Guddu Episode 22 - [Eng Sub] - Ali Abbas - Fatima Effendi - Sohail Sameer - 8th Sep 22 - HAR PAL GEO

Guddu Episode 22 - [Eng Sub] - Ali Abbas - Fatima Effendi - Sohail Sameer - 8th Sep 22 - HAR PAL GEO

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These matters of the court are not that easy. Once they start, it gets hard to rid yourself of them. What do you think? Huh? Everyone gets justice here? Someone must get justice, that is why these courts are still there. Be a little careful.

All this is not that easy, why don’t you understand? I know. But I am ready to face every difficulty to get my son. What will you do getting him? You are asking me this, sister in law? Can a mother ask another mother such a question? Did your heart not shudder asking me this question? Think about it, if brother Sohail takes the children and goes somewhere, he takes you out of his life, what will you do? Mind what you are saying! Did you see that? Did you see her? See her courage. The home that gave you shelter, you are talking about it getting ruined. What? What is our fault? That we took care of you? I cared for you more than my children and you are cursing me? I didn’t say anything like that sister in law. You are creating a scene for no reason.

Listen to me. Whatever happened with you is really bad, I am really sorry for it, but the two of us have no fault in it. Still as a brother, I am fulfilling all my responsibilities. All my sympathies are with you, and instead you are… The day she came to our home, the peace of our home has been ruined.

Still, I didn’t say anything, because she is your sister. And you. I didn’t know you have so much negativity in your heart. What have I done to you? I was good to you. and today you disregarded everything.

If Nayab tries to snatch Guddu from me through the court, what will I do? I cannot let this happen. I will not be able to live without Guddu. I will die. I will die. Something is burning. Nayab! Nayab! Hey, where are you? See what is burning in the kitchen? Where are you? Nayab. Oh wow, aunt.

Why are you calling Nayab? Nayab isn’t here. If she was here, then she would have come running with one call of yours. No, not at all. Why would I call her? She got lost, she is dead for us. She is out of our home.

Hey, what are you doing standing here and smiling? Go turn off the stove in the kitchen. I was cooking meat, it must have gotten burnt. Aunt, I have turned off the stove.

It was about to get burnt, but it didn’t. Thank God you came at the right time, or it would have gotten burnt. My damn knees hurt now or else this work in the kitchen, this cooking, I would do it in minutes.

Yeah right, aunt. Those were days of your young age. How will you be able to cook in this age? Hey. Hey. What age are you talking about? I am younger than your mother. After all, when my Sidra was there, she wouldn’t let me do any work. She would do all the work herself. Leave it, aunt. Leave it.

The whole neighbourhood knows that Nayab had managed the entire home. You and Sidra didn’t even have to move and drink water. And your Sidra? She had run away, right? Hey, shut up! You talk a lot. Sidra had run away. Shameless girl.

After all, this was all Nayab’s planning. She wouldn’t let us mother and daughter work, so that we don’t get up, and see the shamelessness she had been doing with that boy Oh God, aunt. Don’t lie. I have never seen Nayab like this. After all, I have to die and face God. Come on, get lost from here.

Go and get ready to face God. She is here to talk. Did I call you? Why don’t you sit at home? You go around visiting people. You are not ashamed at all aunt. I am not interested in coming to you.

I came to ask how you are. How was I to know you are sitting on a hot stove? Live alone. Suffer like. Go. Go. May you have to sit on a hot stove and may no one help you get off. No one will come to your home.

Damn it. Hey, what happened to my drama? She spoiled it. What is she doing with her daughter in law? Hello. Hello. Is it Nayab? Yes, this is Nayab. Who are you? I am Khurram. Sobia’s brother. I hope you recognize me.

Oh, how are you? I am fine. How are you? I am fine as well. You called, is everything fine? Yes, everything is fine, I just wanted to know if you are fine. Oh okay. What is the update on your son’s custody? Not right now.

The lawyer says that these legal proceedings take time. Yes, that is true. Is Sobia fine? Yes, Raza has his flight in two days, so we will fix her wedding date. Sobia is getting married. You will come, right? I mean to help her in the wedding preparations. No.

It is difficult for me to come, but my prayers are with Sobia. After all, the worries of life that I am caught up in, it is better that I don’t be part of anyone’s happiness. I am not worth it.

And if someone wants to remove your worries, and make you part of their life. Then will you say no? What? I will wait for your answer. How can Sobia’s brother think about me like this? How did he say this? Greetings, mama. How are you? Greetings. Hey, why do you ask how I am, my life has become hell. We choose some hells for ourselves in our life.

And then we burn in the same fire all our lives. Hey, what nonsense is this? Nothing mama. Today, I wasn’t able to stop what is in my heart from coming to my tongue. Okay, you think we dragged you in hell? You tell me, is everyone at home fine? Guddu? Brother Ibad? Hey, if someone shows me their face, then I will know if Ibad is fine, if Guddu is fine.

the father and son leave home early morning, and come back at night. I suffer at home alone, daily. They put me in the stove. I will talk to brother. Listen Sidra, visit me at least. Show me your face.

It has been so many days that I saw your face. I will try mama. Okay, I will put the phone down. Goodbye. Tea. When you got upset… I was talking to my mama.

She was saying that I visit her home, with you, to meet her. Why? Is your mother’s final days near that she wants to see you? By the way, did you make him fall for you with these same moves of your eyes? You know, they say, beautiful women are made for good men. But my fate is bad. The woman I loved, she turned out to be unfaithful. That..

that was my past…. That was not your past. That is your present. Also, your future. Now the two of us are together, Naveed. Together we can understand each other and talk… What can we talk about? What can we understand? To understand each other, we will have to talk. Okay, let’s do one thing. Let’s start.

First. First, you ask me a question, then I will ask you a question. I only… No. No. No. Wait. First, I should ask you a question. Give me the details of the few hours that you spent that night.

I will forget everything. Just tell me this, that one hour, those sixty minutes. How did you spend them? Who did you spend them with? Is this what she taught you? Is this what your mother taught you? Is this how you make tea? Hey, I couldn’t drink it.

That’s it. You have only learned love and affairs. Papa. Yes? You too eat it. The ice cream is really delicious.

No, my love. I don’t want to eat it. If I want to eat it, I will order. Whenever you come out with me, you don’t get anything to eat.

You always order one ice cream. Papa, my heart feel like eating a burger. My love, you cannot trust the heart. It always desires. So should we listen to everything the heart says? Not everything, papa.

I am asking for a burger. You cannot eat a burger. Don’t you remember you ate it last time and got unwell.

That was because I ate a day old stale burger. If you had gotten one for yourself, so I would have eaten a little from it. Guddu, my love, look, papa lives abroad.

So he has to eat food from the restaurant daily. When I come back, I want that I have food at home, especially what your mama… Eat the ice cream quickly, I mean. Grandma must be waiting for us. Papa, bring back mama. Guddu, we have spoken about this a lot of times earlier as well.

It is not possible. Your ice cream is melting, finish it quickly. Grandma is waiting.

I don’t want to eat it. Guddu, please don’t behave like this. Will I never meet mama now? Am I not enough for you, Guddu? Don’t you like papa? I didn’t say that.

Then why are you bothering me? I told you she cannot come back. She broke my heart. She left me on the way and went.

And I didn’t send her with my happiness. You have no idea how much pain I went through doing all this. She didn’t even think about you once before doing all this, Guddu.

And I am here, to take care of you day and night. My love, you care for the ones who care for you. You don’t care for the ones who don’t even think about you. Quickly finish your ice cream, grandma must be waiting over dinner. If we get late, she will get upset. Please.

Ouch. You are my sister. I am not your sister. I am not your sister. I am nothing to anyone.

Sidra. What wrong did I do to you? I didn’t want anything bad for anyone. Then why? Why did you people do this with me? What did you take revenge from me for? We took revenge? And what about what you did? I have always wanted what is best for you. Best? You call this the best? Even after seeing this wound.

Best. You knew Naveed. You knew the how he is. You knew everything. You also knew that I don’t like him. Still you threw me in this hell. If you didn’t like this, then you should have gone with him.

What did he do with you? That coward ran away, right? And everything I said turned out to be true. He was cheating you with Nayab, he was using you. Stop it. Stop it, sister. Stop these allegations.

All of you should fear God’s wrath. Really? We should fear God’s wrath? You know the people who scare you with advice regarding God, you know what they are themselves, right? What were you going to do? Huh? You were running away with him trampling our respects under your feet. When did God’s fear go then? You had no fear. What did I do? What did I do? If I had to run away, I would have.

I wouldn’t get beaten by Naveed like this. Slowly. For you people, for this fake respect of this family, I sacrificed myself. I murdered my love.

Still I am bad, I am wrong. This love stories you are telling us, what has this love given you? Huh? It has put a stain on your life. That will not be removed all your life. Now be quiet. It is possible, your husband will have mercy on you now and even our respect is saved. Greetings, brother Imran.

Is there any progress in Guddu’s custody case? What is wrong sister Nayab? These are legal issues, the progress in these matters is not that quick. So, then? We have sent them the notice. He hasn’t replied to that notice. We will wait for a few days and send another notice. He will have to be present. and what if he doesn’t? and what if he takes my son from here, then? I cannot say anything about this to you right now.

Brother Imran, what are you saying? If you say this, then I will lose my strength. No, no, sister Nayab, you be strong. We are doing something, things will get better. Fine brother Imran, if there is any news, do let me know. Goodbye.

Who were you talking to? I… Brother Imran. Yes. I had already heard it. This means you didn’t understand what your brother said.

Look Nayab, running after something that cannot happen is stupidity and you are only being stupid. Rest it is up to you. Does it hurt a lot, Sidra? Do you not feel ashamed? Hey, what are you doing? Talk slowly. I am waiting for you for so long and you are coming and scaring me. Hey, I was working. I have to do the work at home as well.

Really? In this entire world, there should be nothing more important for you than me. Oh, such a filmy line. Do you love me so much? Yes.

I wish there was a measuring instrument, that could tell how much someone loves another. Then you would have known how much I love you. Right. What happened to your hand? It got burnt a little. It is because of you, you tell me do the work quickly and come. See what happened? Sidra, be careful. See,

it is burned. Come on, let’s go to the dispensary, I will get you an ointment. Dispensary? What is wrong with you Munib? It is a minor injury. See, it is all red, buddy. Does it burn? No.

Show me. Ouch. What happened? You will stay a coward. Sidra. She will get me killed one day.

Leave it. No need to do this drama. Make flat bread with your hands, and curse my children with your heart. I am done with this care that you do for show.

Go, I will do it myself. Go. Leave. Come on. Move. She cannot do anything properly.

Mama. I have brought the flat bread. Please, serve the food, I am really hungry. Hey, son, why did you bring it here. Take it to the kitchen, I have already taken out the food. Put it in a tray and bring it. And Who loved more, you or him? Did I ask such a difficult question to you that you have to think? What joke is this? This is not a joke. I want to know.

I don’t know. Hey, you got upset. I am your husband. I have a right to know this much. Why do you say such things? Why do you torture me? Because even I feel tortured.

I cannot tolerate that you were so near someone else as well. Leave my hand, Naveed. Stop it. He used to hold your hand like this too, right? With this much love. It hurts. Leave my hand. You must make him leave your hand just like this. Speak up.

Did you run away from him just like this? I am disgusted by you. You were with him… Are you in your senses? Nothing like this happened. Leave my hand. You have lost your senses. Come to your senses, or else… Guddu, son come. Come, the food will get cold.

Come quickly. Here you go. Guddu. I am here papa. Where are you son? Come on, sit. Let’s have food. Guddu, son, I am calling you that the food will get cold, if the flat bread gets stiff, you will not be able to eat.

Come on have your food. Hey my children, get used to this flat bread. Hey I cannot do it. I went to the kitchen to cook food, my blood pressure shot up in front of the stove. I cannot do this now. I quit this work a long time back. Sidra was there, she used to take care of it all.

Wait a minute. What is wrong with the colour of the food? What is this? Hey, nothing happened. The food is really good.

I cooked it so well. I cannot serve you half cooked food like Nayab. I am in the habit of cooking well. Eat it. Guddu, eat my son and tell your grandma, how is it? You made it grandma, so it must be delicious.

it is really delicious son, eat to your stomach full. And Guddu, my son, stop drinking milk at night. Have one glass during the day, it is enough. Papa. Mama, the food is all burnt, how do we eat it? Hey it is not burnt, Ibad. I am telling you,

that I cooked it well so the colour went a little dark. Guddu, don’t eat it. It is burnt food, if you eat it you will get a stomach ache.

I will bring curry for you. Hey son, so much sensitivity is not good either. Get your son used to a little strictness. Now we don’t have a maid at home that she cooks food.

So mama, what are you saying? That I let him eat burnt food. Leave it, I will get curry from the market. Hey son, listen, wait. Listen to me. It is in the fridge. I remembered, there is food from last night. Heat it. Give it to me and eat it yourself too.

No mama, I don’t know how old that food is. Guddu cannot have stale food, the doctor has advised him not to. I will bring the curry from the market. Papa, should I come along with you? No son, you stay with grandma, I will bring the curry. Hey, take him along with you.

To that, what is the name of the hotel where we get bread and curry from. He will bring it. I cannot cook it. My joints have given up and we don’t have a maid at home either. Son, you sit. I will come. You should have eaten it, I made it so well.

Noreen. Nayab will live here now. Whether you accept it or not. Nayab will live here.

One minute. One minute. This cannot happen. Why can it not happen? Hey, she has gone mad. She behaves in a weird manner. The way she looks at me, I am scared.

God knows what she will do when. Do you remember, Noreen, you used to beg me to call Nayab, that she brings her son. When the two of them used to come, they would bring along toys and clothes. We would save on so much expense. You are taunting me.

I am not taunting you, I am reminding you. She fell from a height. She has been injured, she is in a lot of pain. She will take time to get better. She needs our help. That’s it.

Sohail, you know well that I stood by her with a good heart, I tried to help her. But she is going around with poison in her heart. I know you have really helped her. But she has lost her home, her husband, who she owned got snatched. Her son, who had her life, he is away from her. She well get patience with time.

So do I have a fault in all this? You don’t have a fault. I am just saying that right now she needs our help. Sohail, I won’t be able to do it now.

It is really difficult for me. She is your sister, you take care of her. Our whole life disturbed. We are unable to go anywhere. I will not do this. I have told you.

Naveed, what is wrong with you? Why are you adamant on making your life hell? Why are you making my sister cry again and again? I am making it hell or your sister’s past? The past is gone, Naveed. Now why are you remembering? I wish it had passed. but every time I see your sister’s face, those ashes of the past catch fire. They burn my existences, my soul. I want to pull out her eyes, which have the dreams of that boy.

Why are you talking like a mad man? Yes, I have gone mad. I have gone mad. What is wrong, then? You leave from here. I just want to see you two happy.

I don’t want anyone’s sympathy. You leave.

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