Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel & Actor Ajay Devgan unveils ‘Cinematic Tourism Policy'

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel & Actor Ajay Devgan unveils ‘Cinematic Tourism Policy'

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Honorable MLA Dharasabia I request Manoj Joshi ji to please Doctor Manish Kumar collector Mahisagar Jilla to please join us on stage. Welcome to the land of opportunities. Welcome to the land of Satya, Ainsa and Karuna. Welcome to the land of

love and peace. Welcome to the land of the man. Who showed us the way to freedom. This is

Mahatma Gandhi's land. Welcome to the land of the Iron Man of India, Sardar Patel. Who ensured that India regains its glory by reuniting all the Indians. Welcome to the land of

Gujarati Prem We believe in Aditi Devo Bhava. The guest is God. Indicates our warm welcome. The indigenous welcoming nature of Gujarati's is a perfect best beaches in the world. Unending deserts, national sanctuaries and traditional villages where people are always ready to welcome guests. Gujarat is set to announce the state's first cinematic tourism policy two thousand twenty-two.

Gujarat is the most desirable place from tourism perspective destination Gujarat has always been in the priority list of film makers to shoot a film the variety of locations, upscale facilities, well developed infrastructure, better connectivity and transportation along with the government support are the reasons for choosing Gujarat as a preferred shooting hub. There are renowned and big budget movies shot in Gujarat. Until now, like Sanam, Ram Leela, Kaipoche, Piku, D day, two states, Mohinjaro, Bhuj and many more. As the state tourism department, government of Gujarat is gearing to launch the states first cinematic tourism policy 2022 to invite film makers from across the world to come and make their films, make movies in Gujarat and develop the ecosystem of film making in the state. Welcome to the launching of Gujarat's first cinematic tourism policy launch. And now, I humbly request secretary tourism Shri Harid Shukla to please welcome our honorable chief minister Shri Bhupendra Bhai Patel.

Push Pride of Gujarat Shri Harit Shukla, secretary tourism. producer Shri Harid Shukla, secretary tourism and Shri Alok Kumar Pandey, commissioner of tourism and managing director tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited, Shimano Joshi ji, Sri Hitu Kanodia ji and doctor Manish Kumar. So please come forward for lighting the lamp. Siddharth Roy Kapoor ji, president, producers guild of India or Paresh Rawal ji.

Gujarat shooting best wishes Cabinet Minister Shri Punesh Modi ji, Shri Arvind Raya chapter for Gujarat and I hope that in near future it will become a ideal destination for shooting, for film infrastructure and all allied activities. Once again I welcome you to Gujarat. Shri Manoj Joshi ji jid powerful performance in fact show request with lot of good destinations, art and culture which can be leverage in ah the film making, talking about infrastructure and connectivity, we boast of nine airport which is almost highest for any state to water air drones, 42 ah ports, then we have very good road connectivity. In fact, the biggest advantage we want to leverage is that we are just next to Maharashtra and share border with the film industry. We also have the world's tallest statue, statue of unity which has now come up as a major tourist destination.

Gujarat is only home of Asiatic lion in Gheer, longest roadway is in Gurnar. We have so many destinations but four of our destinations are recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. It's Ahmedabad, old and Dolavira as we all know belong to the ancient civilization and they are major tourist attraction as such. I have talked about Shivrajpur. It's a very very beautiful place. Ah blue flag certified beach in Gujarat. Which I would

request all of you to visit. We also have Sun Temple in Modera. We are very shortly. We will start the permanent lighting and light and sound show. There are so many destinations.

Looking at this asset which we have in Gujarat. We want to lever in the cinematic tourism policy A very very I I will take this opportunity to present ah some features of this policy in four or five slides at the maximum. So, as we know any policy, the major objective for us for the tourism department is that Gujarat should be a leader in tourism and using cinematic tourism. We want to become one of the leaders in tourism, in India. And to promote and develop ecosystem for film production is our vision. To

fulfill this vision, we will be working on a five prong objectives. This policy aims to promote various destinations, showcase, culture and heritage of Gujarat. Encourage private participation in film infrastructure in Gujarat. Motivate technical innovations in Gujarat and produce entrepreneurial opportunity and employability in Gujarat. For

doing that we have a three pronged strategy which is development of a film infrastructure. A subsidy structure which gives financial assistance and above all simplified procedures to make all this possible in Gujarat. Basically this policy promises to incentivise 4 sectors. One is film infrastructure. So any kind of project coming to Gujarat in like film city, television studio, training studio, post production studio, film processing labs. They will all be eligible for incentives under this policy. Then the

second major part is film making in Gujarat will also be incentivise. So for shooting of films, TV series, web documentaries, OTT platform, everything has been covered in this portion. The part which will be shot in Gujarat will be eligible for subsidies in Gujarat policy. Then we also have made special provisions from for brand affiliations. There are many projects which may not be shot in Gujarat. But they cover the story of Gujarat, the culture of Gujarat. And such promoting

destinations or tourist facility that is the aim of those ah projects. Then those films web series, TV series, documentaries will also be eligible for incentives under this policy. Then we have also made provision for mega film events. And price ah award functions at national international level and to achieve this we will try to create a single, real single window system which will be completely online process driven, process of applications will also be done online and will also are working simultaneously on creating a database of the locations, skilled manpower, production resources, important contacts which will also be available for the industry to use. Will

also be creating a system for constant feedback and will be open to improve our policy. There are three simple steps to avail the benefits under this policy, online submission of applications which will be scrutinized by our expenditure, the document, the committee and the incentives will be approved. We have kept it very very simple and I want to assure you that I believe that the real test of any policy is in the way it is implemented. We are truly committed to implement this policy in a very efficient and fast manner and will be looking for your feedbacks to further improve this policy. Just to highlight

for few things, you really when a policy is announced it takes time to get implemented. But along this with policy, today we are also announcing the operational GR of this policy. So, as a, as today, when honorable CM Saab will announce this policy from tomorrow, it will be operational and all the projects can be applied from tomorrow. We'll also on the

process of creating a online system and we are committed to create a truly, truly ease of doing business kind of experience in Gujarat. Once again, on behalf of tourism department and Gujarat I welcome all of you for this program. Thank you very much. Thank you so much sir. Thank you so much for your inspiring words. And presenting the

vision. May I sir request you ah if you don't mind. Film program policy launch GRB policy in effect Ah Harit sir, may I now request you? Sir Rupastith hai. Gujarat shooting or ah state support sides being a good actor, he is also a director and producers. So, I am sure Devgan as a producer, director as a preferred destination for film makers. Video film Film making projects policy film, web series, documentary or brand affiliation projects is policy projects movies. Mega film or

music events Gujarat Digital India department, government of Gujarat, Gandhi Nagar and Panorama Studios International Limited. Lakshmi film laboratories and studios private limited Doctor Purvesh Shah, MOU between tourism department, government of Gujarat, Gandhi Nagar and Lakshmi Film Laboratories and Studios Private Limited. Doctor Alok Kumar Panda ji. MOA exchange between the tourism department, government of Gujarat and the Bollywood hub. Humble request to Grishma

and Atrish Trivedi to please come forward. For the exchange of MOU. The Bollywood hub, Gujarat and a film industry May I now request our honorable chief minister Shri Bhupendra Bhai Patel to please come forward and share his joy and his vision about the first cinematic policy of Gujarat two thousand twenty-two.

Gujarat Mukhi Mantri Bhupendra Bhai, Patel. Rajya Sarkarna tourism policy in a launching Prasanghe Chuparupa state Modi Supra Sid Bollywood star Shri Ajay Vai Devar Marasathi Man Namaskar if I say that the word or broadcast then an ordinary Indonesian citizen always think that this word has been gifted or granted by western countries to us. But let me tell you to my information this broadcast was first ever developed by Lord Krishna. In the

battlefield of Mahabharat. So Sanjay madam say it was broadcasted. Or Dutrast the father of Corwaz. He basically

understood everything by this broadcasting. Bhagwan Krishna finally this time to be the king of Gujarat in Dwarika as Dwarka Dish. Gujarat participate in this policy and realising the cinematic tourism potential of destination Gujarat, Dhaniwal, JJ Garvi, Gujarat. A humble request to one and all to please join for high tea And snacks.

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