Good News & Bad News of buying a Yacht with no clue #travel

Good News & Bad News of buying a Yacht with no clue  #travel

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[Music] thank you [Music] thank you [Music] last week we introduced you to Awatea and showed you her coming out of the water and being placed on the hard stand morning everybody this morning Karl has gone to start helping de-foul the boat and I am out I've done emptied both the toilets I've filled the truck with water and next is the fun part I get to go shopping for some stuff for the van so yay super excited always hard at it we've been standing all morning are you doing it as a child look at the color of you you know good how are you look at the color of yeah that's after washing so what's happened so far so we have sanded the end he fell off the bottom yeah all ready to go okay and now we just put a sand all the top right okay day one in the Boatyard my gosh what a big day so we have completely sanded all the Anti foul off the bottom and tomorrow we'll be sanding the paint around the top outside so that's going to get redone as well and we need to sort out inside but that was a big day that was a big day I actually was lucky I didn't have to do all the hard work of sanding and stuff Katty went shopping I went shopping like I told you earlier today and I think I got everything blankets heaters so that we can dry the mattresses I got a steam cleaner to do the mattresses we've got new pillows we've got tea towels we've I've tried to think of every single thing because at this stage we obviously still have the van and we'll have the van for a while and then we've still got the truck and so I I literally have had to not double up but third up triple up triple up so that um we can we've got stuff every room make it all our own I'm in charge of cleaning the internal Carl's in charge of helping save us a few bucks by helping out the fellas downstairs they already told us tomorrow morning half past six They're Gonna Knock on the hull and Order coffee coffee we're currently multi-skilling we're releasing our latest video and Karl is trying to familiarize himself with some of the boat Electrics good morning good morning first morning on the boat had a bit of a rough sleep it was okay we're just a bit uncomfortable and it's a new boat and we're not in the water we're not in the water it wasn't rough we're still on the hard stand for the next who knows yeah week and a half to two weeks hopefully a week and a half so back at it today and Kathryn's cleaning yeah I'm sanding and unbolting so I'm all set up ready to go do the washing I will have to uh take the for sale off her [Music] foreign [Music] okay look at this all sugar soaked steam cleaned eucalyptus sprayed and finally fresh bedding very happy so far with the results [Music] now he's gonna try and be clever hope that I'm as clever coughed it in the face but I got it g'day everyone we're just going over the road to have a few beers we met some friends last night at the local barbecue and we're gonna go over there have a few beers say g'day and apparently they've got a Spinnaker that they no longer need or they've got a few of them and they're looking for a re-homing for a good fee of a slave or two so we're going to go over and have a look at that and see whether it's any good because we don't have one so hopefully a nice cheap spinny car which will be great if you like what we're creating maybe consider patreon for as low as five dollars a month you can help us keep on creating along with getting Early Access and inside info this morning Carl's working on the swimming board and just cleaning up that wood so he's sanding that all back and I'm still cleaning into the bathrooms today so hopefully I can get them a bit tidier and cleaner get rid of the old man funk I'll show you what Karl's up to still getting used to climbing up but much better at it so there he is cleaning her back again yeah it's Sunday it's Sunday we're gonna have a rest day Sunday yeah Sunday and it's funny look at our tender it looks so much smaller like when it's down like that have a look how good this looks just with a little bit of paint so much better hey should have seen it before I sanded it I should have showed you that the boss is going to be happy and I'm going to be in the good books [Music] foreign look at this he's done an amazing job the swim platform is no longer green and then look at these amazing look what I did did very well I said that my boss would be happy is my boss happy I'm very happy yes very wife happy life very very happy it looks superb I'm trying to clean the bathroom it's already looking better but I'm so freaked out right now this toilet lid is broken as you can see but there's a bit that's gone down there that I have to Fresh it out okay it's beer o'clock well it isn't really but it is now it's only actually help us too I know but we're worn out we're realizing that we're getting very old too too worn out who's flipping old you no mate the wench got a little bit of rust that we need to sort out a little bit more up here a little bit more over here a little bit more over here but anyway it's a work in progress we'll see how it goes hopefully it uh doesn't get any worse well too late now [Music] so the starboard side is complete I believe outstanding and everything now I'll show you this side support side oh they're getting close so you can see they've taken off the dark dark blue that's what they're sanding back oh well back to it I've got to finish steam cleaning the couch at the moment oh I'm steam cleaning and making this week's episode at the same time [Music] day six in the Boatyard Sanding Still Still Sanding so today hopefully finish sanding the outside and that'll be done for me and then hopefully I've got to rip apart one window on the inside so when we weld up the hole up there that it doesn't catch on fire so we're going to take all the trim off and get that all out and then we'll be ready for tomorrow to go over to the other side of the yard in the spray booth and what are you doing I'm gonna finish taking all of the old bedding off so that I can throw it in the bin and I'm going to finish steam cleaning the lounge room and lots of other just bits and Bobs so I'm doing washing at the moment as well uh yeah just whatever needs doing and I'll make Karl lunch because they probably deserves it good I'll be hungry by then let's have a look at the boat all sanded almost lots of little fiddly bits to do all the yellow tags are bits of bare metal that we need to Prime and sort out how do you like our boat I do love it yeah yeah she's lovely very lovely and she's gonna look like a whole new girl when she's got a new dress a New Dress On and what color are we gonna go pink orange I was thinking Aqua Aqua Aqua aqua so I've just uh pulled off the mattress from the second class bottom bunk and discovered a whole bunch of mold that'd be the fine Ridge Carl's just come and said to me that he's got good news and bad news so I'm just gonna head up onto the deck and find out what it is I don't know what I'm looking at you want the good news or the bad news I'll have the good news well I finished sanding for today good job the whole boat is sanded and ready for well done welding and a few other things now do you want the bad news well I'll give you the good news part of the bad news first okay the good news part of the bad news is I found it now not when we're in the water oh okay what the bad news part of the bad news is there's a hole that we need to weld up right is that that one that I supported there that one right there we got a little hole that we need to fix it's not the worst thing in the world but lucky we spotted it now it's in the anchor well so that is going to have to be patched so how I found the hole was I was sanding and I found the tiniest little rust Mark weep you can just see it there maybe just so what I did is I got my screwdriver out and went digging and then it started to get bigger and bigger and bigger but it's not the worst thing in the world because it's in the anchor chamber so we don't have to pull out any lining which is great while we're here I've got to replace these bolts because some body used mild steel instead of stainless so that one one through the other side's got some big ones on it 16 mil and these are 12 mil so I'm gonna have to cut them off before the anchor falls off a job for another day so do you want the good news or the bad news I will go with the bad news okay the rebirth doesn't have power to the power point it doesn't work it doesn't work the good news is the one in this cupboard does work down in the second class and the one in the bathroom does work okay thank you [Music] oh this is a new hobby comes oh dear oh they're not gonna like that the windows got to come out oh I won't be happy with this world and that in now so that the window's Gonna Come so they can cut that corner piece out and put a new one in so do we just go and get one prefab [Music] what happened when the winner comes out this would get the chisels when we go back to it okay you're right I could just temporarily stick it back in with no rivets just was silicon until when we do all the windows each other yeah out of the windows all new ones yeah that's going to be a while off though next week [ __ ] but in the meantime before we can do those windows what happens with this one I'll just kind of stick it back in without rivet right okay like you said yep I'll just grind it up and just stick it in with not too much stuff yeah this is pretty good actually side okay okay not to keep but no it's sort of okay yeah we're keeping up the outside yeah that look surrendered it's terrible and leaking yeah so this must be leaking that's why that happened look at it through it was a rivet hole that started it I must get in So eventually we're going to replace all the windows because they're all crazed and all that sort of stuff but in the meantime we'll put up with them so if you know how to fix the windows or if you want to participate in replacing the windows with us when the time comes drop us a line this morning we're preparing for being moved across to the paint booth so we've had to get everything down that may fall down and yeah get ready but Carl has been met with a challenge so if you recall yesterday uh he looked into the anchor well and found a hole now they've had a look at it they are saying that that has to be fixed before we move across to the spray booth they're getting busy emptying the locker so that they can start working on that there's other bits that need to be sanded before it can go across and when he picked up that window that obviously has to be welded and stuff before we're going over too so yeah it's busy busy and I'm going to town shopping I did offer to help but yeah they said it's man's work so that's fine by me I'm gonna go shopping get the bits and Bobs we need um some new plugs and stuff for the sink and yeah just all sort of knick-knacky things I need new cushions for that area there because they're just really out of shape and really festy really you know that's what you get when they're 30 odd years old oh the chains got to come out battery in the ankle well that was unplanned for uncalled for that's what happened when you go digging around no idea anyway better to know now better to fix it now better a hole now than a whole later when it's all painted and done see it oh to work for cow It's Only Money spending money until you have no more yeah this this will be the end of it sorry kids I reckon you just want to make sure the van sells quickly we're gonna have to solve that now fans on for sale today come and pick it up now first in best dressed for more information about the sale of our Caravan jump on over to our website the link is in the description below foreign ah stops where it doesn't go too it goes come on there under there ah into the sump well that's great why is it great it's got a bit of a problem being that a full kink look at that oh wow I'm gonna have to give me pliers squish it foreign do you need to hate to hate them yeah it seems kind of twisting I might have to actually [Music] just wants to keep just wants to paint gotta love the magic scissors yeah that's all thanks to Tony [Music] calm down if we got a second clamp can you clamp it into shape good job maybe actually just keep an eye on what is on the agenda for today well sanding was sanding was I thought I was finished yeah but now it's anchor well take the battery out cut the battery holder out probably should took tools for that cut the battery holder out get all that out get the anchor chain out and when all that's done fix up whatever's wrong with here with this hole because it's plugged and flooded and check the bottom of it make sure there's no more rust and then Sandy and then get moved at some point amongst them and then 1pm we move join us next week as owati heads into the spray booth thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe if you want a reminder hit the bell and remember we always love a thumbs up [Music] [Music] come on [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] come on wow look at that look this morning we are you are magic I have to get used to little things like Square um now Square have a look at this the Box doesn't look Square but it's crooked you're gonna get used to cook at Angles is that what you meant but you've got to get used to square I'm thinking I'm very much not used to seeing all these weird angles weed angles and stuff so it's beer o'clock well it isn't really but it is now it's only actually helped us too I know but we're worn out we're realizing that we're getting very old too too worn out flipping out no mate I'm fine the [ __ ] the wench [Music] it's been a long hard season I'm feeling weary to my bones I guess that's my reason I packed my bags and now I'm gone [Music]

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