Getting out of Mexico's Copper Canyon into SINALOA |S6-E94|

Getting out of Mexico's Copper Canyon into SINALOA |S6-E94|

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No shooting. Forbidden to shoot. Okay,  I guess that's uh.. that's a good sign No shooting please Good morning Internet, it is 7:10 in the  morning and welcome back to the channel   Welcome here in Urique in Copper Canyon of Mexico. The streets are still deserted   everybody's sleeping. Before I leave  this place and go on a big ride today  

I'm quickly going to the shop that's supposed to be open and see if I can find something to   quickly eat now and to take with me because on the way and I don't think there's going to be a lot so Hello! Good morning! - Good morning Maybe some orange Alright. I have fruit, I have yogurt, I have  what are they called? Muesli bars. Wow check   out this morning view. Look at those mountains.. incredible right? Okay, I'm quickly gonna pack   And I will show you on the map one last time if you missed the previous videos.. what's going on   But uh.. then I'm quickly gonna go because, probably temperatures are gonna rise madly today again  

I'm now right here in the Copper Canyon and today I'm going to cross another Mexican state border I'm now in the state of Chihuahua and  I'm going to cross into Sinaloa. I'm going to   try to reach either Choix or make it even to El Fuerte which is over here. It depends a little   bit on how it's going but probably this part of the route is probably going to be the hardest   So let's see. The total distance of today is  going to be about 200 kilometers. It depends  

of course, if I stop in el.. in Choix.. Choix or in El Fuerte but from Choix to El Fuerte it should be   tarmac so as as long as I make it to Choix today, I'll be fine so let's go Ready! - Ready Alright.. nice to meet you Have a good journey - Thank you Be careful - Always, Goodbye! We wait for you here for when you come back another time - Of course! Okay. Hey, it's my friend from yesterday Goodbye sir! You are going? - I'm leaving already Nice to meet you. Good luck!

Have a good journey - Thank you! Goodbye! Nice man. I bought him a beer yesterday. I was having lunch.. oh, I'm supposed to go in there   I was having lunch and he joined my table.  Had a really nice chat about this place and He's very nice. Okay, I'm already lost This is a interesting start of the day. Yeah, I missed my .. My turn This way I can go? This way it was.. yeah Very friendly people here Okay, first things first I am going to  have to climb out of the canyon Well, this part of the canyon.. I might uh.. have to ascend and descend a few times I'm not sure  

But first thing, I'm going to go up again. And  there is going to be.. I'll be passing a mine   There's a a gold mine.. quite a big gold mine, I believe and There should be a lot of.. well, relatively a lot of traffic there I would say for the mine   The workers and everything but I think after the mine it will become a bit of a different story   I don't think there's going to be anybody  there.. it's going to be quite remote The whole area here is so rich.  There is gold, there is silver.. copper  

It's full of minerals everywhere here I think the visibility is actually uh.. a bit better today The sun is just coming up over the edge of the canyon Wow, ain't this a morning ride In Mexico's Copper Canyon Incredible What to say? What to say? I don't know what to say anymore. I don't want to sit here and go   all day.. wow wow, look at that, look at that  but that's going to be a challenge I think   Because all that I'm thinking is wow, wow look at that I'll do my best Look you can still see where I came from   That's where I slept last night and then  there's the next town actually in the canyon Which town is this is? Is it uh..   ..Because I know there is one place which is uh.. also the last place where you can get some fuel Yeah, I think that's here. I'll have to uh.. so this is a Cieneguita, I think

I don't want to take any risk here because if for some reason I cannot cross a river or I don't know   what and I have to turn around and backtrack then I should also make sure I have enough fuel   For.. for a potential backtracking situation. So yeah, let's just fill up Yeah, Cieneguita It's called Hello. Where is it then? Up there now Excuse me, sir.. The gas station? Up there? Ah, thank you Did not see it Ah here. I couldn't have seen that Hello! Morning! - Morning Eh.. full With.. regular. Yes, please

Perfect. Thank you Okay, that's all sorted I can go there and back if I want No shooting. Forbidden to shoot. Okay, I guess that's uh.. that's a good sign. No shooting please It is now 10:15 but oh, temperatures are already rising quickly now It's getting very hot in the canyon here I wonder if I'm getting close to Tubares Ah yeah, see Tubares. Maybe that's over there.. that town You can only see a little bit of green.. close to where the river runs   But the rest it's all very dry. There is no leaves on the trees here  

I think the whole area is screaming for the rainy season to begin Since the last town I have not seen   anybody here. No vehicles which in a way  is good because they kick up so much dust So I think this river.. I'll have to cross  it at some point as well without a bridge So..

Let's see if there's a little shop or something Surely there's a shop Over there maybe Yes Hello - Hello Hello! Do you sell water? Uhm, two liters? 1 liter bottles - Two or one liter They are frozen Erm.. There are warm ones too Yeah in that case I prefer warm ones - They will warm up! Yes, but I have to put them them here, so those ones don't work Where are you you from? - The Netherlands From The Netherlands? - Yes You are travelling the world? - Yes How good, to go like you And from here until Croix? Croix? Croix? The road is good? - Yes Now, from where did you leave? - Today I came from Urique And I want to arrive In Croix. Croix.. croix.. Companion? - No, alone Alone? - Yes It's quite hot, right? - Today, yes. It's very hot Don't you want something cold water? It's okay, it's okay Are you from here? Not much happens here right? Very quiet? But close from here is another mine, not? Or is it the mine that I already passed? They don't work there anymore That already happened 4 years ago Five, I think - Ah ok. So now there is no more work There is no work. There is no work, nothing.

So a lot of people.. they left - They go That's why I'm alone.. I'm alone because the people left to find work But when it rains here.. everything is green right? - Oh, yes, it's very beautiful It's quite beautiful.. quite beautiful - Because there are a lot of trees, but no the majority is.. Yes, they get dry because it doesn't rain. When it rains it gets more green

But alone.. no companion then? - No I prefer to go alone You are not afraid? - No An accident or something How great.. the passion to explore - Yes. - Very good Okay, I'm going I wish you all the best, have a good day - Thank you Excuse me? - Is it not hot with the helmet? Yes, it's quite hot Thank you. Goodbye ma'am! Goodbye! Alright I got plenty of water with me Uh.. which way? She says the road is fine. Oh, oh maybe not this stretch necessarily

The road is absolutely fine No problem So no more mining activities here. Used to be.. it's all gone   And so went the people with it. I was already wondering why didn't I see any.. any traffic nobody   ..On the road because I thought there was still an active mine here so I thought there must be   .. Trucks or people traveling but nobody. But that explains it and a few years ago it closed down Riding parallel to the river now. See  it.. it's just on the right side of me The water level seems very low everywhere   So when I have to cross the river it should be.. should be okay I hope Let's uh.. park Alaska in this tiny bit of shade. I'm going to take a break, it is 12 o'clock So it's time to have a lunch. Let's see if  I can find some shade down at the river  

.. For myself. Looks like a little path sort of Oh, there definitely have been  some animals here.. cows, I think Ah see? It's a little trail here There's the river Wow, what an incredible place right?  I'm going to get in the shade   Because it's getting so hot. What do we have? Banana. Mango

Orange And some.. of this Hmm Let's get going again I have 118 kilometers to go So I'm not even halfway And uh.. been going for four hours Hey car. Oh, that's the first one in a really long time Ah, to the left here Oh huh That can't be right It can't be right My route is sending me down there but this.. this yeah, I should stick to the main road if I can It should converge again at some point.  I'm gonna stay here I think that's better

Just follow this route for a while Asphalt! Look at this Well, that also means that there's no river crossing because   Well, I mean there's probably going to be a bridge then Ah, see that's the old crossing Well, there's a bridge now I am in El Fuerte Oh, it is very hot Hotel.. hostel And this is my room for tonight.  They're doing some construction outside Anyway, I am I think too tired to talk. It was  a long day, it was super hot but um.. yeah, I made   it through the Copper Canyon. I think that's the main thing and from here it's only going to be   one ride to Sinaloa. No, I am in Sinaloa, one ride to.. one last ride in Sinaloa until the place where  

I can catch the ferry to Baja so that's going to be in the next video but um.. yeah, for now I'm going   to take a rest because I am shattered so that was it for today. I really hope you liked this video   if you did please give a big thumbs up. Subscribe down below and then I'll see you in the next video

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