Goodbye Bandung, Hello SUMEDANG! Bike Touring Indonesia, Episode 8

Goodbye Bandung, Hello SUMEDANG!  Bike Touring Indonesia, Episode 8

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and before we hit the road I need to go pay  for the tea that I had earlier so I uh went and   visited the tea stall that I uh went to last year and I completely forgot to pay so let's go pay   thank you okay now we can go we need to go to uh so let's do it all right where are you going okay good luck [Music] those kids are excited for some reason see this bus I'm thinking because it has a a fun little horn or something I don't know   but we are in a city now it is uh there it is [Music] I think I think the kids like the uh the horn it is cute okay I don't know where we are but we're cruising through a city pretty busy big buses and trucks looks like here they're grilling up a whole chicken   think we can eat a whole chicken for dinner put it in our containers [Music]   pretty good 38 000 that's like $2.50. foreign here we go to Sumedang we are in the city again thank you very much thank you thank you   okay I think we figured out why there's a lot of traffic out there   we're having some sort of uh graduation or orientation ceremony here what this school is some sort of maybe uh excuse me government military I'm not   really sure but there's a lot of young men and women dressed up in uniform hello. America about   two weeks two weeks can you tell me what school is this a government school okay   so they'll all work for the government is there a difference between the brown and white no no   no difference no difference okay so the white uniform Brown uniform the   same uh no thank you I appreciate it  though thank you okay thank you sir can I ask you a question what's that what is this school this school is a government   School a government school yeah so after this like they're automatically being to be recruit   as a civil servant so they don't need like such a fast against but they need to come here in a   dormitory they live in dormitory which we'll talk for for years okay they just allow to go tight in   weekend and then weekday they just spends like in an inside so they're it's a closed campus and a   lot of people want to come here because after this they will get the salary from government   in any any like it's a private sector and Company okay so it's a really uh it's a good job to have   accurate so what is the difference between the brown and the white oh okay this is the   what is like the ah this is because they're just just, what do you say just recruited yeah like they're still enrollment the new students okay okay so they   put it for the ceremonial and what about you me it is the regular regular uniform okay so every   day we use this uniform I see but in a big event big event such as the ceremonial they need to   weird it's kind of that makes sense and what year are you I'm this last year you're last year and   why people want to go in here to enroll themselves in here because they don't need any fee here it's   free it's free yeah free what kind of requirements though qualifications yeah this uh there are three   clearly full of tests the first time they need to register with uh the documents and after that   they need to to like to answer the question given by the government of the past and is yo maybe he needs to do his job thank you to whoever Road buyers just now I gave us these cold bottles of water ah so right now let's see we're kind of at the top we are almost at 2800 feet and   it's four o'clock kind of looking for a place to Camp like always I guess we'd rather Camp someplace higher up as opposed to going all   the way down because it'd be a lot cooler we don't know we don't know [Music] oh all righty so it is getting kind of late it's  5 15 now we still don't have a place to camp   uh from here we're kind of going downhill  it looks like it [Music] [Applause] [Music]   uh you're gonna get some banana for tomorrow yeah   okay good idea look at that oh  [ __ ] we're gonna get some bananas hopefully this works out we've got some Rice Terraces over there and we saw this lady walking down the road and we told our situation we're   looking for a place to stay and she was like you guys are crazy   she was like well I think she's from around here you can uh oh my gosh this sweet old lady's too nice she's bringing a broom over here and then   something a mat or something we can lay on it I can help him it's okay nice yeah the mat that I guess we could put over the wood and we can sleep but look   at this look at this we found a gym it's beautiful out here nice smell of manure   too there's some cows and cattle out here or something let's be able to drop offs looks like not bad I like it out here and there's no traffic which is nice no traffic all righty so we found our spot um I'll have to show you around tomorrow when we   have light but we got bananas we got chicken we're gonna call it a night good morning from our beautiful campsite from uh somewhere I don't know I don't really know   where we are honestly down somewhere on the outside of Summer down but   we work at a camp over there but then the old lady was like oh no uh maybe you can camp over   here there's a Hut on the side of that house right there that maybe we could set up our tent but our   tent was too big and so we said well how about we just hit up our tent in on the porch over there   turns out it's her son's house and nobody lives there she's like yeah it's fine super nice lady   she couldn't be sweeter she brought us hot water she showed us where the toilet and shower is   and so again lucked out but it feels like Bali out here look at the Rice Terraces it's beautiful uh it's about 6 50 right now nope that's clean I don't care and we're gonna eat breakfast pack up our stuff and head to Cirebon today so let's   do it so the lady insisted that we park our bikes way over here we do just want to leave them over   by her her house but I think she just insisted yeah it's it's not safe bring your bikes over here   I don't see anybody coming down this road if you ask me but anyways this is where we camped   got the 10 over there on the porch this is the shower she was talking about a nice open-air   bucket shower pretty nice uh this is where she thought we could sleep but our tent was just too   big it didn't fit this is the Outhouse how cool is this I'll show you what the toilet looks like damn it's actually pretty dang clean well done out here and I need to show you over here there's a guy doing some fishing worms okay he's down there trying to catch some worms he said and I didn't get it on   video but I almost slip and bust my ass right here pretty damn slipper you got to be careful Breakfast of Champions right here that'll get us going yeah someone down right here from Summer down from some   donuts that's nice like it looks kind of like purple yeah oh yeah coconut coconut um [Music]   coconut yeah why don't you move here yeah yeah okay it's pretty hard not too hard though you can kind of push it in   a little bit but it's not super soft ah that is kind of like uh a thick mochi like a thick rice yeah kind of sweet that's good a lot of sugar on there and gula I don't mind it's like a nice hot tea to wash it down would be good to do let's go that was it with the girl maybe the girl thank you take care people around bikes okay okay [Music] [Music]   thank you I was just about to say too there's not as much traffic over here so it should be nice it's nice   and chill kind of feels like we're finally out of the Jakarta Bogor Bandung hustle   we have some nature over here nice all right we are at the yeah we didn't make it very far before found   something that I wanted to stop in take a look at over here there's a bunch of different shops   looks like they're all kind of selling the same thing potatoes and the fermented cassava   but when I was looking at the route on I found a tourist attraction like   a monument that showed up on the maps and it's this statue right here of a Dutchman   and a Javanese Prince kind of looks like they're supposed to be shaking hands but as you can see   they you know the Dutch guy has his right hand out and the Javanese guy has a left hand out like he   doesn't know how to shake hands maybe but I was reading that he has his hand on his dagger and so   maybe uh that's supposed to symbolize something but apparently this Dutch guy was responsible for   building the road between Bandung and sumodong and in doing so many people lost their lives   because material is pretty damn tough building a road through these mountains now it's nice and uh   nice and paved and clean but that is the brief story of this statue from what I read online finally no cars fresh air is this Indonesia is this Java best ride The Bike Tour so far easily and it's all downhill easily the most beautiful sight of the entire trip finally we found it   oh look at those right stairs look at [Music] Beauty I had the camera facing the wrong way just pulled over just wanted to take a look bless you I just want to take a   look at that long staircase heading into  that kampung gotta looks pretty cool   but today we're heading to Cirebon I've  said that about a million times I think   and where we started to where Cirebon is it's about 6 60 miles that'll be easily the longest   one day Journey we've made so far but it should be all downhill and then it eventually flattens   out and then just stays super super flat but  of course you know the day that we need to go   the furthest just so happens to be the most  beautiful like landscape which means we like   this which means we're going to want to stop and take photos videos so who knows if we make it alrighty one thing the Ibu(mother) was very insistent on   is that we need to try some of  Sumedang's famous tofu [Music]   it does kind of look like a stinky tofu Taiwan a little bit all right, Juicy I was just freshly fried though I know right now definitely a good quality it would be nice to get some fresh out of the fryer tofu well   you see a lot of them and they're tiny little baby things Apple pineapples foreign [Music]   I love seeing what every city paints their angkots   this one we have the uh the Crusty brown and blue oh I can't tell you how nice it is to look out and see Rice Terraces beautiful nature   and I would say today hey hey today is uh probably The Bluest this guy has ever looked   and uh yeah just so refreshing to see beautiful nature again [Music]   I'm from America [Music] [Music] foreign things for sure it is a lot hotter down here very dry too but this River nice and wide looks pretty deep too we're building a brand new Rainbow Bridge over there too I don't know if you can   see it or not but we passed by it looks like a a nice New Bridge in this part of   I don't know Java I think we're still in West Yellow alrighty so we've gotten off the main road dip back into this little quiet neighborhood here   we're heading to a soccer field and hopefully there's some nice people around hopefully it's   quiet and we can find a place in the corner or somewhere and we can post up that's the plan [Music]   we're in we're also eating some of this bakso right here a nice small shop [Music]   they're serving up some good bakso over here [Music]   they have a toilet back here and also a shower so they're gonna let me rinse off  I haven't taken a shower a couple  days now so time to shower [Music]

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