Goan Reporter: Tourism Min Khaunte addressing 1st lncredible lndia lnternational Cruise Conference

Goan Reporter: Tourism Min Khaunte addressing  1st lncredible lndia lnternational Cruise Conference

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i'm government of tamil nadu we welcome you sir dr sanjeev ranjan secretary ministry of port shipping and waterways government of india [Music] mr amitabh kumar director general minister of ports shipping and waterways government of india welcome sir mr sanjay bhandar padhyaya chairman indian waterway authority of india government of india welcome to you sir mr g k v rao director general tourism ministry of tourism government of india hearty welcome to you sir mr n murugan director general lighthouses and light ships government of india welcome to you sir mr dhruv kotak chairman parts and shipping fiki committee on transport infrastructure and managing director j.m bakshi group welcome sir and mr adesh deputy chairman mumbai port authority welcome [Music] although standing one last request please settle down we are about to begin the inaugural session all the photographers videographers please take care that you are not blocking the view of the media representatives behind ladies and gentlemen the president of uae sheikh khalifa bin zayed al-nayan passed away yesterday let us all stand in silence and pay respect to the departed soul let's see thank you you may please take your seats a very good morning everybody good morning it gives me mana see immense delight and extending a hearty welcome to all of you especially the honorable ministers and esteemed dignitaries seated on the days along with all your invitees in the audience to the inaugural session of this first incredible india international cruise conference 2022 organized by mumbai port authority under the ages of ministry of ports shipping and waterways government of india the theme of this conference ladies and gentlemen is developing india as a cruise hub fiki is the exclusive industry partner the overwhelming response that this conference has received is indeed evident we have with us participants from all major international cruise lines coastal states associated ministries maritime boards port authorities and industries stakeholders from across the world we will begin by felicitating the honourable guests and esteemed dignitaries by presenting the maharashtrian turban called the feta i request mr rajeev jalota chairman mumbai port authority to please welcome shree sarvan and sonawalji honourable minister for ports shipping and waterways and ayush government of india so please accept this as a token of reverence shipping and waterways and tourism government of india please accept this as a token of respect for tourism government of goa dr m mativentanji honourable minister for tourism government of tamil nadu dr sanjeev ranjan secretary ministry of ports shipping and waterways government of india thank you mr jalota i will now request mr adesh deputy chairman mumbai port authority to please welcome mr amitabh kumar director general ministry of ports shipping and motorways government of india with this traditional maharashtrian turban called the feta mr sanjay bhandopadhyay chairman indian waterway authority of india government of india mr g k b rav director general tourism ministry of tourism government of india [Music] and mr n murugan director general lighthouses and like chips government of india [Music] committee on transport infrastructure and managing director j.m bakshi group [Music] thank you mr tita ladies and gentlemen in keeping with the indian tradition the inauguration will be done by lighting the auspicious ceremonial lamp i request the honorable ministers and all the esteemed dignitaries seated on this to please proceed towards the center couplet in sanskrit translates the lamp is luminous its radiance grants victory its light imparts dharma arthur karma and moksha that is righteousness prosperity pleasure and finally emancipation this is the significance of lighting a lamp [Applause] [Applause] oh [Applause] foreign [Applause] for memory sake moments to be treasured in the form of photographs [Music] being inaugurated i request all the honourable ministers and esteemed dignitaries to please take their seats ladies and gentlemen honourable member of parliament lok sabha shri arvind savanji has joined us a couple of moments back i request shri adesh deputy chairman mumbai port authority to please present the traditional maharashtrian turban the feta and welcome him [Music] thank you we will now play a film on first incredible india international cruise conference 2022 kindly take a look at the screen india with its vast and beautiful coastline forests and undisturbed italy islands rich historical and cultural heritage is a fabulous tourist destination for cruise tourists [Applause] india's maritime policy launched in 2021 aims to develop the cruise industry around five themes pilgrimage heritage ayurvedic and wellness island tourism and regional international circuit in incredible india achieving sustainable growth will require a robust cruise infrastructure backed by positive policy decisions the government of india launched several initiatives which include rationalization of port fees removing ousting charges granting priority birthing to cruise ships providing e-visa facilities sabotage relaxation contradiction and modernization of cruise terminals standard operating procedures etc a task force has been set up co-chaired by secretary shipping and secretary tourism government of india to steer the promotion measures for cruise tourism at highest level jointly with all stakeholders boards immigration tourism boards board health customs taxation body security cruise operators drove operators shipping agents etc new infrastructure facilities are being developed at seven major ports around the country with investments of 64.85 billion us dollars at mumbai

4.39 billion us dollars at coaching 26 million us dollars at goa 12 million us dollars 18 million us dollars at new bangalore 9.17 billion us dollars at china the real growth and opportunity of cruise tourism in india are in home water more international cruise companies need to come to india with their ships around the year international cruise liners like cordelia royal caribbean celebrity cruises msc and costa cruises around the growing number of indians looking for affordable cruise holidays and i'm talking at major ports such as mumbai goa kochi mangano lakshmi and andaman and nicobar islands with new india specific itineraries river cruises are another potential sector in india's true tourism india is perceived as one of the true spiritual homes of the modern wellness movement globally with its ancient practices of ayurveda yoga meditation and holistic health which are among the experiences sought by wellness travelers in india on cruises religious tourism can also be promoted as our country has sites important to hinduism buddhism sikhism and islam as well as magnificent architecture and history along with wildlife spotting excursions there are great opportunities to view marine ecosystem from the cruise ship besides tourists marriages conference and aspirational middle class are the drivers of true stories of india with personalized services a wide array of indian cuisine and venues that can host receptions of up to 1 000 people cruisers are becoming an alternative for a destination wedding the cruise lines have recognized the need to bring their best ships and amenities to india to attract travelers the market will grow exponentially with the onboard offerings such as multi-storey shopping centers restaurants cafes art galleries and museums theaters and cinemas libraries cars gyms swimming pools tennis courts etc an increased number of cruises to and from india offers better economic conditions it boosts jobs both on land and sea crews arrival is expected to increase from 400 calls to 1 000 the cruise passengers is expected to increase from 0.4 million to 4 million the economic potential is expected to increase from 110 million us dollars to 5.5 billion us dollars and the environment potential from 5 000 to 250 000 and the government's flagship sagramala program the center plans to achieve more than 574 projects worth 82 billion us dollars before implementation by 2035 taking the vision forward on behalf of ministry abroad shipping and waterways mumbai port authority jointly with federation of indian chambers of commerce and industry as the industry partner are organizing first incredible india international cruise conference 2022 from 14th to 15th may 2022 in mumbai at the curtin racer of the event union minister for ports shipping and waterways launched the events website and unveiled the event logo and basket named captain cruiser is one of the most vibrant and fast-growing government of the also participated in the media briefing the objectives of the conference are to present an overview of the facilities and attraction india has to offer to the cruise liners and operators to disseminate information on the progress and development of the indian cruise industry to encourage additional deployment of cruise vessels to india and showcase india as desirable destination to interact in exchange rules with some of the key people in the industry and government authorities to analyze and develop policies procedures and processes between various stakeholders to encourage cruise tourism in india india's positioning in south asia and its proximity to already popular cruise destinations would enable strong cruise circuits to be created over a period of time come join the first incredible india international cruise conference and explore india that was the first incredible india international cruise conference 2022 in a nutshell for all present in the interest of time all the speakers on the days are requested to please adhere to the allotted duration as we have international speakers joining in virtually it will ensure that we match the various timelines from across the globe thank you for those words i will call upon mr rajeev jalota chairman mumbai port authority for the welcome address [Music] good morning everyone honorable minister for port shipping and waterways and ministry of ayush government of india shiri sarban and sonowal honorable minister of state for port shipping and waterways and tourism government of india honorable minister for tourism government of tamil nadu dr m mathi ventanji honorable member of parliament shri irvine sawantiji dr sanjeev ranjan secretary ministry of port shipping and waterways shri amitabh kumar director general shipping chairman inland waterways authority of india mr g.k.v director general tourism

government of india director general lighthouses sridharu kotak md jm bakshi group officials from ministry of port shipping and waterways and ministry of tourism officials from port authorities and port trusts officials from state tourism and maritime boards officials from port operations and management business delegates from cruise lines distinguished stakeholders from cruise tourism and travel industry and friends from the media on behalf of the ministry of port shipping and waterways and mumbai port i heartily welcome you all to the first incredible india international cruise conference 2022 it gives us immense pleasure to host a global conference with industry and policy focus and totally driven by government of india which has placed immense focus on ocean coastal and river cruise development in the coming years to begin with i would like to thank the members of the cruze community for their sincere efforts to bring the industry this far i appreciate your contribution and eagerness to contribute further for the growth and development of cruise industry in india we all know course tourism is a growing segment of tourism industry government of india and the industry players realize the fact that there lies a significant untapped potential we have witnessed significant growth in cruise traffic in india during the five-year period from 2015-16 to 2019-20 the momentum that got affected by kobit 19 is seeing the revival with the pandemic under control our honourable minister shri sarvanan sunuwalji believed it is the right time to kick start the growth drive of the cruise tourism in the country the current cruise ecosystem including the infrastructure and policy environment is witnessing changes for the better in the reasonable time we can be expected to match the international standards or aim to even better them it is my request to the global cruise lines while the cruise tourism ecosystem is undergoing enhancement and cruise industries evolving rapidly please start making plans for business extension and expansion into india there cannot be a better time than this my request to all stakeholders is to make good use of this platform to connect with each other make your expectations and suggestions known to the government authorities and jointly share the responsibility of branding india and developing the indian cruise industry with concomitant development of destination and circuits i am sure with all our efforts people from india and from far and wide in larger numbers will be able to experience cruise tourism in india on sea and river routes in the near future program very rightly promotes this drive thank you very much [Music] thank you mr jalota for the initial introductory remarks giving us an overview of the conference i will now request sri sarban and sonawarjee honourable minister of ports shipping and waterways and our youth government of india to lay the foundation stone for the project of development of third chemical birth at pirpaw mumbai by clicking the button on the remote so it is placed in on the coffee table [Music] [Music] mobile port is the second oldest port of india established in the year 1873 the port will be celebrating its 150th year in 2022-23 after constructing three red dots basins for handling general cargo in the year 1879 1881 and 1914 mumbai pro trust developed owned by jetty triangle pos products such as kerosene in the year 1922. bpcl and hpc refineries were established in the decade of 1950s with increase in demand for chemicals and export of pul products to other indian ports through refineries liberal protests constructed the first chemical birth in the year 1995 which is about two kilometers offshore with increased demand the second chemical birth was constructed and commissioned in the year 2016. the entire cargo is transferred from the birds to the refineries and storage tanks through the pipelines all types of chemicals and petroleum products including lpg are handled at these birds catering to the chemical industries automobiles and millions of households in the state of maharashtra these jetties are operated on landlord model and the basic infrastructure is developed by the bipolar authority laying of pipelines including marine loading arms handling of cargo and operations are carried out by the respective users such as bpcl hpcl iocm tata power plg's logistics and sea rod containers the two existing birds are running at more than 75 percent capacity with the increased demand of lpg under yojana and other pll products including chemicals creation of the third chemical birth is demanded by the users the third chemical birth with a rated capacity of 2 million metric tons per annum will be an extension to the two births and will come up north to the first chemical birth the cost of rupees 161 crores ministry of ports shipping and waterways government of india has actively supported the project funding fifty percent of the cost to end users under sagar mala project the earth will cater to very large gas carriers and tankers up to 72 500 displacement tonnage will be equipped with latest safety standards under ois team dorms [Music] the project is awarded to itd cementation india limited one of the premium marine structure contractors state state-of-the-art drilling machines will be deployed for piling funds the upcoming third chemical bill will be a contribution to the nation in the 150th year of mobile port and pasadena i request the honorable minister to inaugurate the keshi lighthouse of dgl maharashtra by the click of a button raised by he aids to navigation service from this lighthouse 85 kilometers gap between bandwidth point and potential lighthouses in golden coast kelsey lighthouse is one among the 75 lighthouses for tourism development aimed under 75th pasadena i request the honorable minister to click the button yet one more time and inaugurate the dhanu shakuri lighthouse of dgl tamilnadu is situated in one of the extreme ends of india and 30 kilometers at 360 degree view from the visitors gallery especially built for this purpose at 42 meters height along with provision of lift and binocular facility for ease of climbing up and viewing thereby a destination for tourists and also enhance the potential of tourism in the island further ladies and gentlemen the honorable mp of lok sabha shri rahul shivaji has joined us some time back i will request mr adesh tidal deputy chairman mumbai port authority to please welcome and felicitate him with the maharashtrian feta [Music] thank you i now request mr dhruv kotak chairman watson shipping wiki committee on transport infrastructure and managing director j.m bakshi group to present the

industry viewpoint and experience honorable minister sonamalji honourable minister srinayaki members of parliament and all other dignitaries on the dais board chairmans industry members flown from different parts of the world and fellow colleagues from the indian cruise industry i think this is a pivotal conference and i think sir under your vision the timing just could not have been better i think india is well positioned with the demographic dividend that we are blessed with along with a young population even if we look at a small percentage of the 1.4 billion we are a massive cruise market i think india is now slated to be probably the fastest growing cruise market in the next five years and into the top five cruise markets anywhere in the world so sir thank you so much for making this conference happen i think the timing just could not have been better thank you sir i think from an industry perspective what we must know before we ask questions or before we state i think is the work that has gone in by the government of india over the last five years where we have seen now development of world-class cruise terminal infrastructure which and again this is a feedback to a lot of the global shipping companies who are here i think the kind of infrastructure which we are seeing now will make the travel experience truly world class so you will see world-class terminals coming across all the ports of india in the next outer limit next 14 to 18 months you will see processes streamline regulations which will make the business not only sustainable but developed on the long run i think what the cruise industry sir needs and what the industry needs is a sustainable effort a sustainable framework which we believe sir that you as the government you are providing and we are confident of bringing in more assets more resources onto the ground to make this into a game changer i think i would request all my colleagues from the cruise industry to please freely bring up your points bring up your suggestions because this is a conference where we can all work together with the government to try and make sure that we create a sustainable roadmap for the way forward so thank you once again for arranging this phenomenal conference and thank you to all the international crews industry and the domestic cruise industry for being here in large numbers to try and make this a large success thank you so much sir thank you thank you mr kotak for your valuable insights i now request mr g k v rao director general tourism ministry of tourism government of india for context setting from the tourism perspective [Music] foundable minister for ports shipping waterways and ayush see sarvanan sunuwalji [Music] honourable minister for state of reports shipping waterways and tourism government of india she is [Music] honourable members of parliament arvind savanthiji and rahul sharwadeji dr sanjeev ranchinsa secretary minister for boards shipping waterways and government of india captains of the industry officials of shipping ministry government uh ladies and gentlemen on behalf of tourism department ministry of tourism i once again welcome all of you to this first incredible india cruise conference in mumbai just as it is mentioned here setting the context uh i would like to mention that honourable prime minister has always been mentioning about the three t's as far as tourism is concerned trade technology and tourism is this the mantra for uh the five children economy that you are going to have then uh recently honourable prime minister when he visited germany and denmark and other places also while addressing the indian diaspora honourable prime minister mentioned that that every indian should bring minimum five members five non-indians to this country and after kovit certainly there is a great uh come back for the tourism sector you if you go to kashmir if you go to ladakh you go to the northeast or goa any tourist destination in this country it is just not possible to get any any room anywhere in the hotel it is we are very happy sir that you know the tourism sector is is really coming by with revenge tourism in this context when everybody is talking about the tourism sector and bringing more people compared to turkey which receives more than 22 million last year in 2019 we have received 12 million foreign travelers so wherever the cruise is nothing new to this country when um just want to setting the context once again um columbus when he wanted to visit why people come to india it is because of various this tradition it's knowledge um sir is there is also here people are coming for spices columbus wanted to come to india for spices specifically of course there's a different matter that he went to the other side of the globe and vascularigam also wanted to have a cruise they wanted to invent roots sea route only to get spices the and people were coming all the european kings were coming in ships giving giving gold to this country and taking back spices and spice route is also very popular for all of you so this when it is developed so much and why are you not able to channelize that and this beautiful context that you know we are giving lot of impetus government of india has given great impetus to the growth of tourism sector and in 2014 itself honourable prime minister given the task to the shipping ministry and the tourism university ministry jointly to create identify and create certain routes circuit circuit cruise circuits to be developed here and the task force is also created and accordingly minister of shipping and ministry of tourism jointly have been working together to see that uh s ops issued and 2017 itself standard of procedures were issued to the to the to the cruise industry and uh this conference since it's happening for the first time certainly the next two days will uh certainly get into the details of this s4ps and the challenges which are faced by uh cruise tourism in context of tourism let us really see that we get the maximum number of tourists during this this year as we are celebrating and see that we reach fight chile economy as well as possible thank you sir thank you mr rao for putting forth the vision of the tourism ministry ladies and gentlemen maritime india vision 2030 lays strong emphasis on development of cruise infrastructure in the country i request dr sanjeev ranjan secretary ministry of pots shipping and waterways government of india to please present the government's perspective and plans for development of cruise sector in india dr ranjan minister sri sripad-nayakji honourable ministers from the state governments dignitaries on the diocese captains from the industry my colleagues from the ministry of poor shipping and waterways and all my dear friends [Music] at the outset let me welcome you post covet the tourism sector as was mentioned is back with a resurgence [Music] and the conference today on cruise tourism is at the right juncture pre-covered cruise tourism was growing at a rate of 35 percent year on year we had more than four and a half lakh passengers more than 450 ship calls happening hopefully covet is behind us and today with all of you gathering here let me welcome you my greetings to all of you and working together hopefully we should be able to get back to the growth trajectory which we had achieved pre-covered with the kind of support and involvement that we got from all of you from the government side itself we had made sure that the infrastructure that is required to be done at our ports are approaching chairman here many of them are actively involved now we have full fledged cruise terminals at many of our ports some of them got done during the covet period now your when your ships come calling i'm sure your passengers should get to see and feel for themselves the change that has taken place the sops and other things that would make the comfort levels for the passengers go up hopefully we should be able to working together improve upon that as we go along the vision 2013 has an ambitious target with the kind of growth potential and disposable income that our people have we expect the growth cruise industry to grow 8 to 10 times in the next 10 years in the vision itself there are whole lot of initiatives that we have listed out there possibilities of new cruise tourism circuits heritage tourism medical tourism arvada tourism political bench tourism now these circuits happen to link the cruise tourism coastal tourism and river tourism all together we had a morning session with the captains with industry and we had ideas discussed and all these opportunities that have been identified open up new business opportunities for startups and i'm sure the industry leaders who take note of that and working together the in addition to cruise ships calling the onshore facilities and the other circuits which have already been identified and talked off which all of you have mentioned the morning the kind of potential they have we should be able to give new opportunities for the people living on the coast for the people living along the coastline one big thing that we we heard of in the morning was a vessel which is going to run all the way from varanasi to guwahati through the bangladesh protocol route which is going to be one of the the longest river cruise ships uh operating on waterways that along with in the waterways we should be able to give the right kind of infrastructure support and the people who take these circuits will be able to discover themselves the kind of sites that the country has to offer so with that i welcome you all once again and i thank you and i invite all these stakeholders for cruise tourism to join us in making the vision of 2013 respect cruz tourism to make it happen i thank you all once again thank you very much thank you dr ranjan for your strategic inputs ladies and gentlemen i am pleased to share with all of you that this year the mumbai port authority embarks on the 150th year on this occasion we would like to present a short video highlighting its journey from the year 1873 to 2022 [Music] so [Music] mumbai an iconic port city of india about 150 years ago after the opening of suez canal sea trade started to flourish but gradually propelled mammoth transformation of mumbai mumbai protrust was established in the year 1873 and it was then known as bombay protrust it was entrusted with the task of operating and managing the mumbai port which had now become the principal gateway to india mumbai port has been a witness to some of the memorable historic movements [Music] while returning to india from south africa all the way up to northwest franklia province april 14 1944 a w explosion across mumbai port every year the day is commemorated as national fire safety date in memory of martyr firefighters commemorating the sailing of first indian commercial ship as a loyalty april 5th is observed as national maritime day after constructing three red dots basins for handling general cargo in the year 1879 1881 and 1914 member protrust developed old people jetty to handle pus products such as kerosene in the year 1922. today five oil births and two chemical birds handle lpg chemicals petroleum crude and various pul products fulfilling significant energy needs of the nation be it building blue chemical and point births going four kilometer long sepsi pipeline or dealing with ever new operational challenges has always risen to the occasion employing state-of-the-art technology import and export of automobiles and numerous other industrial and trade items after the independence of india report contributed to most of the import and export of the country large-scale cotton trade led to the development of numerous textiles of mumbai it has also played a central role in development of other england industries which led to mumbai becoming the financial capital of india and contributed to the prosperity of the nation as the largest port of india once employed about 55 000 regular workers and numerous indirect workers in 1989 jawaharlal nehru port now known as jnpa it is established by mobile port as its satellite for handling centralized cargo in its quest to modernize the port in the 21st century mumbai portrays has undertaken the visionary task of transforming it from a cargo port to a tourism port and the results are already on the horizon arranging the dawn of cruise tourism in india the domestic cruise terminal is successfully catering to domestic services the upcoming ultra modern international cruise terminal will be like a sparkling icon on the sea port is and will continue to be the ocean and cruise capital of india rail packs and water taxi transportation services are already operational kanoji anglia lighthouse named after the legendary bharata navy admiral will be soon open for public as lighthouse island tourism world's longest river over the sea will be connecting mumbai with the elephanta caves this ambitious transformation of mumbai port is supported by government of india's saga mala project modernizing the port also means modernizing the fishing trade facilities for the original residents of mumbai [Applause] has dedicated itself to the service of the nation to create the deadly spanish view of the early 20th century by the cold nineteenth pandemic of 21st century member port never stopped its operations decarbonization and sustainable development will be the hallmark of the future of mumbai port the momentous 150th anniversary of mumbai trust is to be celebrated with a series of 365 events these include water spots absorbing bharati hindi and other cultural programs solicitation of the centenarian oldest pensioner of mumbai port awareness camps marathon run heritage vaults and several other programs in its historic 150th year mumbai protrust now known as mumbai port authority stands proud of its incredible legacy and armed with an ambitious vision for the magnificent voyage into a glorious future so that ladies and gentlemen was a curtain raiser a glimpse of the 150 years glorious journey of mumbai port authority and the celebrations that will follow i will now request the honorable mp lok sabha shri arvin savanji to kindly address the audience [Music] it's a bright moment for my life no honorable ministers is sonwaji honorable sipat naiji honorable ron coutiji honorable doctor mativitan [Music] and all the distinguished guests on the dies it's a really pride moment because i am an aluminium mumbai porter's employee's son my father was aluminium of mumbai porters he was working in mumbai porters so i knew a new car of the mumbai porters today you have organized a incredible india international cruise conference it's really i must heartily congratulate both of the ministers it's really a wonderful thing sir mumbai port and you are doing a wonderful job but there are dreams which are pending for a long time i take this opportunity to express myself because mumbai was vibrant because of the mumbai port was very represent mumbai was vibrant because mumbai port was vibrant and today hardly these only cruise i mean passengers crews are being operated a little bit of commercial operations are going on now i feel uh the dream was shown by the honourable minister nitin garcia under prime minister the honourable chief minister of maharashtra withdrawjit has given a project for the entire east coast for the development of it gadkarjee prepared a plan project for that and that plan he has submitted to the honourable prime minister when honorable prime minister spoke about the waterways i threw you request honorable prime minister the dream project of the mumbai porter development should go ahead now there is there is a huge opportunity not only for crews for commercial also and that unfortunately we have to take it at the right time if you delay it further there are encouragement there are certain issues which can be resolved with the consent of the or the dialogue with the state government we have number of authorities as you said 150 years not of authority mumbai porter's activity has become hardly one year back one or two year back it is 150 years of mumbai port trust the mumbai fortress was there and then mumbai porters has done a wonderful year's year the human service to the country and therefore i feel while uh congratulating you suji you both even if you are from goa suji you know much more maharashtra you know maharashtra you know mumbai and i expect both of them both of you the kotaka is doing the some things you are showing right now we have seen of late the cruise concept throughout the world has come a long ago but then it came in india later nitin gadkarji has given acceleration to this through waterways through the all those themes he has shown but unless you develop the port then the because you have an embarkation point but at the same time you have to have a waterways which are clean which are the draft is required much more bigger vessels are there you need more draft the dredging has to be done regularly the silting object should be done regularly and if you do that i wish a grand successful to your your launch it this i feel it is a launching and as your gelato and you both think it this is a launching of a big big dream and let that dream come true and i wish a grand success to that dream to come to as early as possible thank you so much thank you savanji i will now invite dr m mathi ventanji honorable minister for tourism government of tamil nadu for his address [Music] minister for boats shipping waterways tourism government of india sir sri srippa yes minister for tourism government g respected director general minister of tourism respected secretary of ministry of both shipping and waterways sir dr sanjeev and respected chairman sir mr adesh respected chairman of mumbai authority sir mr rajiv jalota respected chairman of boats shipping freaky committee transport infrastructure managing director sir mr kotak respected dignitaries and delegates on and off the dice friends of the media ceo and ceo ceo of the cruise industry a wonderful morning to everyone present here it's a very proud moment having a conference the first time conference regarding the cruise tourism which has been held here at mumbai and i'm very happy to be a part of this conference this corvette this tourism industry joining the covetous faced a lot of struggle for the past two years the tourism industry has been so down all the stakeholders we face a heavy loss of revenue and with all the good measures of our honorable prime minister narendra modi and respected honourable chief ministers now the tourism industry is open and of all the tourists are just flowing in all the tourist places and now this cruise tourism is in the limelight and i still remember when i was doing my school i did my schooling in montford and i was starting at 7th standard the school arranged a trip to andaman you should go to undermine by flight and come by a cruise and from the age maybe 11 12 at the standard of eight i've been wanting to go on a cruise and i asked permission from my parents i want to go on a cruise please give me permission and all that my parents said i'll give it to you and they denied it and i asked why she said don't worry i'll take you in the annual oldness i'll take you to undermine and i believed and i diane always came and i was staying there and said don't worry i'll take you to singapore and malaysia the years went on like this and every day every year every annual all days every half a year days i used to ask my mom when are we going to go on a ship you told me but you denied it and it's been 37 years and now after becoming the minister and still i've never been on the course and i've been fooled by my parents i'll take you to take you in the ship i'll take you in the ship and one fine guy asked my mom what is the issue why are you not taking initiative then she told me i am scared of waters i never even when you go to the borders i never take you for boating and that's why i don't take you in a cruise and the fooling didn't stop there it started with me also when i came to this conference i came to mumbai last night i took my wife and my kid a three-year-old daughter i asked where are we going daddy she asked i said we are going to mumbai darling and she said for what said we are going regarding this ship and all that oh wow nice then again when we got to see the flight she asked is this a ship i said yes this is a ship then when we flew when the flight took off i saw i showed the sea waters and see look at the sea we have the ship and she enjoyed and the full event like as we said this is the ship and luckily when i came inside the hotel and when i curtailed the screen i saw a wonderful sea view i said see this is the route we came from the ship and she was so happy and still she believes that she came in the ship the fooling is going on and now and it's the time i think all those who are fooled are going to go on the ship truly under the good measures of our prime minister and of the good measures of our union ministers the cruz has been really a fancy thing when it comes to all the tourists of india [Music] an example maybe me and many other friends of mine we are waiting for the cruise and as soon as i took both as a minister we came to know that the cordelia people are very much interested and they have started a cruise in mumbai and they were very much interested to start a cruise in chennai too and soon we came to know about it and we extended our support and we are really happy to say that the cordelia is starting off its first journey next month on june 4th from chennai and it's going to be flagged off by our honorable chief minister our honorable chief minister sir mk stalin has taken all the effective measures to promote tourism in all ways possible we have first time in the history of tourism we have come up with a new scheme called the destination development scheme where we pick up destinations and we developed it and not only that never ever in the ages we had guidelines we had so now we are setting up guidelines for all the adventurer sports activities we are coming out with new tourism policies and we are concentrating in all kinds of tourism let it be echo cap excites caribbean tourism and under the leadership of our chief minister the tourism is now going to have a different glow a new glow a new face i'm very happy to say that and i think this is a wonderful time to set the close tourism and i totally congratulate and thank our union minister naval and surgery sripan yes for all the measures for this wonderful conference and i think it's high time to say five wins and to follow the sea to all the people the tourists who are waiting to get it cruise thank you thank you thank you so much i will now invite shree rohan kamteji honourable minister for tourism government of goa to please address us [Music] a very good morning to all of you honourable minister of both shipping and waterways and ayush sri honorable minister of state for port shipping waterways and tourism our own sripat bhaji our friend from tamil nadu honourable minister for tourism doctor m mathi ventam honorable mp lok sabha sri rahul sheila valiji honorable mp lok sabha shri arvin savanji [Music] chairman of mumbai port authority and murmur port authority mr rajiv jaladagi other decreases on the days of the days various leaders of the industry come from different parts of the country and from the from internationally chairmans vice chairmans and other officials of various port trusts media ladies and gentlemen i'm very happy and privileged to be a part of this august function coming from goa and representing goa as a tourism and iit minister and specially coming for this conference the first incredible india international cruise conference makes it special for all of us the country follows the model of cooperative collaborative competitive spirit of federalism and we always look at opportunities how we can make our states better [Music] nation building can only happen with the state's building itself and each state wants it has its own challenges of the economies and the employment and other opportunities that we need to create goa potentially has been a tourism hub [Music] how many of you have not been to goa can i just have a hand raise just three of y'all so the percentage of being in goa is quite high here thanks the guys who have not been to go i take this opportunity to welcome you to goa to feel what goa is we are a small piece of the country but we are there on the world map as far as tourism is concerned we have the sun sen and the sea coming into tourism and i t having given given these responsibilities of these two portfolios i have added one more thing to that part of see send when again i've added the software in this part so and cn software is something which we are trying to sell through technology and making it a tech tourism state when we talk about potentials as far as tourism is concerned our population is roughly about 15 lakh but we have seen a flow of roughly about 80 lakh tourists annually internationally and domestic the cruise potential which we have seen from 2017 to 2020 is roughly about footfalls of one like 49 000 tourists 57 percent of their coming from europe north america constitutes to about 12 percent or 14 percent and various other countries the three t's what our friend mr rao spoke our prime minister's vision of improving the economic conditions of the state having trade tourism and technology together we need to estate start exploring more avenues start looking at more opportunities and start thinking out of the box goals the state has been selling tourism mostly on the sun sand and sea we are looking for opportunities to look at it differently from hindu and heritage and various more things which we can allow the economies of the states to grow but when we start to look at these opportunities it cannot be only the flow of tourists coming through internationally or domestic via of charters or via flights and that's what exactly makes this conference very important for all of us this conference of developing india as a cruise hub the theme itself is a great opportunity for all of us and i should take this opportunity i should take this opportunity to thank our union ministers and our slipper baby for having taken this wonderful initiative of getting this conference organized this will allow us to think about lot of opportunities that we can do goa per se has all the potential in terms of port air road we definitely would look at more infrastructure support through the sagarmala projects we have been connected through chennai mumbai wyzek andaman when we talk about goa we talk about 105 kilometers of pristine beach coastline we talk about 300 kilometers of navigable inland waterways and that gives us a lot of opportunity to start seeing how best we can take tourism ahead in this sector so i think we are quite delighted today to have this opportunities being discussed through a conference for two days these two days definitely will see a lot of exchange of ideas exchange of thoughts the support from the port trust will be equally important and dominant but every idea which we take through as a government meets the port trust to be equally responsible for giving the required support of carrying the dream and vision ahead of the union minister and the for the states to prosper ahead i wish this conference all the very best i wish all the delegates who are participating for this conference very all the very best i'm sure the conference outcome will give a lot of boost to the sectors we are looking for before i end i will only i will be as i'm listening to dr mati venton i take this opportunity to invite him i know there has been a on a lighter note he has not been able to do the cruise tourism his mother his parents have not taken him because of the scare of water so in goa we will give you all this support we will give you a good cruise to remember so as states we can work together and help the nation build up thank you thank you sir for extending your good wishes among other things and now i invite sri sripad naiji honourable minister of state for ports shipping and waterways and tourism government of india to address this august gathering on this extremely significant occasion [Music] honorable minister of tourism to government of tamil nadu dr m mathieu honorable member of parliament from this area say i mean savanji [Music] waterways government of india mr sanjay bhandra badaji chairman inland waterways authority of india government of india dr abhitab kumarji director general ministry of course shipping and waterways government of india mr raju jalotaji chairman mumbai port authority and port authority mr jay ki rao director general ministry of tourism [Music] shipping committee on transport infrastructure and managing director my colleague and officials from ministry of force and shipping and orderwise government of india my colleagues and officials from ministry of tourism government of india my collegiate official for ministry of tourism and environment government of maharashtra officials from port authorities officials from port operations and management business delegates from cruise line and other stakeholders from the cruise industry and here my brothers and sisters welcome you all to the first incredible indian international cuisine conference 2022. the cruise industry is an emerging industry in india it has a huge potential considering the india's long coastline loaded with the number of ports every year indian destinations draw tourists from all over the world this has however been mostly limited to the inland tourism it's a time india should now take up the tourism in a big way many tourists and in india have already been traveling to foreign destination for cruising over the last five plus years work has been done to develop the cruise tourism infrastructure at a few major ports cruise vessels have been calling on indian ports too the man the passenger traffic has been steadily growing till kobe 19 struck the journey of tourist tourism has not been up to the mark the government is here seriously contemplating on what are the existing gaps that are preventing the industry from realizing its full potential there appears to be three four major factors one is to bring the cool terminal infrastructure at a par with international standards expectation from cruise line for favorable tax regime lower duty on course transaction lower tracks of course booking faster immigration and custom clearance etc capital for infrastructure development and lack of promotional effort efforts are on the fine solution to wish of the above factors to help the boost of the nation's industry upgradation modernization of cruise infrastructure is being carried out at six major ports of mumbai goa mangalore kochi chennai and vizag plans are there to be developed for six more ports some positive steps have already been taken wrt development of the conduct conducive policies and passengers friendly system there are a few more being elevated open guaranteed births to cruise ships outstanding charges removed uniform single rate for the major reports with a discount ranging from 42 percent to 67 percent e visa implemented a single e landing card carbohydrate for of task foreign sop for uniform predefined processes problem discount scheme import tariff for domestic cruise ship sensitization training program arranged for all stakeholders since capital is a scarce courses the resources gap is being met with the private sector funding the projects are being undertaken under the ppp mode promotional efforts are being undertaken now hosting the international conference in india is a step in this direction we plan to participate in a few international cruise conference currently major chunk of the cruise traffic is down by the mumbai and goa ports the continued efforts to develop the world-class cruise infrastructure erect section of policy norms incentivization of the cruise lines elected promotion to the domestic and global audience need to be expedited to help realize the industry potential quickly four themes based coastal destination circuit such as gujarat pilgrimage tools west coast cultural and scenic tours south coast ayurvedic wellness tours and east coast everyday tourism has been developed to activate cruise demand light of this and island development is also being undertaken to attack the coastal tourists it is also to be noted that india has a very large network of national inland waterways this makes it a very ideal destination for river cruises your cruises in india has significant untapped potential currently only the below 5 national waterways that is north west are offering them reverses currently the ganga [Music] national water based one and brahmaputra national authority ii river position accounts for majority of the river cruising traffic national authorities development of 13 vessels with annual traffic of 12 000 passenger in nfi 19.

attraction that is development of our vessel with annual traffic of 950 passengers in fi 90. k attraction that is kajiranga national park manas foreign reserves tea gardens national waterways 68 is mandible attraction is dr saleem is yong khali four more national waterways have been identified for development of the river cruise in india namely national waterways 100 national waterways 73 national motorway 97 national average eight here the role of the state government is very critical to the development of the river cruises she a lot of more need to be done and that too pt fast i request the cruise business fraternity to actively participate in the upcoming business discussions and let your expectation and suggestion be known to us we will surely work on the take away from this discussion to enable the development of the robust cruise tourism ecosystem that will be capable of delivering also my request to you is to help the brand india as a destination of choice to the global audience and invite the more vessels and more footballs at indian ports we seek your support and cooperation in making india the global half of tourism thank you very much [Music] thank you sir for being the driving force to boost industry confidence i will now invite sri sarban and sunowal ji honourable minister of ports shipping and motorways and ayush government of india for the keynote address [Music] [Music] so [Music] uh [Music] so [Music] no sky okay see china is a very sweet language i respect and that's why i've started with marathi and welcome to this beautiful event respected my colleague minister for board shipping and waterways and to regime siripat yes nayaki [Music] minister for tourism of state government of goa in tamil nadu respectively and dr m mathi ventanji respected member parliament and former indian minister arvind swanji and rahul secretary port shipping and waterways dr sanjay pranjanji [Music] authority of india sanjay bhanupadaji [Music] and other dignitaries on the dice and lesbian respected ladies and gentlemen [Music] today we are delighted to see you here because your willingness to promote the industry of tourism in india that's the principal objective behind this important event and in this regard as you all know under the visionary leadership of our noble prime minister narendra modi to promote this industry in the last few years a lot of infrastructure development have taken place in the port sector and also in the coastal as well as in inland waterways to facilitate the industry a lot of terminals and jetties have been constructed so far and i believe that whatever potentialities we have in the water sector that is to be well taped by applying our best possible wisdom and technology and innovation and this is 21st century we all know the age of competition will have to compete with the best of the best this spirit of competition is highly required highly essential to develop our motivation and also our interest our willingness to take part and also to excel our ability to perform to the highest level it is my pleasure to welcome you all to this first incredible india international cruise conference 2022 [Music] close tourism is one of the most vibrant and fast-growing components of the leisure industry globally india is going to be a magnificent cruise destination and capture this growing market we have also realized it that we have a lot of potentialities a lot of resources but with the participation the global player it is definitely going to be a very very meaningful want and also giving our best possible service to develop this particular sector so that we can develop the interest among the people of the globe and in india today honourable prime minister has always been saying that if we want transformation that is only possible through transportation that is why in this particular sector we'll have to transport the tourist passengers from one destination to another's destination so to develop that transport facility whatever is required in the latest kind of technology incorporation that is to be done and with that particular objective our ministry is also working day and night with your support because in 2017 whatever way we have started this particular sector because of the intervention of qubit 19 pandemic it was for a few [Music] yes got stock up and now we have got an opportunity to again put up our best possible effort to divide it and also to make it a very very important global access and i firmly believe that in this particular morning session i have the opportunity to interact some of the global leading player through their expectation i got to learn that india has tremendous potentialities and they are interested to put their best possible investment but the question we are to develop an integrated kind of effort integrated approach integrated kind of making our entire initiative into the right perfection right perspective and i believe with that particular objective this conference will favor way to find out a very very viable solution for our near future to make india is one of the most attractive global tourist hub [Music] and we are committed to develop all this kind of infrastructure with the support of our state government because all the state government on the coastline as well as in the inland waterways they have always been positive enough cooperative enough to extend their whole heritage support because everyone deeply realized that this is the industry which has got the powers to create job opportunities and also give incomes to the people around the world so this particular area has been well understood by the people and that is why i'm confident that if we all united to put our effort this is going to be one of the most viable and most kind of productive industry which could service to the nation and also service to the people of the globe and whatever beautiful landscape whatever beautiful culture and heritage we have in our country it is still had to be explored had to be demonstrated before the eyes of the globe that is why in the entire 7500 coastline and also 14 500 kilometers of distinct inland waterways those are the area where we are interested to put our infrastructure put our effort technology innovation everything so that it is become a matter of compatibility for the tourists to move one part of the country to the other parts and so that like they could also access the learning experiences and also access the beautiful location available in the country this is one of the best beautiful country in the world and i believe whoever i have come from the different parts of the group they have with their past experiences they could also apply their past possible ideas and innovation to access these particular opportunities and also to create a winnowing situation for all of us and i believe with this particular principle we'll have to move together and this particular conference for the first time happening in the country and i'm really thankful to all the participants here because you have come all the way to make this particular event their brand success by you know kind of applying your [Music] thought ideas

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