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I purchased it from her, so she is asking to purchase something from her crate also. I don't know where he is taking me, how much money he will take. I had not seen people fighting like this in Africa before. Some people are following me as you can see.

Hey guys very good morning, and welcome back to the new vlog. My name is Tourvashu. Finally it's time to go to my 10th country on the trip. The name of the country is Ivory coast. I have come out of the house, currently I am in water Street. I had to leave my home at 7:00 in the morning but now it's 8 o'clock. Currently, I am in capital city of Liberia which is Monrovia.

The border of Ivory coast is 400 km from Monrovia. I don't know whether I can reach there or not. Because after 250 kilometer, there is no road. Even if the road is there, the condition is very bad. I am not sure. People are advising me to take a flight and not to go from land border.

I don't know whether I can go through the land border. The road is very steep. Now, I am going to Ganta, which is the town 250 km from here. That is the last biggest town before the border. After Ganta I have to travel for another 250 km but the road is not there. But when I searched on Google, its showing the road is there.

Let's see what happens. Now, I have to go to the garage and find a car which goes to Ganta. The name of the area is 'Red light.' There is market and garage. Moto and car both goes to the garage area.

I will take a car, not bike. It's 8 in the morning, people are drinking coffee. I already have visa for Ivory coast with me.

The border is closed, so I have taken a special permission. I had informed you in my last video. I guess, I will find the car from here to the garage. I cannot find any car! I have sat inside the car, red light area is 8 to 10 km from here.

I have to take a Moto or taxi. It's a bit confusing here. He is taking 250 Liberty from me which is 120 INR. I had to leave home at 7 o'clock but now it's 8 o'clock. They are telling me it will take more than 45 minutes to reach the garage. Until the car is full, the car doesn't leave to Ganta.

I have to wait there also. If I had left my home early, I would have more chances to reach Ganta early. I don't have any idea whether I will cross the border today or tomorrow. If I reach Ganta early, I don't know how to reach the border because, I will still have to travel 250 km. If I am late, I will have to stay in Ganta. I don't know about the hotels.

The largest city of ivory coast is 1000 kilometers from Monrovia. Border is 400 km. Even after crossing the border, I should still travel for 600 km to reach Abidjan. This journey is going to be very difficult and I am ready for it. After I reach the border, then I can handle the situation. I purchased this T shirt from waterside Street.

It 10$ for 3 T-shirts. This is pack of 3 which is 10$ or 800 INR. I think I'm going to purchase it. He has left me to Ganta and as soon as I came out, these people took my bag. This is Moto bike which is Bajaj Boxer. This is very weird vehicle.

I Paid 250 Liberty for taxi and 100 Liberty for this moto. Everybody are taking my bag, let me pay money to this rider. We have reached Ganta parking. Everybody are taking my bag and running. She is selling boiled egg in the morning. Since I have purchased egg from her, she is telling to purchase cool drink from her crate.

She is eating the egg. Look at the condition of the egg. Ganta is 250 km from here and he is charging $10 which is 800 INR. I have taken 2 boiled eggs for 50 Liberty. I have taken this chocolate cookie for 100 Liberty.

After coming to West Africa, I have been noticing this. The person who is selling the items in a crate, I can only record the video if I purchase something from that vendor otherwise there do not give permission to record. The same thing happened with this egg seller also. She told I can record only if I purchase from her. This is Ganta parking, all the vehicles go to Ganta. This is my car and he is telling me it will leave in another 15 minutes but we will not go until the car is full.

These people exchange currency. You find them all across the city. I have taken these two packets of Strawberry flavored yoghurt which is 100 Liberty. I had reached here by 9 o'clock but now it's 10:30. I have been waiting here for 1.5 hour.

The vehicle is full after 1.5 hours and now we are going to Ganta. Everybody is selling power bank here. Why is he sitting on the vehicle? Ganta is 250 km from Monrovia. We have travelled for 150 km, this is a town. The name of this town is Gbarnga. The driver told that this car will not go further. I have to take a different car. I have to go till Ganta in a different vehicle. I don't know what I should tell them.

We have come to 150 km far and 100 KM is still more there to cover. All the passengers got down here. Everybody thought that this car is coming only till here, I was the one who was fooled.

They had to tell me this before. I would take a direct car to Ganta. There is a shop here and all the spare parts of TVS bikes are being sold here. I have reached the Ganta and people are fighting for me. I don't know where is my bag! I can't find my bag, I don't know who took it. They are fighting for me.

Everybody are fighting for me. I don't know where he will take me and how much he will charge. I had not seen people fighting for me in Africa till now. Some people are following me. I don't know what is happening here! This is Ganta city.

The border is 250 km from this place. They are fighting even now. They have come in bike just to fight. One more person has come. Two people are coming just for fighting. I don't know what they want! He is telling it will take more than 3 hours to reach the border because the condition of the road is very bad.

He is not telling how much he will charge. He's fueling his bike. Normally the price till border is 20 or 25 dollars. We have come to the outskirts of the city, they are asking me more money. They are asking 100, 120 and 70 dollars.

I guess they are a group of people. No matter who ever takes me to the place, everybody will get their share. He has agreed to $50. Everybody started to fight with me and started to ask money. I started to argue, and they left me to go.

Normally the charge till border is $25 after bargaining for a very long time he has agreed for $40. The condition of the road is very bad. We have come to a town and he is telling me to buy a bag. It might rain anytime, so he has brought a polythene bag.

Everybody started to harass me. They started to ask money. I am giving double money, I made a mistake. I should have asked him in the town for the charge. He brought me to outskirts of the city and started to harass me. I was stuck, what could I do? Look at the condition of this note. It is 4:30 in the evening and the border will be closed by 6 o'clock.

It will take another one and half hour to reach the border. I am not sure whether, I will cross the border today or tomorrow. If I can cross the border that's good. If I can't I should stay in the border. I wasted a lot of my time.

Now, I will have to face whatever is in my destiny. Roads are not good here. This is the real African adventure and rest everything is uncertain. I have to cross the border otherwise I have no idea where I will spend the night. He is also purchasing fuel.

Petrol will be sold on all roads in glass bottle. When I saw it for the first time, I thought it's honey. I was with a local person, I asked him 'Why are they selling honey?' He replied 'It's not honey, it's petrol.' I had seen this bottle, I thought it's honey. Look at the condition of the road. I am climbing the hill on a bike. I don't know whether I can reach the border before 6 p.m.

Officially the border is closed, so there is no public transport from Ganta. Look at the road. I feel like he is riding the bike in mountains. If I cannot cross the border by 6:00 p.m. then it will be very difficult. And I don't know what to do.

As I told you, the road is there in between the thick forest. Forest on both the side and this is rusty road in between. He is the third driver and he is also fueling his vehicle. Look at the time. It is 5:50 and only 10 minutes are left. I am not sure whether I can reach the border or not.

He is riding bike in a very high speed. It is very risky to travel in these type of roads. I have to turn off my camera, because I cannot shoot in the border area. I cannot use camera in the border. I will inform you if I cross or don't cross the border.

2022-12-28 03:16

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