bench, quite interesting bench, Let me study this bench.

Hold on, let me check. This bench is sitable, so... Im gonna sit here a bit. This city is Stokke, a friend of mine is living here. Stokke is a city right in between my home and my workplace. Too familiar to me. I had a thought about coming over to my friend and hangout, but nah, today is sunday, I don't want to bother him. Let him rest. So I'll pedal straight to the camping place. Not so far from here, about 10km I think.

Singing along in Vietnamese. I used to work here when i was a little boy. Sat here and sold strawberry, Many kids here are selling strawberry in the summer. Need to get through this park.

Im Feeling really good today, because I don't have to worry about darkness like last time. Now It's summer time. Sunset is about 11.30 pm, dawning is about 3 am. Really long day, it's hard to sleep outside sometimes. But you have to do what you have to do. Cover the eyes and try to sleep. The best thing about biking in summer is I have longer day, can do much more thing before sunset. It's gonna be dark now if this is winter time. Summer is better.

This is typical terrain in Norway. Downhill and uphill. As you can see. Up and down. This kinda terrain sucks, Getting exhausted very quick, draining stamina. Because of going up and down.

Im gonna keep moving, see you guys later. This road is familar to me. I use this road to get to work. But this road is not a friendly road for biking to get to Sandefjord. There's another road that is easier to get to Sandefjord, less hill, less tiring.

But i see a lot of bike packers use this route. Because this road is on the paper-map and more camping place on this route. But I wont choose this route, I will use the other route. Easy life. Here we are! Gonna be a lot of people here, for sure! What a lovely day, The sun will set behind me, no sunset for me to film, but the sun will go down earlier. Over there is a mountain, that moutain gonna buy me few hours of shades, so I can sleep a bit longer.

A lot of people will be there. -.- Opsssssssssssss I just saw a spike on the road. A puncture and fun's all over. So Im here at the camping spot. Lovely place, nearby the beach, tent spot, and shades.

There're many houses, boats, people, but by the law, as long as you keep at least 150m away from the nearest inhabited house/cabin, you will be ok. And my spot is near the ocean, so they can't do much about me staying here for the night. I just got my tent up, I took a nap while I sat overthere. Finally I got myself up and got something done.

This is my home for tonight. And few meters over there is the beach. Boss-chair and a beer, and a bicycle. I'll lock my bike before bedtime. and anyone who does have the Naturhike tent like this one, in a hot day like today, you guys can do like me. take oneside of the rainfly, fold it to the other side. and now you have a nice and breathable tent. I'll put the rainfly back when I go to bed later. You just need to attach the footprint under the rigid poles. I'll just hang around, make some food, find something to do, I asked my friend to come here, but idk he will show up or not.

Someone asked me how can I sleep outside, and this is how. I'll put important stuff inside the tent during the night. This is my new down-quilt, it's about 1kg. temperature rating -12°C. A little bit overpower for this weather. This is my sleeping mat, temperature rating -33°C, Both of them are overkill. But Im a cold sleeper, and those stuff are for all year round. Both of them weight about 1.8kg.

Such a lovely camping spot. Here is my tent and there is the beach and waves. Hopefully there is no waves at night. Or gonna be noisy. I will make some food, Seeeee ya! Now It's 8p.m and Im cooking. This is dehydrated food, Just need to put in hot water, stir well, close the bag and wait about 10min. Im gonna enjoy the view and drink a beer.

The food is ready, gonna look like this. And now, Im gonna eat, i can't wait no more! (singing a meme in Vietnamese) soooooooooo delicious!!! Im gonna eat, Im starving. Good morning everybody. It's 8.55.am now.

It's tooo sunny today. Let me show you guys the view. I need to get up and start to pack. Cya! Im done, Just need to put my stuff on my bike. Still early but the people are here already. But I need to get home early, to rest, I have work tomorrow. I will make a timelapse. See you guys on the road. Way back home. I'll keep moving forward and turn right.

No wind today, only sunshine, gonna be a hard day. The car is moving here real fast. Because of the downhill. Back on Track! Yesterday we came from here. But now we gonna turn right. This road is more uphill, more fun, and quieter.

Wonderful road. Because of the ocean view. Im gonna take a little break here. Here is shades. Quite Chilly, Im too tired, too sunny. I'll take a break. See you guys soon! Im home! Today is soo hot but beautiful. Now Im gonna unwrap my stuff, and clean something.

After that I'll grab a beer and go for a swim. This trip is kinda short, so Im still feeling good. I hope you guys like this video. See you guys next time! BYEEEE!

2022-06-19 06:25

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